Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Did a Trump bodyguard once call an attorney and say "If You Keep Fucking With Mr. Trump We Know Where You Live?" Probably.

Trump on Letterman in 2009.
Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

When Donald Trump’s casino business went bankrupt in 2009, a lawyer whose clients stood to lose more than a billion dollars told police and the FBI that he got a menacing phone call from a man with a thick New York accent who threatened his family. 

“My name is Carmine. I don’t know why you’re fucking with Mr. Trump but if you keep fucking with Mr. Trump, we know where you live and we’re going to your house for your wife and kids,” the caller said, according to the account that the attorney, Kristopher Hansen, gave to the Holmdel police department in New Jersey. Hansen speculated that the caller was Trump’s bodyguard. 

According to FBI case notes, the phone call to Hansen was made at 2:05 p.m. on Feb. 18, 2009, from a New York City telephone booth located across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theater, where Trump was a guest that day on The Late Show With David Letterman. Three former employees of the show told BuzzFeed News that guests were asked to arrive in advance of the 4:30 taping, though accounts differ on just how far in advance.

The incident, which has never before been made public, came at a time when Trump’s signature mix of celebrity glamor and ruthless business tactics was on stark display. The implosion of his flagship casino company, Trump Entertainment Resorts, left many investors and contractors empty-handed. But Trump walked away from the wreckage, gilding his public image and largely denying responsibility. “I wasn’t involved at all in management,” Trump told Letterman. Trump had been chairman of the board until five days earlier, and his daughter Ivanka had also been on the board.

After receiving the phone call Mr. Hansen was so shaken that he notified both the police and the FBI.

Of course there is no definitive proof that the phone call was delivered by a Trump bodyguard, or associate.

But I think we all suspect that is most likely the case.

Remember that incident with the Rolling Stones promoter back in 1989? 

“One of two things is going to happen,” Cohl told Trump. “You’re going to leave the building and, at 6:40, The Rolling Stones are going to speak on CBS News, or you’re not going to leave the building and I’m going to go on and do an interview to explain to the world why the pay-per-view was canceled” 

Then, while literally telling Donald Trump “You’re fired,” Cohl noticed Trump’s “three shtarkers he’s with, in trench coats, two of them are putting on gloves and the other one is putting on brass knuckles.” 

Cohl signaled his head of security, who “got 40 of the crew with tire irons and hockey sticks and screwdrivers,” effectively sending off Trump and his goons.

As you see, there's a pattern.

Now do you understand by Trump feels such an affinity for thugs like Vladimir Putin and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?


  1. Anonymous4:08 AM

    scary OT
    Massive group of 800 eagles take over Dutch Harbor

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      The headline on the National Enquirer at the grocery store checkout aisle stated that WWIII is about to begin and that Trump would trounce our eight enemies. Are the eagles an early part of that? Is the Netherlands one of the enemies?

  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    I'd put the gang of roadies up against a bunch of cheap Trump thugs any day. Roadies are not only fit but often very cranky from lack of sleep and they don't need a second invitation to a fight.

  3. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Donald J. Trump and his personal history is sitting in the White House in terror. To deal with his own terror, he is officially attempting to terrorize America. He must extort the American people to continue his multi-billionaire charade pay-off his own death threatening debtors. #45 trusts no one because he knows that 'they' are coming for him.

    That is why #45 knows that there are no corners in the Oval Office (h/t George W. Bush).

    Lord have mercy on us all.


  4. KanaW5:19 AM

    "“I wasn’t involved at all in management,” Trump told Letterman. Trump had been chairman of the board until five days earlier"

    And that's why he's so surprised at how hard the job of President is. He's used to putting his name on something, walking away, and pulling in loads of money from it. The idea that he has to actually DO something is completely foreign to him. SMH.

  5. Anonymous6:20 AM

    "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters," I think drumpf's
    Initiation into the 'underworld' with the Russians was THIS. because he DID IT ALREADY. ( & got away with it)

    1. Anonymous6:50 AM

      Projection... anyone?

  6. Anonymous6:31 AM

    OT?>"Cheney has investments in private prison corporations and the prison industrial complex. He has huge investments in the Vanguard Group, which invests in private prison companies - and that money was invested prior to his Vice Presidency"

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      WATCH THIS!!!

    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      DARE did/does not work! I heard it from the guy who wrote THE THESIS paper on it. Told me 20-25 years after the FACT. Ethnocentric hypocrites.

    3. Anonymous8:47 AM

      "Gunfight is a timely work examining America’s four-centuries-long political battle over gun control and the right to bear arms. In this definitive and provocative history, Adam Winkler reveals how guns—not abortion, race, or religion—are at the heart of America’s cultural divide. Using the landmark 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller—which invalidated a law banning handguns in the nation’s capital—as a springboard, Winkler brilliantly weaves together the dramatic stories of gun-rights advocates and gun-control lobbyists, providing often unexpected insights into the venomous debate that now cleaves our nation."
      "About the Author>
      Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been featured on CNN and in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New Republic. A columnist for the Daily Beast, he lives in Los Angeles."

    4. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Isn't the Vanguard Group connected to the Bush family?

  7. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Strong Arm:
    “They have to regard what they did as a huge success. They’ve been doing it in France and they’ll do it in Germany.”

  8. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I'm so sick of this dickhead he is about as weak as a piece of shit floating in a swamp. Rolling Stones should have never given that pos a pass to play their music. They should file a lawsuit against trump for using it without permission.

  9. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Trump is a bully, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was him making the phone calls. Or John Barron.

  10. Anonymous8:18 AM

    "Comey also emphasized that he "didn't make a public announcement" about the renewed investigation but rather sent a "private letter" to the leaders of the congressional oversight committees.
    That statement drew LAUGHTER from Feinstein."
    "the FBI director says he would make the same decision
    again." "Even in hindsight—and this has been one of the world's most painful experiences—I would make the same decision," he said. "I would not conceal that."

  11. Anonymous8:30 AM

    OT?"They used to have a policy of systematically destroying the files if they learned a perpetrator had died or if they determined, from the date, that the man had turned 70,” Dumas claims. “They just destroyed the file with the thought that, ‘Oh, he’s too old to abuse someone.’”
    Gilroy said he hoped coming forward under his own name would encourage other victims to speak out.
    “That’s why I’m using my name, that’s why I’m using my picture, is to embolden other victims to have the courage to step forward and say they were hurt, and not hide behind the shame,” he said. “Because there’s been a lot of shame about what happened, and now’s my chance to fix that. I know I have nothing to be ashamed of, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel ashamed because of it."

  12. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Don't be silly.Do you think Trump,a life long New Yorker,can't put on a thick NY accent?

  13. Anonymous10:57 AM

    It probably was that Michael Cohen dude, the "says who?" guy.

  14. Anonymous12:59 PM

    So, when the US is smoldering ruins, is Trump going to say that "wasn't involved at all in management" despite being president and just walk away? Are we going to allow him to do that? I sincerely hope not.

  15. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I'm kinda betting it was Donald ,uhhh John Barron...uuuhh T.rump.

  16. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I'm kinda betting it was Donald ,uhhh John Barron...uuuhh T.rump.

  17. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Beaglemom, many of us wouldn't be around or capable of speaking up if it gets to that point.


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