Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Frustrated at budget which appears to be a huge win for Democrats, Donald Trump advocates for a government shutdown. Update!

Gee, who pissed in his corn flakes?

Oh here we go, courtesy of McClatchy: 

Democrats are elated over the $1.07 trillion budget deal, which reads almost like an Obama administration blueprint. 

“Early on in this debate, Democrats clearly laid out our principles,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “At the end of the day, this is an agreement that reflects those principles.”

Gone is money for President Donald Trump’s border wall or efforts to deny Obamacare subsidies. There’s billions more for non-defense spending, and no changes to President Barack Obama’s Cuba policy. 

“It’s no different than if Hillary was elected; it’s a huge loss, and I’m livid. Paul Ryan’s House is a not conservative House,” said tea party Republican Art Halvorson, who nearly defeated Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., in the 2016 primary with 49.4 percent of the vote. 

I think Trump is learning the hard way that the job of president is not for stubby fingered man babies.

Still somebody should probably tell Tangerine Hitler that presidents as a rule do NOT call for, nor support, government shutdowns.

After all they ARE the fucking government.

Update: By the way Mitch McConnell just shot down any idea of ending the filibuster:

"There is an overwhelming majority on a bipartisan basis that is not interested in changing the way the Senate operates on the legislative calendar," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters. 

Damn it is just not Donald Trump's day today is it?


  1. Karen Anita hubertus4:51 PM


    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Which one? ;)


    2. Anonymous9:25 PM

      I've enjoyed hearing Hillary Clinton's remarks today but what is this shit about "taking responsibility" for her loss? Losing an election is not some heinous crime especially when one had the election stolen out from under them. This is more bullshit misogyny that wouldn't be mentioned at all regarding Trump had he been the loser. Hell, nobody even stays on Trump's ass to take responsibility for the Access Hollywood tape or the multitude of other things he has said & done since he came upon the political scene.

    3. Tracy Edwards12:22 AM

      People see what a nightmare the Trump presidency is becoming so they're looking to blame someone and why not Hillary for being a woman who had the audacity to "lose" the election by not getting the proper amount of electoral votes. Yes, it is misogyny to expect Hillary to take responsibility for something she had no direct control over. How about the stupid Trump voters taking responsibility for putting a maniac into the Oval Office? At least this is the way I see it.

    4. Anonymous6:30 AM

      I agree, Tracy Edwards. The Trump voters succeeded (questionably though, because of the very sizable discrepancy between the popular vote outcome) but they were aided and abetted by the media and its obsession with Trump from early 2015 on and the Russians. No, it was not a fair election - not in any way. I'll never consider that Hillary Clinton "lost" the election; the system was turned against her and gamed against her and the con artist won.

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    That's awesome! I guess Congress hates Trump worse than they did Obama, and I really didn't think that was possible.

  3. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Trump is such an asshole.

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Lol. Mitch flexing his muscles again. It's an interesting match up. Sometimes the devil you know IS better than the one you don't.


  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Its all coming down trumpy. Asshole.

  6. Why is anyone believing a word Yertle the Turtle says? He lies like an old dirty Persian carpet.

    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Ah, yes, but always with self-interest. And therein is going to lie the rub. There's no way in hell Mitch is rolling over for Don't. And the devil's in the details. Popcorn?


    2. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Yep, all based on up coming election. They repubs don't want to leave DC forever. Forget dummy in wh, they have to stay in DC.
      Dummy supporters, not what thry voted for. Wakeup dem had high voting more than dummy supporters. So that is why gop is not voting like dummyinchief.

    3. Tracy Edwards12:25 AM

      I hate Mitch McConnell as much as I hate Trump. If not for his obstruction, Merrick Garland would be sitting on the Supreme Court. He is a treasonous bastard and I hope he rots in hell.

  7. Anonymous5:57 PM

    What a disgrace.

