Friday, May 12, 2017

Donald Trump gets a note from his attorney saying he "gets no money of any type from Russia, with some exceptions." Says he might release tax returns when he leaves office.

With "some exceptions?"

Here is the actual letter.
Courtesy of WaPo: 

The White House on Friday released a letter from two tax attorneys for President Trump claiming that Trump’s only income from Russian sources in the last 10 years came from fees for hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013, his sale of a Palm Beach mansion to a Russian businessman in 2008 and his company’s routine sales of condo units and golf games to Russians. 

The attorneys said their analysis came from a review of Trump’s tax returns for the last 10 years. However, they did not release the returns or provide any documents to support their claims. 

The letter, from lawyers Sheri A. Dillon and William F. Nelson, also asserted that Trump holds no debt from Russian lenders and holds no equity in Russian entities. They explained that because of the way that Trump operates his businesses, his corporate income and debt would be disclosed on his personal tax returns.

Waiting for that other shoe to drop?

Here you go:

Using the services of that firm makes sense for Trump, as Morgan Lewis is a world-renowned organization. In fact, just last year, Chambers and Partners rated them as the top firm in a certain country, and guess which one it is. 

Did you guess Russia? You probably guessed Russia. 

It’s Russia. 

So yes the law firm that just sent a letter claiming that Donald Trump has no concerning financial ties to Russia, is in fact rated as the top legal firm in Russia.

No red flags there, right?

Of course ALL of this could be cleared up if Trump would simply release his tax returns, like virtually every other president before him.

And he says he may well do that.

When you might ask?

Courtesy of HuffPo:

“Nobody cares about my tax return except for the reporters,” he said. “Oh, at some point I’ll release them. Maybe I’ll release them after I’m finished because I’m very proud of them, actually. I did a good job.” 

“I might release them after I’m out of office,” he added, after White House communications official Hope Hicks interrupted to say, “Once the audit is over.”

First of all this is a lie.

How do I know it's a lie? Because Trump said it.

Secondly NOBODY cares about Trump's taxes once he is out of office.

Thirdly there is absolutely NO doubt that there is something in Trump's tax returns that he is worried would damage him, and his presidency in some way.

We know that because releasing them would be the simplest, and most effective, way to put many of these questions about Russia to rest.

The only reason he would continue this game of cat and mouse, is because he knows that releasing them would cause more harm than keeping them under wraps.

(Sorta like Sarah Palin refusing to release Trig's birth certificate for all of these years.)

I'm telling you right now if this were a Democrat in the White House the Republicans would be running around with their hair on fire yelling that the sky was falling.

I think it is well past time for Democrats to do the same. 


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Sarah better hope trump doesn't know any of her secrets, as this guy will blurt out anything especially when he's feeling cornered.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      What about that secret succession dill?

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Gryphen, check this out-one day before Brissy produced hers:

    1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    2. Anonymous10:48 PM

      Spawn of Alaska Afta Dark.

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    OT Trump has brought back the Pebble Mine to threaten Alaska

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    "The Senate Intelligence Committee asked for the records from the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network late last month, the Journal cited the people as saying.

    One person said the records were needed to decide whether there was collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the 2016 campaign, the Journal said."

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM


  6. Anonymous5:22 PM

    “I might release them after I’m out of office,”

    PSYCH!!!! (or SIKE!!!, as Drumpf might tweet it)

    HA HA HA!!! Gryphen, he's played you like a $3 ukelele!!

    DO THE MATH!!!! He's 70 now. Let's say he's re-elected in 2020, that's 74. Then, let's say he's impeached midway thru his second term. That's 76. Then, lets say he rescinds the Constitution and declares martial law (or, as he will tweet it: "marshal law")

    And say, he declares himself president for life and martial law lasts for 10 years. That's 86. And you know, the guy is going to tear out the bowing alley in the basement and keep a few dozen buxom virgins in cages so he can get blood transfusions when they're ovulating.

    Seriously, Drumpf will be 110-130 years old before the Resistance defeats the Drumpfian Forces of Evil and restores democracy to what's left of the United States. And even then, he'll be tweeting psychopathically from his Federal Brain in a Bucket penal facility (spelled "penile facility" in his tweets) "Obama is bad (or sick) guy. sad!"

    You will NEVER see his tax returns. I promise you.

    But, yeah, he's totally Putin's little bitch.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Say WTF? Off your meds much? Was that supposed to be satire? Funny? Within the realm of possibility? And what was "HA HA HA!!! Gryphen, he's played you like a $3 ukelele!!"?

      Just asking.


    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Unless, hacked.

    3. Anonymous7:28 PM

      The way things are going now I can see 5:22 point, WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!

    4. Anonymous12:49 AM

      Lithium is your friend.

    5. Anonymous2:20 AM

      It's Beldar! Sike!

