Monday, March 13, 2017

And another piece falls into place.

Yep, just a giant coincidence that Preet Bharara was one of the federal prosecutors to suddenly lose his job the other day.

Bharara aslo hinted on Twitter that a possible reason he was fired was because he was investigating Trump himself.
Courtesy of Raw Story: 

The Moreland Commission was established in July of 2013 by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and charged with rooting out corruption in the state government. However, the group was disbanded by the governor within a year because, Reuters said, it was coming too close to exposing Cuomo’s own shady dealings. 

“Wow,” tweeted David Corn of Mother Jones. “Moreland Commission was created by Cuomo to probe NYS corruption & then disbanded by him. Is Bharara implying he was probing Trump?”

It seems to me that there were a number of reasons that Trump and his Russian puppet masters would have wanted Bharara removed from office.

And what better way to hide the fact that he was the target but to fire ALL of the federal prosecutors appointed by President Obama at the same time?


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    Maps and all documentations containing the words United States of America and USA will be changed to:


    Established January 20, 2017
    Mar-A-Lago, Florida

    Aka: "USSA"

  3. Oh Preet, don't you know Donald was just funning you when it came to your job in his admin. Geez, you smart men are soooo gullible...never ass u me. Sure hope you kept your files in a safe place so that you could release the evidence your office has acquired bit by bit . Really tick the Donald off so that we get more good tweets.

  4. Anonymous6:00 AM

    "but to fire ALL of the federal prosecutors appointed by President Obama at the same time?"

    Gryphen if you are a federal prosecutor (with a wife and children) and you are getting too close to announcing the crimes against the United States of America committed by Vladimir Putin's puppet and his cronies, would you:

    A. Prefer getting fired

    B. Prefer getting extinguished by a mysterious health condition and your body accidentally cremated before an autopsy is performed

    C. Prefer being blindfolded and shot in the back of the head at sunrise with other enemies of the State?

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Meet the nine Russian operatives who have dropped dead during Donald Trump-Russia scandal

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Vladimir Putin Banned US Attorney Preet Bharara From Russia Before He Was Fired By Trump

    Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who was fired by President Donald Trump over the weekend, was so despised by Vladimir Putin's Russia that he was banned from entering the country in 2013.

    According to The New York Times, Russia banned Bharara and 17 other Americans in retaliation for U.S. sanctions over human rights violations.

    The Russian government reportedly targeted Bharara because of his prosecution of Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer.

    Bharara, who is known for investigating officials regardless of political party, also prosecuted three Russian nationals for acting as spies in 2015
    "The arrest of Evgeny Buryakov and the charges against him and his co-defendants make clear that - more than two decades after the presumptive end of the Cold War - Russian spies continue to seek to operate in our midst under cover of secrecy," Bharara said at the time.

    Bharara was fired by the Trump administration on Saturday after he refused to comply with a request to resign. It was not immediately clear if Bharara was involved in any current investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

  6. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Those 45 other federal prosecutors are just collateral damage to cover for the fact that they wanted Bharara out.
    I wonder, if he can keep on doing what he was doing as a private (I.e. not federal) prosecutor, or what the rules are...

  7. Caroll Thompson7:04 AM

    Trump and the gang are committing treason in full view of the American public.

  8. Anonymous7:07 AM

    A piece of nothing falling into nowhere.


    Oh goodness someone from Mother Jones tweeted "wow"! BAhahahahaaaaaaaaa!

    Preet Bharara obviously has political ambitions and doesn't have the proper dignity of a US Attorney. He should be disbarred.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Ty che, blyad.

      So you are not 14 and live in your mother's basement? Trump gets so mixed up, doesn't he?

    2. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Gryphen,you seem to have an effect on this troll,I wonder if they spend 8 hours a day on the job trolling as many websites as they can for Putin?

    3. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Yes. Gryphen has attracted the Russians to this blog so it must be bugging the agenda of Trump's Kremlin fascism buddies!
      According to the above Guardian article, the trolls spend 12 hours per shift and are rewarded more lucrative positions according to their English proficiency.
      They are all over every slightly leaning left publication in the U.S.
      Unfortunately, bigly.
      Sometimes their command of the English language is so poor that it is indistinguishable from Lou Sarah's!

    4. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Go fuck yourself, Vlad.

