Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Donald Trump's sanctuary city order blocked by judge. And another executive order bites the dust. Update!

Courtesy of Bloomberg: 

The ruling Tuesday bars President Donald Trump from withholding funds from jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal agencies to deport undocumented immigrants, marking his second setback in court on immigration. As with its temporary travel ban on six mostly Muslim nations now on appeal, the White House said it expected to ultimately win its case against sanctuary cities in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In response to this Trump expressed disappointment but recognized the importance of the separation of powers, and simply said he would go back to the drawing board.

Just kidding, he threw a Twitter tantrum.

As Snopes has pointed out only about on tenth of one percent of the Ninth Circuit cases ever even go to the Supreme Court. But yes of those about 80% are overturned, though that could be attributed to the make up of the Supreme Court which for decades has skewed to the Right.

And with Gorsuch now firmly seated in the Court, there may indeed exist the possibility that this will get overturned even though the executive order violates the Constitution’s Fifth and Tenth amendments.

But hey that whole Constitution thing only matters when you are talking about Democratic policies.


Update: So apparently this ruling did not even come from the ninth circuit:

Tuesday's ruling did not come from the 9th Circuit. It was made in federal district court in San Francisco.

Every day, a new reason to be embarrassed.


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      Birthed By:

    2. Anonymous8:12 PM

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    Trump Plans to Cram His Entire Legislative Agenda Into Days 96-99

    ...This is lunacy. The barely revised health care bill probably won't pass the House, let alone the Senate. Tax reform is just a PowerPoint presentation, not an actual plan. Plus it's such an unbelievable giveaway to the rich that even Republicans will have a hard time swallowing it. And the infrastructure stuff is DOA. It will almost certainly be opposed by both Republicans and Democrats.

    This is like watching kids make mud pies. I guess that's OK, since this is all terrible stuff that I hope never sees the light of day. Still, I guess I prefer even my political opponents to show a little bit of respect for the legislative process.

    Do Trump's Murky Financial Ties to Russia Connect to Money Laundering?

    Investigators have only begun to follow the money.

    Federal investigators continue to dig into Russia's cyberattack on the US election and the Trump administration's possible involvement—but as bad as that intrusion and collusion may be, Trump's opaque financial dealings could prove even more perilous for the president.

    Trump has blazed a decades-long trail of questionable financial dealings with Russian sources that could provide investigators with the grist they need for legal action. A wide array of Russian oligarchs with links to Vladimir Putin have invested tens of millions of hard-to-explain dollars in Trump properties. And Trump professes never to know who these people are or where they got the big bucks for their mostly cash deals.

    2016 Was Not a Tight Race

    The Comey letter was a bolt from the blue and it cost Clinton three percentage points. This is the only thing that made the race close to begin with. Once Clinton's lead had been cut by three points, then an extra point of support for Trump in the last couple of days—which 538 and others missed—was just enough for Trump to eke out a 2-point popular vote loss and a miracle Electoral College victory.

    That wouldn't have mattered without the Comey letter. None of those little things that everyone keeps pointing to would have produced a Trump win. It's true that in a tight race lots of things can make the difference between winning and losing, but it wasn't a tight race. Not until James Comey sent out that letter, anyway.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    In my opionion this is only partially about sanctuary cities. It is also about whether the President has the right to withhold federal funds from any entity that doesn't do/say/act as he pleases. Trump has already threatened to do this to UC Berkley as well. This isn't right and it hopefully isn't legal.

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      That was my thought too.

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      The taxpayers are entitled to benefit from money they've sent to Washington. Trump is just stealing from taxpayers.

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    White House Tries To Spin Trump Caving on His Wall Funding As Bad for Democrats

    The Trump White House tried to spin President Trump caving on the funding for his raison d’être, the Wall, as bad for Democrats on Wednesday morning.

    “ANNALS OF SPIN: Priebus tells reporters WH cave on wall funding puts Congressional Ds in bind because they’ve lost reason for govt shutdown,” John Harwood wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning.

