Sunday, April 02, 2017

Is Donald Trump threatening to start a war with North Korea? Because that is kind of what this sounds like.

Courtesy of the Financial Times:

Donald Trump has warned that the US will take unilateral action to eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea unless China increases pressure on the regime in Pyongyang. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, the US president said he would discuss the growing threat from Kim Jong Un’s nuclear programme with Xi Jinping when he hosts the Chinese president at his Florida resort this week, in their first meeting. 

“China has great influence over North Korea. And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won’t,” Mr Trump said in the Oval Office. “If they do, that will be very good for China, and if they don’t, it won’t be good for anyone.” 

But he made clear that he would deal with North Korea with or without China’s help. Asked if he would consider a “grand bargain” — where China pressures Pyongyang in exchange for a guarantee that the US would later remove troops from the Korean peninsula — Mr Trump said: “Well if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all I am telling you.” 

"It won't be good for anyone." Yes, I would agree that if Trump does anything "unilaterally" about North Korea it most definitely will not be good for anyone.

Hey look I get the frustration at North Korea and that human buttplug leading their country.

I do not think there are too many people in this world that could hide their joy at seeing the whole place go up in a giant mushroom cloud.

However threatening to "eliminate the threat" on our own in a country essentially dangling from China's nutsack is like a drunk guy in biker bar yelling that wearing leather makes you a pussy.

We are all kinds of bad ass strolling into sand covered third world countries without indoor plumbing acting like John Wayne on steroids, but China is definitely not that kind of place.

Here is how one expert tried to excuse Trump's shit talking:

“What President Trump is trying to do here is to press the Chinese hard by warning them what comes next if they don’t help or join with the US to deal with this problem,” said Dennis Wilder, a former CIA China analyst who later served as the top White House Asia aide to George W Bush. 

So in other words Trump is trying to intimidate a country with over a billion people and the world's largest military force into stepping up before he does something crazy.

I know a guy who expressed admiration for Donald Trump because he "Did not talk like a politician, and just said whatever was on his mind." Yeah, well in times like this you can understand why you might prefer somebody who has an internal filter and knows what the word "diplomacy" means.


  1. Vanessa B.4:36 PM

    The Trump presidency is something that "won't be good for anyone". Furthermore, Trump would gleefully start a war if he thought it would increase his chances of either escaping impeachment or being reelected in 2020. Dead American sokdiers are a small price to pay for a megalomaniac like this complete asshole.

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Ha. Just 12 hours ago, someone posted on Jezebel that maybe Trump is better than Pence, and I said that this exact thing would happen, that as the Russian investigation continued, Trump would try to start a war with another country.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Aw. What's the matter Pumpkin Head? Folks gonna find out your a cannibal? North Korea might release that beautiful bean footage showing you partaking. That is after you killed him.

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Because war is always good when you're a "christian" and your family doesn't lose their lives while others do for your stupidity. Bone spurs schmuck!

  6. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Trump is a chickenshit. When he met with the President of Mexico and the Chancellor of Germany, he was a fucking mute. Afterward he tweets his bullshit. He'll do the same with the Chinese President. But what do you expect from a president with a 200 word vocabulary? "Xi is a great guy. We can help each other bigly."

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM

    It won't be long until he puts his tiny sausage finger on the Nuclear button.

  8. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Of course he is. Anything to take the scrutiny off of his colossal ineptitude. He has been promoted to his level of incompetence-Peter Principle. Which is appropriate, since he is a dick.


  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Remember in June 08 Sarah and a staffer were planning the Philly trip (GOP Gov thing that she took piper, trig, lauden and bristol on). She mentioned Bristol was flying from TX and hoped she could shorten her internship by a few days.

    Well, that appears to be true. Just ran across what looks like a brochure and her picture is on it with "June 2008" under it.

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      FFS go hang out at c4p.

    2. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Sure, everybody here remembers exactly what Sarah Palin was doing in June, 2008. Man, you people are fucked up.

    3. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Bristol posted a picture of Sailor at their new Austin house for those who didnt believe me about the Dakota sighting. The pic really shows how bad Sailor's FAS is.

    4. Anonymous6:12 PM


      So that's where she interned to be a lying, overbreeding, "abstinent" skank whore?

      I'd love to know who she interned "under" to get that gig, but she's been under so many guys that even she probably doesn't remember ;-)

    5. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Who will take care of "special needs" Trig now that Bristol is in Austin? He'd actually do better under Bristol's care than with Sarah. Sailor does have some very obvious characteristics of FAS. I hope she stopped drinking early enough with the latest one. Tripp needs a good dentist. His teeth look disgusting.

    6. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Jackpot night. FAS winner here too.

  10. Anonymous5:16 PM

    What does Trump care about starting a war? His days are over.

    He's over 70. His life is over.

    Nobody likes Trump except for his daughter. You guess which one.

    His pussy grabbing days are over.

    He has multiple lawsuits against him.

    He needs to distract our attention away from his Russian Golden Showers files.

  11. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I'm sure that South Korea and China would just love to have an entire disenfranchised country's worth of immigrants knocking at their door; people who had nothing before and even less after Trump destroys their country.

    I see push back, both from So Korea and China, plus, he really has no clue how to engage with Asians. His full-frontal, tell-it-like-it-is manner is the polar opposite of how most Asian cultures engage.

