Thursday, April 06, 2017

Former FBI agent informs us that the Russians continue to manipulate our politics, by continuing to manipulate Donald Trump.

Courtesy of HuffPo:  

Russian hackers didn’t stop when the presidential election ended ― they’re still working to spread fake news and conspiracy theories across the U.S., an intelligence expert warns. And they’re building on President Donald Trump’s wiretapping tweets, former FBI agent Clint Watts told National Public Radio. 

“If you went online today, you could see these accounts — either bots or actual personas somewhere — that are trying to connect with the administration,” Watts said in the NPR interview Monday. “They might broadcast stories and then follow up with another tweet that tries to gain the president’s attention — or they’ll try and answer the tweets that the president puts out.” 

Watts, a cyber security expert who has been tracking Russian activity for three years, called it a “circular system.” Sometimes the “propaganda outlets themselves will put out false or manipulated stories. Other times, the president will go with a conspiracy,” he told NPR. 

An example is Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped at Trump Tower, Watts said. Hackers and bots “respond to the wiretapping claim with further conspiracy theories about that claim, and that just amplifies the message in the [internet] ecosystem.” 

“Every time a conspiracy is floated from the administration, it provides every outlet around the world an opportunity to amplify that conspiracy and to add more manipulated truths or falsehoods onto it,” he added. 

It’s a loop, said Watts, of spiraling misinformation.

This is what the mainstream media is up against.

These sophisticated tools for disinformation can drown out legitimate news stories causing the poorly educated American to believe just about anything that shows up on their Facebook feed over and over again.

And the fact that they are targeting the president is perhaps the most frightening prospect of all.

We have already witnessed how easy it is to manipulate Orange Hitler, and now that we know that there is an ongoing campaign to convince him to buy into conspiracy theories and fake news it means we can literally not trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth.


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    This video recently posted will fill you in on the Trump key players. How the GOP let this happened is mind blowing

    1. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Blackwater! "Erik Prince sends mercenaries around the world to kill people on your tax dollar."
      18%Spectrum=DICK Devois =
      Rule the world by force.
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      Young Turks Rock!

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      Jared Kushner Hired ‘The Purge’ Publicist, An Expert In Marketing Dystopia-with the intent of using business ideas to solve government issue"

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      Read more:

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    And so trump encourages the hacking by lifting the privacy regulation? Time for internet providers, satellite corporations and cell phone corporations to be secured. Are they part of the hacks and bots? Some are dons friends and buddies. Are they corrupt too? It is about time to secure America by removing the RT and China TV the access to our satellites and airwaves. It is time for don john to resign along with his unethical bunch of criminals. Time is up for them. They have no creditability nor respect left from the American people.

  3. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Putin has something on McCain. Old John is nuke vocal. But mentioned nothing about his abrupt decision to hire ms palin at last second in 07. Yep old john knows more. He knows about his republican party of liars, of corruption, of lack of ethics of dishonesty. He is a career paid servant. And continues his own personal agenda. John has had his own personal accusations of treating women bad and dishonor. So it is no surprise that he now stands with trump and the swamp.

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    "we can literally not trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth."

    I'd like to see that printed on our currency as our new national motto.

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    "Mr. Bannon’s Svengali-style reputation has chafed on a president who sees himself as the West Wing’s only leading man. Several associates said the president had quietly expressed annoyance over the credit Mr. Bannon had received for setting the agenda — and Mr. Trump was not pleased by liberals’ considering him “President Bannon.”


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    The work of Professor Kate Starbird of the University of Washington is very relevant to this.


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      "Over time, we noted that a similar kind of rumor kept showing up, over and over again, after each of the man-made crisis events — a conspiracy theory or “alternative narrative” of the event that claimed it either didn’t happen or that it was perpetrated by someone other than the current suspects."in that tweets referencing the rumors linked to a large number of distinct domains (different websites), including alternative media sites such as InfoWars, BeforeItsNews, and RT (aka Russia Today). Several of these rumors also had a strong “botnet” presence — in other words, many participating Twitter accounts were not “real” people,"Perhaps the most vexing finding that emerged from this analysis — especially as we attempt to think of how to help people become better consumers of online information — was what we perceived to be an intentional strategy by many alternative media websites to leverage rhetoric around fake news and critical thinking to further confuse and mislead readers."
      "Most importantly, this work suggests that Alex Jones is indeed a prophet. "

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