Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Donald Trump accuses Susan Rice of committing a crime, and defends Bill O'Reilly as a "good person" who should not have settled over those claims of sexual harrassment.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

President Trump said on Wednesday that he thought that the former national security adviser Susan E. Rice may have committed a crime by seeking the identities of Trump associates who were swept up in the surveillance of foreign officials by American spy agencies and that other Obama administration officials may also have been involved. 

The president provided no evidence to back his claim. Current and former intelligence officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations have said that nothing they have seen led them to believe that Ms. Rice’s actions were unusual or unlawful. When Americans are swept up in surveillance of foreign officials by intelligence agencies, their identities are supposed to be obscured, but they can be revealed for national security reasons, and intelligence officials say it is a regular occurrence. 

“I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in the Oval Office. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world. It is one of the big stories of our time.”

Trump then goes on to claim that he has evidence that he will introduce at the "right time."

I imagine that will be the same "right time" that Trump is waiting to arrive before sharing what his investigators discovered about Obama's birth certificate, and the same "right time" he is waiting for before sharing the data that proves millions of undocumented people voted for Hillary Clinton.

In other words don't hold your breath.

As reported yesterday the former National Security Adviser did NOTHING wrong and is almsot certainly NOT the person who leaked Michael Flynn's name to the media.

Later in this same interview there is this exchange: 

Mr. Trump also criticized media outlets, including The New York Times, for failing to adequately cover the Rice controversy — while singling out Fox News and the host Bill O’Reilly for praise, despite a Times report of several women who have accused Mr. O’Reilly of harassment. The president then went on to defend Mr. O’Reilly, who has hosted him frequently over the years. 

“I think he’s a person I know well — he is a good person,” said Mr. Trump, who during the interview was surrounded at his desk by a half-dozen of his highest-ranking aides, including the economic adviser Gary Cohn and the chief of staff, Reince Priebus, along with Vice President Mike Pence. 

“I think he shouldn’t have settled; personally I think he shouldn’t have settled,” said Mr. Trump. “Because you should have taken it all the way. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

This should be a surprise to no one since Trump himself has been accused of numerous incidents of sexual harassment and assault, and is in fact still facing a lawsuit over at least one of them. 

These are older, vulgar, and incredibly unfortunate looking men, who have learned that the only way they can get their pee pee wet is to either use force, power, or money to bend women to their will.

They are birds of a feather, or in this case pigs of a sty, so of course Trump has Bill O'Reilly's back on this.


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Trump, O'Reilly and other middle aged men who pursue twenty something nude models are all equally gross.

    1. Trump on O'Reilly: "I don't think he should have settled; personally I think he should have taken it all the way."

      Says the numb nut who just settled Trump U for 25 million.

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Not settling means you have to be deposed and go to court -- to swear to what you really did. To settle means you don't have to admit what you did.
      Trump's a fool. And look what he did with Trump U. The truth would have been too damning.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Loser fatty!

    He must not do anything! He probably just gets told, "you are going to sign a eo today, just sign your name". He is not of right mind, he is not in control. Can't anyone see that?! That is why we are getting all these eo that are right and he is reversing everone via WH and GOP. They have a monkey.

    IMPEACH, a shell of a man!

  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    String BOTH the sexual deviates up! Trump is also an idiot - backing someone just like him!

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      But...but.. but... It is Sexual Awareness Month.

      Little Orange pervert said so!

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Off-topic but definitely worth reading.

    The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World's Face - Alex Pareene Today 11:56am

    If you want to understand intra-GOP warfare, the decision-making process of our president, the implosion of the Republican healthcare plan, and the rest of the politics of the Trump era, you don’t need to know about Russian espionage tactics, the state of the white working class, or even the beliefs of the “alt-right.” You pretty much just need to be in semi-regular contact with a white, reasonably comfortable, male retiree. We are now ruled by men who think and act very much like that ordinary man you might know, and if you want to know why they believe so many strange and terrible things, you can basically blame the fact that a large and lucrative industry is dedicated to lying to them.
    Being the head sucker of the party of suckers is in some sense an appropriate fate for a veteran purveyor of substandard garbage like Donald Trump. Slapping his name on shoddy products marketed to people who—like Trump himself!—buy into the myth of Trump as a man of class, intelligence, and distinction kept him afloat after real estate and casinos nearly ruined him. Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Wine, “Trump”-branded developments he had no part in building or managing; Trump sold bullshit for so long that he seemed to begin to believe in the bullshit himself. And once the product was literally him, how could he not believe in it?

    The whole article is worth reading!

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      "there was a lot of money in it for various hucksters and moguls and authors and politicians, the conservative movement spent decades building up an entire sector of the economy dedicated to scaring and lying to older white men."The bottom-feeding amorality of the sorts of people who sponsored the right-wing press, and the crummy nature of the products and services sold, shows exactly who was supposed to be consuming it: $ucker$."They put their faith in a fairly traditional conservative orthodoxy: That you can use the levers of power to quietly enrich your friends and their firms, while pleasing the masses with some combination of tax cuts, loud proclamations of religiosity, and a modest, popular war or two."He is, in fact, something far more dangerous: a confused old man who believes what the TV tells him."Donald Trump today is a cruel dolt turned into a raving madman by cable news and "those who know that their agenda is hugely unpopular and that they have to force it through under cover of darkness, and the louder, dumber ones who believe their own bullshit. And for those loud, dumb members, egged on by a media apparatus that has trained its audience to demand the impossible and punish the sell-outs who can’t deliver, those more tactical members are cowards and RINOs."Now, and for the foreseeable future, the grifter-in-chief sits alone in the White House residence every night, watching cable news tell him comforting lies—that he’s a hugely popular president, that responsibility for his myriad setbacks and failures lies with the many powerful enemies aligned against him a grand conspiracy—in between the ads for reverse mortgages and “all-natural male enhancement.”

