Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thanks to Donald Trump's new immigration policies we are now detaining elderly Australian children's book authors?

 Okay this is beyond disgusting.

And while we are on the topic they also detained Mohammad Ali's son.

Courtesy of USA Today: 

The son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was detained for hours by immigration officials earlier this month at a Florida airport, according to a family friend. 

Muhammad Ali Jr., 44, and his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the second wife of Muhammad Ali, were arriving at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Feb. 7 after returning from speaking at a Black History Month event in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were pulled aside while going through customs because of their Arabic-sounding names, according to family friend and lawyer Chris Mancini. 

Immigration officials let Camacho-Ali go after she showed them a photo of herself with her ex-husband, but her son did not have such a photo and wasn't as lucky. Mancini said officials held and questioned Ali Jr. for nearly two hours, repeatedly asking him, "Where did you get your name from?" and "Are you Muslim?"

"Where did you get your name?"

That actually leaves me speechless.

This is our country now. 


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    We are not living in the United States of America anymore. We are living in Trumpland. I hope it ends soon.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Had the border agents taken 60 seconds to Google Mem Fox whatever bizarre issue they felt made it necessary to detain her would have been resolved. I am so embarrassed by their treatment of her and the emotional trauma she endured. I apologize on behalf of those parents and children who have been blessed by her writings.

    2. Anonymous2:46 PM

      This is what happens when ignorant people are given a little power, these customs officers “were given” power and it has gone to their heads. .

      That is what happened when Hitler enlisted thugs in the Gestapo.

    3. Anonymous4:40 AM

      "Hope" is just another 4-letter word.
      Might as well 'pray' for change.
      What are you doing to CAUSE that change you want to see?

  2. Trumpfuckistan. I'm going to Europe this summer... I may not come back.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Yep. Heading to Canada next week. debating on answering honestly on return:

      CBP:What was the purpose of your trip?

      Me: Exploring becoming an ex-pat as long as the madman occupying the White House endanger the USA and our way of life.

      After all, you're not supposed to lie to CBP are you?

  3. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Also an Oscar nominee was denied entry into this country because they are from Syria.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      As much as I hate the Oscars, I hope they give the shitgibbon hell in their speeches so all the pansy @ss conservatives can cry themselves to sleep tonight.

      There. I said it.

  4. Anonymous7:02 AM

    This shit simply has to stop. Where's the airlines CEOs' response? Silent until it hits their bottom line.

  5. Anonymous7:15 AM

    For someone who claims to hate the "fake" media, POTUS really is desperate to enlist allies to sell his propaganda to the media.

    The momentary calm before this week’s upcoming Donald Trump Russia scandal hurricane

    Do you hear that? It’s the sound of nothing happening in the public eye today when it comes to the Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. Listen carefully, because it’s quiet. Way too quiet. And that’s what stands out. Since the Trump-Russia scandal went into overdrive last month, there hasn’t been a day where another shoe hasn’t dropped. Until, suddenly, the silence of this moment. That’s because the Trump-Russia hurricane is in the process of imploding.

    When we last left our unrealistic and poorly plotted airport gift shop spy novel, Reince Priebus had been caught obstructing justice by unsuccessfully pressuring the FBI over the Trump-Russia investigation, which naturally leaked on Thursday. Then someone in the White House (probably also Priebus) was caught successfully pressuring officials from other intel agencies, along with two Republicans in Congress, to mislead the media over Trump-Russia. That also leaked, this time on Friday, because everything leaks in this age.

    And then on Friday night we were left with the cliffhanger: Congressman Darrell Issa realizing the shit was about to hit the fan and making the calculated move of publicly calling for a Trump-Russia special prosecutor. Here was one of the most nakedly partisan Republicans in Congress, finally giving the Democrats something they wanted, because he knows something we don’t, and he suddenly wants to distance himself as far from Trump as possible. This was, in metaphorical parlance, a rat fleeing a sinking ship while screaming “THE SHIP IS SINKING” into a megaphone. And then today… nothing.

    Even a befuddled Donald Trump seemed to preemptively try to fend off today’s latest Trump-Russia bombshell by announcing that he won’t attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April — only to then realize he’d created the distraction for nothing, because there was no bombshell today. Nothing happened. This is one of the quietest days the Trump-Russia scandal has had in a month. And when things have progressed this far, a total lack of noise on the outside is because there’s too much transpiring on the inside, and no one wants to talk about it until their ducks are quite lined up.

    Ask yourself, for instance,

    1. Anonymous7:55 AM

      "That’s because the Trump-Russia hurricane is in the process of imploding." MORE like being in the "EYE'.

      "a rat fleeing a sinking ship" A Ru$$ian RAT smells his own a$$-hole first.

