Sunday, April 02, 2017

Trump fires off new Twitter tirade in response to report on Fox "fake" News.

And then just this morning Trump followed up with this.
The impetus for Trump's hyperactive tweets seems to be this story from Fox News claiming that they have a source who located the "very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world" individual who targeted Donald Trump.

The "source" also made this claim: 

“Opposition by some in the intelligence agencies who were very connected to the Obama and Clinton teams was strong. After Trump was elected, they decided they were going to ruin his presidency by picking them off one by one."

The problem for Trump of course is that Fox News is the World Net Daily of cable news and they are notorious for having "experts" on their programs who are later discredited and shown to be charlatans.

In fact they already temporarily suspended Judge Andrew Napolitano for making a very similar claim just last month.

But Trump doesn't care, as far as he is concerned any new outlet that back him up is a good news source, and all others are "fake news."


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I see A blow is hawking this shit called GoLo on cable.Whatsa matter Keith? No Obama to kick around anymore?You piece of unAmericam shit.

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    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Day drinkin'.

    3. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Uh you forgot your meds!

    4. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Keith Ablow?

  2. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Let's play "Find the traitor."

  3. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who leaked intel to Devin Nunes for Donald Trump, has ties to Vladimir Putin

    Yet another Donald Trump adviser traces back to the Kremlin

    Holocaust attorney E. Randol Schoenberg has collaborated with genealogist Renee Steinig to unearth something surreal. Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s wife Becky did public relations for the Russian government. The source: her own mother, Vicki Fraser. Schoenberg points to an oral history provided by Fraser which states that her daughter Becky Miller “works for Ketchum, a PR and marketing firm in Washington, D.C. and her big challenges right now are Ketchum is responsible for providing PR and marketing to try to make Russia look better which is particularly difficult when they’re invading other countries and when Putin is somewhat out of control.”

    Because Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s wife has been doing public relations for the Russian government for a living, it means their household income partially comes from Vladimir Putin. Yet somehow this guy has a high ranking job in the White House. And again, the source on this is his own mother-in-law, unearthed by a respected Holocaust attorney (read his blog post on it), so this is as solid as it gets. Palmer Report has noted that since Schoenberg published his findings, Becky Miller has almost immediately deleted her LinkedIn profile which listed her as still working for Putin’s PR firm.

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

    The Internet SAVAGES Trump After He Promotes Fox News Propaganda Again (TWEETS)

    ...Note that Trump said “some” of the people named were not associated with Russia. This, of course, serves as a tacit admission that members of his team were indeed involved with Putin.

    Naturally, Twitter was very excited about Trump’s huge news:

    '@realDonaldTrump It does get bigger.

    Collusion with Russia is bigger.

    Incidental data collection is nothing.'

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      "Incidental data collection is nothing.'"
      How about 'TARGETED'?

    2. Anonymous9:31 AM

      @8:04 Bill O is 'targeted' now too>

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  6. Anonymous7:10 AM

    @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews The only scandal around Obama surveillance is the fact that you invented it, and @DevinNunes traded his credibility to falsely support it.

  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    CNN State Of The Union host Jake Tapper asked Schiff about the documents that he viewed at the White House.

    The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee answered, “The most important thing people need to know about these documents is not classified, and it’s a couple things. First, the Deputy Assistant to the White House informed me when I went to see them that these are exactly the same materials that were shown to the Chairman. Now, this is a very interesting point. How does the White House know that these are the same materials that were shown to the Chairman if the White House wasn’t aware of what the Chairman was being shown? And the second point that was made to me, and this was also underscored by Sean Spicer, and that is it was told to me by the Deputy Assistant that these materials were produced in the ordinary course of business.

    Well, the question for the White House and Mr. Spicer is, the ordinary course of whose business? Because if these were produced for or by the White House, then why all the subterfuge? There’s nothing ordinary about the process that was used here at all.

    And Jake, I think the answer may come from the President himself.

