Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Leaked email confirms that Trump Modeling agency is closing its doors. Gee, I wonder why?

Courtesy of Mother Jones:

One of President Donald Trump's favorite businesses will go the way of Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Airlines, and Trump Magazine: his embattled New York modeling firm, Trump Model Management, has officially told its business associates around the world to prepare for its closure, according to an email obtained by Mother Jones. 

Over the weekend, Corinne Nicolas, president of Trump Models, informed industry colleagues of the pending closure of the 18-year-old agency, in which Trump owns an 85 percent stake (according to his most recent financial disclosure). "The Trump Organization is choosing to exit the modeling industry," Nicolas wrote in the email. "On the heels of the recent sale of the Miss Universe Organization, the company is choosing to focus on their core businesses in the real estate, golf and hospitality space." (The Trump Organization sold the Miss Universe Organization, which also runs the Miss USA beauty pageant, to the talent agency WME-IMG about 18 months ago, following a controversy over then-candidate Trump's remarks about Mexican immigrants.) 

Mother Jones reported last week that the firm was on the brink of collapse, and the New York Post confirmed on Friday that Trump's agency was indeed shutting down.

You may remember that the Trump Modeling agency had recently been in hot water when it was revealed that some of the models did not have valid visas to be working in this country, and that the agency ripped them off and treated them more like livestock than human beings.

One has to wonder if there were even that many booking agents interested in hiring a model associated with Donald Trump these days?

My guess is that there is not.

I guess bombing Syria can't solve every problem, can it Donnie?


  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-govt-hackers-burned-online-205110249.html

    "On Monday, CIA hackers were outed by an American security firm who linked their work to recent WikiLeaks dumps. And over the weekend, a shadowy group of hackers calling themselves the Shadow Brokers spilled NSA hacking tools onto the internet."

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Maybe they were here for the escort agency? He will have escorts in his new monstrocity, tRump China. Also, too massage therapists! His next "wife" will be personally delivered by his BFF Vlad.

    1. Anonymous6:07 AM


      Not so fast...

  3. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Because these modeling agencies what specialize in foreign models are nothing more than human trafficking businesses.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      Melania was a foreign model.

    2. Anonymous6:11 AM


  4. Anonymous4:03 AM

    I, for one, hope that every last business he and his family have goes under.

  5. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Does this mean that old pervert won't be grabbing those young women's hoohahs? That's bad news for Ivanka.

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      No daddy no

  6. Anonymous6:48 AM


  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    This is terrible news. Willow and Bristol just signed their modeling contracts with Trump Modeling two weeks ago.

  8. Anonymous7:16 AM

    OT?"Bentley had improperly used law enforcement officials to cover up his "inappropriate relationship" with the former aide, Rebekah Mason. "Bentley directed law enforcement to advance his personal interests and, in a process characterized by increasing obsession and paranoia, subjected career law enforcement officers to tasks intended to protect his reputation," "probable cause to believe Bentley committed multiple felony violations of state ethics and campaign finance laws.""It was Collier's understanding that Mason intended the plan to be rolled out in a way that had limited impact on Governor Bentley's political allies," the report states. "Collier claims he reported this to the Attorney General's office because he was concerned about a Voting Rights Act violation."In February, Bentley appointed Strange to the US Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions (R) became US attorney general."


  9. Anonymous10:19 AM

    This is more proof of what we have known all along: little donnie is a crappy businessman.


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