Saturday, May 20, 2017

James Comey now believes that Donald Trump was trying to influence his investigation into collusion with Russia.

Courtesy of CNN: 

Former FBI Director James Comey now believes that President Donald Trump was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe, a person familiar with his thinking says, but whether that influence amounts to obstruction of justice remains an open question. 

"You have to have intent in order to obstruct justice in the criminal sense," the source said, adding that "intent is hard to prove." 

Comey will testify publicly before the Senate intelligence committee after Memorial Day, the panel's leaders announced Friday. 

The central question at that blockbuster hearing will be whether Comey believed the President was trying to interfere with his investigation.

I'm sorry, is that still a question?

I think it kind of odd that it took this long for a man who investigates people for a living to have only now just determined that Trump was attempting to influence his Russia investigation.

Though to give him the benefit of the doubt we could assume that he is only just now comfortable enough to leak those feelings to the press.

According to Comey's father Trump was "scared to death" of his son.

I have no trouble believing that. I think Trump wakes up pissing himself every morning these days.

In other news it appears that Trump attorneys are really starting to take all of this quite seriously: 

White House lawyers have begun researching impeachment procedures in an effort to prepare for what officials still believe is a distant possibility that President Donald Trump could have to fend off attempts to remove him from office, two people briefed on the discussions tell CNN.

I seriously hope that this gets to the level of impeachment.

If we have learned anything about Donald Trump in these last few years is that he will NEVER admit guilt and will try to take everybody down with him.

It could damage the Republican party beyond repair for decades.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    OT" "Actually we're gonna give you a short trial before we hang your nigger ass.", "try it, and we'll rinse out you fucking niggers, you'll be hanging from a tree."
    "people have to be guided by their conscience."


    1. Anonymous3:48 PM


    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      3:48PM, piss off.

    3. ALM is stupid. Of course, all lives matter. The problem is that morons who respond to BLM with ALM willfully refuse to address the fact that too many people do in fact act and believe as if BL do not matter.

      Saying BLM does not mean that other lives don't matter.

      It is a shame that those who began the BLM cause did not make it the BLMT (BLM (Too) cause so as not to confuse racist, bigoted morons, or cause them to get their hoods in a bunch because for once they were not the focus of attention.

    4. Anonymous2:10 PM


      BLM promotes racism, racial division, domestic terrorism, and attempts to shut down free speech and factual statistics.

      All lives matter does not divide, it is for all, and is the true human cause.

    5. No, dumbass. If we say starving kids need food, were not saying that other kids don't need food

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Thanks for the link to what Comey's octogenarian dad has to say about this!

    For extra fun that link to CNN includes a clip of Donald Trump doing a traditional "men's sword dance" with the Saudis.

    They all look like scary terrorists to me, although it's true what they say about some guys really needing swords/guns to feel manly.....

    Wild Tortoise

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    "Lieberman said, “but it would be very hard for any Jews to get in.”Harry Reid, points to the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton as a turning point for Lieberman and the Democrats. “He spent a lot of time moralizing about [Clinton’s] actions, which kind of ticked some people off,” By 2008, Lieberman was addressing the Republican National Convention and endorsing Senator John McCain over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He and McCain are longtime friends, and Lieberman is on the board of trustees of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, a think tank affiliated with the senator. McCain even considered choosing him as his running mate." He has voiced support for moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, one of Trump’s campaign promises. He praised Trump’s picks for National Security Council, including Michael Flynn, whom Trump later dismissed as controversy swirled around the retired general’s undisclosed contacts with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak."
    "Lieberman also introduced Betsy DeVos at her Senate confirmation hearing to be education secretary, in January. “I know that some people are questioning her qualifications to be secretary of education, and too many of those questions seem to me to be based on the fact that she doesn’t come from within the education establishment,” he said at the hearing. “But honestly, I believe that today, that’s one of the most important qualifications you could have for this job.” Lieberman has even condemned his former party for its resistance to the president. “I hope the Democrats will get over that soon,” he said on an ABC News podcast in March. “It takes two to tango.”. “If the [Trump] administration actually thought that this was someone who could be confirmed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support, that’s just yet another miscalculation…. There’s not going to be a lot of Democrats willing to vote for the guy.”“I think Joe Lieberman is a pillar of credibility. I think he’d be a good choice,” Graham told the press on Thursday. “He has great affection and respect on both sides of the aisle and I think he’d be outstanding,” McCain said to reporters."