  8. Anonymous6:27 PM

    There are Republicans in the House and Senate who secretly thanking their lucky stars for the Senate Democrats. They can blame them for the budget and beat their chests and gnash their teeth all knowing that if Trump got his way, they would pay for it in 2018.

  9. Anonymous6:28 PM

    O/T Google Trump golf course river of blood

  10. Anonymous6:33 PM

    What do they mean “seemed to go crazy in the last 24 hours”?

    Haven’t they been paying attention? We have been trying to tell them for at least a year, little donnie is mentally ill!

    Or is this a ploy to get out of the impeachment hearing for reasons of insanity?

    ‘He just seemed to go crazy’: Senior GOP aides stunned by Trump’s bizarre behavior in last 24 hours

    Senior Republican aides confided this week that President Donald Trump’s puzzling statements over the last few days have left them confused.

    According to Politico, GOP aides on Capitol Hill and at the White House have been unable to explain why Trump unleashed a string of baffling claims over a 24-hour period in interviews with Bloomberg, CBS News and SiriusXM radio.

    The president claimed that President Andrew Jackson was very angry about the Civil War and could have prevented it, even though Jackson died 16 years prior. Trump said that he was considering breaking up the banks and establishing a gas tax. He said that he would be “honored” to meet with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un, and then said that “nobody’s safe” from North Korea’s nuclear weapons. And to top things off, Trump praised the high approval ratings of Philippines strongman President Rodrigo Duterte.
    Politico reported that White House officials insisted there was “no broader strategy” for scheduling the interviews.

    “They were not helpful to us,” a senior administration official explained. “There was no point to do all of them.”

    Republicans on Capitol Hill, however, were dumbfounded.

    “I have no idea what they view as a successful media hit,” one GOP consultant told Politico.

    “He just seemed to go crazy today,” a GOP aide lamented.


  11. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I would have thought Comrade trump would have studied the Civil War at his military school or was he too busy chasing women to open a book.

    Was he trying to get some tax deferment or special status for his golf course putting up a monument, with little donnie there is always MONEY involved. Did Andrew Jackson fight in this battle?

    Trump has a Civil War memorial on his DC golf course — for a battle that never happened

    President Donald Trump was roundly mocked yesterday for the historical illiteracy evident in his Andrew Jackson quotes. Now Golf Digest is revisiting an earlier scandal involving Trump’s ignorance of the Civil War.

    “Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot,” reads the inscription a faux historical marker on the course of the Trump National Golf Club, according to the New York Times. “The casualties were so great that the water would turn red and thus became known as ‘The River of Blood.’ ”

    You can't make this stuff up: Trump commemorated at his Virginia golf course a Civil War battle that never happened https://t.co/Wzfz7REjK8 pic.twitter.com/KelWs1Q71t
    — Justin Miller (@justinjm1) May 2, 2017

    The battle never happened. “No. Uh-uh. No way,” Richard Gillespie, the executive director of the Mosby Heritage Area Association told the New York Times. “Nothing like that ever happened there.”

    When Trump was informed by the New York Times that three different local historians had said as much, Trump replied, “How would they know that? Were they there?”


    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      Glad you posted this. We all know why he did it. He was selling a product and it is the way he looks at America as a product to sell his Trump brand.

      Ivanka gets permits from the Chinese to sell her products, her husbands family is looking to china to get an enourmous loan to keep a property in New York going because it's under water. Trump is using us and America to do nothing but make money off our backs! As far as i'm concerned he is a traitor, low life asshole.

  12. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I knew that Congress wouldn't just sit back and be Trump's bitches, hell most of their egos rival Trump's. Let the inevitable dick-swinging contest begin! Dis gonna be funnnn.

  13. I read in Huffington " they had the audacity to hurt Donald Trump's feelings"
    That thing has pretty tender feelings

    1. Anonymous6:24 AM

      Thin skin is a dangerous condition in any politician, but especially so in a "fake" politician who ran a campaign full of insults and outright lies.

