Sunday, May 14, 2017

Former DNI James Clapper says that our institutions are under assault internally. Under assault by Donald Trump.

Courtesy of CNN: 

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issued a stern warning Sunday about the state of the US government after President Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey last week, saying he thinks US institutions are "under assault." 

"I think in many ways our institutions are under assault both externally -- and that's the big news here is the Russian interference in our election system -- and I think as well our institutions are under assault internally," Clapper said on CNN's "State of the Union." 

Pressed by anchor Jake Tapper if he meant US institutions were under assault internally from the President, Clapper responded, "Exactly." 

Clapper called on the other branches of the federal government to step up in their roles as a check on the executive. "The founding fathers, in their genius, created a system of three co-equal branches of government and a built-in system of checks and balances," Clapper said. "I feel as though that is under assault and is eroding."

There is really no way to argue with this.

And that is why we need to appoint that special prosecutor and start taking steps to have this orange cancerous tumor removed from the White House.


  1. James Comey is going to appear on 60 Minutes tonight. He'll probably say something along these lines as well.

    Prof. Laurence Tribe wrote an op-ed stating the case that an impeachment investigation must begin immediately, before Trump creates any more havoc than he has already wreaked on the nation.

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    The 60 Minutes piece tonight was a re-run of a 2014 interview. Very interesting and showed his POV that helps understand him and why he would find Trump abhorrent (my word).

    1. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Too bad it was a rerun. He's probably legally constrained from saying anything specific now, unless he's subpoenaed.

      Anyone with real ethics would find Trump abhorrent, since he has none at all.

    2. Leland5:11 AM

      7:17, unless he exposes or even hints at classified information, he has a right to speak his own thoughts. And until more of our high level (or ex-high level) people speak as honestly, things will continue along the current line.

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    The "Liar" will be heading to Mideast and America cant wait for him to be gone. He is a toxic mess of lies and deceit. Let the investigations more forward to greet him on return. Toxic tweeter twat lives in alt reality dumpsite.

  4. Anonymous8:32 PM

  5. "This is nothing like Watergate; it is its own pan-dimensional thing and must be dealt with on its own very specific terms, lest we veer off into a gibberish festival where potato is Fred because a vest has no sleeves.

    "Nail this to your wall and festoon it with bunting: James Comey is no Archibald Cox. Archie Cox was a civil servant the likes of whom comes along perhaps once in a generation, a man of integrity who was never sick at sea, a true professional, patriot and role model for the ages. Richard Nixon's presidency ended the moment he had Cox fired...

    "Pity the director of the FBI? Better to pity a pit viper for having only two fangs with which to strike." - William Rivers Pitt

  6. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Stop spreading fake news! I already said on Twitter that Clapper has exonerated me. You people are just haters and losers!

    Generallisimo Los Dedos Pequeños

  7. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Watergate is right!! Ya all better have your water tested for arsenic because trump and his mining buddies have contaminated your water supply. You are drinking, bathing and showering in high levels of arsenic. Trump and his bald headed raven buddies are evil!! They don't care about anything but their scientology agenda to rule the planet. Time to wake up people and smell the truth and facts. The lousy actor is a liar and fraud. He deserves no respect nor mercy. Impeach him and prosecute and prison the entire cult.

    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      We are rather lucky here in Alaska because none of our major mining operations are near major population centers so historically ground water pollution has not been an issue.

      Same with Pebble Mine, it's literally in the middle of nowhere so immediate drinking water pollution isn't a threat but certainly the looming long term threat of a seismic event corrupting the tailings dam is, as is toxic leachate traveling downriver.

      Our hope is that by the time the EPA even begins their new round of studies there will be a new administration in the White House as they are not slated to begin until 2020 based on Pebble receiving permits in 2018. The approval process could take many years so even in a best case construction wouldn't begin until at least 2025, and who even knows if the political climate will be mining-favorable by that time. A lot can happen between now and when this thing actually breaks ground, if it ever does. My money is on it never happening.

  8. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Where is sara?

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      who the f**k cares?

    2. Leland5:13 AM


    3. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Locked up in box?

  9. Anonymous12:51 AM

    So MSNBC is fu*ked up. Andrew Lack, Microsoft, general electric, and ceo's have been playing games. Yep. old msnbc not what you think? Lawerence. Racheal and decent journalist should walk away and buy their own network. Get away from the corrupt LIARS and unethical frauds. We have some nasty dirty LIARS running the msnbc show here and friends of our trump. Time to expose the truth about them.

    1. Anonymous5:14 AM

      How long before Rachel Maddow is fired? Her ratings are far too high for Trump to allow. What threats has he given MSNBC...

    2. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Yeah, Rachael should go back to doing Air America oh wait, she makes lots more money Now.

    3. Anonymous7:58 AM


      I hate to break it to you but all of the major 24-hour news networks are basically owned by the same group of rich guys who really don't care about the content or even the integrity of their channels as long as the money flows.

  10. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Time to dump trump the toxic waste of money and time.

  11. Anonymous6:07 AM

    I think the Republicans in the Senate and Congress are walking a tightrope now. If they can keep Trump in power for a little longer, they can get conservatives in power across the board, and get their agendas passed. I truly think they will then get rid of Trump. They do t like him either.

  12. Anonymous6:59 AM

    "Curtis Ellis, a right-wing extremist on par with Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn, who accused Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton of conspiring to achieve ethnic cleansing of white working people. He is a Trump finalist for a U.S. Department of Labor international affairs job -- to be the U.S.'s voice on labor issues."

  13. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Nothing like having the president choosing the head of the FBI who is investigating him. How is that not a conflict of interest?

    The republicans had better get their heads out of their butts and decide what is more important democracy in the USA or their party.

  14. Leland8:58 AM

    I know it's a slim chance of actually honestly happening, but the person Humpty Trumpty selects has to be approved by the Senate.

    Don't hold your breath about an HONEST hearing, though.


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