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Joe Loserman is an asshole

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Lieberman is in it for Lieberman. It it helps Israel, then he's all the happier. But he could care less about the US or the Democrats.

    3. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Yup, beaglemom.

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I think drumpf was intimidated by Comey's towering height.

  5. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I think it kind of odd that it took this long for a man who investigates people for a living to have only now just determined that Trump was attempting to influence his Russia investigation
    I don’t think he just came to this conclusion, obviously he felt something was fishy and therefore he wrote the memos.

    Don’t forget, this did not all happen in one week, it was over a period of time, maybe he had a “bad” feeling after one episode but it took a pattern over time for him to make a final decision. After all this is very serious situation and before accusing the president et al you had better have all your ducks in a row.

    As for the unwanted hug, interesting the media doesn’t mention trump blowing him a kiss!!!

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Of course, in the meantime, Comey did not worry a bit about making life hellish for Hillary Clinton.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    ‘Who’s a pretty princess now, b*tches’: Internet ridicules Trump for ‘curtsy’ before Saudi king

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Those twitter comments were hilarious

      His head is going to explode bragging about this, what till his Moose-Lamb speech tomorrow.
      Saudis give Trump a reception fit for a king

      At night, a large image of the president was beamed onto the outside of his hotel.

    2. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Check out the photo, what is trump doing hanging on to the elder king for balance?

      Little donnie made out on this deal, I heard they had to make the chain longer to fit around his fat neck.

      Remember donnie, have to pay TAXES on ALL gifts !!!

    3. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Gosh I didn’t realize exactly how obsessed trump was and still is with Pres.Obama.

      They seem to be finding a twitter criticism for every occasion; he must have spent all his waking hours obsessing over him.

    4. Donnie doesn't have to pay taxes on gifts. HE CAN'T KEEP THEM.

      Anything above a certain amount has to be turned over and is sold at auction or archived in some way. He doesn't get to keep squat.

      He's going to throw another tantrum when he finds out he has to give up all of the SWAG. Especially all the GOLD stuff.

  7. Anonymous2:49 PM

    “By selling the Saudis these precision-guided weapons more — not fewer — civilians will be killed because it is Saudi Arabia’s strategy to starve Yemenis to death to increase their own leverage at the negotiating table. They couldn’t do this without the weapons we are selling them,” he continued.

    Murphy said more Yemenis have since been radicalized and blame the U.S. for Saudi Arabia’s attacks. He also argued that the weapons would not be used against intended targets like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al Qaeda....

    Murphy said the weapons deal would escalate a proxy war in the region, which could propel Iran to ramp up its nuclear program, adding that this is not “our fight.” He argued the $110 billion in funds could instead be applied to a strategy that aims to achieve global security, like providing primary education in Africa....


    The Democratic senator added that the defense deal "was negotiated by Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, who has zero experience in foreign relations generally, or Saudi arms sales specifically."  

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Don't ever expect anything done by Trump or his lackey, Jared Kushner, to be a good move. It's all about changing the subject.

    2. Anonymous3:47 PM

      Lets not forget these are the people that "brought" us 9/11.

      But that is ok, as long as little donnie can "one up" Obama.

  8. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I'm hearing that Trump's still looking for a rationale for firing Comey and now looking at 'Comey interfered with FP with Russia'... because Trump has some room in FP.

    Without their lies and other evil the Trump White House would have nothing.

  9. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Comey is no dummy. You do have to have intent; let him testify!

  10. I feel almost guilty as I relish the deep chit Trump has gotten himself into. It's terrible for the nation, but he's like a suppurating wound that has to be lanced so that healing can take place.

    I hope Gryphen is right that he'll take a lot of people down with him, especially his snotty-looking, impassive son-in-law. Kushner, Sr., is a convicted felon, so here again we have an apple that doesn't fall far from the tree. Absolutely no scruples.

