Sunday, April 16, 2017

Donald Trump celebrates Easter in the traditional manner by posting Tweets boasting about his election win, bitching about tax day protests, and preparing the country for World War 3.

First tweet for today essentially says that Trump will not insult China as long as they do what he wants.

THAT'S the holiday spirit!
Okay there we go, that seems appropriate.
Uh, okay.

Once again let's remind everybody that Trump's electoral college victory was the smallest in recent presidential history.

As for the tax returns, yes those will likely continue to be an issue until the American people get a chance to see why Trump is working so hard to hide them.
Citizens of this country do not have to be paid to fight for our rights.

Trump is thinking of politicians.

 And finally (For right now at least.) there was this.
That's right kids, gather up those eggs. Because you are going to need the protein in order to fight in the inevitable world war that a Trump presidency will surely lead to. 

And there you have Donald Trump's first Easter as the commander-in-chief.

Have you ever been more terrified? 


  1. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Happy Easter (I guess) to you, Herr President! The day will only get worse if he's so preoccupied with 1) the fact that Hillary Clinton got almost 3 million more votes, 2) the fact that the American people want to see his tax returns (say for the past 20 years), and 3) that he's still warmongering on Easter morning. Shouldn't he be outside helping Barron find the colored Easter eggs? Or are they all golden?

    1. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Didn't I read somewhere that the eggs for tomorrow's egg roll will be gold and emblazoned with Trump on them?

      Eye Roll Troll :)

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Happy Easter:

  3. Anonymous7:28 AM

    When it comes to his tax returns he's telling the American People to kiss his azz, protesting is getting under his skin but it's not producing any results so we must find another way. I suggest we protest those repub that support him, light their phones up and support that Democrat that came up with a existing law that says the President of the United States MUST show their tax returns, after all he didn't stop until President Obama showed his long form Birth Certificate. As it stands he's getting away with breaking all the laws and it must stop NOW,

    He's Not My President

  4. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Ping Ping Ping-Bing Bing BINGO!

    1. Anonymous7:34 AM

      +Jill $tein

    2. Anonymous7:39 AM

    3. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Sources linked to the intelligence community say that General Mike Flynn’s trips to Cambridge and across Europe will form a key part of Donald Trump’s impeachment and the prosecutions of dozens of his associates.

      According to several sources within the intelligence community, Michael Flynn was co-ordinating, with and for Russian agents, the drafting of messages that Vladimir Putin was using to attack democracy in not only the United States, but across Europe. Furthermore, Flynn was doing this with the full knowledge of the Trump campaign, including Donald Trump himself.

  5. The easily duped GOP voters who also masquerade as Christian evangelicals are happy to have this serial adulterator, pu$$y grabbing, money grubbing, unethical, racist, misogynistic impious ignoramus as Dear Leader. Once again, Jesus wept.

    1. The first eighteen years of my life I was in church two hours every Sunday (Sunday School and services) plus other church activities. Evangelicals are perfectly happy being ungodly all week and praying for forgiveness on Sunday. If you say the words, all is forgiven.

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    "Let the slobs march. That's what we have this place for. To keep the slobs away." POTUS explaining his feelings about today's protests.

    In your words: "You say whatever you have to to make the sale. What you do after doesn't really matter much."

    This is the insanity we deal with. We can't even get it through his head why he can't say this when he's campaigning in his 1st 100 days.

  7. Anonymous7:32 AM

    POTUS is talking all the time about how he's going to kill Obamacare just because he can. It's a game to him.

    I'm really fucking sick of spending my weekends at Mar a Lago.

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      And, he'll ruin the health of millions (the minorities) and some middle class folks! And, he could give a shit less!

      How in the Hell does he ever think he'll be reelected for a second term? He won't! And, I don't see how he'll last throughout his first!

      I think he'll be impeached never to arise again!

    2. Anonymous6:21 PM

      If he tries purposely to sabotage Obamacare, they will have grounds for impeachment. He took an oath to do no harm to the American citizens.

  8. I bet he is golfing on Resurrection Sunday, but let us not forget that the Obamas and Clintons are nonChristian heathens! USA is Topsy-Turvy: war is peace, up is down, and a buffoon is POTUS.