  5. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Oh yes and Ivanka is complicit too. I guess that private school voucher is really a big bang for our bucks.

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    'Cuz it's "Opposites Day"!

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Obama had us, people in mind governing, this buffoon today is just a monkey the gop are putting papers under his hand and they tell him to sign them.

    So, we all need to read what he is signing at that moment. Who knows, we could be cheated of speech!

    Vote out gop. As all they are doing is reversing Mr. Obama actions, no thinking about citizens just teverse.

    Heck I could run for office and do that, just reverse, do no thinking at all just wait for my pay!!!

    1. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Gee, get your zoological categories correct. T.Rump isnit a monkey, he's a shitgibbon. A Cheeto haired, loofah faced shitgibbon to be precise

    2. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Hey people let's stop insulting the animals, besides they are far more intelligent than trump.

  8. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I got this gut feeling that these creepy cult rapist and human traffickers drugged and took natalie Holloway, the high school girl that went missing in aruba on spring break several years ago. They like young blonde girls like ivanka to rape and make babies for the slave trade. These nasty predators work together.

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      So say some.. Yes..
      That dude was connected.

  9. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I dunno, Gryphen, it kinda sounds like you think Emperor Drumpf is an inarticulate, incurious, thin-skinned, misogynistic, mendacious, self-serving, narcissistic, greedy, dishonest, insecure, bombastic, corrupt, incompetent douchebag.

    Just checking. Sounds right to me.

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Trump then goes on to claim that he has evidence that he will introduce at the "right time."

    Here's a suggestion for Don the Con.

    To make it easier for Don the Con to stop repeating that same old shit that never happens, how about Don the Con tattooing on his big ass forehead "I have evidence that I will introduce at the right time."

  11. Anonymous1:09 PM

    The pussy grabbing man/child with the emotional makeup of a twisted two year old thinks sexual predator O'Reilly is a "good person." That actually makes sense. Lawd. We are doomed if we don't get this cabal of psychopaths out.

  12. Anonymous1:31 PM

    The president provided no evidence to back his claim.
    Of course not, because he doesn't have any, all smoke and mirrors with little donnie. Pathological LIAR

  13. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Vladimir Putin: Puppet Donald Gump! What's your sole purpose in my world? 

    Donald Gump: To do whatever you tell me, Comrade President Putin! 

    Vladimir Putin: God damn it, Puppet Donald Gump! You're a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 60. You are goddamn gifted, Puppet Donald Gump

    Donald Gump: Well Comrade President Putin, I went to Gump University. I’m, like, a really smart person.

  14. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Sean Spicer and the Muppets

  15. Anonymous2:14 PM

    She just resets her orange fat dad.

  16. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Reporters, ask the orange fart easy questions like where did gorsuck get his education?

    What state is vp from?

    Watch the orange turd can't answer.

  17. Anonymous2:42 PM

    What a joke, trump “I never settle, then settles” telling bill not to settle.

    Let’s see what happens when trump’s cases go to court.

  18. Anonymous3:06 PM

    $eXxx, BULLing and MonEy in that order.

  19. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Trump and his kind settle to avoid being under oath and face additional charges of lying under oath. The women should not settle and force these predators to be disposed under oath.

  20. Anonymous6:55 PM

    The Husband Of A Trump Supporter Has Just Been Deported Back To Mexico (LOL)

    The man’s American wife said she believed “good people” would not be deported under President Trump. Late Tuesday night, her husband was removed to Mexico.

    A Mexican man who spent almost two decades living in the United States was deported back to his home country late Tuesday, separating him from his US-born wife, who voted for President Donald Trump.

    Read more at Buzzfeed

    Trump said Mexico is paying his wall. Hey lady tell your husband thank you for paying for Trump's wall.

    1. I'll bet she's also in favor of repealing Obamacare because she has the ACA.

  21. Anonymous7:03 PM

    A Democrat on the House panel investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia is issuing an ultimatum: If the president is going to accuse members of the Obama administration of breaking the law, he should prove it.

    “If the president wants to say that Susan Rice committed a crime, he has the power to declassify. No one else does,” Rep. Eric Swalwell of California said Wednesday. “So, he could actually show us where the crime was. I don't expect he will, because I think this is just more obstructionism.”...

    Rice on Tuesday said in an interview with MSNBC it was "absolutely false" that the Obama administration used intelligence "for political purposes."

    And Swalwell on Wednesday said that if Trump has evidence to the contrary, he should release it and let the public judge for itself.

    “If he has evidence that she committed a crime, he actually can show us what his evidence looks like,” said Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. “Right now, he has a credibility problem because he's been proved wrong a lot on Russia.”...

  22. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Notice that trump stated :”may have committed a crime”, because he is so ignorant of the law and how the government works he doesn’t know and is too egotistical to ask someone who does.


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