Friday, March 10, 2017

This new GOP health care bill screws Alaskans royally.

Courtesy of TPM:

This is the average difference in credits in 2020 for people buying insurance in marketplaces/exchanges under Obamacare and Ryan/GOP/Trumpcare. The big difference illustrated here is that in addition to making it dramatically harder to buy insurance, Trumpcare doesn't factor in how costs vary from state to state. 

So if you're from Alaska, you're screwed bigly - and pretty much everywhere else too, but a bit less.

Look we're Alaskans, we are quite used to paying exorbitant prices for just about EVERYTHING.  But this at least twice as much as everybody else in the country.

And if that were not bad enough, and trust me from an Alaskan standpoint it is, the new bill also depletes Medicaid at an accelerated pace.

Once again courtesy of TPM:

By repealing a payroll tax on high earners that provided a critical additional revenue stream for the Medicare trust fund, the GOP's proposed American Health Care Act would speed up the fund’s exhaustion by as many as three to four years, according to estimates from health care policy experts. 

“It’s clear, simple and undeniable that this bill would aversely affect the solvency of Medicare,” Paul Van De Water, a Medicare expert at the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities told TPM. 

So even though Alaskans are already getting screwed, older Alaskans will get screwed even harder.

Not that the Republicans give two shits because they have long been dedicated to undermining every social program available to help those Americans in need.

So has this had any impact on support for this bill from Alaska's representatives?

Well Don Young has been largely silent on the issue, while Dan Sullivan has expressed an interest in keeping parts of Obamacare in place, but has not spoken publicly about his bill in particular.

Lisa Murkowski however HAS spoken about the bill and seems to be trapped between a rock and a hard place: 

Murkowski is not yet giving the house GOP leadership's plan her stamp of approval. 

“It's kind of premature to say I’m there or not there,” she said. 

She's one of four senators who sent a letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressing their concerns about the future of Medicaid. 

“We wanted to just make very clear that we want to be there for our constituents who have received the benefit of Medicaid expansion. Pulling the rug out from under those vulnerable populations is not really the direction we want to go,” explained the senator. 

Murkowski is troubled by parts of the new plan that would give the same tax credits to patients no matter what state they're from. 

“Our costs in alaska are higher than anywhere else in the country,” Murkowski noted.

I don't really see how any of these three can sign onto this bill and then be secure in their chances for reelection.  

There political opponents are sure to use a vote in favor of this bill to paint the three Republicans as heartless, cruel, and disconnected from the needs of their constituents.

But then again being heartless and cruel has certainly never cost Don Young very many votes. 


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    You have to watch Murkowski especially. She says one thing (that sounds good to Alaskans) and votes completely the opposite in Congress.

    Plus, she is a follower of McConnell who is a racist as well as being the leader in Congress that obstructed President Obama from the day he took his 'first' oath of office as POTUS.

    Don't trust Murkowski! She needs to lose her seat in Congress next time she comes up for reelection, IF she has the balls to run again! She almost lost last time around!

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Speaking of Alaska -- have you checked out Barstool's Instagram page? Several photos of Barstoll, Dumbkota and Sailor chasing cows at the Old Kentucky Home.

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      LOL Old Redneck, I saw her video of 'feeding cows' a few days ago and could tell without looking that that was not a cow. She didn't have any trouble learning the difference between a boy and a girl (though she apparently needed a lot of practice) but cattle seem to have confused her.
      Anyway, they're back in Alaska now, where cows don't matter unless simply liking them as a kid gets you a highly-paid executive position in the Palin administration where you can scam the taxpayers to your heart's content with Sarah Palin's blessing and occasional assistance.

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The elderly are getting fucked all around

    1. They would rather send a cartoon of cigarettes than a social security check.
      Chaffetz the good little kike he is as a newly minted Mormon has immense ties to tobacco and alcohol interest contributions majorly to his campaign.
      How many Mormons does it take to drink and smoke in a separate room?

    2. Anonymous4:37 AM

      Did you just call chaffetz a 'kike'?!?
      TAKE YOUR NAZI ASS OFF TO C4P, laurensd

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Paulie Ryan and the GOP say their health care bill will give people FREEDOM.

    "Freedom" in Alaska will be quite costly when they go to buy insurance.

