Monday, April 17, 2017

It's Monday so it must be time for Trump to embarrass himself on Twitter again.

Yes, nothing shows up a President who kept his nation safe for eight years like almost starting two or three wars in your first three months in office.

Is there any air in this lunatic's bubble?
As the Washington Post points out this is a book with blank pages.

In other words Trump is recommending that people "read" a book without any words.

You cannot make this kind of stuff up folks.
Of course when Trump talks about the "fake media" he is really talking about any media that prints facts that the does not want printed.

Fortunately his son helpfully pointed out the REAL source of fake media.

Yep, that's the source alright.  You know, along with every other member of their family, their advisers, Russian puppet masters, supporters, friends, and business partners.
The "super liberal" in question is Jon Ossoff who is terrifying the Republicans with his run for a Congressional seat long considered safe by the GOP.

I also have it on good authority that Ossoff knows how to spell the word "Congressional."

So fucking embarrassed for my country right now.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    From Women^

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Djackassrump go behind the curtain and eff yourself.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    People say that something is wrong with Barron Trump. At least Barron is smart enough to put his hand over his heart unlike his daddy. An immigrant had to elbow Trump to do that.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      Disgraceful... of $hit...

  3. Real Media must be the one with all the sex lawsuit settlements that does not know what is real.

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Poll: Trump woes take toll on GOP

  5. Anonymous9:05 AM

  6. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Can the consumer watchdog Trump loathes win an Ohio election?

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  8. Anonymous9:07 AM

    4 takeaways from the town halls dogging the GOP

    Liberal constituents aren't letting up on Republicans even after their Obamacare repeal bill stalled.

    Republicans eager to flee Capitol Hill after squandering weeks on failed negotiations to repeal Obamacare are finding little refuge at home, where furious throngs of liberal constituents await. Halfway through the two-week Easter break, it’s clear that the energy on the left to protect Barack Obama’s health care law — and oppose President Donald Trump — is still soaring.

    But for the first time, pro-Obamacare constituents have a specific target: the American Health Care Act. GOP lawmakers now face town halls after debuting a real piece of legislation to gut Obamacare, which added to the urgency and anger of the protests that greeted Republicans as they scattered across the country.

  9. Anonymous9:09 AM

    POTUS may have tried to hide, but tax day protests seemed to irritate him a bit. We need more of this. Bigger, closer, more often. #resist

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  11. Anonymous9:28 AM

    The long running slow-drip of leaks in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has become more of a steady stream of late, and this week it’s turning into a firehose. The latest revelation, from intel sources with a history of being proven right, is that Trump is caught on tape laying out the terms of the treasonous deal he cut with the Russian government to rig the election in his favor – and that three of his advisers are caught discussing it on a separate recording.

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      If this is true, lets get this over with already. For fuck's sake. Do something Democrats.

    2. Anonymous6:57 PM

      1:36, little inside hint for you. If you see the words "palmerreport" or the name Bill Palmer, or Louise Mensch, you know it is not true.

  12. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Jon Ossoff strikes back at Trump’s Twitter tantrum about Georgia’s special election

    One day before people in Georgia's traditionally very red 6th Congressional District cast their ballots, Donald Trump's Twitter outburst underlines Republicans' mounting fear that Democrats could take the seat — and others like it in 2018.

    'While I’m glad the President is interested in the race, he is misinformed. I’m focused on bringing fresh leadership, accountability, and bipartisan problem solving to Washington to cut wasteful spending and grow metro Atlanta’s economy into the Silicon Valley of the South.'

    1. If they really want Ossoff to win, all of the other Democrats on the ticket should have withdrawn and thrown all of their support to him.

      The ticket is so split, Ossoff has little chance of winning outright with a 51%. That means a run-off against the Republican.

      In a run-off he'll lose. The GOP gerrymander will make sure of that.

  13. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Watch Melania Trump remind Donald Trump to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem

    Donald Trump received a not-too-subtle reminder from his wife, Melania, that he should put his hand over his heart while the national anthem played.

    The moment occurred as Trump was presiding over his first White House Easter Egg Roll. As the pledge began, his wife and son both made the gesture, but Trump did not. She can be seen bumping into his arm, reminding him of the proper pose during the solemn moment.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Ease up on Putin's bitch.
      Trump is not American.
      He doesn't know better.

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Trump just couldn’t help himself. In the middle of reading his prepared history of the White House Easter Egg Roll, the President had to tell a group of kids and the Easter Bunny about how he is getting America back on track.

      The polling and reality both disagree with Trump, and there is nothing like a president hijacking a non-political event to spread a little propaganda about how great he is. Trump’s behavior is more proof that no matter what the occassion, this president is not able to put the American people ahead of his own need for validation and approval.