  14. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I put on my hip waders and went to Breitbart. Let me tell you Trump is losing even the idiots over there at this rate his approval numbers will be in the toilet and that is a great thing because the Republicans can impeach his ass and look like heroes for the Republican party.

    Those idiots are finally catching on and how far will the Republicans go before they realize it's him or them. How far are they willing to ride this train without even their far right wing base now getting pissed off? They can only put up with crazy for so long.

    Trump is 100 days in and his supporters are dropping like flies.Any Republicans with a conscience have got to be squirming, they have put up with his nepotism, his lies and his idiocy to this point but now do they want to be heroes and impeach his ass? I say they will to save the Republican party, not because they are honorable but because Trump can leave a stain that would last for years.

  15. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Looking back, it seems pretty funny. The GOP thought they had their messiah and Don't thought he had a big dick. And the Constitution doesn't think. Interesting times. More popcorn?


    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      And therein lies the critical difference between BEING a big dick and HAVING one.

  16. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Trump is a con artist.

    I give you this as an example.


    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      $tolen Valor.

    2. Anonymous8:26 PM

      Damn right it is. Trump got out of Vietnam.

      Using a fake battle to enhance his properties is beyond the pale. he has no concept of honor or duty or sacrifice. Orange coward piece of shit is what he is.

  17. Anonymous7:00 PM


  18. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I want a refund and those thugs he calls children should reimburse the taxpayers for security on their vacations and business trips.

    Extra $120 million, that will cover about a week with this crew.
    Congress Allocates Extra $120 Million For Trump Security Costs
    Remember when Trump pretended to be generous by donating his first quarter presidential salary, roughly $78.000 to the National Park Service? That paltry sum pales by comparison to the $1.5 billion cuts to the Department of the Interior, which shows that nothing this man does is without an ugly, ulterior motive.

    The man who claimed to drain the swamp, might have drained it, but he refilled the marshy waters with a thicker, more toxic sludge, worse than a nuclear meltdown could produce. One of the other pitfalls of having a privileged narcissist as our 'president' is the cost to maintain his lavish and costly lifestyle. This 'self-funded' leader has essentially destroyed so much of our once-functioning democracy, he is anything but self-funded. He is profiting off the office while costing taxpayers millions to protect him and his family.

    Remember when all he could do was bitch and moan about his predecessor, President Obama? Here's a reminder.
    President @BarackObama's vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars----Unbelievable!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 5, 2012

    The Obamas never had lavish needs like this family, their vacations in eight years cost the same as one year with this Kleptocrat. This site noted the exorbitant sums the 'first' family, which also includes Donald Jr., Eric (Uday and Qusay), Jarvanka, Melania and his orangeness, cost the taxpayers just in the first month alone.

    None of the Obamas seemed to go to exotic destinations frequently, like the two eldest sons, who visit Dubai and South America regularly or Jared/Ivanka who go to Aspen quite often. Combine that with the ridiculous cost of guarding the entirety of Trump Tower in NYC because Melania and Barron would prefer Donald living hundreds of miles away from them.

    In order to prevent a government shutdown, a bipartisan bill must be signed, and that budget allocates nothing towards his idiotic wall construction. However, it does include a drastic increase in the security budget to keep him safe.

    Congress would allocate more than $120 million in additional money to help cover the escalating costs of protecting the Trump family and Trump Tower under a bipartisan spending agreement that appears poised to pass this week.

    About half of the money, nearly $60 million, is earmarked for the Secret Service, with most of it going toward protecting the president while he is traveling and security for Trump Tower in New York City, according to legislation being circulated on Monday.

    Another roughly $60 million would be set aside in a rare provision to reimburse localities, like New York City and Palm Beach County in Florida, that have incurred “extraordinary law enforcement personnel costs” associated with protecting Mr. Trump’s residences since Election Day.