      "he won’t attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner "<drumpf is YELLow/orange $hitgibbon

      "Ducks" .........Are they sitting?

  6. How soon before there is an official caution advisory on travel TO the United States? or are there ones already in many countries? At this point it is self-advised. I know many people in Canada who say they will not go to the US as long as Trump is president. Cancelled visits.

    What has the travel industry had to say about this to Trumper, the Thumper on "the thousands and thousands" of jobs he has created?

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      The first thing I did after the election was cancel my trip to the US to visit my family and I know of two school trips to Disney cancelled because one child was Muslim- though the harassment of the Welsh schoolteacher and Mem Fox will cause many more cancellations.

    2. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Windsor Ontario schools have canceled field trip to Michigan because they are concerned about crossing the border.

      Keep in mind we use to walk across the bridge to Canada "for fun", it was that easy.

  7. Anonymous7:19 AM

    --Hicks' behavior is distasteful. She rubs up against POTUS and giggles when she briefs him. We call her his girlfriend behind her back.

    --If you're wondering abou the President's relationship with Hope Hicks, yes it's just as creepy and gross as you imagined.

    --The President also has a young, hot "advisor" named Katie you've never heard of. They have private "thinking time". You fill in the blanks.

    --The President keeps saying we're a finely tuned machine. If that's true why has he been fricking screaming at us all week? He's losing it.

    --The President gets a pedicure and manicure once a week in the Oval Office. We have "his girl" from NYC flown in. It's so expensive.

    --Bannon truly has hate for the media. His calls @CNN the "Cu*t News Network". He says it all the time and laughs like it's funny. It's not.

    --I was laughing my ass off when Priebus said he gets along with Bannon. They scream at each other every single day.

    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Some 'dirty girls' like tiny dick pricks.

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      As time goes on, I think that account is fake.

    3. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Find Katie!

    4. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Anyone want to bet that once summer comes and school is out that Melania still stays in NYC?

  8. Anonymous7:21 AM

    The First 100 Lies: The Trump Team’s Flurry Of Falsehoods

    The president and his aides succeeded in reaching the mark in just 36 days.

    To say that President Donald Trump has a casual relationship with the truth would be a gross understatement. He has repeatedly cited debunked conspiracy theories, pushed voter fraud myths, and embellished his record and accomplishments. The barrage of falsehoods has been so furious that journalists have taken to issuing instant fact-checks during press conferences and calling out false statements during cable news broadcasts.

    All presidents lie, but lying so brazenly and so frequently about even silly factoids like his golf game has put Trump in his own category. His disregard for the truth is reflected in his top aides, who have inflated easily disproved figures like the attendance at his inauguration and even cited terror attacks that never happened.

    The Huffington Post tracked the public remarks of Trump and his aides to compile a list of 100 incidents of egregious falsehoods. Still, it is likely the administration has made dozens of other misleading and exaggerated claims.

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Every word Trump utters is a lie.

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      I am only counter when he tells the truth.

      My counter so far is one:
      the election was rigged.

  9. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Trump admin trots out it's team of sycophants to try to stem the of Russian collusion.

    Chris Christie Aids Trump’s Russia Cover-Up By Arguing Against Special Prosecutor

    ...New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked if he supports a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump. He answered, “I don’t because the Justice Department over the course of time has shown itself with the professionals there have the ability to investigate these kinds of things. I just think, Jake, and whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, we’ve seen it happen on both sides. When a special prosecutor gets involved the thing gets completely out of control, and I don’t think that serves anybody’s purpose.”

    In August 2016, Christie called for a special prosecutor to investigate The Clinton Foundation, “The Clinton Foundation must be investigated now. Unfortunately, the only appropriate action for our compromised Attorney General is to appoint a truly impartial Special Prosecutor. This must be investigated before Americans vote for President. Our system of justice deserves nothing less.”

    Christie’s view is that special prosecutors are necessary for Democrats, but not needed for Republicans.

    There is more evidence of Trump wrongdoing than was ever presented by Republicans against Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, but Christie wants Trump’s pal Jeff Sessions to oversee the investigation.

    The strategy coming from the Trump White House is going to be to allow an “investigation,” but to make sure that it isn’t independent and can be easily distorted and buried by Trump allies in Congress and the White House.

    Christie’s comments signal that the Trump White House has firmly moved from denial to cover-up, which is why the heat must be kept on this president and his Republican allies.

    Huckabee Sanders: Sessions doesn't need to exit Russia case

  10. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Trump White House Refuses To Promise People Won’t Lose Heath Care After Obamacare Repeal

    ...The White House’s refusal to say if Trump will keep his promise comes on the heels of a Bloomberg report that the Republican replacement plan will cause 51% of people who purchase plans through the exchange to lose their coverage, and 24% of the federal funding for Medicaid is going to be taken away.

