Friday, February 24, 2017

The world for Republicans right now.

Remember the only thing these Republican lawmakers fear is losing a bid for reelection.

If it becomes obvious that supporting Donald Trump will cost them their seat in Washington we might see them launching investigations on those Russian hacks, demanding to see his tax returns, and even supporting his impeachment.


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    That eagle really does look like the American People today. The Gop scandal is breakfast lunch dinner and dessert for the Eagle.

  2. I've recently read two books that are MUST-READS for anyone who wants to change things:

    -- DARK MONEY, and,
    -- RATF***ED

    DARK MONEY makes it clear that we are up against a very wealthy vast rightwing conspiracy.

    RATF***ED makes it clear that our only salvation is through state governments because they control Congressional districts and the drawing of Congressional districts determines who runs Congress. The 2010 GOP sweep was NOT accidental -- it was the result of careful work by the GOP at the state level.

    1. Regaining control at the state level will be difficult as the majority of states are in Republican control and they will be redrawing districts in 2020 based on the census and they also control drawing the districts in their states for state seats. Republicans have become experts at redrawing districts to suppress registered Democratic voters when they can't simply bar them from voting at all.

  3. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Yavapai County Arizona is a great example of this redistricting sweep someone pointed out awhile back.

  4. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I'm reading more and more stories about people in very red districts attending town hall meetings and protesting LOUDLY against the actions (working to repeal Obamacare) or lack thereof (refusing to investigate the administration's Russian ties) of their legislators. It seems that even Republican voters are beginning to realize that the politicians they elected are supporting legislation that does NOT benefit anyone except themselves and their wealthiest donors.

    Supporting Trump, de facto President Bannon, and their dangerous agenda is starting to come back and bite these politicians in the ass, as it should. They will soon have to make a choice between doing the right thing for the people who voted them into office or blindly supporting their party, regardless of the damage its policies will do to the poor and middle class they were elected to represent.

    I am feeling more optimistic that there might actually be a big change in 2018, despite the overwhelming amount of gerrymandering and voter suppression that has been put in place to protect the GOP. If we don't get a lot more Democrats into office, at least we may get some more moderate Republicans who will put country over party.

    1. No matter what is done to them, registered Republicans aren't going to vote for the Democratic candidates, so ingrained is their hate.

  5. Anonymous6:50 AM

    The liar is on stage lying his ugly ass face off reading a bannon teleprompter. This personality defect and poster bully boy for untreated mental illness. His hair/prostate pill could be causing serious health conditions beside the well documented evidence. Who is at this scientologist sea org spectacle today? There are no old republicans there out of embarrassment and shame? Just his alt frauds and their rigged election liar. pipe this twit asho.

  6. Anonymous6:53 AM

  7. Anonymous7:04 AM

    OT? The Eagle has landed!

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Ooh, Lil Donnie isn't liking getting busted for his lawbreaking, eh?

  8. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Donald Trump advisor Sheriff David A. Clarke was in Russia while Michael Flynn dined with Putin

    Kremlin appears to have assembled Trump’s campaign team on that day

    On December 10th of 2015, Michael Flynn traveled to Moscow to attend a dinner for Russia Today, and he sat at the same table as Russian president Vladimir Putin. Shortly thereafter, Flynn became a Donald Trump campaign advisor, and ultimately became Trump’s National Security Adviser. It’s recently come to light that Flynn was paid $40,000 by the Kremlin to attend the dinner, in violation of U.S. law. As it turns out, another Trump campaign advisor was also in Moscow, meeting with Russian officials, on that same day.

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, who played a prominent role as a surrogate in the Donald Trump campaign and served as an informal campaign advisor, was also in Moscow on December 10th of 2015. We know this because Clarke tweeted a photo of himself at the time, adding the caption “Red Square near the Kremlin with a Russian officer. Met earlier with Russian Foreign Minister who spoke on Mid East.” This raises so many questions it’s difficult to know where to begin.

    What are the odds that these two men, a midwestern sheriff and a Washington military bureaucrat, who had no connection to each other, and who later both went on to become prominent faces of the Donald Trump campaign, just happened to coincidentally travel to Moscow on the exact same day in order to meet with high ranking members of the Russian government? Is it more likely that both men were simultaneously brought to Moscow because the Russian government was recruiting and assembling the team that it planned to install as Trump’s top campaign people?

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Jill Stein WAS THERE TOO!
      "Is Russia photo just coincidence, or conspiracy fodder?"

    2. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Stein's such small taters.

  9. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Yet another example of gross incompetence by the GOP and Trump administration OR someone within the administration deliberately setting them up to look awful???

    "Staffers at CPAC quickly scrambled to confiscate Russian flags with the word “TRUMP” written on the front that were being waved by attendees during President Donald Trump’s speech on Friday.

    The trouble began when some attendees took out pro-Trump flags to wave during the president’s speech that also happened to have the same white-blue-and-red striped pattern as Russia’s official flag."

    1. Two protesters took credit.


      When it comes to resistance, the left has the brains.

  10. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I would so like to be a fly on the wall when mitch loses his seat at the very powerful table of senate!


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