    ...Rep. Schiff caught the White House red-handed in their cover-up. The lesson here for Trump is that he and his White House should never have tried to BS a former prosecutor. Schiff is smarter than this White House, and he is not going to stop coming after them in this investigation.

    The White House official that tried to smokescreen Schiff made a huge mistake that ended up adding evidence to claim that the Trump administration is trying to cover-up the Russia scandal...

  8. Anonymous7:34 AM

    OT- I think not>

    + becoming Speed freaks...

    1. Anonymous7:44 AM

      "God speed."

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  10. Anonymous7:42 AM

    It never ceases to amaze me how much more intelligent democratic politicians are than gop politicians. The democratic pols are precise, straight to the point, even tempered and KNOW the facts and figures. The gop get up in arms claim to be insulted and huff and puff. I seriously think Nunes is being blackmailed for some indiscretion. Why else would he cover for this WH, sweat bullets trying to explain WHY he is doing this? With the repubs. the story never changes - FOLLOW THE MONEY, discover what they are hiding. tRump should be upset that his good buddy Vlad has tapes of him in Russia with the prostitutes.

  11. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Amid Mike Flynn immunity flap, even Jason Chaffetz is distancing himself from Donald Trump

    ...Chaffetz is as partisan as they come. He abused his position as a House committee chair to hold years of hearings into phony Hillary Clinton scandals that he had helped invent, all of which ultimately went nowhere. But thus far he’s refused to use his committee to hold any hearings into Donald Trump’s very real Russia and financial scandals. So when Mike Flynn asked for immunity this week in exchange for testifying in Trump’s Russia scandal, and Trump responded by publicly encouraging Flynn to do it, one might have expected Chaffetz to side with them.

    Instead, Chaffetz is telling Politico that he disagrees with Trump’s stance that the Russia investigation is a witch hunt. In addition, Chaffetz is calling out Flynn’s sudden immunity request as being “mysterious” and he goes on to state his view that it should not be granted yet – echoing the same position coming from the bipartisan Senate Intel Committee. But just when you think Chaffetz might be strategically trying to throw Flynn under the bus as a scapegoat to protect Trump, it turns out Chaffetz is distancing himself from Trump as well.

    “I don’t think Donald Trump should be weighing in on this at this point,” Jason Chaffetz says in the Politico piece (link). So now we’ve got Chaffetz, whose prior actions suggest he would really like to remain aligned with Trump if he can, now beginning to distance himself instead.

  12. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Former Republican Party Chairman says Donald Trump won’t finish his term

    'Former chairman of RNC Steele told WWR at lunch that Trump will not finish his term; advises clients to bolster ties w/VP Pence'

    So this means that yet another prominent voice in politics – and one from the conservative Republican side no less – now views Donald Trump’s ouster as a matter of when and not if. Steele didn’t specify whether he’s expecting Trump to resign or be impeached.

  13. Anonymous8:18 AM

    The Russians must be scared to death to spew this huge of a fire hose of false info already.
    Sorry Vlad, it's too late for your disinformation damage control.. the cougar is out of the fucking bag.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM


  14. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Mitch McConnell Falls Apart When Chuck Todd Calls Him Out On His BS Blocking Of Merrick Garland

    Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) fell apart and could only nervously laugh as Meet The Press host Chuck Todd called him out on not allowing a vote on Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

    ...This is typical McConnell, dishing out his already debunked lie to a usually willing press who rarely if ever call him out on the spot.

    But Chuck Todd wasn’t having it this Sunday. And Chuck Todd called McConnell out. And it is a thing of beauty.

    Todd charged, “Well, I understand that, and that’s a rationale to vote against his confirmation. Why not put him up for a vote?”

    McConnell expressed his shock at being called out on the specific way his lie doesn’t hold up, even if it were true (and it’s not). “Really?” McConnell asked.

    Todd, “Look I”m just asking -”
    McConnell again, “Really?” Nervous laugh.