    6. Yep, it's just Beldar being Beldar. That little scamp!! Bless his heart...

      typo: should be "$9 ukelele"

  7. Here;s a good article....a bit of a comparison of Nixon by John Dean. Also, I hadn't realized you can record conversations on your cell phone...(people don't use tape players anymore do they?)

  8. Anonymous6:14 PM

    You have got to see this. When will the Republicans stand up? When will they realize they have an asshole who is compromised?

    Every other country knows this.

  9. Anonymous6:31 PM

    The lawfirm won "Rusdian Lawfirm of the year" award in 2016. What is interesting is the little tidbit that with all his foreign holdings he only had income of 12.2 million in 2013 from them all and most of it was from the pagent.

  10. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Dan Rather
    1 hr

    I have lived through nearly 4,500 weeks in my life, and I have never seen a week like the one we just had.

    I have seen weeks of far greater darkness, of war, and death, and economic despair. I have seen weeks of more confusion and uncertainty. But I have never seen a week where a president of our nation has behaved with such a cavalier disregard for the norms and institutions of our democracy. And it now seems like the investigation is expanding into Trump's business dealings. The comparisons with Richard Nixon are plentiful these days, but even he did not seem so untethered from our basic governance. And I have never seen so many members of a political party rally around incompetence, intemperance, and inanity.

    The threats, the lies, the willful disregard for the rule of law should be limited to the world of Hollywood caricature. To see this played out each night on the news, to read about ramblings and inconsistencies in justifications for actions that should never have been taken, is to see a moment of great peril for our nation.

    I remain, however, an optimist. I see the swellings of civic engagement and action. I hear the voices of those who demand that this subversion of our national ideals shall not stand. I have covered social movement of the past, and never have seen one where so much power and numbers lie on the side of the opposition. This is a clash for the values of our nation. Our destiny is in our hands.

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      While the dissolution of the Nixon White House was dismaying, what is happening now is terrifying because Congress is in GOP control. Congress was in the hands of the Democrats in the early 1970's and there were, in the end, some Republicans who cared more about the country than themselves. Unfortunately, 21st century Republicans have no notion of their duties under the Constitution and to the nation. They are as incompetent, greedy and just plain bad as the con artist now in the White House.

  11. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I am not very confident that the Democratic Party will grow a back bone now. Remember how we use to plea for them to do so these past few years

    1. What are you doing to resist? Why must it solely be the job of "Democrats" when you have a voice? Do you not have a spine? Have you noticed that Reps. Gregory Meek, Maxine Waters, and Elijah Cummings have spoken out and taken action? Are you aware that the GOP has control of all three branches of the federal government? What are you demanding Republicans do to rectify this ongoing horrible $hi+fest? Oh that's right, they ignore the HAIL out you if you're not one of their billionaire overlords. But do continue to mislabel Democrats "spineless".

    2. Leland7:14 AM

      "...Have you noticed that Reps. Gregory Meek, Maxine Waters, and Elijah Cummings have spoken out and taken action?..."

      And it isn't just those three, either!

    3. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Marguerite I suspect I have done a lot more than you. The congress critters you use as examples are the regular group that speaks up on just about all the controversy the conservatives stir up(Meeks is an exception & has ethics troubles) . Not impressed by hearing these few who protest the republican actions regularly. I call my republican legislators offices in DC Anchorage & Fairbanks on every controversy they are about to screw working people with. I have given hundreds of dollars to progressive candidates not just in my state but in the lower 48 too. I stand by my thoughts on the Democratic party and vote for them in elections as I know they are the only ones who would do something to help the average American.

  12. Anonymous6:54 PM

    We now have a President that are allies do not trust, they look at him as a liar and unstable.

    How long are we going to put up with this. He pushes the limits with his daughter and her husband making money off of his position. It is like the White House is for sale, a money making machine for Trump and his favorite daughter and her husband. WE the people pay for this ass to golf every weekend at his clubs which puts money in his pocket. We the people maintain Camp David which was supposed to be a retreat for the President every one of the Presidents has used it including president Obama. We have an absent First Lady it is like she does not exist and the few times we have seen her she poses like the former model she is. What is her cause? We are paying for her to sit on her ass in New York apparently Trump never consulted with her about how she felt if he won.

    We have always had a team as the President and First Lady.We never demanded of our First Lady to be be "Hot" look at Eleanor Roosevelt a grand First Lady.

    God Damn the Republican party for putting up with it, for making the unecceptable the acceptable.You and i know Melania sold herself to the orange turd to feed his ego.

    She never bargained for this and it shows.We here about Ivanka all the time but never about Melania. Don't tell me this is normal, Ivanka is Daddy's number one in his life and we all know it.

  13. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Sure. Just like he's the healthiest person in the world.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      I think he has cancer.He's looking pretty pasty white these days,

  14. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Tornadoes hit. Do we see our President going there? Do you see our President even mentioning it? Have you seen him at a VA?