    1. Anonymous1:29 AM

      I have a question for all the politicians cheering this bill. If this is so GREAT, why don't YOU sign on for it, let the taxpayers off the hook for your healthcare??? Why do they have a nuch better healthcare plan for themselves? We should DEMAND universal healthcare, it is past time for this country to join the SANE world and have DECENT health coverage.

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    If a bank robber kills a teller, the driver of the getaway car is also charged with murder.

    When GOP members vote in the law to drop 12-18 million folks off insurance coverage and some of these folks then die ... can the GOP members be charged for their murders?

    The GOP is nothing but cold blooded killers.

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Look where Indiana is......

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      Can't help but think that is because PENCE the Prick didn't expand Medicaid. Left anyone making over $5K per year and under $20K, didn't get a subsidy. Unemployment meant you made too much... go figure. SO glad to have emigrated from Hoosierstan.

  7. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Damn, but we are living in a fucked up country!

    Every where you look it is negative and hateful! Trump, Republicans, taxes, fees, health insurance problems (especially for the poor, handicapped and elderly), racism against the minorities, evilness, ugliness, the dumbing down of our society, inhibiting education, decreasing the number of teachers in schools throughout the country, not improving our roads and bridges in our cities and towns and on and on and on.

    Time to get the Hell out of dodge, Americans and head to Canada or another country.

    Fuck Trump and Republicans throughout the country, but especially those serving in Congress in Washington D.C.! They are NOT representing the majority of Americans!

  8. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Fuck ALL the $wamp Monster little dick pigs. STD's await ALL!

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Why are only 30 states listed?

  10. Anonymous1:20 PM

    "This new GOP health care bill screws Alaskans royally"

    Not all ALASKANS!

    You know the Palins will slime across the border into Canada for free healthcare.

    1. abbafan1:47 PM

      daddy chuckles bragged how the whole fuckin' clan would go to Whitehorse for free health care, on the Canadian taxpayers' dime. Fuckin' grifters!! Not anymore; now we will be watching the Yukon border for them...

  11. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Plebeian republicans are basically racist idiots. Republicans in power are sociopaths trying to leverage their positions for greater wealth and power. The plebeians will continue to vote against their interests and the interests of a compassionate humanity. They can't help it. They are ignorant and dumb and are herded to and fro by the propagandists on the right.

  12. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Sorry Gryphen, this doesn't "screw Alaskans" at all, this gives Alaskans just what they voted for. Time to celebrate in AK as far as I can see, no more nasty Obamacare to offer them access to healthcare they now have TrumpCare and can celebrate!

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      I'm an Alaskan who was traveling out-of-state when the dumpster was elected (I voted early & obviously not for him). Gotta admit, I was so upset I drank copious amounts of wine that night!

      I want to feel like you do since the dipshits voted for the dumpster some not even with it enough to understand Obamacare was the same as their ACA. But, you know, I can't help but feel for all those who will all be severely impacted that did not vote for the dumpster.

  13. Anonymous1:55 PM


  14. Anonymous2:13 PM

    How do Alaskans avoid being screwed by the GOP Healthcare?

    You trap a MOH recipient into getting you pregnant.

    1. Anonymous2:40 PM

      Nobody else would marry her no matter how much pussy was given away.

      Now she's set for life.

    2. Anonymous1:34 AM

      Set for life, with a man she will most likely cheat on. He seems to be keeping close tabs on her for now. I would not want to live the type of life ANY PayMe lives. I have something none of them do, SELF RESPECT. Also, too MORALS. I had 3 kids, all by the same man and we were married!!

  15. Anonymous2:38 PM


  16. Anonymous3:07 PM

    The answer will be that they will be able to buy insurance across state lines.This of course does not take into account who would want to sell insurance in Alaska at rates set in Indiana.The answer would be no one.

  17. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Everyone knows how Ohio Dan will vote and everyone knows that Lisa will do whatever Mitch McConnell tells her to do. Last time he let her vote against Betsy DeVos in return for voting FOR Betsy DeVos in committee. She's furrowing her brow a lot about Alaska's plight so I'm guessing she will definitely be voting for any Trumpcare bill that crosses her desk- because let's face it, when was the last time Lisa Murkowski did anything that was good for Alaska?

    1. Anonymous1:37 AM

      Once these gop politicins get into office and start lining their pockets, it is almost impossible to pry them out!! I used to think they could be voted out, but the gop is busy right now "fixing" the gerrymandered districts, to ensure their survival.

