Sunday, April 09, 2017

Apparently Trump is using that brand new helipad the taxpayers bought him in Mar-a-Lago to land his private choppers.

Courtesy of The Hill: 

A Trump-branded private helicopter was spotted at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on Saturday, landing on a helipad that was built last month. 

 The blue and white chopper with "Trump" in bold red letters landed on the newly completed helipad on Trump's private resort, the Palm Beach Daily News reported. 

The pad was built to allow the president to travel on Marine One from Palm Beach International Airport to his resort without blocking traffic — though the new travel plan will not change Secret Service-mandated closures surrounding Mar-a-Lago. 

President Trump was not in the helicopter when it landed Saturday, and has not yet used the new helipad for his weekend travel, according to the Palm Beach newspaper.

So wait, Trump is not even using the helipad to go back and forth from Washington to Florida, but it IS being used by his private helicopters to shuttle others to his resort?

Fuck this asshole who treats the presidency like he is the monarch of all he surveys!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Someone explain to me (forgive my ignorance) why this is not a continuation of his blatant violations of the Emoluments Clause...

    1. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Can't explain why it is not. Because it is.

    2. Anonymous3:12 PM

      He's pulling a Sarah. Do it until the courts say you can't. Take them to court!?

    3. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Darn straight on Queen Esther II. All that threatening but she would have lost and she knows it. Bwak Bwak Bwak

    4. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Because Republicans.

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    The entire trump dynasty is set for life, thanks to American taxpayers.

  3. WA Skeptic2:12 PM

    I vote we have that thing barricaded off unless the Marine 1 is inbound or outbound.

    Then, when Stupid is gone, we dig the damned thing up and put grass in it. Then charge Stupid for it.

  4. WA Skeptic2:15 PM

    Barricade that damned thing off unless its being used on official government business.

    When Stupid leaves, we should rip it out and sow it with salt and charge him for the expenses.

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Me and my hubby join marriage recently with our famalies their. Hooray!

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Melania- We thought you'd been married for quite a while. All this time you could have escaped-? WTF?

      Wild Tortoise

    2. Anonymous8:09 PM

      2:16 so what part of Russia are you from? You obviously can't speak or spell English.

  6. Anonymous2:31 PM

    You'd think he has received a caution or two or three as to keeping his name OFF his privately owned aircraft and flying through the skies of America!

    He is disliked so much throughout the country that identifying and branding himself continually is not good for his living a longer life! Especially if he wants to make it through these four awful years we are ALL being subjected to and abhorring!

    1. Leland2:49 PM

      The article specifically states he wasn't in it.

    2. Anonymous3:45 PM

      2:31 PM is talking about ALL flights in and out of his compound in Florida, not just this particular one, Leland! He is OFTEN an occupant!

      ALL of his privately owned planes have his name branded on them. He lands in other places besides his compound (as an occupant) and w/the name Trump printed boldly on the aircraft!

      'Stupid DOES as stupid IS' in these many cases of him using this method of transportation!

      Get your damn name off your planes, Donald Trump, especially w/being potus! You are not doing yourself any favors.

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I remember when he bought Maralago he was already angling to put in a helipad. Palm Beach turned him down. Remember, this is a community that won't let you hang your wash outside, even if it's a fenced area where no one else can see in.

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Obviously he's going to do whatever he (and his family) wants until the courts tell them they can't.

    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Funny how that

  9. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Gryphen, the photo above is Trumps Sikorsky S76 based in the UK, hence the G-TRUMP resignation. His US helicopter has a different registration beginning with N.

    1. I assume that is just a stock photo of a Trump helicopter that The Hill used in their tweet.

      Does not make the story untrue in anyway.

    2. Anonymous6:58 PM

      You also assume that the copter was being used to shuttle people. Maybe it wasn't used for that at all. Maybe the new pad was being certified for clearances and safety requirements.

    3. Anonymous8:00 PM

      So 6:58, you don't think this tax-payer-funded helipad will be used for anything or anyone other than Marineone?! You're a special kind of gullible, dumbass. Aren't you?

  10. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Donald Trump had a four point plan to protect himself from the Russia scandal. That plan is collapsing.

    In hindsight, it’s becoming fairly clear how Donald Trump used the transition period and his earliest days in office to set things up so that he would be insulated from his Russia scandal. He put his co-conspirators in key positions so they could protect him. He groomed and recruited others who were already locked into key positions. He thought he’d walled off the inevitable investigation in at least four different ways. And yet now that’s mostly collapsing in on him.