  9. Anonymous7:36 AM

    U.S. Treasury busted Donald Trump for money laundering just before he entered the 2016 election

    Even as everyone from the FBI to the State of New York to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees attempt to determine whether the money Donald Trump has received from Deutsche Bank is the same money that Deutsche Bank was laundering from Russia to New York City, it turns out a hotel owned by Donald Trump has already been busted for money laundering. In fact the punitive action came just before he entered the 2016 election.

    Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015. But just three months earlier, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a division of the U.S. Treasury Department, hit the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort with $10 million in penalties (source: In its headline, the announcement made clear that the Trump Taj Mahal had engaged in “Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations.” And the violations occurred while Donald Trump was still a key shareholder in the company.

    Donald Trump’s Gallup approval rating is even lower now than before he bombed Syria and Afghanistan

    ...If you’re looking for evidence that Trump’s military escapades are failing to impress mainstream Americans and are instead merely generating more skepticism about his motives, one need look no further than his current Gallup approval rating today. It’s at 39% (link), one point lower than just before he bombed Syria. And other approval rating polls have him even lower, in the mid thirties.

    1. The mid thirties people have to be brainwashed by RW media and stupid besides. I have no hope for them.

  10. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Donald Trump cannot pardon himself or Russia conspirators from charges brought by New York State

    With the FBI having confirmed last month that it’s actively investigating the Donald Trump campaign over its alleged role in Russian election collusion, popular debate has arisen as to whether Trump might try to pardon his advisers and associates – and even himself – from any federal crimes they may have committed. But as it turns out, Trump cannot pardon anyone from any state level crimes they’ve committed. That means New York State’s ongoing investigation carries more weight than some realize.

    Because no U.S. president has ever tried to pardon himself or his alleged co-conspirators from federal crimes, there is no concrete consensus – even among legal experts – as to whether the Constitution gives the president that power.

    ...Donald Trump hasn’t set foot in his home state of New York since he took office (link), avoiding his own home at Trump Tower in favor of Mar-a-Lago. Even if Trump can’t be arrested by the State of New York, he may be avoiding the state because he’s under the impression he can be arrested if he sets foot there.

    All of the above demonstrates just how little precedent there is in this in the area. However, one aspect is very clear under the law: if New York does bring charges against Donald Trump’s associates, there is nothing Trump can do to subvert it.

  11. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Donald Trump responded to the massive Tax Day protests calling for the release of his tax returns by tweeting an open and explicit threat to the First Amendment.

    ...Trump’s Easter message is disturbing because it explicitly suggests that peaceful, constitutionally-protected protest should be investigated by “someone,” a frightening command coming from a person with the full weight of the federal government behind him.

    This is not Trump’s first attack on the First Amendment, and it likely will not be his last.

    If there is one message Trump should take away from these protests, it is that the election may, indeed, be over, but the resistance has just begun. And his threats will not change that.

  12. Anonymous7:53 AM

    In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns, both before the election and after his inauguration, perhaps hoping people would eventually forget about it and move on. But thousands of people showed up on Tax Day to prove that they have not forgotten, and they will not move on.

    Protesters held homemade signs, wore pink knitted hats, and demanded Trump’s taxes, his impeachment, and transparency about his financial ties to Russia. Many remarked on Trump’s failure to pay federal taxes.

    “It just makes me angry,” said Stephanie Diehl, a mother of two preschool-age children from Arlington, Virginia. “Ethics is the most important thing, whether you’re the president or just an average American.”

    Diehl, who said she never cared about politics before this election, said this is her third march since Trump’s inauguration.

    “I resist everything about what the president is trying to do,” she said. “He’s a narcissist, a bully, and a cheater. He doesn’t represent what’s good about America. He’s a national embarrassment.”

    Diehl added that she has been inspired to join the resistance to set an example for her children so when they are older and learn about the Trump administration, she can tell them she took a stand.

  13. Happy ancient fertility rite day!

  14. Why did you call China a currency manipulator before? Could it have been bluster, Buster? Bloviation? Billorally foot in mouth disease? Gross stoopidity?