  18. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Who knows what other “goodies” are in this bill, so far I have heard of tax breaks for CEO of health insurance companies that make more than $500,000 (like they need it), elimination of vaccinations for children, (let them choose between food, clothing and vaccines) a freeze on Medicaid enrollment in 2020 (if you are going to be poor, better do it before Jan 1 2020), old folks can be charged up to 5 times more (old people you can forget your retirement, your going to work until you die) and no more mental health or drug addiction coverage(at least they can buy guns to kill themselves).

    Seven years to come up with this crap, I don’t believe it, they threw this together at the last minute. In the meantime, the morons are fighting about removing the tax on tanning beds by saying the sun causes more melanoma, so lets tax the sun.

    What makes me really angry is that the majority of us are being screwed over by the ignorant minority that voted for trump et al.

    1. Anonymous1:44 AM

      I read that this bill takes $$$ from MEDICARE, just like Ryan wants it to. He wants Medicare destroyed. Zombie looking sob is salivating that he is doing the bidding of the wealthy who pad his bank account. WHY are we saddled with paying these bastards retirements when they all end us millionaires? Hardly any company has a pension plan these days, yet they take, take, take for their entire career and still drain the taxpayers for the rest of their lives. They think this medical plan is so great then let EVERYONE, including THEM be covered by it. No workig class person should EVER vote gop, they are blood suckers.

  19. Frosty no longer AK4:35 PM

    Voted against Young for 30 years.

    Saw what was coming, and very glad to now be in a state that takes care of it's own.

    Almost all healthcare professionals are against this 'bill' all the way.

  20. Anonymous5:26 PM

    And ONE MORE time. Medicaid is not just for the "poor" Medicaid is what kicks in for end of life care. Medicare ceases to pay the minute a person is not makign significant rehabilitative improvement. THen, they enter spend down, something that happens very quickly when nursing home care is $50-60K per year. Once spend down is down, the person is on Medicaid. If Medicaid stops, grandma and grandpa, in diapers, and needing 24 hour care, perhaps in late stage dementia, practically vegetative will be the responsibility of the family. Or on the street. Nice picture,right? but it bothers the GOP not one bit.

    1. Anonymous1:47 AM

      Agent Orange appears to be in the early stages of dementia. He also looks as though he wears Depends. Take a look at photos of him golfing. His pants look padded, as though his Depends are quite large. I am hoping that fat bastard ends up in prison, BROKE, and the rest of his worthless family loses their lucrative deals they got because daddy is screwing over the entire world.

    2. Anonymous3:34 AM

      I think that the 21st century GOP wants us all to die young or, in the case of those of us over 70, youngish. That's why they're willing to poison the air, the water and our food. And why they're so big into denying the negative effects of c;image change. Oh, and the FDA is going to be headed by someone who's big on deregulation. That means that the very medications our doctors prescribe will be more likely to kill us. Unfortunately I don't think that the 21st century GOP is smart enough to realize that a smaller population will not be able to afford their luxurious life styles and the life styles of their heroes, the super-rich.

  21. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Oh yes, Dipshit Don has voiced his opinion. I wrote to him, Murky and Ohio Dan about a month ago regarding my concerns with repealing the ACA. Dipshit Don was the only one that responded and he (his staff) stated unequivocally that he had committed long ago to repealing the ACA and had every intention of voting to do so. It was typical Dipshit Don and in your face about all that was wrong with ACA (you know per the GOP talking points). Obviously a form letter but it was clear he doesn't give a damn about those of us who think the ACA should be retained. He's clearly going to go with the GOP flow. After all he's an idiot and our fellow Alaskans keep re-electing him. He has no worries on that front. Ohio Dan will also go with the GOP flow as we all know he doesn't give a rats ass about Alaska. Who knows about Murky. She's all over the place.

  22. It screws everyone.

    And I'll bet they all voted for Trump too.

    Paul Ryan is giddy at the prospect of kicking people off Medicaid just like he did with Welfare.

    What is it about Republicans that they take such pleasure in making people suffer? Or is it just the prospect of bigger profits while paying less in taxes?

    1. Anonymous1:49 AM

      Their wealthy donors pad their bank accounts. How do you suppose they all end up millionaires, or even multi-millionaires? Once in office it is all pay foor play, they do whatever their "owners" want. Screw their constituents.

  23. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Where are Washington State, California, Arkansas?


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