Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Keith Olbermann reports on a blog post of Louise Mensch asserting that the FBI has taped evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians.

Here is the assertion as written on Patribotics by Louise Mensch: 

Sources with links to the intelligence community say it is believed that Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected, to make it more favorable to Putin. In exchange, Page was authorized directly by Trump to request the help of the Russian government in hacking the election.

The post goes into far more detail and refers to previous posts to provide context, but that first paragraph right there is quite jaw dropping.

Now to be honest though I have been following Mensch on Twitter for quite awhile now I have hesitated to directly quote her or link to her posts because, well to be honest, because I was not certain of her trustworthiness as a reporter of facts.

In my defense many of the claims that Mensch makes are explosive, and would completely change the narrative about Trump's interaction with Russia.

However they are also often supported by anonymous sources, and though Mensch WAS the first person to report on the FISA court order, I remain somewhat skeptical that she has sources telling her things that the sources for the New York Times and Washington Post are keeping to themselves.

So I will present this here as a public service and invite your to hear what Olbermann says, and read Mensch's post, and then reach your own conclusions as to their validity.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    "it is believed that Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected,"....

    Did they travel back in time to the eighties first? In order to procure a tape recorder and tapes?

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Yeah, I'm not buying it either. First, I know Trump is an imbecile, but I don't believe even HE is stupid enough to video himself offering to collude with Putin. Also, it seemed pretty clear that he never thought he was really going to win, I don't even think he was trying that hard. So it seems unlikely that he would be going out of his way to risk smearing himself with treason for a race he never thought he had a chance to win anyway.

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      @Anonymous 9:44 AM

      You don't think Trump would be stupid enough to tape himself colluding? RICHARD NIXON WATERGATE!

    3. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Anonymous9:44 AM

      I have heard the Watergate tapes personally. So you can be in denial all you want. People with personality disorders like Nixon and Trump think they are above the law, so they surely will record their. crimes.


      We don't use tape for video anymore either but we still refer to the act of digital recordings as video.

      Nice misdirection/cover up there. Semantics is always a favorite.

      Now put your fingers in your ears and sing LALALALALA.

    5. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Oh god are you buying the Bill Palmer 'journalism' now mlaiuppa? You do realize most of the palmerreport is a repeat of what Louise Mensch Blogs and tweet don't you?

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    This Congressman Has Created‘Illegitimacy Clock’ For Trump, And It’s Magnificent

    ...Here’s Lieu’s statement regarding Trump’s violation of Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution:

    “The second after Donald Trump took the oath of office, he violated the Constitution and continues to do so. The Framers wrote Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution to prevent foreign influence over our elected officials. It mandates that no person holding office ‘shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever from any King, Prince, or foreign State.’ While holding office, Mr. Trump will receive—by virtue of his continued interest in the vast and global Trump Organization and his stake in hundreds of other entities—a steady stream of monetary and other benefits from foreign powers and their agents. This is illegal.

    Trump can stop his illegal behavior by divesting his global business interests or putting them into blind trusts. He refuses to do so. Not only is he violating the law, he is explicitly putting his financial interests and those of his family above the interests of America. Trump is not making America First, he is making America Second.

    As a Member of the House Judiciary Committee, I will do everything I can to hold Trump accountable. My first action is the creation of a Cloud of Illegitimacy Clock that keeps track of the seconds, minutes, hours, and days that Trump is operating outside of the law. At some point, the Clock is going to catch up to Trump. For now, Trump appears to be taking the position of former President Richard Nixon that ‘when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.’ How did that work out?”

    What Trump is doing is illegal and action must be taken to stop it. Either he needs to cut all financial ties completely or he should be forced to resign or impeached and brought to justice as the crook that he so is


    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      CLOUD OF ILLEGITIMACY CLOCK: How long Trump has been in violation of Article I of the Constitution


    2. Anonymous10:48 AM

      I said from the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign (on this very blog) that if Hillary did not go nuclear and use everything against Trump that she knew about, she would deserve to lose; but someone on this blog told me that that would be bad for Hillary to do that, and that she should take the high road. I STRONGLY DISAGREED with that poster. I am sick and tired of Democrats being so meek and weak, and using "taking the highroad" as an excuse. THIS is why the Repubs. are in control of the whole damn country.
      I said back then if Hillary did not fight fire with fire, she deserved to lose, BUT some posters on this blog said "she shouldn't do that, she should take the high road".