    The numbers add up to roughly 20 million Americans losing their health care under the Republican replacement plan. The numbers don’t include the hundreds of millions of Americans who will move from fully insured to underinsured and have their out of pocket health care costs increase.

    The duck and dodge on the health care question by Trump’s White House Deputy Press Secretary are proof that Republicans fully intend to take health care away from tens of millions of people.

  11. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Town Halls Erupt With Passion As DAPL Camp Goes Down In Flames

    For the party that talks so much about the value of life they sure put a whole lot of energy into polices that promise to be a slow death sentence

    ...The Republican plan would kill subsidies and Medicaid expansion. It would allow states to create high-risk pools with benefit caps and would cause millions of Americans to lose their health care. The Republican plan is a death sentence for millions of Americans who benefit from the ACA.

    After seeing the heat their colleagues were taking some Republicans, claiming town halls were too dangerous, looked for alternatives or tried canceling altogether rather than face the fire of their constituents. This inspired none other than former Representative Gabby Giffords to challenge these members of Congress to face their electorate. Even Hillary Clinton chimed in on Twitter “If you can’t stand the heat get of out the…Congress.”

    The future of healthcare policy is a life and death matter for every American.

  12. Anonymous8:09 AM

    WOW"“So, you stop paying in September until the end of the year,” he continued. “You have a right to guaranteed [coverage for] preexisting conditions. You can buy a new plan in January. So people are paying nine months for 12 months of care. And it’s happening more and more and more as people get the gig.”

    “Obamacare is a failure!"

    1. This meeds to be looked into, but here's what happened to me - I lapsed one month (Jan. 2017) before erupting w/ACA through the exchange. I was 'forced' to pay for Jan. so that my coverage would be considered 'continuous' i.e. not lapsed. So ... I'm not sure if Santorum is right. But then, what I just said.

    2. Anonymous10:02 AM

      Makes no sense. The only people benefiting would be those with pre-existing conditions, and those folks are petrified of NOT having insurance - because it either means a death sentence or bankruptcy for them. As usual Santorum is blowing "santorum" out his a$$.

    3. Anonymous10:13 AM

      So what is Li'l Ricky doing these days to support that I 'm too dumb to use a condom" family of his? OH, bloviating on CNN. Time to fire him. A revolving door between the media and government is just as bad (or worse) than the one between lobbyists and government.

    4. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Rick Santorum reminds me of that Joe Miller from Alaska- they have a tribe of kids and neither has a job or wants to work for a living and both are supported by the Koch brothers but WHY?

    5. Anonymous3:17 PM

      What in the hell is he talking about?

      You pay the insurance company on a monthly basis, if you don't pay, you don't have coverage.

      I also pay for months when I don't see a doctor, so what is his point, that I am paying for nothing !!!!

  13. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Nunes is covering his big fat ass, he's knee deep in this charade, having been one of the people who facilitated the attempt to shut down the whole thing. When the FBI refused, this fuckwad and his cohort, Burr, stepped right up and did Trump's dirty work for them. It's no surprise he's saying this. But if it was Hillary, the witch hunts would be front and center.

    House Intel chair: Trump-Russia investigation calls 'almost like McCarthyism'

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, responding to calls for an independent investigation into contacts between Trump associates and Russia, said Saturday that the House would not engage in a “witch hunt” and that “at this point, there’s nothing there.”

    “This is almost like McCarthyism revisited,” the California Republican told reporters at the California Republican Party’s spring convention in Sacramento. “We’re going to go on a witch hunt against, against innocent Americans …?”

    Nunes’ remarks came after fellow California Rep. Darrell Issa called for a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation.

    “At this point, there’s nothing there,” Nunes said. “Once we begin to look at all the evidence, and if we find any American that had any contact with Russian agents or anybody affiliated with the Russian government, then we’ll be glad to, at that point, you know, subpoena those people before the House and let the legislative branch do its oversight and then we would recommend it over to, you know, the appropriate people.”

    He added, “But at this point … we can’t go on a witch hunt against the American people, any American people who have not had any contact, just because they appeared in a news story.”

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Every time you read something like this, immediately put your mind to the person you want to see in their seat and go do something to help them.

      If you don't have someone you want to see in their seat then why are you just sitting there?

  14. Anonymous8:18 AM

    No, Gryph, this is NOT my country now. It is not the USA I grew up in, and I will not claim this shambles as mine.

    When the psycho in the oval office is gone, then maybe... but that leaves us with pence or ryan.

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Ryan can be gone within two years.

      But every American can be out there canvassing against him every day.

  15. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Donald Trump's 'shadow president' in Silicon Valley

    Billionaire iconoclast Peter Thiel's fingerprints are all over the administration.