    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      The party of family values bitched about Michelle Obamas Mother living in the White House to help take care of the kids.

      Is not this an example of family values? You won't see Grandma Ivana or Melanias Mom taking care of her kids, hell Ivanka has three,yup, three Chinese [ foreign] nanny's for her kids. I want to see their visas! Have they been thouroughly vetted?

      Now what do the rednecks think of her kids learning Chinese and singing a song in Chinese to the Chinese dictator.

      Imagine the outrage if Obama had pulled that stunt to get business licenses from China.

      Makes me puke.

    2. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Yeah, Ivanka is very proud she sells her kids to get business.


    3. Anonymous8:43 PM


    4. Anonymous9:01 PM

      @8:43 EXxxon and Kocks.

      ALEC " back in 1988, when climate scientist James Hansen testified in front of the Senate, he predicted we’d see a tremendous amount of warming. I argued it’d been more than a decade and we could now see by looking at the temperature record that he wasn’t accurate. After we got done with the program and were back in green room, getting the makeup taken off, Joe said to me, “Did you even read that testimony you’ve just talked about?” And when I told him it had been a while, he said “I’m daring you to go back and double check this.” He told me that some of Hansen’s projections were spot on. So I went back to my office and I re-read Hanson’s testimony. And Joe was correct. So I then I talked to the climate skeptics who had made this argument to me, and it turns out they had done so with full knowledge they were being misleading."he said, that doesn’t mean that the losers in climate change are just going to have to suck it up so Exxon and Koch Industries can make a good chunk of money." There are between 40 and 50 in the House and maybe 10 to 12 in the Senate. They’re all looking for a way out of the denialist penitentiary they’ve been put into by the Tea Party."

    5. Anonymous9:01 PM

      I'm still waiting for the (cough) "First" Lady to do something, anything, except cost us a lot of cash for her Rapunzel imitation, and don't give me the Barron excuse because he's just that.

    6. Anonymous10:00 PM

      Barron is a stupid little punk. I hope he drops dead at an early age.

    7. Anonymous 10:00 PM, hey now, it's not Barron's fault Donald Trump is his father.

      At least his financial future is secure. Melania, although she's no brain trust, will look after his interests. She needs to hire a sharp divorce attorney, take Barron, and get the hell out of Dodge. It's only a matter of time before Donald shelves her for a younger bimbo anyway.

    8. Anonymous11:26 PM

      Hey there you go Gryphen! You must be proud of that IM cult member at 10:00 PM right?

      Nothing like wishing the death of a young child to help solidify your credentials in working with children!

    9. Leland12:32 AM


      Sorry, but that is simply disgusting! Sure his protection is costing the US people money, but IT IS NOT HIS FAULT! The fault lies with his mother.

      How many people have screamed at others NOT to include the children in their politics?

      And to wish a child - regardless of whose child! - would drop dead is simply heinous.

    10. Anonymous6:22 AM

      Anon at 10:00 pm. None of this is Barron's fault. The child may be surrounded by all the gilt possible to buy but he doesn't look happy.

    11. Anonymous6:53 AM


      No rush, friendo, but when you get a chance, fuck off, won't you? Thanks.

    12. Leland7:14 AM

      News Flash 11:26. I do believe it is rather obvious - simply due to the reactions given in response to 10:00 PM's disgusting remark - that you know nothing about this group and more than likely are either a.) the same poster, or b.) you are in total agreement with it. OH! Or are one of the people paid to sow hate and discontent and feed stupid fake news.

      Having said that, unlike many blog sites, Gryphen doesn't seem to censor the postings offered here. Unless, of course, they are worse by far than 10:00PM's hateful crack - or worse than yours when it comes to stupid.

      Go away, troll.

    13. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Shut up Leland.