      Trump used the Easter Egg Roll and the Easter Bunny to spread propaganda about the 'greatness' of Donald Trump.

    3. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Sick sick sick sick man.

  14. Anonymous9:35 AM

    It does not take supernatural powers of perception to see that Donald Trump’s first months in office have been a string of unmitigated disasters that have sunk his approval ratings to historic lows.

    But with corporate media expectations also at rock-bottom lows, we can count on many attempts to put some kind of positive gloss on this presidency as its 100th day approaches.

    On CNN’s Reliable Sources, former Obama White House Director of Communications Jen Psaki provided a pitch-perfect antidote for the inevitable spin, and a blueprint for how journalists should view this artificial milestone:

    STELTER: Pretty soon, all over TV, we are going to hear about Trump’s first 100 days, how he’s been doing. There’s already been stories about how the communication team is prepping, trying to spin his first 100 days. How would you say, as someone who is a member of the opposition, what kind of story has Trump been telling, and how effectively has he been telling it?

    PSAKI: Well, you can’t put lipstick on a pig. This is a pig. They are going to have to sell something that does not have a lot of substance to it. He may be one of the first presidents in recent history who hasn’t passed a major piece of legislation. Typically, that would be the central point to what you are selling at 100 days.

  15. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Why isn't the tape being released that is talked about by 9:28 AM? That would start his impeachment immediately.

    I can hardly wait to see him run out of D.C. on his fat ass!

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Exactly. WTF re they waiting for?????

    2. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Probably for it to actually be a real thing, and not simply fake journalism news for the lesser IQ types, 1:38.

    3. Because it's the Palmer Report.

      There is no tape or recording.

  16. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Devastating new poll: Majority of Americans now say Trump can’t keep promises

    Americans' belief that Donald Trump keeps his promises and can bring about changes the country needs has collapsed, with a majority now saying he can do neither.
    (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    A new Gallup poll shows Donald Trump is in serious trouble with voters on what were supposed to be his strongest qualities, especially whether he can keep the promises he made during his campaign.

    In Gallup’s poll, only 45 percent of respondents say they believe Trump can keep his promises. That is down from 62 percent who answered in the affirmative back in February.

    The decline is more precipitous with women, with a stunning 25-point drop, from 65 percent to 40 percent. He lost ground with Democrats, independents, and Republicans. He even dropped 9 percent among conservatives. His numbers also dropped with every age bracket the pollsters measured.

    As Gallup noted, “Trump has lost significant ground with a public that only two months ago credited him with having one of the key characteristics of a successful president.”

    The same poll also shows Trump losing support on other measures as well, including “is a strong and decisive leader,” “can bring about changes,” “is honest and trustworthy,” “cares about the needs of people like you,” and “can manage the government effectively.”

    Trump has hopelessly failed within his first 100 days to notch any major legislative achievements, and was soundly rebuked in his attempt to repeal health care reform, showing he cannot even get his fellow Republicans on board.

    The public was already historically opposed to his presidency before it ever began. The latest numbers showing just how much voters have soured on him gives him even less political capital and makes his fellow Republicans even less likely to be willing to risk their careers to work with him.

    1. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Trump IS a mental and emotional mess as potus! He has failed horribly!

      He wants to create another war which the majority do not support and America can ill afford.

      The polls are correct! I think he'll be driven from the presidency. But, Pence or Ryan would be no better in the lead position as they are also pro war for our country.

      What a fucking, deplorable mess America is in. Who were the idiots that voted Trump into the presidency? And, on top of it all, he didn't obtain the majority in the votes - Hillary won the majority! Something truly needs to be changed in our election process.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      The problem with T.Rump like unsuccessfull businessmen is they over promise. In extremes (and T.Rump is very exteme in his lying) they promise two opposing things that are impossible to (both) happen:
      Everyone will have health care/proposing the ACA.

      America First/military hows of strength.

      Drain the swamp/donate to my campaign and I'll reward you with a White House job.

      Build the wall/cut taxes/reduce the deficit.

      What a maroon.

    3. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Trump is a con artist and he's always been one. A lot of Americans saw that in him and that's why Hillary Clinton got almost 3 million more votes than he did last November. A little slight of political hand, a little help from Russia and Trump won the electoral college vote. But he's still a con artist and always will be one.

  17. Anonymous9:41 AM

    remind me - should we have taken the blue pill or the red pill to make this all go away.

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Both and double up.
      If you really want it to go away, try the mushrooms.

  18. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Pence and Trump have built this thing up w/North Korea to total baloney. North Korea has been the same for years! The two US idiots are building and promoting war with the country when it doesn't need to be done.