    Todd, “Any senator can have a rationale not to vote for a confirmation. Why not put Merrick Garland on the floor and if the rationale is, ‘you know what, too close to an election’, then vote no.”

    Mitch McConnell tried his pompous laugh, the one he uses when he tells reporters that he won’t be talking about that topic today, “huh huh huh.”

    But it went nowhere, and it sounded nervous.

    Taking a deep sucking breath, McConnell launched into a sputterfest, ” Look, ah, I-ah, wa- we were we litigated that last year. The American people decided they wanted Donald Trump to make the nomination, not Hillary Clinton, and what’s before us now Chuck is not what happened last year but the qualifications of Neil Gorsuch.”

    McConnell listed off why there was no principle reason not to vote against him.

    See, that’s an interestingly bad choice of defenses because people got to hear Neil Gorsuch’s qualifications because he was given a hearing, unlike Merrick Garland. And this was exactly Chuck Todd’s point.

    Todd explained that it has not actually been litigated according to many Democratic Senators who believe Merrick Garland was mistreated. McConnell tried his laugh again but Todd didn’t leave it.

    “Again, what was wrong with allowing Merrick Garland to have an up or down vote?” Todd pushed.

    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

      LOL. Hundreds of thousands of chickens heading home to roost. This is just the beginning. Fuck Mitch McConnell.


    2. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Too bad Chuck Todd waited so long to grow a backbone.

    3. Glad to see someone grew some balls.

      Bet McConnell won't be facing Todd anymore. As more and more journalists call out these liars, thieves and fascists in public for all to see, said liars, thieves and fascists will go into hiding and refuse to do these shows.

      Thus providing even more fodder.

      It's a shame so many waited so long to finally display the same backbone our late night comics have had for the last decade.

      So far it's been too little. Let's hope it grows and isn't too late.

  15. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Here's a simple browser plugin
    just in case you wanna have a
    little fun with Chump's tweets:

    1. I don't do twitter.

      But I do have the plug ins to make Donald "Drumpf" again and to replace his photo with a poop emoji on my Chrome browser. (Unfortunately they don't work or are unavailable in Safari.)

  16. Anonymous8:31 AM

    This is getting boring. I was sick of Trump before, now I'm bored with him. Fucking hate him too.

  17. Anonymous8:35 AM

    the whole lot of them are certifiable.

  18. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Trump Earns Majority Of Americans’ Disapproval In Record Time

    It took George W. Bush years to get to this point.

    President Donald Trump’s job approval ratings are low in any context, but they look even worse through a historical lens.

    Gallup’s latest poll, issued Friday, shows 38 percent of American adults approve of the job Trump is doing as president, and 56 percent disapprove.

    That’s comparable to some of the ratings his predecessors saw. But what’s different is the timing. It took far more than a year before presidents from Ronald Reagan through Barack Obama earned the disapproval of a majority of the public, according to Gallup. It took Trump just over a week.

    Trump, barely two months into his presidency, is well within the “honeymoon period” that other presidents have enjoyed. Despite a wave of high-profile controversies and setbacks, including the failure of the Obamacare repeal bill, his White House has yet to face a recession, a major international incident or any sort of crisis beyond the self-inflicted.

    1. Garry Trudeau has G. W. delighted that Drumpf is such a bad president. Took the heat off and his legacy is no longer that of worst president ever.

  19. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Nikki Haley: Trump ‘Can Say What He Wants Whenever He Wants’

    “He’s got a lot of things he’s doing, but he is not stopping me from beating up on Russia.”

  20. Anonymous8:46 AM

    The First Week Of Early Voting Bodes Well For Democrat Jon Ossoff

    A special election in Georgia’s 6th district is testing the liberal backlash against Donald Trump.

    That is a good sign for Democrats hoping that the surge in liberal enthusiasm after the election of President Donald Trump will be enough to elect 30-year-old candidate Jon Ossoff. The seat opened up when Trump named former Rep. Tom Price to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services.

