Friday, March 31, 2017

New state income tax proposal introduced in to Alaska. I said this was coming.

Courtesy of KTUU: 

There’s a plan in the works that would help bridge the state’s $2.8 billion annual deficit in three years. Alaskans would help pay for it. 

It comes from the House Finance Committee, and it includes a cap on the PFD, higher taxes on oil and gas producers and implements an income tax. 

Alaska hasn’t had an income tax since 1979. 

Representative Paul Seaton is co-sponsoring House Bill 115. It reduces the PFD to $1,250 a year, and it creates a bracket for income tax based on individual and married couple’s income. 

“It fixes the problem." said Rep. Seaton. "After three years, the deficit goes away." 

To put it simply, the more you make, the more you have to pay up. 

No individual has to pay, if they make less than $10,300. But if more than that is made in a year, 2.5 percent of an income will be taxed, until $50,000 and so forth. The highest bracket for an individual, who makes $250,000, is 7 percent. 

If passed, Alaska’s income tax would be the fourth lowest in the country.

I think this is long overdue.

We have been living in a fantasy world of oil money for way too long, and it is time to face reality. 

Besides with that $1,250.00 PFD each year most people will still come out ahead.


  1. Anonymous2:42 AM

    This will be interesting. As a longtime resident of Oregon, which has never had a sales tax, there are people who want all the services but don't want to pay for them. Heck, they won't even pump their own gas!

    1. Anonymous6:07 AM

      I enjoy and appreciate Oregon. I want a gas attendant to have the job of pumping my gas, check my oil and tire pressure. This was a job for many men and women throughout the usa. Until the greed of money infected our daily life and everything american.
      Even our road ways had paid clean up employees crews. And after that ended, volunteers now do it. We pay taxes to create jobs for all areas in society. One by one they have been taken away. And now we have non consumer attitudes of greedy hateful corporations for profit. Its time to bring back those jobs. It is time for a consumer driven society again. America use to be a Proud Consumer based society, corporations went out of their way to encourage consumers to spend their money at their place. Now it is give me your money, hands up, do it yourself or die trying to survive.

    2. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Sorry, but I like having the choice. If I'm in a hurry, I can do it faster. It has allowed me to do much more with my life I saved hours. Plus really tired of some of the people who do those jobs being inattentive and completely lacking sense- the blown engine from one gas station attendantblying to me about checking oil, the bagger putting the watermelon on top of the eggs or bread. No thanks.

  2. Anonymous3:43 AM

    It should be on ANY kind of income not just wages. Bank interest, capital gains, off shore profits.. you get taxed. Maybe Alaska could pass this, show how it works well, then send it to Washington DC for the feds to try.

  3. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Alaska? You are a rich beautiful state. The last frontier!! Dont sale your soul to the oil and gas devil in the future. The fracking mess they made there is awful. It is your land. Treat it wisely, respect it, keep it whole and healthy. Teach your children to walk with and live in peace with mother earth.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Oh Sarah go back to bed already no one cares!

    2. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Sarah? are you kidding? Sarah would never say that. She likes her royal fracking checks. She loves to pollute and swim in swamp water. No sarah would never say that.

    3. Anonymous2:54 PM

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  4. Anonymous4:43 AM

    This is a bad idea.

  5. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Being a Californian, I'm pretty sick and tired of doing the heavy lifting for the other states.

  6. WA Skeptic5:45 AM

    "Taxes are what we pay for Civilization" Oliver Wendell Holmes, SCOTUS.

    I definitely agree that all citizens should pay a certain percentage to achieve this noble goal. This sounds like a very equitable solution, although I'd prefer to see a higher cutoff for the lowest income. I don't see how anyone on SS can survive in Alaska on $10K annually.

  7. Anonymous5:48 AM

    The fairest kind of tax is a graduated income tax. Government, especially good government, costs money. I have no complaints personally about paying taxes although I do wish that the richest among us paid a fair share.

