Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Bill O'Reilly is starting to be a real liability for Fox News as advertisers jump ship. Update!

Courtesy of NBC News: 

Fox News is in a jam this week as major automakers and smaller outfits pull their ads from the network's popular "O'Reilly Factor" show, following a series of sexual harassment claims against host Bill O'Reilly. 

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi all yanked their ads after a New York Times investigation that surfaced five sexual harassment cases against the political pundit. 

They were joined Tuesday by pharmaceutical maker GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Consumer Care, insurer Allstate, and asset management firm T. Rowe Price. 

Untuckit, a men's clothing line, and Constant Contact, an email marketer, and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, the parent company of the Rachel Ray-endorsed dog food brand Nutrish, also announced they were pulling ads. 

In total, 11 advertisers have so far withdrawn support.

Gee Bill remember the good old days, when you could sexually assault women all day long and companies would still clamor to buy ad time for your show?

Could not happen to a more deserving asshole.

Update: Politico is now reporting that there are 15 companies that have pulled advertising. 


  1. Anonymous4:01 AM

    It's up to about 16-18 advertisers now. Ah, the invisible hand of the free market is something else.

  2. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Good, T Rowe Price.

  3. A. J. Billings5:19 AM

    Couldn't happen to a more arrogant deserving religious troglodyte who loves to preach Catholicism while grabbing p*ssy like Trump

  4. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Billy , it's back to book" writings" for your disgusting fans.
    Start a book a month club for racists and sexual harasser's!
    You loud mouth pos!!!!

  5. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Stephanie Ruhl, news host, needs colored lipstick.

    1. No, she doesn't "need" any kind of lipstick in order to be a news host.

      What a news host "needs", in order to be an effective news host, is to seek out and tell the truth.

      Lipstick, clothing choices, weight, attractiveness, or any other shallow criteria are irrelevant.

  6. Anonymous5:44 AM

    100's of Navy Pilots are refusing to fly due to malfunctioning oxygen supply in jets. Turns out pence's son is one of them. If you read the "Naked Communist" and the 45 ways that communist want to destroy America it fits right in. Better wake up quick people.

  7. Anonymous5:45 AM

    He iI know that FOX just renewed O'Reilly's contract, but it is time to rid themselves of the jerk before they go down. It has been made quite clear that Americans are not in tune with the ugly American, Bill O'Reilly.

    He is one of the old, white guys in America that many would be happy to see go bye-bye!

    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      First paragraph should read "We all know that FOX - - - -

  8. Anonymous5:49 AM

    There are no shelters or bunkers that will protect them. The evil lurking among us is the republican party and they have allowed espionage and treason to infect our country. RESIST and FIGHT.

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      RESIST and PEACE!

  9. Anonymous5:52 AM

    The Hits Keep Coming as 21 Advertisers Have Now Dumped Bill O’Reilly

    Yesterday morning it was two sponsors – Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai.

    By lunch time it was eight. By the time folks sat down for supper, it was 16.

    This morning it is 21 corporations that have withdrawn their ads from Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

    Fox News is facing what The New York Times calls “a major advertising revolt” and singer Bette Midler among many others was reveling in it, tweeting,

    “Looks like Bill O’Reilly’s next on the scaffold, and I’m popping Champagne! Fox watchers turn a blind eye to predators; no morality at all.”

    No indeed, as O’Reilly has threatened to sue accuser Wendy Walsh. But O’Reilly’s stock has fallen so low he cannot even scare his accusers into silence and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell blithely responded by inviting his audience to chime in with their opinion.

    The list of advertisers fleeing to greener pastures is a long one. According to CNN, the following companies are now shunning Bill O’Reilly:

    Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, BMW of North America, Mitsubishi Motors, Lexus, Constant Contact, Bayer, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Orkin, UNTUCKit, Allstate, Esurance (which is owned by Allstate), T. Rowe Price, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Credit Karma, Wayfair, The Wonderful Company, TrueCar, the Society for Human Resource Management and Coldwell Banker.

    Coldwell Banker was the most recent, contritely announcing its decision late Tuesday night via Twitter:

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Absolutely loved what Lawrence O'Donnell did on his show last night as to going against asshole O'Reilly! Asked his watchers to do the same and I DID! Felt good.

      Run O'Reilly off FOX! Best thing that could happen to the jerk!

  10. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Bill O'Reilly Freakout

  11. Anonymous6:51 AM

    The only thing Republicans value is money. If there is no money to be made, it's no longer useful to them. Boycott the remaining advertisers, and tell the ones who abandoned the show you support them.

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      I don't watch FOX, so can someone please post a list of the remaining advertisers so we know who not to patronize?

    2. Anonymous10:13 AM


  12. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Fuck it, I'm so proud of UNTUCKit!

  13. Anonymous7:07 AM

    The thing that amazes me is that this is happening without threat of a boycott. Companies are pulling their advertising dollars ahead of a mass protest.

    1. Sometimes the innate cowardice of advertisers works in the service of good. At 67, O'Reilly is ready for the glue factory anyway. Fox can find someone cheaper to spout the same lunacy but with a younger, prettier face.

  14. Anonymous7:43 AM


  15. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Bill O'Reilly is a vile POS.Read the lawsuit against him.He initially denied the claims and tried to sue the victim. Guess what?She taped some of the conversations. In the lawsuit he would brag(while married) about all the other women he had sex with. I wonder just how many women are out there he has harassed.He threatened the victim that he would destroy her life and anyone who would try to complain about his pervy conduct.

    We know he battered his ex-wife and called his daughter a Liar when she reported this to the judge. He lost custody of his children.It had to be really bad for him to lose custody.

    He turned his ex-wife's boyfriend over to internal affairs(he's a cop) and tried to get him fired. He tried to get his ex-wife excommunicated.

    After the harassment trial was over a young man (a law student) put posters up that Billo was a sexual preditor in Billo's neighborhood. Billo tried to get him kicked out of Law school. After the man passed the bar and became an attorney Billo tried to get him disbarred.And now just a few months ago he is suing his ex-wife again for some trumped up lawsuit that is only for the purpose of continuing to harass her.

    This subhuman is beneath contempt.I just think it is telling that before he was screaming his innocence and so far not a peep from him. Oh wait, he just filed a cease and desist on the woman (even tho she isn't suing him)just telling the story that he harassed her too.Wendy Walsh (not sure of her last name).

  16. Anonymous9:07 AM


  17. Anonymous10:15 AM

    drumpf" “I think he shouldn’t have settled. Personally, I think he shouldn’t have settled. … Because you should have taken it ALL THE WAY. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

  18. Isn't anybody going to mention (and place our bets) what this must be putting poor SP though?

    Who is she going to come out and defend? A sexually predator who isn't going to bring any money or a new job to fail at, or the company that scraped her off their shoe?

  19. I had no idea there was even a movement to get advertisers to drop O'Reilly.

    Or was this simply a pre-emptive coordinated reaction to an expected push back?


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