Sunday, March 26, 2017

Alex Jones more or less apologizes for his part in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

Conservative radio host Alex Jones apologized Friday for promoting an anti-government conspiracy theory that allegedly inspired one man to open fire in a Washington restaurant last year. 

Broadcasting from his website InfoWars, Jones said he was not the author of the so-called "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory, but regretted prior comments made in support of it. He specifically appealed to James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong. The Washington pizza place was one of several that the theory's supporters believed hosted a child-sex trafficking ring sponsored by Democratic Party officials. In December, 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch entered the restaurant and opened fire with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle without any reported injuries. After his arrest, Welch claimed he was motivated to take action based on his belief of the theory and that he was an avid listener of Jones' radio show. 

"I want our viewers and listeners to know that we regret any negative impact our commentaries may have had on Mr. Alefantis, Comet Ping Pong, or its employees. We apologize to the extent our commentaries could be construed as negative statements about Mr. Alefantis or Comet Ping Pong, and we hope that anyone else involved in commenting on Pizzagate will do the same thing," Jones said in a prepared statement. 

A lot of this apology is made up of bullshit excuses, however it IS the first time that I can remember Jones taking ANY responsibility for the damage done by his careless spreading of unfounded conspiracy theories, so that is at least something.

Now I am just waiting for him to apologize to the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook who he accused of participating in a "false flag" operation designed to help President Obama take away people's guns.

Yeah, I won't be holding my breath for that one.


  1. Anonymous4:51 AM

    The next time there is a mass casualty event, Alex Jones, needs to be dragged to the scene and forced to walk it.

  2. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Probably forced to by this lawyer.

    1. Anonymous6:35 AM

      Yeah, Jones should have been reading up on what happened to Imperial Klans of America grand wizard Ron Edwards and the Imperial Klan.

      And what happened to the Aryan Nations and their Hayden Lake Idaho cesspool after they were sued by the Keenans.

      Turned into homeless gutterpunks due a lawsuit.

      That could be next for Alex Jones.

    2. Anonymous6:37 AM

      One more thing.

      If Comet Ping Pong sues Jones the discovery will suck. I think Jones will be so scared that he will take the fifth.

    3. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Alex Jone would never willingly apologize .He must be facing some kind of legal action.

    4. He is.

      Lawsuit by the pizza shop owner.

      Under Texas law (for some reason that covers Alex Jones) Jones had 30 days to apologize if face court.

      Friday was the deadline.

      As lame as it is, the pizza owner accepted that lame ass apology.

      But doesn't mitigate the fact his business is in the crapper because of that big mouth fuck face Jones and his fake news crap.

      Each Sandy Hook parents should have sued Jones for a retraction, one after the other.

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    WaPo is reporting that there was a demonstration in DC on Saturday, demanding that PizzaGate be investigated.

    These people seriously need help. Good thing Obamacare still covers mental issues.

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      You will have to get u earlier to keep up with the game. We are comin' fer ya'.

      Note comments section. You might learn something.

    2. Anonymous7:46 AM

      +7:12" While others saw Election Day as the last phase of their civic duty, those who continue to pepper congressional offices with their messages of opposition recognize that Nov. 8, 2016, was just the beginning.

      Contrary to popular belief, politics isn’t about power but about connection."
      "For a Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill in the age of Trump, the struggle for justice can feel disheartening, if not demoralizing. But with every phone call from a concerned constituent, every tweet in support of our shared resistance, every protest sign held by someone who demands dignity for all, I feel a renewed confidence in the resilience of our democracy. Their activism gives me hope. Their resolve gives me strength. "

  4. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Paul Ryan:
    'We're not going to give up on DESTROYING the health care system' {if i do i loose my job?} That is on the record!

  5. More less than more.

    He deflected and spread the blame.

    The only reason he said anything at all is to avoid a lawsuit by the pizza shop owner under Texas law. He had 30 days.

    But it still isn't enough. The damage is done. The shop owner says he's lost business and his business is permanently damaged by the taint of these accusations. The gullible are still demanding an investigation into the allegations, even though they have been proven to be totally fake.

  6. Anonymous2:55 PM

    It isn’t an apology if you are just blaming someone else or a YEAR after the fact.


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