Friday, April 28, 2017

Former Trump adviser Carter Page claims “I have been the victim of one of the most horrendous civil rights violations in recent U.S. election history.” Yeah, that's what happened.

Courtesy of The Hill:

A former campaign adviser to Donald Trump said Thursday he was “the victim of one of the most horrendous civil rights violations” during the 2016 presidential election. 

“I have been the victim of one of the most horrendous civil rights violations in recent U.S. election history,” Carter Page told co-host Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day.” 

Page’s comments came after Cuomo pushed him to disclose how he became involved in Trump’s campaign, first claiming that it is confidential and then saying he doesn’t want to create issues for other people. 

Page denied the allegations against him, saying they have caused “a complete firestorm based on this completely false narrative.”

Later Cuomo offered Page the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings, this was his response.  
Yeah any problems that Carter page is now facing are the direct result of his own actions and his own statements to the press.

And I have a feeling that those problems are really just beginning. 


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Carter Page is such a weaseley little drama queen.

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM


  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Carter , Carter , Carted, whatever. Did you take lessons from Sara Palin?
    Take a lesson from Jason chaffetz playbook instead.
    Fake a surgery or whatever and disappear.
    You bombastic stupid dipstick!
    I hope you see this? Good advice.

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    WATCH: Jake Tapper Rips Michael Flynn for His Hypocrisy

    Watch Reporter’s Face As He Recounts Trump Going Full-Narcissist During Oval Office Interview (VIDEO)

    On his 100th day in office, a listless Donald Trump sat down with Reuters to talk about his accomplishments. As fate would have it, Trump had just been told that two servicemembers had been killed in an anti-ISIS raid in Afghanistan, his re-re-remade healthcare bill was dead on arrival, and his plans to build a wall were going up in flames. But he had other things on his mind. For Donald Trump, every day is November 8th, 2016.

    ...Trump, a 70-year-old billionaire, craves the attention one might give a child for a project they made in art class. He may as well have asked the reporters to pin the map up on their refrigerator doors.

    Making it even more clear that Trump is suddenly feeling very small, he later admitted that being president is really hard, and it’s not as fun as his old life.

  4. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Those who scream the loudest almost always have the most to hide.

  5. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Come on over traitor boy. If you want to have a fit, you better get your ass ready for an orange jumpsuit you little bitch. You, Carter the traitor Page, are going DOWN.

  6. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Apparently Carter Page was too imbecilic for even the Russians to have as a useful idiot.
    One can certainly see why.

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM


  8. Anonymous3:44 PM

    When he is in prison his rights will be violated.

  9. Anonymous3:53 PM


  10. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Carter Page is weird and creepy in every way. And he's a crook.

    He's the perfect Republican, no wonder they put him on TV so much.

  11. Anonymous4:36 PM

    He has that zombie clone look of some other Trump toadie whose name i forget. Steven something I think. No expression and never blinks.

    1. Anonymous5:16 PM

      Miller or Bannon?

    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Miller is the one. He repeats the same crap word for word like a robot, no matter what the question is. No change of tone or expression.

      He was the worst possible choice to be interviewed when the immigration ban was stopped by the courts. He knew nothing about the constitutional issue so he regurgitated the same pointless lines by rote.

      Carter Page is more animated at times, but just as soulless.

  12. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Does trump understand that an advisor should have an IQ and some type of smartness?
    Maybe he thinks advisors automatically have some expertise?
    Maybe he should just call them his groupies?
    Unfortunately our so called president is not very bright or much of a statesman.
    Just another privileged slob with $.bad hombre!

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Around these arts we call them "trailer trash with cash."

    2. Anonymous3:34 AM

      You don’t get it, little donnie only wants to be surrounded by Yes men that only tell him “good news”, therefore they must all be low IQ like himself.

  13. Anonymous5:29 PM

    "Fired Trump aide Michael Flynn wants immunity to testify on Russia allegations .... "


  14. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Anybody believe this fucking liar?


    The Hill:

    April 28, 2017 - 08:11 PM EDT Trump: 'I couldn't care less about golf'

    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      Well gosh, I sure hate to see the bill for security if he really liked golf.

  15. Anonymous6:39 PM


    N. Korea test-fires missile defying world pressure

    North Korea unsuccessfully test-fired a ballistic missile from a region north of its capital Pyongyang, South Korea's military said, defying intense pressure from the United States and the reclusive state's main ally, China.

  16. Anonymous6:45 PM

    UK spy documents: Trump Organization paid Russian hackers who took orders from Putin

    Last December, the U.K. government was reportedly given extensive records of Trump campaign officials’ interactions with the Kremlin.

    The Guardian reported former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia was first given to the UK intelligence services. These documents reportedly contain records of payments from the Russian campaign to banks of Russian cyber trolls tasked with spreading disinformation ahead of the 2016 election.

    ....Steele outlined how four Trump campaign representatives traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic in August or September to have “secret discussions with Kremlin representatives and associated operators/hackers.” The group discussed how they would pay hackers for breaking into the Democratic Party’s computers and developing a “contingency plans for covering up operations.”

    The memo reported that hackers were paid by the Trump Organization, however, the hackers were under the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin...

  17. Anonymous11:24 PM

    The LIARS are stirring. Its all coming down and they blew it. So simple and stupid. Lots of careers down and OUT. They must face their maker and confess.

  18. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Of course they paid the hackers and attackers with that unregulated money collected. It took a criminal network of laundry money to pull this scam off and they blew it. And they know that they blew it. The only thing left to do is pack the bags up, leave the building, turn over passports and Clarence cards and prepare for major court testimony.

  19. Anonymous11:29 PM

    lock them up lock them up lock them up lock them up lock them up lock them up lock them up lock them up.

  20. Anonymous3:16 AM

    GQ - Keith Olbermann RESIST
    Trump at 100 Days and his signed contract with the American voter.


  21. Anonymous3:37 AM

    What civil rights violation? Since when is colluding with the enemy a civil right? Is this included in the republican version of the Constitution?


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