Thursday, April 20, 2017

Elizabeth Warren discussing how motivated the Democrats are to fight back against Donald Trump and how she is energized by the protesters is exactly the shot in the arm we need today.

There is just something very therapeutic about listening to Elizabeth Warren talk about the state of liberal politics in this America today, and her hopes for the future.

And yes Sarah Palin she did once again tell that anecdote about the little female protester with the sign that said "I fight like a girl," and unlike when you screeched it out at a conservative rally it was in fact inspiring.

For my money Elizabeth Warren is the face of liberal politics right now and whether she runs for President or not, I am positive she will continue to bravely stand up to the policies of Donald Trump and continue to be a strong voice for progress.


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    She's sounding better and better ....I plan to read her new book! and I'm Glad she fights like a girl (: Warren for President 2017

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I don't even consider it "liberal" politics anymore, but a woman who tells it like it is.

  4. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Roles....what sn idiot prez!

    Stupid! Pos!


  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Fat turd just needs to go away to an isane asylum

  6. Anonymous8:11 PM

    A Blue Nightmare Is Coming To Swallow Trump As Democrats Hold A Big 2018 Enthusiasm Edge

    The 2018 picture is bright for Democrats currently, with a 19 point enthusiasm gap for the House among voters most excited for turning out next year, 57-38.…

  7. Anonymous8:12 PM

    The Resistance is showing up in a big way ahead of the House special election in Montana as small donors have raised $2 million for Democratic Rob Quist.

    In a press release, his campaign announced the fundraising milestone, “The momentum continues to build for Rob Quist’s grassroots campaign to be an independent voice for everyday Montanans. In just over 6 weeks, Rob’s campaign raised $2 million from mainly small donations. Nearly 40,000 individuals have donated to the campaign with an average contribution of $32.”

    Quist campaign spokesperson Tina Olechowski said, “Rob Quist has the momentum and excitement behind him with hundreds of Montanans coming to events across the state and small donations flooding into the campaign. Montanans across party lines are supporting Rob, because they know he will stand up for everyday working people, not corporate special interests.”

  8. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jefferies (D-NY) began his town hall in Brooklyn by comparing Donald Trump to Jim Crow. Democrats are going after Trump full throttle and not afraid to speak the truth about this president.

    ...Rep. Jefferies was correct. This White House is loaded to the gills with people in positions of power who have expressed racist views or have engaged in racism. Trump himself was sued by the federal government for housing discrimination for refusing to rent to African-Americans.

    Trump campaigned on racism. He has filled his White House with racists, and he has behaved in a racist manner. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    Democrats are never going to accept a racist occupying the White House. Unlike the media, Democrats are not going to normalize the unacceptable and repulsive.

  9. Anonymous8:22 PM

    There's been much speculation that Jason Chaffetz is being blackmailed by Russia and/or the Republican Party. Could that explain his sudden move?


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