    Working with a staff of four to six aides from an office in Trump Tower, Thiel dispatched associates from his investment firms to help staff agencies across the government. Their reach extended from the Department of Commerce to the Pentagon and eventually to the White House, where one of his closest aides, Kevin Harrington, was recently elevated to the National Security Council.

    “Once Election Day came and went, Peter Thiel was a major force in the transition,” said a senior Trump campaign aide. “When you have offices and you bring staff with you and you attend all the meetings, then you have a lot of power.” At the Presidio, the old Army fort in San Francisco where Thiel’s investment firms are housed, many of his employees have taken to calling him “the shadow president.”

  16. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Actually,if that were true,you would still only get 9 months of care. Plus most of us with pre-existing conditions have medication and treatment to pay for every month,1 month of insulin would be more than 3 months of insurance,plus my other 5 meds.

  17. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Wow, they're out in force today, here's another one...talking points lined up...Huckabee, Nunes and now Cotton.

    Cotton: There's 'no doubt' Senate's Russia inquiry will be fair

    ...When asked, Cotton also argued that it is too early to demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former Trump campaign surrogate, recuse himself from any investigation into the Russia issue. Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, joined Democrats this weekend in calling for a special prosecutor to take on the case.

    “I think that's way, way getting ahead of ourselves here, Chuck,” Cotton said. “There’s no allegations of any crime occurring. There's not even indication that there's criminal investigations under way by the FBI, as opposed to counterintelligence investigations, which the FBI conducts all the time as our main counterintelligence bureau. If we get down that road, that's a decision that Attorney General Sessions can make at the time.”

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Funny what was it they said about Hilary and BENGHAZI!!! BENGHAZI!!! BENGHAZI!!!

  18. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Let's take away YOUR health insurance, Ricky, and see how that feels, you frothy shitwad.

    Rick Santorum suggested on Sunday that it was a mistake to guarantee health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions because "millions" of them were scamming insurance companies.

    During a panel discussion about health care reform, Santorum argued that President Barack Obama's health care reform law had damaged the health care system to the point that the Republican lawmakers could not "repeal and replace" it at the same time.

    "Pre-existing conditions, though it's very popular," the former GOP senator opined, "what the reality is today that thousands, maybe approaching millions, of Americans are paying nine months for insurance. Why? Because you pay for your insurance for nine months, there's a provision in Obamacare that says you can't be thrown off your plan for three months."

    "So, you stop paying in September until the end of the year," he continued. "You have a right to guaranteed [coverage for] preexisting conditions. You can buy a new plan in January. So people are paying nine months for 12 months of care. And it's happening more and more and more as people get the gig."

    "Obamacare is a failure! But you're going to need 60 votes to change preexisting conditions and other things to make the system work. And that's the problem of repeal and replacing is you can't do it because it's a broken system."

    Santorum, however, offered no evidence that "millions of Americans" were using Obamacare's protections for people with preexisting conditions to scam health insurance companies.

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      One of Santorum's children has (or had) a very serious genetic condition. Who pays (or paid) for that child's healthcare?

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Obviously little Ricky doesn’t understand how health insurance works: you don’t pay the premium, you don’t get coverage.

      They only way his scam would work is if you didn’t pay the premium and didn’t use your insurance for 3 months. Is that what he does?

  19. The goon squad is out in force.

  20. Chenagrrl10:48 AM

    I am speechless. Mem Fox is one of my heros. Must recite "Night Noises" to soothe myself. Poor lady.

  21. Chenagrrl11:00 AM

    So mad over Mem Fox, I could make a broom fly.

  22. Muhammad Ali Jr was born in Philadelphia and has a U.S. passport.

    This is outrageous. They are targeting U.S. citizens!

    If you're not lily white or have a funny name or both, you now have no constitutional rights.

    That's FASCISM!

  23. Paul in Minnesota3:13 PM

    Congratulations Trump, you and your cohorts in all branches of government are managing to kill off jobs in travel, hospitality and tourism in the USA. Soon few people outside of the USA will want to come to the USA. Along with customs searching domestic flights; that will cause travel to also come down internally if customs also keeps searching domestic flights for gosh knows what; yet documents, please. It's 1984 in 2017. We're now at war with the world and the GOP is at war within with everyone else.

    Yet headlines from the Trump Clown White House now located in New York City or Florida as well as in Washington, D.C. will read: Trump has created more jobs in 'Murikkka. Sure, I don't believe anything Donnie says even back before he became a reality star. He was full of crap in the 1980s, now he's just more full of crap and it's more full in him. It just seeps out better into the world via twitter and via his mouth.

  24. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Following the footsteps of Hitler

  25. Of course she was targeted, en route to a literacy conference, now that literacy is an enemy of the state!


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