    I also do not think that ordinary savings accounts should be taxed until they are above about $30,000. For the pittance that I get in interest on my modest savings account, the tax I pay on it costs the government more in paperwork than it is worth. Besides, people should be encouraged to save and bank savings accounts are the easiest way to do it.

  8. Anonymous6:20 AM

    It doesn't even have to be that high. But a state with very little ways to bring in revenue (compared to more diverse ones anyway) you need it. Texas Florida delaware(?) Wyoming still have no income taxes. Unsure how Wyoming does it. Though. Who lives there.

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Delaware dies it by having laws totally skewed ot corporations, thus many incorporate there. And the state collects those taxes. Corporations need to be incorporated in the state they own the most assets if any sort.

  9. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Taxation is not so bad if you have some control who is spending it and on what.
    The basics of our society, public schools, infrastructure, preserving history, our national parks, natural resources, research for is when paid servants feel empowered to fleece America and mingle with enemies. They create wars, laws and regulations for their personal agenda and profits. They send our children to fight unjust war for their profits. I personally would like to have all fifty states remove property tax and tax on necessary basic services. Why? because it is your homestead and the one and only place that is yours. If you have nothing else you have that, and you can grow food and survive, make money from your land and efforts. Tax the luxury items. Tax second homes, Tax tourist driven business, tax travel. Our tax dollars will cover our society but will not cover the greedy.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Your home is never really yours, you just rent it from the government. That is just wrong.

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Your home is your home when you own it free and clear. Just like your vehicle. When you own it free and clear. Property taxes can cause you to lose your home. Vehicle unpaid registration can force you to lose your vehicle. Property tax should be eliminated completely in all 50 states.

    3. In that the government can take your home even if it's paid for means the government ultimately owns your home, not you, not ever, as long as there are property taxes that come due every year.

      Vehicle unpaid registration? We don't have that in Michigan. You just don't drive. Your car is still yours.

  10. Chenagrrl7:39 AM

    Time for Alaskans to pull on their big-kid pants. Contributing to one's communities, should be a point of pride. It was when I was growing up in Fairbanks; it also gives one greater say in things; short hairs so to speak.

  11. Anonymous8:27 AM

    For Alaska making HUGE money on OIL they tax you? Who is cooking the books again? State need an audit!

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Alaska no longer makes big bucks off of oil. With the passage of SB21, which repealed the higher oil taxes of the Palin administration, and the low price/barrel tax income on oil is way down.

      The only good thing Palin did was place a fair tax on the oil giants, but of course when she stepped down her successor made certain to stroke his oily buddies and slash their taxes, thus fast tracking us to our current budget deficit. (Parnell used to be Conoco Phillips attorney...nothing to see here, right)

    2. Anonymous4:39 PM

      They have yet to pay those taxes?(palin tax)
      So the people should pay over and over.
      But big oil gets to slide on paying taxes on billions they made off the people of Alaska's resources.
      SB21 was close to to the state budget debt.
      Mr Gryphen has it wrong...
      The people of Alaska should have developed there own resources long ago and we would not be were we are today.
      but the CBC ie Alaskan politicians sold out the people to big oil decades ago.

  12. Anonymous8:29 AM


  13. Anonymous9:15 AM

    "The project will culminate in a book manuscript and academic publications, and a summary of all the archival material they've gone through, Raymond-Yakoubian wrote."

  14. Anonymous9:19 AM

    OT?"Storm chasers and meteorologists expressed their sympathies. "Tragedy strikes our community once again," wrote veteran storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski on Twitter, "confirming 3 storm chasers killed west of Spur TX. Now is the time to pray not share names."

  15. Anonymous11:23 AM

    For an individual making median Alaskan income, which is around 34,000/year, it would not be a bad deal.

    At that tax rate the PFD would be taxed federally at around 16%, $200, and the state income bill would come in around $1000 so the PFD would effectively pay for it's own federal tax and state income tax without any out of pocket.

    We need to wake up and do something to keep our state afloat; the repeal of a state income tax should have never happened in the first place.

  16. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Nevertheless I can hear the screaming and whining from the Right.



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