    The commenter who said Trump was daunted by Comey's height makes a good point. Trump functions viscerally like our lower hominid relatives, and the tall, slender, dark-haired Comey is very much the alpha male compared to obese, flabby, pastel-haired Trump.

    1. Hatch-Powell 2017, then Hatch retires to well-earned leisure--that's the ticket.

    2. That is to say, Pence and Paul Ryan are going down with this stinking claque.

  11. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Well, I hope the repubs get dr that are actors or janitors really when they get sick. Since they like fake prez.

    A dunce who cant learn anything cant hold a subject for more than two minutes. Why effing jared and his horse wife are around.

  12. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Little donnie’s surrogates are bragging that the king came to the airport for him and didn’t for Obama. How pathetic.

    More like the Saudis read the memo on little donnie’s narcissism and prepared accordingly.

    As for trump’s arms deal, the Saudis sent their children to Harvard and Yale business schools, not trump univ., for a reason.
    What America’s new arms deal with Saudi Arabia says about the Trump administration
    It puts human rights aside to make a buck.

  13. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Hey remember when Bill Clinton suddenly met in private with Attorney General Loretta Lynch aboard a plane sitting on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor while investigations surrounding Hillary were ongoing? But you know, no big deal...

    1. Eat $hit and die!

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      LOL Yeah right, tell your buddy trump to appoint a special prosecutor.

      Talk about beating a dead horse, but that is a republican specialty because they are really, really slow learners.

    3. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Oh yeah lets go way back in now we know so let us do something about this ugly person in the wh.

    4. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Got it kiddos, so when Clinton obstructs, leans in, whatever, we pretend it doesn't happen.

    5. Anonymous7:03 PM

      @ 5:17LOL kiddos, is that the best you can do. Obstructing what exactly?

      Must be getting a little worried that donnie is going down so fast, at least he can brag on being the president to be impeached the fastest! Winning !!!

    6. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Yeah. One random meeting between old friends convinced the ignorant right wingers that the investigation was tainted.

      Dozens of meetings between Trump and gang with Russians, decades of loans by Russian mobsters, Trump freaking out -- and nuttin to see here. It's fake news!

    7. Aside from the fact that Bill Clinton was not President at the time but a private citizen, let's talk about that.

      About the HYPOCRISY of right wing nutjobs like you.

      You get your panties all in a twist over that incident but turn a completely blind eye to the many legal violations that Trump and his minions have committed. They amount to TREASON.

      But you're still farting about Bill Clinton.

      Typical dead from the neck up Trump supporter. He loves him the uneducated. He must carry your photo in a locket next to where his heart would be.


  14. WA Skeptic3:56 PM

    DJT knew exactly what he was doing, and yes it is obstruction of justice. By excluding the VEEP and the other guy, he was knowingly trying to influence Comey. That is known as "Intent".


    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Also I want to know if trump told them to leave.

  15. Anonymous4:39 PM

    They were too kind and didn’t mention they also have the common love of treating women like second-class citizens !!!!

    MSNBC panel: Saudis and other autocratic regimes love Trump because he’s ‘like them — but dumber’

    On Saturday, an MSNBC panel said that the royal family of Saudi Arabia has President Donald Trump “eating out of their hands” simply by flattering the former reality TV game show host and giving him something shiny and gold to distract him like a baby with a shiny set of keys.

    The panel — host Joy Reid, Naveed Jamali, Rosa Brooks and Nayyera Hak — agreed that the Saudi royal family has “absolutely got his number.”

    “In a sense, might he actually have his best possible reception in some of these more autocratic countries,” said Reid, “because he’s a lot like them.” His view of foreign policy is transactional. He can build his hotels and condominium complexes in their countries. “He won’t lecture you on human rights, god knows he doesn’t care about that.”

    “Absolutely, he’s like them, except he’s sort of dumber,” said Brooks. “And I think the Saudis have absolutely got his number. I see the Saudis have given him a gold medal just for showing up. I think they figured Donald Trump out. Give him a little gold star, treat him like royalty, nod and look respectful, and he’s eating out of their hands. That’s not really good for the rest of the world, but it’s great for the Saudis.”


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