      Well folks my idea was best, because you don't take a spoon to a knife fight.
      One day (I hope soon) Democrats will learn how to fight.

    3. Anonymous11:30 AM

      I am one that voted for and supported Hillary Clinton. I also thought she should take the 'high road' against Trump...which she did.

      She and President Obama obviously knew a lot of negative things about Trump as to his lying and fraudulent ways.

      It wasn't, and really isn't, the way of Democrats to be dirty and nasty when it comes to campaigning.

      I detest Trump and feel he doesn't represent me in any way. Do I wish Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (etc.) and President Obama had been more open? What would it have gotten them in the long run? Trump would have been so evil and nasty and the entire campaign and election cycle would have been even worse than it was! Remember - Mrs. Clinton won the 'majority' vote of Americans! They knew who would be the better person in office.

      All I know today is that I still love, respect and admire President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady (etc.) Hillary Clinton and President Clinton!

      And, I am not a registered Democrat!

    4. Exactly.

      Nothing is being done about the Post Office hotel in D.C. either, yet Trump is in violation of the contract.

    5. Anonymous1:06 PM

      @11:30 >Agree>because they knew and intended to obey and 'follow the laws and Constitution of the United States" As they will continue to do.
      "I TOO still love, respect and admire President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady (etc.) Hillary Clinton and President Clinton!

      And, I am not a registered Democrat!".

      Resist and eXpose and build a CASE!
      "Cloud of Illegitimacy Clock that keeps track of the seconds, minutes, hours, and days that Trump is operating outside of the law."

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM


    1. Anonymous9:40 AM

      lol. And down the rabbit hole you go.

    2. Follow Louise and follow those who follow her. You will learn a lot.

      Louise does not have the media risk in the same way the NYT and WaPo do.

    3. GoodPoop9:52 AM

      Do rabbit holes work for bomb shelters?

    4. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Instructions 101 for being known as a relatively sane person operating in society: Do the opposite of whatever laurensd1 is telling you to do.

    5. GoodPoop10:00 AM

      But sign your name whatever you do!

    6. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Why TAPE? Recordings that aren't 'born digital' require more work to duplicate and backup; moreover, copies present problems in court with chain of evidence issues. Tape can be destroyed quickly and easily - especially if it is a one-off.

      But keep posting (ignorance) whatever you do!

    7. Anonymous11:54 AM

      lol, yeah the only problem is actually finding tapes and tape recorders and players these days. Maybe Page flew to Russia with a dusty old boom box from his garage.

      Secret message hidden between old Run DMC and Beastie Boys on a homemade mix tape.

    8. Anonymous3:45 PM

      11:54, either you are trying to undermine the story for your own agenda or you are a bit dense. Tape doesn't have to mean a cassette. It could easily be a camcorder and a video that was carried. Tape or dvd.

    9. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Lol 3:45. Why and or how would there be any 'undermining' if there were to be Federal indictments.... undermining taking place at the Immoral Minority no less, where nobody here, including me, could have any say or sway as to such investigations.

      No, this is just a pure pointing out how dumb and gullible most of you are, and it is funny. Nothing more.

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM

    For reasons known only to them, Team Hillary sat on the details of #KremlinGate for many months.



    What the hell interest could Peter Thiel have had in restructuring the US Intel Community? What were these madmen planning and why?



    Ivanka's company won Chinese approval for new trademarks the same day she dined with China's president at Mar-a-Lago



    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Everyone know twitter is a good source of solid verified information right? Right? Right? ......

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      More sick of twitter than Facebook. Everyone's got the goods; everyone's the expert; yet this shit goes on day after day and no one does anything while "we the people" pay.

    3. GoodPoop9:51 AM

      Try this if you can't understand twitter that you know, the illegitimate president uses?


      You will feel oh so much better!
      Ty che, blyad.

    4. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Lol, a trump hating blog (you know, 'blog', not news or journalists) called gopwatchdog.... well at least it takes a little more time and effort to spew non-facts than twitter.

    5. Anonymous10:16 AM



      Could be 'too REAL' for Ivanaka....

    6. Anonymous10:18 AM

      @10:05 AM Trump is the chief Twidiot.

