Friday, April 14, 2017

New CIA director calls Wikileaks a "hostile" intelligence gathering service.

Courtesy of ABC News:  

CIA Director Mike Pompeo blasted anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks on Thursday calling it a "hostile" intelligence-gathering service that is often "abetted by state actors like Russia." 

"WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service," Pompeo said during an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, saying, "it's time to call out WikiLeaks for what it is." 

He called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a "fraud" and "coward" and criticized NSA leaker Edward Snowden for championing "nothing but his own celebrity." 

"I am quite confident that had Assange been around in the 1930s and 40s and 50s, he would have found himself on the wrong side of history," Pompeo said.

Well, somebody needed to say it.

Though I have to admit that I never thought I would find myself in agreement with Mike Pompeo.

However it is beyond clear now that Wikileaks is no longer (If they ever were.) the non-partisan data gathering entity that they advertised themselves to be during the Bush Administration.

Now it is clear that they are working alongside Russia and other hostile nations to undermine and  ultimately damage our very foundation as a country.

Interestingly enough Pmpeo himself was not always quite this hostile toward Wikileaks himself.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Pompeo encouraged people to read WikiLeaks’ first dump of hacked Democratic National Committee emails. 

“Need further proof that the fix was in from Pres. Obama on down? BUSTED: 19,252 Emails from DNC Leaked by Wikileaks,” he tweeted in July from his congressional account. The account, @RepMikePompeo, no longer exists. 

Boy that confirmation bias is a powerful thing, don't you think? 

Well at least he did not go as far as his boss who praised Wikileaks during the campaign and often cited documents they had leaked in his attacks on Hillary Clinton.



    "The White House said Friday that it will not release logs of visitors to the White House, breaking with the practice of President Donald Trump's predecessor.

    The decision will outrage open-government groups, and possibly spark fresh litigation to try to force the Trump administration to release the information. They see the logs as an important tool for monitoring which individuals or groups may be trying to influence government policy.

    Trump has been widely criticized for a lack of openness for refusing to release his tax returns, breaking with decades of precedent.

    Senior White House officials cited privacy and national security concerns for the decision not to release the visitor logs. They argued that the decision is in line with what previous administrations have done, except for President Barack Obama's, and that continuing Obama's practice of releasing the records could interfere with policy development.

    White House communications director Michael Dubke said Trump has already taken steps to improve the ethical climate in Washington, such as imposing new restrictions on lobbying by departing White House officials and opening the White House press briefing room to outlets that previously didn't have access.

    He said the "Trump administration has broken new ground in ensuring our government is both ethical and accessible to the American people."

    To which I call BULLSHIT!

    "Citing “the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually,” the White House said in a statement that it would “disclose Secret Service logs as outlined under the Freedom of Information Act.”"

    And of course, Mar-a-LaGofuckyourself doesn't keep visitors logs. Neither do Trump's golf courses.

    Which is probably why he is always leaving the White House to meetings of "convenience".

    "The logs will remain private until five years after Trump leaves office, Time reported."


    This is what needs to be investigated because this is what is going to get Trump impeached, not the Russian ties.

    1. Anonymous11:03 PM

      Trump and family have lots of explaining in court to do. It is gonna be a nasty dirty shindig in ho town.

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Didn't everyone used to praise Wikileaks

    1. Anonymous11:05 PM

      That was Wikipedia. WikiLeaks is nothing but made up garbage by low life crooks to rig elections and harm innocent people.

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I am so sick of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Russian propaganda, and the traitor quislings in the GOP!!!

    1. Anonymous11:06 PM

      Don't forget snowden being held in Russia to commit treason and espionage.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    OT- Good.

  5. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Just shut um down.

  6. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I guess wikileaks must have the goods on little donnie because they were great when the info pertained to Hillary.


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