Thursday, March 02, 2017

A former British MP has a theory about the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal and how that may have also been orchestrated by the Russians. And it is worth your time to read it.

Courtesy of Patribotics:  

Did Russia invent a criminal case against Anthony Weiner – so their hacker Nikulin could plant Hillary’s emails on his computer? 

It was the Comey letter that handed the election to Trump. Even if corrupt elements in the FBI Field Office in New York, penetrated by Russia, forced Comey’s hand – even if Russian hacker Nikulin did plant emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer – there had to be a “separate criminal case” in the first place for the NYPD and FBI to go looking, right? 

But what if there wasn’t? What if Vladimir Putin directed the entire attack – not via a “15 year old girl” from Gaston, North Carolina, but by a hardened group of adult hackers from that state who had penetrated the emails of Director Brennan of the CIA, and doxed and attacked hundreds of FBI and law enforcement personnel? 

And what if, after making Carter Page’s recruiter Jeff Sessions Attorney General, Donald Trump repeated the trick by making the ‘prosecutor’ of those Carolina hackers Acting AG – then changing the order of succession at Justice to cement him as number two?

Russia, I believe, created, from scratch, the chain of events that forced James Comey’s letter to Congress. All available data shows that it was the timing of this letter that handed the election to Donald Trump. On November 3rd, just before the election, the Russian plane MKATE and Putin’s bagman Rybolovev met Donald Trump’s campaign plane on the tarmac at Charlotte, North Carolina. By that time, events in North Carolina had swung the election to Mr. Trump. 

Intrigued? Yes me too.

And even more so after I read this: 

All of Anthony Weiner’s sleazy sexting prior to this had been done with girls and women over the age of sexual consent. The youngest among them was 17 years old. In order for a case to be created, there needed to be an “underage victim”. It seems evident that just such an operation was planned by Russia; to create a “victim”, to create a “criminal case”, to allow Weiner’s computers to be seized and for Nikulin to plant his emails via Formspring. 

According to the “breaking story” of September 21st, by Alana Goodman in the Daily Mail, this girl had begun to sext with Weiner in January 2016. Her original story is odd and convoluted in a number of respects. 

Firstly, the story is dated September 21st, but publishing dates on videos contained within the story appear to indicate that they were uploaded some six days earlier. 

Secondly, the story contains a report that Weiner “provided emails that he says proved he was the subject of a hoax” but the journalist does not tell us why Mr. Weiner said these emails proved this. 

Of course, there is the one sentence: “You got catfished by a dude.”

Mensch then goes into great deal to explain how the fifteen year old girl's letter was clearly not written by her, and details the involvement of a  North Carolina hacker group called "Crackas With Attitude."

When I first ran across this story on Twitter I had some real reservations about its authenticity. After all there really is a lot of fake news out there.

But then I read this: 

In the journalistic race to get to the bottom of one of the most closely guarded secrets in Washington – the investigation into the Trump team’s contacts with Moscow – one of the biggest scoops came from an unexpected source: the British former MP and novelist Louise Mensch.

On the eve of the November election, Mensch published a sensational story reporting that a special intelligence court in Washington had granted a warrant to allow the FBI to conduct surveillance of “US persons” in an investigation of possible contacts between Russian banks and the Trump organisation. 

At the time, the story did not cause much of a ripple. It was published on Heat Street, a libertarian-leaning website run by News Corp, and an unknown quantity in journalism. So was Mensch, whose recent public profile consisted mainly of a string of angry Twitter spats. 

Meanwhile, the combined investigative forces of the US media had spent months seeking to prove a secret connection between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin and had come up with very little. 

The online magazine Slate had published an article at the end of October about mysterious pings that had been detected between a Russian bank, Alfa, and a server connected to the Trump organisation, but the New York Times quoted FBI officials as saying they had looked into it and decided there “there could be an innocuous explanation” for the computer contacts.

Two months later, however, the BBC put out a story echoing Mensch’s original report about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa) court warrant issued in October to allow the justice department to look into transfers and communications between the Russian banks and Trump associate – and that US intelligence agencies were investigating the link.

So in other words this newcomer to journalism managed to scoop every other major media outlet in the world.

