Tuesday, May 09, 2017

John Oliver helping us all to protect Net Neutrality.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

One of the first John Oliver segments to gain national attention came in 2014, when he called for viewers to flood the FCC's website with comments opposing net neutrality restrictions. The next day, that site crashed due to “technical difficulties with our comment system.” It was the first of many instances in which Oliver would spur grassroots activism among his viewers, whether it be through pushing a hashtag or flat-out soliciting donations to worthwhile organizations. On Sunday night, Oliver ran back his initial call to action by once again encouraging viewers to visit the FCC's website and make their voices heard. This is because, once again, net neutrality is in trouble.

Two years after Oliver shut down the FCC's website, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld new net neutrality rules supported by President Barack Obama. "Today’s ruling is a victory for the open, fair, and free Internet as we know it today—one that remains open to innovation and economic growth, without service providers serving as paid gatekeepers," the Obama administration said in a statement. 

Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, that "open, fair and free internet" is in jeopardy. His administration in April announced plans to roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections. 

Here is the link that Oliver is providing to help the American people protect their access to the internet.

And as he says this really is something that should unite ALL of us.


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    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      "Power + Caricature = Citizenship"

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    OT? Pi$$ on USa

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    " ‘No! What I said was — I said it was UNlawful.'”


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