  19. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Yeah, shitgibbons are just born that way. They have to be caged because of their viciousness and unpredictability, but then they get frustrated at being contained and we'll, the silliest things set them off. The quizzical look of a child, the smile of a mother, the large hands of a man. See, shitgibbons have no ability to reason, to feel empathy, to enjoy an other's company in non-competitive, no exploitative ways, to enjoy life in ways that don't put someone else down. So when they observe others able to do so, they just fling shit.

  20. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Yeah, shitgibbons are just born that way. They have to be caged because of their viciousness and unpredictability, but then they get frustrated at being contained and we'll, the silliest things set them off. The quizzical look of a child, the smile of a mother, the large hands of a man. See, shitgibbons have no ability to reason, to feel empathy, to enjoy an other's company in non-competitive, no exploitative ways, to enjoy life in ways that don't put someone else down. So when they observe others able to do so, they just fling shit. It's all they are capable of doing with their teeny tiny hands.

  21. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Why should we find this acceptable. We do not.


  22. Anonymous7:29 PM

    If he can blame his first 100 days on The Constitution, now the "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" of Palin, Nugent, and Kid Rock makes more sense. Think about it......

  23. Anonymous8:17 PM



  24. Anonymous8:21 PM


  25. A "good" shutdown?

    I thought all shutdowns were bad.

    Once again, he opens his mouth and removes all doubt.

  26. Tracy Edwards12:28 AM

    I can't remember where I saw it today but a government office tweeted out a promotion of Ivanka Trump's forthcoming book which is a serious ethics violation.

    1. Anonymous6:20 AM

      Just over 100 days in and he's already become the worst possible national nightmare ever.

  27. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Anything coming out of that pos dirty nasty lying mouth is fake news. He is toxic waste of our time. Cant wait till he is impeached.

  28. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Trump reminds me of growing up with my abusive step-father. Don't let on that you are happy or you won (Democrats) or you'll regret it later. It's just like with Trumpcare. He said he wouldn't try again, but then the Democrats claimed victory and now he won't let it go. I feel like we have to tiptoe around Trump's emotions or we will suffer.

  29. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I'm a Democrat. I don't think it is too smart to brag about their wins. That might make some Rethugicans vote for trump next time.

  30. Anonymous5:06 AM

    It was clear from day 1 that Trump's "skinny budget" document busted the BCA (Budget Control Act) caps on defense vs non-defense discretionary spending, and was therefore DOA in the Senate. That's the 60 votes he's talking about: sequestration stipulated, as a matter of law, that the caps can't be busted without a 60-40 vote in the Senate, which was NEVER gonna happen. So the question is, why did this mental midget even float a budget that was DOA?
    From what I've read, the science agencies (NSF, NIH, NASA, USGS, etc), which were targeted with big cuts, are all getting increases now. $2B more for NIH, just for the remainder of FY17. A big bunch of very worthy grants will be funded (NIH does some internal research but is mostly a granting agency). Even EPA is only getting a 1% cut instead of the huge cut that was threatened. I assume that Congress wanted at least some of the defense increases and, under the BCA, had to come up with some increases -- and certainly no major cuts -- for non-defense as well...and that if the GOP absolutely had to spend money, the war on cancer, earthquake risk reduction, etc, were relatively easy to swallow. I also assume this will be a major budget-buster, with seriously bad implications for the deficit...as has usually been the case when a Republican has been in the White House. They don't like Tax & Spend; instead it's Spend and Spend.
    Gotta love the GOP.

  31. Anonymous6:19 AM

    I think that Trump is hoping to eliminate both Congress and the court system by shutting the government down, thus enabling him to "govern" by decree. I hope it also would mean that electricity and water would be shut down in the White House and that everyone working there would have to go home for the duration. And no more Secret Service protection for Trump or his family members; that alone would save the country a bundle of money. No more Air Force One for Trump and he'd have to protect himself from the protesters here and in Florida. Trump the tyrant "big-liest" moment yet.

  32. Anonymous6:41 AM

    "Gee, who pissed in his corn flakes?"

    wasn't it Natasha and Irina?


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