    I'm sure he's not only offended all nations involved, but has lost any small amount credibility he had. I'm sure most Asian nations see him as "King of the Barbarians" and they would not be wrong.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Gives whole new meaning to "throw your weight around" when you lack brain matter.

  12. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Has he consulted with Sean Penn and Dennis Rodman? BFFs Kim Jung Un.

  13. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I do not want to nuke the north korean people. They are the result of indoctrination. The entirecou try is one huge psychology experiment. It could happen here. Kill off all the smart people and homeschool what's left. Then wr will be the same as North K.

  14. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Blah, blah blah, trump is a loud mouth bully, he talks and tweets like big macho man, but in reality he is a COWARD.

    I am sure the Chinese president will tell him to sit down and shut up and little donnie will change his tune tomorrow.

  15. North Korea is also on the other side of the world from Mar-a-Lagofuckyourself.

    So if N.K. decides to nuke the U.S. it will be the West Coast. You know, where all those liberal democrats that didn't vote for Trump live.

    I'm sure he's thinking no loss there. Let that be a warning to my enemies that I've got a list and you'll all pay.

    This guy can't have a coronary fast enough to suit me. Pence may be a sadistic Puritan horror but he's not stupid enough to start a nuclear war.

    1. Anonymous4:17 AM

      Oh yes Pence is!!!
      'Cause...... the Rapture!

  16. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Jezus, small penis compensation much?
    Bet dump thinks he can just blow hard and push kim around like "a bunch of fig eaters wearing towels on their heads trying to find reverse on a soviet tank." Crazy people do crazy sh*t. If butt plug kim's got nukes (which we think he does even if he can't fling them very far.. currently) he will probably use them because he ALSO has a small penis. How many people live in Seoul?

  17. BTW - we are still at war with North Korea

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Right. Bound to be successful with a new war. We've had like 60 some years to practice.

  18. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are so much alike. Neither would recognize themself in the other, but if you look at how they react to perceived insults, they are the same. Childish, paranoid, small-minded, self-absorbed, ignorant, unwilling to ask for any other opinion than their own. Needing to be surrounded by 'yes' people. Obviously that 'works' in N. Korea. I don't think it's going to work here for long. Stupidity may be its own reward but it's also its Achilles heel.

    God bless America. And thank God for the internet, true journalists and real news.

    Oh, and fuck Mitch McConnell.


  19. Anonymous8:53 PM

    One of the things that burn my ass about Trump is that he's trying to save a few bucks by cutting programs that helps children and adults (especially women).

    He cuts programs and then he spends 3 million dollars every time he flies to Mar A Lago and millions more to protect Barron.

    1. Anonymous10:43 PM

      Speaking of Barron, his father tweeted out something about Autism Awareness Day. That kid is autistic. Not only does he show many signs, his riny fingered father announces it to the world on Twitter.

    2. Anonymous11:18 PM

      Yes he loves America and All Americans. He intends to kill majority of citizens, to weaken democracy, too drill baby drill and pay his debt to Russia and mob. He loves "clean coal" I had never heard of clean coal? Defund EPA? oh of course, toxic fumes kill. and wipe out the affordable healthcare act? yes the pre existing conditions and caps on cost to cancer patients is costing profits to bigly health insurance giants. Oh that trumpstein is way too much. A very bad actor.

    3. Anonymous11:20 PM

      Mrs trump and stump will never move in the white house, she knows that mr trump will be kicked out very soon. The media is closing in.

  20. Anonymous11:04 PM

    It kinda sounds like the American people are waging war against trump and stumps aka lousy bad actors of KGB school. Turns out mr don john trump is not the usa president and does not represent the American people but represents mining corporations such Freeport McMoran. Interesting group, headquartered in phoenix Arizona. Arizona is rich in mining and The Beautiful Grand Canyon, Sedona Red Rocks are full of gold, copper, silver. And its being soil tested for a cancer cluster brewing. Guess what? The ceo adkerson is also on board with MD Anderson cancer center. Gee how odd. Still can hear trump scream, put the miners back to work, defund EPA, and affordable healthcare is dead. President Obama before leaving office blocked the Grand Canyon and Sedona Rocks from being sold off to the mining corp from drilling and causing cancer to the residence in the area. But sadly many have came down with odd cancers, disease and health issues. This needs exposure because it is happening all over the usa and globally also. Trump loves miners, gas and oil drilling because he is invested. He is such a liar. He must resign today.

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      Unreadable! ll:04 -- Paragraphs, for a start.

  21. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Putin really Fu^ked up by depending on trump to pull this off. Trump is way too dirty and smells of sewer swamp. Yep. He owes so much money too foreign banks, bad hombres, and belongs to the biggest liars club and laundry service. Its huge. Its bigly. It stinks like the swamp of the silent majority of fools. The asshole will not be able to continue to bamboozle the media or usa citizens another week. Yep putin really chose the wrong dickhead to pull this little scam off. Instead of muslim ban it is the Russian KGB ban and don j trump stump ban. Its war.

  22. Anonymous12:18 AM


    Human trafficking
    Money Laundering
    Tax invasion
    What have we left out?

    1. Anonymous5:31 AM

      12:18 -- A Congress that will do anything about all that. (Sorry, this morning cynicism overruled hope.)

  23. WA Skeptic12:38 AM

    How about we put Trumpf and Kim on the same little island with one basket of food and water and one little knife and come back in a month and collect the "winner"? Sounds like a plan.


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