  15. Pretty much all allegations against Drumpf-which have all been met with blanket denials, have more than a scintilla of truth. It is just a matter of time before the whole thing becomes public. Then we will see if wingnuts truly put party ahead of country. Will they do the right thing, finally? And then pay the price at the polls?

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Polls, smolls -- Hillary was going to win by 97% according to the polls. It is the voting that counts: and with gerrymandering, it will be rigged. Kiss your country and world good-bye...and Happy Easter! whatever that means.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Happy Easter, Mike from Iowa. I've also wondered if any of the 21st century Republicans will wake up some day and realize that they are defending the indefensible, all in order to pass laws that benefit the extremely rich and that penalize everyone else. Are there any legislators among them with any moral courage?

  16. Anonymous8:18 AM

    The only thing I'm terrified about is how much longer that pos sob useful IDIOT slob will remain occupying our buildings along with his cast offs of the deplorable criminal evil brifart and dung. Don must realize he has a serious mental problem of be a SERIAL LIAR in denial. He must get his fat mars lard go ass back dc and remove his shit from our buildings. NO USA citizen will send one cent for this pos liar to waste another day. DONALD trump? you and your family and friends are disgraceful to the human race. YOU sir and your alt pals rigged the election and so you are not a usa president nor your appointments, executive orders are moot and never will be. It is time for you to grow up and stop being the useful idiot to your corporation world of deceit, lies, cheating, stealing and harming innocent humans around this world. The only world war 3 is in your f-ing head. Do America and World a favor. RESIGN TODAY AND CONFESS YOUR SINS TO A COURT OF USA LAW. beg for forgiveness. GROW the F up.

  17. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Nationwide Tax Day Marches Demand Donald Trump Releases His Tax Returns
    The demonstrations were among the largest since the Women’s March.

    Tens of thousands of activists demonstrated in cities across the country on Saturday ― the date when Americans’ taxes are normally due ― to demand the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

    The largest marches took place in New York City and Washington, D.C. Some 100 other cities hosted smaller marches.

    Protest organizers estimated that over 25,000 people attended the rally in Washington, D.C., and 20,000 people participated in New York City.

    Together, the rallies across the country were among the largest anti-Trump demonstrations since the Women’s March drew millions of people into the streets on Jan. 21.

    “Trump says only the media cares about this taxes. Today, we’ve proved him wrong. It’s time for Trump to come clean, so we know who he’s really working for,” said Working Families Party national membership director Nelini Stamp, a keynote speaker at the New York City, in a statement following the march.

    In Washington, D.C., the march began with a rally at the U.S. Capitol followed by a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, past the Internal Revenue Service headquarters and the Trump International Hotel ― where protesters chanted “shame” in unison. The rally at times played the role of an all-purpose demonstration against Trump, replete with derisive condemnations of the president ― including references to alleged collusion of staff members from his presidential campaign with the Russian government.

  18. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Fuck him - and, yes - even on Easter Sunday!

  19. Anonymous9:59 AM

    How the Government Is Turning Protesters Into Felons

    Lost between the tumult of Inauguration Day and the spectacle of the Women's March was the arrest of 214 protesters—now facing felony charges and 10 years in prison.

  20. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Breaking Down All Of The Trump Family's Travel Costs And Lavish Expenditures


  21. Anonymous10:08 AM

    President Trump's plate is full concerning North Korea and Syria. He does not have time to deal with crybabies concerning his taxes. How many times do we have to go through with this?

    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      If Trump's plate is full with North Korea and Syria, it's because he overloaded it with his bombs and bluster. He certainly could have shut up about his warmongering over the holiday weekend.

      By the way, did anyone see Trump and the third wife in church this morning? This year both the Western Easter and the Orthodox Easter fell on the same day. The Obama family always walked to church on Easter - a time for family and serious reflection no matter what is going on in the world.

  22. Anonymous10:20 AM

    And, now, just how is the asshole Trump going to promote war and instill fear of North Korea when their bombs (North Korea's) are not working and projected not to be available for another four years?

    CNN and MSNBC are non stop talk about war w/North Korea....they and Trump appear to be working together.