Currently she can be found providing commentary on MSNBC, and she has made herself a go to source on the Russian/Trump story.

So does that mean that we should automatically accept as factual everything she wrote about catfishing Anthony Weiner, and how it ties in with the Comey letter, over on Patriobots?

No of course not, we must always look at everything with heightened scrutiny.

But should she be dismissed as a quack who traffics in fake news stories?

No, she should not.


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Google why Mensch left the UK

    Crackpot tendencies

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      But she has found her talent in sleuthing. As long as I've been reading her tweets, and I am always skeptical first with this stuff, she has been right on, sometimes weeks before the news.

      Make of it what you will.

    2. Anonymous5:10 AM

      Always verify.
      That way, you don't dismiss important info out of hand.
      Mensch may be onto something.

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Dear blog host sir,
    Even though your link is correct, you misspelled, in case someone goes looking for it independently.

    I have been following Louise for months now, she is the best investigative reporter we have right now. And she has well-placed sources. Highly recommend everyone go see what she has discovered so far!

    1. Well thank you for that correction. I typed the name from memory, which apparently failed me in this case.

      It is fixed now.

    2. Anonymous11:15 PM

      So glad you're all reading her! If she's right -- what a treasonous mess!!!! I applaud her bravery.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Yes Gryph it is ALL the Russians. They put Sarah Palin in power in Alaska. They paid various studs to get Bristol repeatedly pregnant. All Russians! There's tons of proof.

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Not enough !!! He is involved in the whole mess, can’t be trusted and he should have to resign lying to Congress.

    How in the hell can the a liar be of the DOJ?

    Jeff Sessions Will Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

    The attorney general will not be involved with investigations into the Trump administration's dealings with the Russian government.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions will recuse himself from any investigations of the Trump administrations' dealings with the Russia government, according to a statement from the Justice Department handed out ahead of a press conference with Sessions on Thursday afternoon.

    Sessions will recuse himself from any investigations of 2016 presidential campaign

    — Pema Levy (@pemalevy) March 2, 2017

  5. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I don't have time to read it again but I read some of her stuff last month and I clearly remember that one of Trump's daughters-in-law was in ?North Carolina the same state and city where the underage girl was alleged to live and subsequently made public remarks along the lines of Giuliani's October surprise comments.

    1. Anonymous11:15 PM

      Yep! Lara Trump

  6. This is a great article. Hope it receives a whole lot of attention.

    Sessions right now is sucking up oxygen but I hope not for long.

  7. Anonymous12:52 PM

    "Tory MP Louise Mensch has confessed taking Class A drugs has caused her long-term damage and disturbed her mind."

    At least she has a fallback, what is your excuse?

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      Is this where we say"I know I am,but what are you?"

    2. We never did find out about those emails Comey found...were they hacked emails that were deposited in Weiners account... Who knows what these Hillary emails were about? Somebody is not talking but getting mighty nervous I imagine as the discrediting is happening.

    3. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Gles, no offense, but you are in over your head in the critical thinking department.

    4. You wound me....

    5. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Bet you get to skateboard when you are not trolling, Ruskie!
      Are you any good or just shriveled nuts like Trump and Putin?

    6. Anonymous8:55 PM

      Uhhhhhh, what, 7:22?

    7. Anonymous11:17 PM

      Mensch makes a great point. Why are there no charges in the 2016 Weiner case? Hmmm...

    8. Anonymous5:08 AM

      I live here in red NC.
      The alleged under aged girl Weiner was supposedly sexting was from Gaston.
      This is home of HB2, people.
      The GOP have all the knuckle-dragging racists convinced some transgendered person will attack their 'defenseless' daughters in the restroom, but what about the legal ramifications of this Jewish man, married to a Muslim who's Mrs. Clinton's closest aide, who's been sending dikpix to a NC teenager!?!?!

      Yes. What about those charges, INDEED.
      If those charges were dropped, who no press notification? Hmmmmmm.
      1252, 442, got any serious ideas about this, Or just more baseless, distracting insults?

    9. Anonymous5:25 AM

      Oh by all means, latch yourselves to this nutcase train and ride it off the edge of cliff you morons.

    10. Anonymous6:41 AM

      Only insults but no answers to Mensch's points? Got it, @5:25!