    Of the more than 8,100 people who have voted so far in the suburban Atlanta district, 44 percent were Democrats and 23 percent were Republicans, according to an analysis by Michael McDonald, a political science professor and election specialist at the University of Florida.

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      We need voting overseers like we send to African states, as the rigged system gives me no confidence whatsoever. Watch the numbers flip 1 minute after polls close.

  21. Anonymous8:47 AM

  22. Anonymous8:51 AM

    O/T but check out Our own Sarah Palin makes the list of 16 worst hoaxes. If you're a teacher, there's a curriculum too.

    Happy Fact Checking Day!

  23. Anonymous8:59 AM

    The White House doesn’t sound so keen on granting immunity to Michael Flynn anymore

    The president of the United States tweeted Friday morning that his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, should ask for immunity to testify to congressional investigators.

    But that apparently doesn't mean Trump thinks Flynn should be given that immunity. Somehow.

  24. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Our Dishonest President

    It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters. The Times called him unprepared and unsuited for the job he was seeking, and said his election would be a “catastrophe.”

    Still, nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck. Like millions of other Americans, we clung to a slim hope that the new president would turn out to be all noise and bluster, or that the people around him in the White House would act as a check on his worst instincts, or that he would be sobered and transformed by the awesome responsibilities of office.

    Instead, seventy-some days in — and with about 1,400 to go before his term is completed — it is increasingly clear that those hopes were misplaced.

    In a matter of weeks, President Trump has taken dozens of real-life steps that, if they are not reversed, will rip families apart, foul rivers and pollute the air, intensify the calamitous effects of climate change and profoundly weaken the system of American public education for all.

    His attempt to de-insure millions of people who had finally received healthcare coverage and, along the way, enact a massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich has been put on hold for the moment. But he is proceeding with his efforts to defang the government’s regulatory agencies and bloat the Pentagon’s budget even as he supposedly retreats from the global stage.

    “ " It is impossible to know where his presidency will lead or how much damage he will do to our nation. " ”

  25. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Trump's Approach to Intel Agencies Shows Anxiety, Distrust

    The White House's handling of intelligence reports on the Russia investigation has been labeled unorthodox and, to the Democrats, suspicious. But when it comes to Donald Trump's relationship with his spy agencies, that's par for the course.

    Since taking office, Trump has challenged the integrity of intelligence officials, moved to exert more control over U.S. spying agencies and accused his predecessor of using government spycraft to monitor his presidential campaign.

    This week, Trump's White House is facing allegations that it funneled secret intelligence reports to a top Republican investigating his campaign's possible ties to Russian officials as well as Moscow's interference in the 2016 election.

    The approach appears to be based, at least in part, on the White House's anxiety over the Russia investigations, which threaten to seriously weaken his presidency. It also reflects a deep distrust of the intelligence community among his political advisers, including government newcomers who have never dealt with classified information or covert programs.
    Continue reading the main story

    "It reveals a chasm of ignorance about how stuff is done," said Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and National Security Agency.

  26. Anonymous9:07 AM

    The White House Wouldn’t Post Trump Staffers’ Financial Disclosures. So We Did.

  27. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Poor asshole got some sleep. And he begins his nonsense today being the idiot tweety bird brain occupying the whitehouse. Gee where is sheriff nano nano when he needs him? I smell texas swamp sewer or is that mining tailings? hmmmm? Gee I better go to MD Anderson for a cancer cluster check up, RIGHT? Hey trump you better defund public education, EPA, drinking water safety and put those miner ceo's back to work in between their MD Anderson healthcare job. YOU LIAR.

  28. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Sara and trump have so much in common. Both lie, cheat and steal from other people. Both look constipated, Both spend nights on blogs sites looking for their enemies, both will go before a judge in the end. And both are finished.

  29. Anonymous3:50 PM

    OT? or More like TRUTH TELL:

  30. Anonymous3:54 PM

    "We Are Watching The Death Of Fox As Attorney Calls FNC The Bill Cosby Of Corporations"


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