    Turn off those two channels on cable folks. Live a peaceful life.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      I turned all of it off a long time ago.

  23. They're walking back the wall too. Says they can't build it along a river border or in very rough terrain and a lot of it is already in place. This while bloating their Deportation Police rolls.

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      I'd love to see a cartoon of Trump as Humpty Dumpty sitting on his border wall.

  24. The National Popular Vote bill is 61% of the way to guaranteeing the majority of Electoral College votes and the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in the country, by changing state winner-take-all laws (not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but later enacted by 48 states), without changing anything in the Constitution, using the built-in method that the Constitution provides for states to make changes.

    All voters would be valued equally in presidential elections, no matter where they live.
    Candidates, as in other elections, would allocate their time, money, polling, organizing, and ad buys roughly in proportion to the population

    Every vote, everywhere, for every candidate, would be politically relevant and equal in every presidential election.
    No more distorting, crude, and divisive and red and blue state maps of predictable outcomes, that don’t represent any minority party voters within each state.
    No more handful of 'battleground' states (where the two major political parties happen to have similar levels of support) where voters and policies are more important than those of the voters in 38+ predictable states that have just been 'spectators' and ignored after the conventions.

    The bill would take effect when enacted by states with a majority of the electoral votes—270 of 538.
    All of the presidential electors from the enacting states will be supporters of the presidential candidate receiving the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC)—thereby guaranteeing that candidate with an Electoral College majority.

    In 2017, the bill has passed the New Mexico Senate.
    The bill was approved in 2016 by a unanimous bipartisan House committee vote in both Georgia (16 electoral votes) and Missouri (10).
    The bill has passed 35 state legislative chambers in 23 rural, small, medium, large, red, blue, and purple states with 261 electoral votes.
    The bill has been enacted by 11 small, medium, and large jurisdictions with 165 electoral votes – 61% of the way to guaranteeing the presidency to the candidate with the most popular votes in the country


    1. You're not going to get the red states to agree since the current system favors them.

  25. Anonymous10:58 AM

    He couldn't have waited a day for this?! I see that $arah has her Easter messages up as well. Two fake x-tian bottom feeder swamp dwellers.

  26. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Agent Orange: If someone asks me, should we bomb North Korea, Syria or Chicago? A simple yes, by all means sir, drop that fucker. Twice.

  27. Anonymous1:46 PM


  28. Anonymous3:26 PM

    In the Age of Drumpf we are forced to question everything.

    Here's one: Would a nuclear war REALLY be so bad? Or is it just fear-mongering by the libtard media like climate change and pesticides in our food supply?

    Some pwople say that life after global nuclear war won't be so bad at all. Sure, radiation sickness sucks, food'll be a little scarce for a couple hundred years. But the few million or so around the world who survive will be a resourceful lot and maybe someone will figure out a way to make water safe to drink.

    The one thing we cam count on is that Emperor Drumpf will survive - like a cockroach - and he'll sit in the underground bunker under the smoking ruins of the 4th hole at Mar-A-Lago and tell anyone who will listen that "nobody had any idea nuclear war could be so devastating. Nobody knew!"

    1. Anonymous4:49 AM

      Yes, a nuclear war would be "so bad." You and those "some people" who are not so concerned about the effects of a world-wide nuclear war should read John Hersey's book "Hiroshima" - about the bomb dropped on that city in 1945. Nuclear weapons are thousands of times worse than atomic weapons. I think the Hersey book should be required reading for all high school seniors before being allowed to graduate and vote. A lot can be learned from history. That's why MOST people view nuclear war as an absolute horror.

  29. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Idiot, they weren’t rallies, they were protest marches and it is driving him crazy because he had to send out a nasty tweet!!

    He is the only one that has had rallies since the election because he knows he won by a very slim margin.

  30. You wrote: "Once again let's remind everybody that Trump's electoral college victory was the smallest in recent presidential history."

    For the record, the link you give DOES show that Trump didn't have the greatest electoral college victory margin. But it DOESN'T show or say Trump had the lowest electoral victory in recent memory.

    George W. Bush edged out Al Gore 271-266 and the victory over John Kerry was 286-251 Trump won 306 - 227.


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