    This month’s meltdown of Congressman Devin Nunes appeared to have come out of nowhere. But looking back, Donald Trump and his strategists had been playing Nunes like a fiddle for months. They knew that, as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he’d end up being in charge of one of the two congressional investigations into Trump-Russia. So they added the bumbling Nunes to the White House transition team just to make him feel special.

    Then they recruited Michael Ellis as White House counselor, who had previously worked for Nunes (link). From that point they sat back and waited, until they needed to activate their asset. Once it became clear to Trump and his team that the Democrats on the House Intel Committee were able to make noise on Trump-Russia despite being in the minority, they used Ellis to trick Nunes into setting himself on fire so the flames would engulf the entire investigation. But because Nunes was so bumbling about it, the whole thing backfired and has made the Trump-Russia controversy bigger, not smaller. And now Nunes is having to remove himself from the investigation entirely.

    But Nunes is far from the only firewall which Donald Trump thought he had in place. Trump appeared to have had the same plan in mind for Senate Intel Committee Chairman Richard Burr. But after the White House conned Burr into misleading a few reporters early on, and the scandal became public, Burr then decided to being playing things straight. Moreover, Trump wasn’t counting on Republican Senator Susan Collins siding with the Democrats to give them a majority on the committee, forcing a serious investigation to proceed. Burr couldn’t sabotage it now even if he wanted to, because unlike Nunes, he’s outnumbered. So that’s two assets down.

    Trump also appeared to believe that FBI Director James Comey was one of his assets. After all, Comey more or less handed the election to Trump by keeping the investigation into Trump-Russia from the public, while advertising the phony investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. But whatever motivation Comey had for doing that, it’s now clear that it wasn’t because he liked Trump. And now it’s realistically too late for Trump to fire Comey without causing even bigger perceptual problems for himself. That makes three lost assets, but in hindsight, Comey was never an asset. Trump’s narcissism merely led him to mistakenly believe Comey rigged the election for him because he liked him.

    The one part of Donald Trump’s plan still partially intact has to do with the Department of Justice.

  11. Anonymous3:50 PM

    A Democratic Senator Tells The Media What They Don’t Want To Hear About Trump And Syria

    Democratic Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) told CNN's Jake Tapper what Donald Trump really means when he talks about Assad and Syria. Here's a hint. It's the same thing that George W. Bush meant when talked about regime change in Iraq.

    ...MARKEY: Well, when the Trump administration uses the words regime change, they are talking about a military effort to remove Assad.

    And that would mean putting American young men and women on the ground in battlefield conditions in order to accomplish that goal. So, that would require, ultimately, a congressional approval, because that would be a step of incredible magnitude that would be breaking with the policy that we have had thus far.

    TAPPER: But you’re saying that, by Nikki Haley saying that they don’t see any sort of political solution where Assad is in charge, that they are essentially saying they will push for regime change, and you think that that would mean more ground troops, U.S. ground troops, because there — there are a few hundred in there right now?

    MARKEY: Absolutely. That’s what regime change means.

    It means doing in Syria what we did in Iraq in removing Saddam Hussein. I don’t think there’s any appetite in the United States for a massive additional military presence, with young men and women actually in combat situations being introduced.

    As usual with the Trump administration, the policy on any issue depends on who is talking at any given moment. There are two very different and conflicting Trump administration views being expressed on Syria. One view has some Trump administration officials talking about regime change while Sec. of State Rex Tillerson is saying that the US has no plan to remove Assad from power.

    Those in the administration who are talking about regime change are referring to a major military operation in Syria.

    The media doesn’t want to hear it, but there is no central policy in the Trump administration, and the policy that is floating around the administration is a repeat of the failures in Iraq.

    Sen. Markey was right there is no appetite for regime change, and if the media keeps waving the flag for Trump’s military misadventures, the American people will treat them like they are part of the problem.

  12. Anonymous4:00 PM

    @Donald J. Trump

    'Tens of millions of dollars in airstrikes had no impact because key leaders fled after hearing ON NEWS REPORTS the strikes were coming. DUMB'
    1:25 AM - 10 Oct 2014

    --And watch as Russia's culpability in chem attack is downplayed over, and over, and over again. Look over there, it's Susan Rice!

    Putin gave POTUS the ok to bomb Syria. He had to ask for his permission. Let that sink in. Our President asking Russia for permission!