    It's like a reality tv show and he is the star, all he talks about is him!Think about it. He sits on his ass and tweets always about him.

  15. Donald Dump gives shit a bad name7:09 PM

  16. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I present you this because it speaks for all of us Trump Not My President people.

    On point.

  17. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Are you really comparing Trump's refusal to release his taxes to Palin not releasing Trig's birth certificate? Really? That is just stupid.

    1. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Is it?
      Nope. You eveidently are not smart enough to realize it.
      The hoax of 2008 contributed bigly to where we are now.
      Palin was picked on an enabled hoax.
      This allowed her to become the mouthpiece for the mouth breathers. She helped get the repubs out voting. She was the teaparty hot chick to the old fat men and their wives.
      Butterfly effect if you will.

    2. Anonymous5:52 AM

      I agree Anon at 5:34 am.

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      This all began with the Sarah's Wild Ride. One lie begat another and along came Agent Orange.

    4. Anonymous8:58 AM

      5:34 Absolutely!!

    5. Anonymous10:58 AM

      5/11/17 fbi busted pac in Anapoulas,Maryland . Seems pac was pocketing money for personal gain. Sound familiar,Sarah??? ;o)

  18. Anonymous8:33 PM

    WATCH: Explosive Dutch documentary says Trump has deep ties to Russia’s mafia underworld

    1. Anonymous11:11 PM

      The rabbit hole runs deep. After watching
      Part One of the above documentary...

      You're welcome.

  19. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Adam Schiff to Maher: GOP lining their pockets before Trump’s ‘wheels come completely off the wagon’

  20. Anonymous8:42 PM

    One former transition team official, speaking under the condition of anonymity, said:

    ‘It’s image-making on the inside and people trying to protect themselves. There is a deep streak of paranoia among staff. The communications team s— the bed on the Comey firing and now the war with the FBI has them all scared and throwing each other under the bus. Thank God I don’t work there. If I did, I’d be dialing up my attorney.’

    Tales of Trump tantrums and the real catalysts behind Comey’s firing – his refusal to pledge loyalty to the president, weekly briefings on the Trump/Russia collusion story that became daily briefings, the FBI director’s refusal to prioritize the leaks over the Russian election interference investigation – have coming pouring from the White House ever since.

  21. The Fuck Trump just put Pebble Mine back in business. Scott Pruit's EPA just withdrew all blocks Obama put in place in 2014 and all Pebble has to do is submit some requests and it's a go.

    Can't we impeach this shithead faster? We have to get rid of this asshole so we can get rid of his whole unholy cabinet and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  22. Anonymous11:08 PM

    1. Anonymous5:38 AM

      Isn't it "we the people HAVE" not
      We the people has".....
      let's at least be correct.

  23. Anonymous11:25 PM


  24. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Several separate sources with links to the intelligence communities of more than one nation, and with links within the US state and federal justice systems, have outlined evidence that exists against multiple men in the line of succession to the US Presidency, as it relates to Russia’s hack on America. I can also exclusively report a RICO case is being considered against the Republican party for laundering Russian money.

    These sources say that Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, who was the ‘Designated Survivor’ at the inauguration of Donald Trump (yes, really) is likely to become President if charges are pursued, according to the evidence, of illegal collusion with Russia, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Since this has never happened before, I don't want the rules of succession to apply. We need a new amendment forcing a new election. It will cost as much as a few weekends at Mar a Lago. This is a constitutional crisis. Hold the election of Labor day weekend. Use fucking kahoots survey if we have to lol. Whatever.

    2. Leland7:21 AM

      Sorry, 5:42, but there is no way in HELL any such amendment will even be mouthed before the 2018 election - and not even then if the repubes maintain control.

      I'm not saying it isn't an idea to consider. I AM saying that it won't happen given who is in control of Congress.

  25. Anonymous12:16 AM

    So, does this mean that Eric tRump was lying when he said some years ago - on record! - that most of their money was coming from Russia?

    1. Anonymous2:20 PM

      Cash,too and also.

  26. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I wonder why he didn't go with his usual law firm "Dewey, Cheetham and Howe!, LLC"

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      or Fuchs, Usal & Daily, LLC

    2. Anonymous2:20 PM

      We had a law firm where I grew up called Dial and Looze. It was two partners,Dial,and Looze.

  27. Anonymous5:22 AM

    This law firm is writing about "Transactions that are reported"......
    Who here thinks all the dirty transaction are reported?
    He really is anencephalic isn't he?

    1. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Only his supporters would buy this crap.

  28. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Income would not show the LOANS from russians, that is where the “favors” come in.

    I believe this note from attorneys, like I believed the note from his doctor.

    Why is little donnie bringing this up again? He is going to slip up one of these days, keeping the lies straight is so much harder than telling the truth.

  29. Did they also give him a note to get out of gym class?


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