    11. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Mensch's points? What points? It is like a crazy persons room full of pictures all connected in a haphazard fashion with string and thumbtacks lol. Can you even decipher what her 'points' are?

  8. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Mensch had a strong connection to Milo and other pedophiles. I would tread carefully into this swamp.

    1. Anonymous11:18 PM

      Her husband is the manager of Metallica. What are you saying?

  9. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Holy shit, can we say HUGE abuse of power? It's so clear that Nunes is part of the Russian cover up cabal! When you use your power position to intimidate, you're panicked and hiding something. Time to dig deeper on Nunes.

    ‘Be careful’: GOP Intel chair warns reporters could face investigation for persisting on Sessions

    Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, warned reporters on Thursday that they could find themselves under investigation if they continued to ask questions about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ties to Russia.

    During a press conference, Nunes dismissed calls for his committee to investigate Sessions following reports that the Attorney General may have lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee when he said that he had no contact with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

    “I read about this in the newspaper and I see some of you talking about,” Nunes told reporters. “If you have those names [of anonymous sources], if you want to come forward as a whistleblower and bring those to us, we would greatly appreciate it. Because we would like to have those names, bring those people in.”

    Nunes noted that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been a private citizen when he contacted the Russian ambassador and then lied about it.

    “Look, I’m sure some of you are in contact with the Russian embassies,” the congressman said ominously. “So be careful what you ask for here because if we start getting transcripts of any of you or other Americans talking to the press then do you want us to conduct an investigation on you or other Americans because you were talking to the Russian Embassy.”

    “I just think we need to be careful.”

  10. Anonymous1:57 PM

    NEW BOMBSHELL: Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn met with the Russians in December

    The New York Times said on Thursday afternoon that Pres. Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and disgraced former National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December between Trump’s election and his inauguration.

    The White House made the stunning admission less than an hour after Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

    1. Yeah, but that was after the election.

      We need evidence of collusion BEFORE the election.

    2. Anonymous11:19 PM

      The sanctions were in play AFTER the election. It's still collusion and treason against a sitting president.

    3. Anonymous4:58 AM

      How about instead of calling them "the Russians", referring to them as 'Russian agents'.

      "The Russians" could be talking about ANY people with Russian citizenship, and it sounds juvenile and simplistic. Plus, it's not very specific.
      The drumpf people colluded with some Russian Agents, not the Russian People as a whole.
      So don't forget the Russian people are victims of pootie's regime, too. DOn't blame the populace as a whole for a (comparative) few who are truly abominable.

    4. Anonymous5:12 AM

      Or you could call them Russian envoys, 4:58.

    5. Anonymous5:52 AM

      To be more specific, ya could say, "Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak".
      Cuz that's the man Carter Page, Ms Jeff, and JD Gordon met with, and tried to lie their way out of.

    6. Anonymous7:14 AM

      What is the purpose of Ambassadors again 5:52?

  11. Anonymous1:59 PM

    It's a cover up, Joe.

    “What does it say, Mika, when you lie about something that you don’t have to lie about,” Scarborough said. “There is a multiplying effect — when you have your NSA, your national security adviser, lying and having to resign. And then you have your attorney general lying in front of Congress over something he shouldn’t have to lie about, because he’s on the armed services committee. He had the right to talk to whomever. Why lie about it? It just compounds all of the questions.”

  12. Gryphen - check wikipedia on Louise Mensch before making any decision on promoting her reporting. She has made her career out of self promotion and not much else. She's got the self-admitted drug issues and quite a few others. She became an MP and quit after 2 years (early!). Remind you of anyone? I'd love the Weiner hack story to be true, but I won't be buying it from her. I'll wait to see what a reputable news source like the NYT or WaPo does with it. Shouldn't be difficult for a respected journalist to dig into and verify. Both papers have got the Russia-Trump connection story and are running with it.

    1. Story in DKos which adds some background to this lady:

    2. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Oh my, the daily kos lol......

      That should be your first signal that you are traveling up bullshit creek.

    3. Anonymous11:22 PM

      I like her. She's not the first person to have regretted taking drugs and living a wild life while young, is she?

  13. Louise Mensch is awesome! Thank you for highlighting her investigation into the deep and troubling ties between Trump and Russia.


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