    7. Anonymous10:26 AM

      And does anyone give Trump any credibility on twitter 10:18?

    8. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Says a trump deplorable!
      " well at least it takes a little more time and effort to spew non-facts than twitter."
      Waiting with breathless awesomeness for tRump's next twitter gem...

    9. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Again, does anyone give Trump any credibility on twitter 10:27?

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Yes the useful idiot is on tape along with his cast of whitehouse apprentice swamp turds. Yes indeed the days are numbered for the old ugly lousy liars occupying and polluting our buildings.

  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Old ugly fat slob liars being lousy actors in our white house should not be allowed a private phone, facebook, twitter account nor collusion with the enemy.

  7. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Trump Scheme Backfires As Millennial Women Can’t Stand Ivanka Trump

    The woman who is supposed to be President Trump's "in" with women is not so much. Especially among millennial women. They really, really disapprove of Ivanka.


    1. Anonymous10:31 AM

      I don't know of any woman that likes Ivanka. People can't stand her phony ass. She egged her father on the run for president and she is the one who convinced him to bomb Syria.

    2. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Anonymous10:09 AM

      She aided and abetted, and pushed her mentally unstable father into running for president, so she is complicit in this disaster that has happened to America. Plus she outsources her tacky merchandise to other countries. Depriving Americans of work.

    3. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Orange will soon be Ivanka's 'new black'.

    4. Anonymous12:53 PM

      @Anonymous 11:16 AM

      ''Orange will soon be Ivanka's 'new black.''

      Haha..She'll rue the day that she pushed her mentally unstable father into running for president.

    5. Anonymous6:43 AM

      Chelsea Clinton likes Ivanka.
      They still have playdates for their kids to get together. Multimillionaires have to stick together.

  8. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Off topic but a fitting example of collusion with trump stumps. School Vouchers. In Arizona at last second a bill introduced to allow school vouchers for everyone. And it was pushed and quickly signed by all republicans and gov douchebag. Well the town of Scottsdale funds their own school system with property taxes and now they have a new choice .....the voucher. And with that voucher they can use it to attend any school of choice.....private, public, religious, alterntive, heritage. Yep and then all the money for teachers in the entire public school systems works for nothing and required to buy own supplies. Until? someone actually added things up, until somebody stood up, until somebody spoke up, until somebody read up and have now put a stop to it. NO TAXPAYER money goes to vouchers for you or your kid to attend anything other than PUBLIC school period. If you want your kid to attend cyber school, religious school, brainwashing school, techno school, heritage whatever? Pay for it yourself. PERIOD.

    1. Vouchers have always been the GOP's method of privatizing schools for profit and destroying the public school system. Teachers have been saying this for years but no one pays attention because they are teachers and obviously only thinking of their own personal interests. Yeah. That's why people go into teaching. For the money and fame.

  9. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I read her Twitter feed daily and I hope everything she says is true. Her tweets are supported by others, including a former intelligence agent. So, hoping these cretins will soon be arrested for treason. But, they are taking their time letting a seriously mentally ill freak stay in office. I think that monster wooed start WW III to deflect from Russiagate.

    1. Anonymous11:37 AM


  10. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Just wondering about the rezidentura troll that's been hanging out round here...

    Do you think it's either Lou S. or BriS being bored and sad (and Bailey'd UP ) since their rapid slide out of the slime light? Or is it just Alicia who is just acting out of habit? Also too, the simplistic, repetitive meme would fit any of them or all of them.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      I think one of them is Sarah Lou.

    2. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Then we have Sarah Palin.


    3. Anonymous5:12 PM

      We have Queen Ester.

  11. Anonymous12:04 PM

    This is off topic. sorry, but Trump's Snap On Tools speech today....the hypocrite bestowing honor on the hard working people who work with their hands, how he honors them himself .He even threw in the
    Panama Canal . He did not mention the many who
    were stiffed by him ,building his hotels in all aspects. They begged for their money, and his answer was"so sue me!" Please call the Conservative radio talk shows in your area
    and throw it back in their faces!!!!!!!
    I already did!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM



  12. Anonymous12:48 PM


    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      Happens all the time but usually it doesn't make the news. This new "cold war" kind of thing going on makes this newsworthy.

  13. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Louise Mensch is dumber than a bag of hair.

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Troll much?


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