    5. Anonymous9:43 AM

      "By the end of October he traced at least 40 percent of the domain registrations of the fake news sites on pro-Sanders pages back to Eastern Europe. Some others were based in Panama and the U.S. or untraceable."“They probably have a sock account with little to no content. They are often from Russia or Macedonia.”Many of the fake accounts pretended to be Democrats that were going to vote for Donald Trump or Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Many of them were from the alt-right gathering site 4chan"specifically from a person named “Oliver Mitov,” except there were four accounts for “Oliver Mitov.” Three of them had Sanders as the profile photo and had a single friend also named “Oliver Mitov.”“It’s the closest I’ve been to being gaslit in my life,” he said. He resorted to writing a Medium post with the headline “Dear Bernie Supporters: Stop sharing posts from dumpster fire websites.” He called on Sanders fans to stop “circle-jerking clickbait links in between wondering how Hillary Clinton is behind the FEMA Earthquake drill that happens on several days with one of them being primary day?”

      He was removed from another Facebook group, “Bernie Believers” as a result of the piece.

      “This is a pretty solid case for admins/mods being part of the spam,” Smollon wrote."

  9. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Sean Spicer, Trump press secretary, confronted in Apple store

    ....Ms Chauhan hit back at her online critics,writing on Twitter: "I have clear feelings for the man who is a fascist's spokesperson. Nazis weren't stopped with niceties."

    .... Mr Spicer can then be heard saying: "It's such a great country that allows you to be here."

    ... In a blog post, Ms Chauhan wrote that she is an American citizen who was born and raised in the United States.

    She said she was "stunned" by the press secretary's comment, writing: "That is racism and it is an implied threat. Think about the sheer audacity of Mr Spicer to say that to my face with a smile, knowing that he that he is being recorded on video and the position of power he holds in our government."

    Ms Chauhan, who is the daughter of immigrants, acknowledged that she was "impolite" in her comments to the Trump aide.

    She said she wanted to seize the "enormous opportunity... to get answers without the protections normally given to Mr Spicer"....

    1. Good goin' Ms. Chaucan!
      Good going'!

      I wonder if Spicer was in the Apple store trying to find some anti-bugging equipment.

      Or some phones that bug the phones of angry staffers and leakers?

      "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they ain't out to getcha'!

      Sleep well, Sean.

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    POTUS wanted Bharara gone once he found out he couldn't control him. Bharara was investigating the Russian connections & was open about it.

    The President, who I work for, just had China grant him trademarks for Trump escort services. Prostitutes! Why isn't this on the news?

    I've been around D.C for a fair bit but never seen a more vindictive lot than these people. POTUS makes Nixon look like Ghandi.

    This is what I've been saying here. The most unsecured environment I've ever worked in.

  12. Anonymous8:38 AM

    House investigators on a Trump-Russia 'collision course'

    The top Republican on the intelligence committee was on Trump's transition team. The lead Democrat is a fierce Trump critic.

  13. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is heaven — for spies

    The president’s semi-public Florida retreat doesn’t follow the same strict background check protocol as the White House, creating an espionage risk.

  14. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Controversy Rises Over Preet Bharara’s Dismissal

    And the former U.S. attorney isn’t going quietly.

  15. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, suggested that President Trump could have changed his mind on firing US Attorney Preet Bharara because he had been asked to investigate the President's potential violations of the Emoluments Clause.

  16. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Meet the nine Russian operatives who have dropped dead during Donald Trump-Russia scandal

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      9! Cleaners!

  17. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Fox News Turns On Trump And Trashes Trumpcare As President Hits A New Low

    White House Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn had a rough interview on Fox News Sunday as host Chris Wallace kept pressing him on whether or not President Trump would support a health care plan that would take coverage away from millions of people. Republicans are tearing each apart over replacing Obamacare.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Of course they are. As long as they didn't actually have to do anything but bitch abut it, they were all on the same page. Now that the rubber has hit the road, they have to put something together and sell it to the country. They can't... a quarter of them want nothing to replace the ACA, a quarter of them want a watered down version of the ACA, some want nothing to be done for fear of losing their seats, and the rest are asleep or in hiding.

  18. Anonymous10:59 AM

    "I may have invented the web, but all of you have helped to create what it is today. All the blogs, posts, tweets, photos, videos, applications, web pages and more represent the contributions of millions of you around the world building our online community." marks 28 years!


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