    Kellyanne Conway Uncorks Her Biggest Lie Yet In Effort To Make Trump Look Successful

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM


  5. Gorsucks is going to get schooled on the Constitution, PUBLICLY. It may not change his vote but who knows? Roberts might get a clue and vote with the liberals.

  6. Trump is after our land now.

    "U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to identify national monuments that can be rescinded or resized - part of a broader push to open up more federal lands to drilling, mining and other development.

    The move comes as part of Trump's effort to reverse a slew of environmental protections ushered in by former President Barack Obama that he said were hobbling economic growth - an agenda that is cheering industry but enraging conservationists.

    Trump signed the order at the Interior Department in Washington, saying that his predecessors' use of the 1906 Antiquities Act to create monuments marked an "egregious abuse of federal power" allowing the federal government to "lock up" millions of acres of land and water.

    "Today we're putting the states back in charge," Trump said, saying they should decide what areas of land should be protected and which should remain open for development.

    The monuments covered by the review will range from the Grand Staircase created by President Bill Clinton in 1996 to the Bears Ears created by President Barack Obama in December 2016, both in Utah."

    What? Reagan and H.W. didn't make an National Monuments? Or they're OK because they're Republican?

  7. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Head asshole of the swamp is really pushing his toxic waste of time. He really should be sitting down with his personal attorneys to fiqure out the best plea outcome for his thousands of lawsuits pending and those forming now for his impeachment. The guy is really a mess and he knows it. He must resign immediately before he embarrasses himself and family another day. He really is a very evil bad individual, a hateful toxic mental patient, a serial liar and complete disgusting us citizen committing treason.

    1. Anonymous12:57 PM

      I honestly don't think he's capable of being embarrassed.

    2. Anonymous1:05 PM

  8. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I have never disliked a man so much in my entire life as I do Donald Trump.

    His need to hurt Americans and minorities is appalling!

    I know he's going to get his one day and I can hardly wait for that time to come. Hell truly awaits his evil soul!

  9. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Trump just blasted the wrong court for 'blocking' his sanctuary cities order

  10. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Sanctuary cities ruling: When a judge quotes Sean Spicer, it’s not a good sign for the White House

    When a long list of comments from President Trump, his surrogates and his spokesmen shows up in a federal court ruling, it’s fair to say it can only mean one thing: a constitutionally questionable executive order is about to get a judicial smackdown.

  11. Anonymous11:42 AM

    President Trump's words keep coming back to haunt him. When a federal judge moved to block Trump's executive order to curb federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities on Tuesday, he cited statements Trump has made in the past.

    On at least one occasion, Trump has called the order to keep some federal dollars away from certain localities "a weapon" to be used against places where they believe officials are releasing from custody criminals who should be deported. The judge cited an interview the president conducted with Fox News in February in which he specifically called out California.

    "California in many ways is out of control, as you know," Trump told now-ousted host Bill O'Reilly. "We will certainly not stand for sanctuary even cities, let alone states."

    Judge William Orrick said the two quotes showed that the Trump Administration plans to broadly target funding for certain cities and that California was at particular risk.

    "They have repeatedly indicated an intent to defund sanctuary jurisdictions in compliance with the Executive Order," Judge Orrick wrote. The Counties’ concerns that the Government will enforce the defunding provision are well supported by the Government’s public statements and actions, all of which are consistent with enforcing the Order.

    In his ruling, Judge Orrick also said the president's repeated references to Katie Steinle, who was killed by an immigrant who had been deported five times, and the sanctuary policies in San Francisco where the death occurred further show Trump has it in for the Golden State.

    "These statements indicate not only the belief that San Francisco is a 'sanctuary jurisdiction' but that its policies are particularly dangerous and in need of change," Orrick wrote. "They also reveal a choice by the Government to hold up San Francisco as an exemplar of a sanctuary jurisdiction."