  13. Anonymous4:09 PM

    He knows he is on the way out. He has broken the law so much he does not care. Charges are piling up and he knows it.

  14. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Swedes Respond To Deadly Attack With Messages Of Love And Tons Of Flowers

  15. Anonymous4:32 PM

    21st Century Fox Is Investigating Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Claim

    ...Attorney Lisa Bloom says that attorneys for Fox News promised they will investigate host Bill O’Reilly for alleged sexual harassment.

    This announcement happened on Sunday’s episode of CNN’s Reliable Sources. She showed video of her and client Wendy Walsh calling a Fox News human resources hotline. Walsh, a former Fox News guest, says O’Reilly rescinded a promise to make her a contributor after she rebuffed him.

    “On Friday, we received a return phone call from a couple of attorneys who represent Fox News,” Bloom said. “And they said that they are indeed going to do an investigation based on Wendy’s complaint.”

    Bloom also suggested more women will step forward with claims against O’Reilly.

  16. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Fox’s Howard Kurtz Covers O’Reilly Scandal, ‘Rough Week of Media Coverage for Fox News’

    ...Kurtz briefly covered the controversy, saying it’s been a “rough week of media coverage for Fox News.”

    He also brought up President Trump defending O’Reilly and the lawsuit from Julie Roginsky against Fox and Roger Ailes.

    Kurtz concluded thusly:

    “This has been a difficult and uncomfortable period for the people who work here, no question about it. The network has been trying to move on, to change the culture, and to make clear that any kind of harassment is unacceptable. And most of these allegations date from the Roger Ailes era, but the echoes of that era are still making news.”

    Watch above, via Fox News.

  17. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Jeremy Scahill Slams Fareed Zakaria on CNN: If He Could Have Sex With That Missile Strike, He Would

    On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill went off on the “atrocious” media coverage of the Syria missile strikes, even calling out CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in particular.

    Last week Zakaria said that after that strike, Trump “became President of the United States.” This morning, an hour before Scahill was on CNN, Zakaria said that he congratulates President Trump for striking a “blow against evil.”

    Scahill told Brian Stelter that CNN “needs to immediately withdraw all retired generals and colonels from its airwaves.” And then he said this:

    “You know, Fareed Zakaria––if that guy could have sex with this cruise missile attack, I think he would do it.”

    He also slammed Brian Williams for his strange quotation of Leonard Cohen in speaking about the “beauty of our weapons.”

    Stelter came to his colleague’s defense and said there was more to what Zakaria said––including criticism of the president––both last week and today.

    Lara Setrakian, co-founder of Syria Deeply, said that there has been a “bizarre mix” in the media with either ignoring Syria or “fetishizing” it. She said there’s a lot of questions that the press isn’t asking that it absolutely needs to.

    Stelter also challenged Scahill on his call for networks to stop bringing on all those retired generals and colonels. Scahill said that it’s certainly worth addressing “the extent to which these people have benefitted in the private sector from these wars.”

    Watch above, via CNN.

  18. Anonymous4:58 PM

    That photo of the Trump copter was obviously taken somewhere else because the highest hill around Mar-a-Lago is about 4 feet above sea level. Must have been a promotional photo of the copter taken in what appears to be a desert course somewhere.

    1. They probably can't get close enough to get a photo of the helipad so have to use a stock photo of a Trump helicopter.

  19. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Thanks Anonymous for all the unrelated reposts from those other sites. I go to most of them anyway and have to wonder why you do this. Is your own blog so bad no one goes there? What?

  20. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Does celebrat McMoran own the FAA too? Most aircraft must file flight paths? Where they are, where they are going? Whose on board? And government officials are under intense surveillance. All of dons guest going and coming are known. Don is a paranoid slob. And for good reason. He is a draft dodger, a con artist, a info commercial salesman and he likes miners. Miners who use chemicals on innocent people by polluting their water supply. Little babies, women, men and pets are harmed. And don lifts regulations and ties the hands of the EPA for now. He touts his corruption like a game to his victims. Don, assad, putin, kim, and more are tiny dicktaters full of starch and PCE from their cheap clothing.

  21. Typical Trump. He got himself a free helipad and got someone else to pay for it.

  22. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Yep typical lousy lying trump stealing money from taxpayers. But if it is any comfort, he may not be happy when the American people send him a bill for it and his fraud campaign. All assets will probably be seized. Even that helicopter and mars landing site that he stole from somebody. The dope knows it.


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