    What jerks! North Korea will not bomb us w/a nuclear bomb (they can't at this point and it's suppose to be years off before they'll be able to reach the US!), but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Trump and Pence do it and start WWIII.

    Trump should be impeached!

    1. Anonymous3:47 AM

      It's a diversion from the investigations into the Russia/Trump/GOP collusion. The problem is - it might incite North Korea enough to do something really bad. Having one insane world leader is bad; having two or more of them is terrifying.

  19. Anonymous10:17 AM

    MSNBC and CNN have been non stop at promoting war and Donald Trump. I stopped watching them. Pure shit and baloney! Those two cable outlets are no better than Trump.

    They are ALL working against the American people.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      10:17, they are against Trump! That means they are against those effing Russians! Get with the program.

    2. Watch Maddox and O'Donnell. They'll restore your faith.

    3. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Maddow and O'Donnell - MSNBC - Monday through Friday - every evening. Both anti Trump and I support them 100%!

    4. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Sounds as if the programming has infiltrated your brain as it is designed to do 12:44. Just like a drug you can't get enough of. Don't think it isn't by design.

    5. I am so glad I no longer have cable.

      Too bad more won't cut the cord and go to over the air broadcast. I've also got an Apple TV and HULU, HBO, Amazon Prime and Acorn.

      I don't have to watch any news if I don't want to.

      Thank goodness for Rick Steves, The Incredible Dr. Pol and Murdoch Mysteries.

  20. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Trumpski: That's the whole fuckin' point is that we don't got time!

    Kim Jong-un is fueling his birds and why do you think he's doing that? Huh? Why? Because you don't put on a condom until you're gonna fuck.

    1. Anonymous11:07 AM

      I heard yesterday that we've hacked into their defense system, which is why his missiles keep failing. Did you think that our military was just going to sit back and do nothing?

    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      And, the leader of North Korea is NOT the worry as Trump and Pence are making him out to be. The two of them are drumming up the WWIII alert and spreading fear and hate throughout our country and world. I detest the two of them and do not find them American! They are both like John McCain and his short little buddy that holler 'war' all the time.

      Fuck all the war mongering Republicans!

    3. Anonymous1:24 PM

      The way T.Rump is running, he'll have us fighting two fronts - Russia and China. Wouldn't that be fun?

    4. Anonymous3:09 PM

      There is not going to be a war, except for us continuing to bomb the shit out of the middle east for oil. Please folks, stop losing sleep over this shit.

  21. Anonymous11:04 AM

  22. Anonymous11:23 AM

    The Trump Doctrine^

  23. Anonymous11:33 AM


  24. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I see Melania as fake like her breasts, her patriotism, and her love for Donnie. She does not want to be flotus. She wants to sell her Chinese made crap like Ivanka, live in her penthouse and count her money.

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      The old porn queen.

    2. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Does she ever wear her hair in different style? She must think it looks good. Stringy in face is not becoming on daily basis.

  25. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Well from pics, pence has many thing up his arse according to all his pics. Jong, nothing, he just looks to be a jolly ol'soul.

    1. Anonymous12:20 PM

      Jong is nothing but a fat 27 yr old mental asshole dicktator.

    2. Anonymous1:10 PM

      It is doubtful the advisors, family members, political opponents, old guard, anyone in his presence that somehow slighted him... that has been purged by firing squad or worse... thought of him as a jolly ol' soul.

      China does not see him as a Jolly ol' soul. Neither do South Korea or Japan.

      It would really just take a confused liberal American to somehow see a jolly person there.

  26. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Oh? so there were 2 easter rolls. One at mars lard ass go for ceo's ferrai, bmx, porche, Mercedes etc. and one for the little kiddies. Trump explained to all how he go America on the right track. OH shit is that funny. What a freaken useful idiot to Russia. Salute.

  27. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Well. I see Chachi lives. What a loser Junior is. How much $$ did it take Daddy to buy off the only noble feeling you've ever had in your miserable life -- protectiveness of your mother. Oh, that's right Daddy bought or threatened her off, too.

  28. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I love all of the crazy memes that came from TrumpJR's stupid shirt.

  29. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Scott Peley on CBS evening news is doing a great job of calling trump a liar without calling him one. He put up some of little donnie’s tweets from this weekend and then follows up with For the Record and goes on to state the TRUTH !!

    Finally someone in the media is not just airing his lies with out fact checking and reporting the truth !!

  30. Anonymous8:03 PM

    That first tweet makes it sound like he is commenting on “facts” from fox and friends, when in reality it was fox and friends reporting his original tweet.

    So he is commenting on his own tweet. How pathetic is that?

    “super Liberal Democrat in the Georgia Congressioal”
    Bet the super liberal Democrat in Georgia can spell Congressional

  31. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Is this the same Donald Trump Jr?


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