  12. Anonymous11:48 AM

    White House Staffers Allegedly Had A Contest To See Who Could Get The Biggest Lie In Print

    ...The most disturbing section of the long feature is surprisingly short. Quoting an unnamed conservative journalist who is reportedly close with the West Wing, Politico reporters Ben Schrekinger and Hadas Gold claim that this right-leaning journalist told them of a game staffers play wherein they try to get the biggest lies printed, seemingly without any purpose other than for fun. A White House official told Politico that things had been rough between the administration and the press in the beginning, but that it was smoothing out, joking that staffers "probably" weren't intentionally lying to reporters, before saying, "I’m kidding. I’m kidding."

    "They all lie," the unnamed insider claimed of White House staffers. "It’s a game to them." This allegation was seconded by another unnamed source, this one a "conservative activist" who said distrust of media contributed to the apparent lies. "They’ll print what they want anyways, so we may as well have fun," the activist claims a staffer said.

    ...Lying to the press is neither new nor the main issue here — it's more that the picture painted by this piece, of seemingly rampant lying with no endgame other than glee over seeing dishonesty in print, seems much more suited to palace intrigue (a term the reporters use more than once) than to an American presidency.

    Indeed, to call it "palace intrigue" may understate what this unprecedented relationship between White House staff and press could mean. Not only will reporters aware of this "game" have to work doubly hard to report on real issues, but if these reports are true, and if White House staffers are intentionally lying for sport, it also sets up a smokescreen between the administration and the public.

    1. Who won? What was the lie?

      Hardly credible without some sort of proof beyond unnamed sources, no matter how many.

  13. Anonymous12:48 PM

  14. Anonymous12:49 PM


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    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    2. If corporations insist on being people, then they should pay the same taxes that people pay. No special favors. If they don't like it, they can give up their "personhood" and shut the fuck up and butt out of politics.

    3. 1:47: Do you honestly think Trump would propose a tax plan that didn't cut his own taxes? I'm surprised it doesn't eliminate them entirely.

  16. Anonymous1:16 PM

    "It’s nearly impossible to watch scenes from Tuesday night’s first episode, for example—in which Einstein and his second wife Elsa (played by Emily Watson) are trying to flee Nazi Germany, where their lives are in danger, but face a roadblock in the U.S.’s tough immigration policies—and not marvel at its vital resonance today. "how he would play German physicist Philipp Lenard, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who was also a Hitler-supporting anti-Semite, they decided that he should, ‘think Trump.’”) It also depicts what it was like for Einstein to travel to America as a refugee. "
    “Watching the first episode, I got chills,”
    "The series sheds light on young Einstein’s steadfast commitment to his own passion and curiosity, even as his work was dismissed as “Jewish physics.”
    For Flynn, who is also a musician, getting cast as Einstein is particularly wild. Not only does he share a birthday with the icon, but he wrote a song in 2011 titled “Einstein's Idea.”
    “When my son was born in 2011, that year when he was a baby I wrote this song that was meant to be a lullaby that was going to explain the cosmos and the theory of relativity to this infant, almost like a kind of joke,” he says. “But to do it I researched some of the theories of relativity and principles of relativity and created Einstein in the song as this benevolent character watching over my son.”

  17. Anonymous1:46 PM

  18. 100 days and Trump has accomplished diddly squat.

    He's now back out of his demand for the wall in the budget and now he's backed off his threat to withhold funding for Obamacare.

    Mr. best negotiator ever is just a whiny little bitch. Fart of the Deal. Art of the Schlemiel. He is a pompous, bloviating bag of foul air with a YUUUUUGE opinion of himself. He'd done nothing, shown he's unfit and his only accomplishments have been to alienate Canada and Mexico and almost shut the government down with his big, fat, ugly, anus-mouth.

    He's a disaster. He's a dismal failure.

    The GOP better fix this fast or they will be tainted with his failures for decades. Forever known as the party that conspired with the Russians to put a madman in the White House and destroy the United States.

  19. Anonymous6:33 PM

    NO, every day a reason to
    a ) call your Congress critter and demand they do their job and impeach the traitor in the White House
    b) call your COngress Critter and let them know the policies you support
    c) boycott anything T.Rump (if you are in a business stop utilizing any of their hotels, products, services, etc.
    d) stick more pins in your T.Rump voodoo doll and hate the shitgibbon even more.
    b) call your COnress


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