Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Justice Department names special counsel to oversee Russia probe.

Courtesy of CNN: 

The Justice Department on Wednesday appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, including potential collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials. 

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller to the position in a letter obtained by CNN. Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from any involvement in the Russia investigation due to is role as a prominent campaign adviser and surrogate.

Mueller's appointment aims to quell the wave of criticism that President Donald Trump and his administration have faced since Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last week in the middle of the FBI's intensifying investigation into contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials. 

Okay now we're cooking with gas.

Mueller was appointed FBI Director in 2001 by George W. Bush, but Obama liked him enough to have him stay on the job for another two years past his 10 year term, after which he was replaced by James Comey in 2013.

It sounds as if this guy is about as nonpartisan as you can get and is receiving glowing praise from both sides since this announcement.

And that is a good thing because the level of scrutiny he is about to face will be almost unprecedented.

According to CNN the FBI investigation will continue forward and now report to Mueller instead of the recently fired James Comey.

Speaking of Comey it appears that he has been asked to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in both open and closed door sessions.

Gee, it certainly looks as if Trump's attempts to derail the investigation have failed miserably.


  1. Ain't it funny when ever Dems need to choose an independent prosecutor or investigator they choose wingnuts-usually moderate but wingnuts never the less. When wingnuts need to choose they usually go for a more vicious, rapacious wingnut animal as their choice.

    1. Leland2:12 AM

      And how, pray tell, do you get the idea the man is a "wing nut"?

      Or are you simply ticked that one has been appointed?

  2. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Shit got real today with the DOW dropping so precipitously. Ain't no old rich guys going to keep Trump around if he's hurting the bottom line. This is what we've been waiting for.

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Good decision. And good choice. I predict there will be a satisfying decision when all of this is finished.

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    "...the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters," deputy AG's order reads. -- CBS News

    Great news, indeed!

  5. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Uncle Gryph, this is something you will want to read. There's a post, video and a transcript

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM


      Self inflicted Kompromat!!

      So the plan is to testify to the judge and the jury that you were just joking about treason and covering it up?


      PS: You may be telling that fat lie to one of those military commissions in a GITMO courtroom.

    2. I was just popping over here to post that hot mess of a bombshell. jeezus criminey.

    3. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Kompromat. Another sucker believing in Louise Mensch.

  6. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Beats me why Agent Orange keeps squealing no collusion because that's what they all squeal before they're found out- so in the Trump administration denial is the first step in admitting guilt.

  7. Anonymous5:18 PM

    From all the comments I heard tonight, he seems to be well respected on both sides of the aisle and considered a man of vast experience and great integrity.

    The best part of this development (and what I'm sure is causing Trump to lose what little mind he has left) is that Mueller will be INDEPENDENT and not controlled by the White House or Congress.

    It looks like we will finally have a legal investigation, not a political one.

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      5:18. No, he will not be independent. He is a special prosecutor, which means he not only reports to the Dept of Justice but also receives his budget from them as well. Don't kid yourself, this is not a perfect situation. Trump, in reality, although unlikely, can fire him at any time. I'm cautiously happy about this move.

    2. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Nope trump cannot fire the special counsel. But he can threaten. Which he already has like a twelve year old delinquent going to military school to become the biggest ugly liar on earth. His daddy sent him away to become the lousy actor and giant liar he is today. Trump learned his tactics from his juvenile deliquent military school teacher. How to be the biggest liar and con man on the planet.

    3. Anonymous11:08 AM

      I think you're wrong 7:56. I've heard several times today that Trump can indeed fire Mueller. Unlikely, but if he gets too close I wouldn't put it past The Twitler.

    4. Anonymous8:00 PM

      TRump CAN fire Special Counsel, but only 'for just cause'. Not just because he does not like him. He (tRump) has to prove that Mueller has done something wrong/illegal.

  8. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Trump's not going to be able to withstand the scrutiny. Betcha he palinize$ and quits.


    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      I hope so, GeorgiaPeach...I hope so!

    2. Anonymous7:12 PM

      I'm not sure his ego will allow that, but who knows? If Trump escapes jail, he'll go on wingnut welfare where people will pay astronomical amounts to hear Trump talk about how mistreated he was by the media as well as his yuuuuge electoral win.

  9. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Bernie Sanders
    Twitter › SenSanders

    Robert Mueller’s appointment is a positive step. I am hopeful that he will help us get to the bottom of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

    2 hours ago · Twitter

  10. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Double Agent Chaffetz
    Anybody surprised?

    The Hill
    Chaffetz sees no 'actual crime' for special Russia prosecutor to investigate

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Wednesday broke with the broad bipartisan consensussupporting the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

    "I have not seen any evidence of actual collusion. Where is the actual crime that they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute?" he asked during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson....

  11. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Adam Parkhomenko
    Twitter › AdamParkhomenko

    Somewhere Donald Trump is trying to invite former FBI Director Robert Mueller over for dinner right now

    3 hours ago · Twitter

  12. Anonymous5:45 PM

    This shit seems to come out at night!

    New York Times:Trump Team Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before He Came to White House


    "WASHINGTON — Michael T. Flynn told President Trump’s transition team weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign, according to two people familiar with the case.

    Despite this warning, which came about a month after the Justice Department notified Mr. Flynn of the inquiry, Mr. Trump made Mr. Flynn his national security adviser. The job gave Mr. Flynn access to the president and nearly every secret held by American intelligence agencies."


  13. Anonymous5:50 PM

    zak ali
    Twitter › _zakaali

    Fun fact: Robert Mueller's special counsel can subpoena Trump's tax returns

    1 hour ago · Twitter

    1. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Cross my fingers and everything else that he will actually DO so!

  14. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Trump Buddy Jeff Sessions Was Left Completely In The Dark About Special Counsel

    The Trump White House was only given 30 minutes notice before the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel was announced, and Jeff Sessions wasn’t told until after the letter had been signed appointing the special counsel.

    This behavior should dispell anyone of the notion that Jeff Sessions can be trusted to have anything to do with the Russia investigation.

    It is heartening that the DOJ took steps to make sure that Sessions could not interfere before they appointed Mueller. By not giving Sessions any advanced notice, they also made sure that Trump could have no advance notice.

    All of this leads one to believe that Jeff Sessions may be more than a conflicted Attorney General. Sessions may also be a target of the investigation.

  15. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Trump: I want my mommy

  16. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Jonathan Chait‏Verified account @jonathanchait

    Meanwhile this story kind of flew under the radar. Putin financing Trump project through intermediaries


    WSJ story on this:

    "Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner
    Russian-Canadian developer put money into Toronto project after receiving hundreds of millions from deal involving VEB "


    "VEB, a Russian state-run bank under scrutiny by U.S. investigators, financed a deal involving Donald Trump’s onetime partner in a Toronto hotel tower at a key moment for the project, according to people familiar with the transaction.

    Alexander Shnaider, a Russian-Canadian developer who built the 65-story Trump International Hotel and Tower, put money into the project after receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from a separate asset sale that involved the Russian bank, whose full name is Vnesheconombank.

    Mr. Shnaider sold his company’s share in a Ukrainian steelmaker for about $850 million in 2010, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. According to two people with knowledge of the deal, the buyer, which hasn’t been identified publicly, was an entity acting for the Russian government. VEB initiated the purchase and provided the money, these people say."

    Where's Pootin?

    "At the time of Mr. Shnaider’s steelmaker deal, Russian President Vladimir Putin was chairman of VEB’s supervisory board, and major deals would have been approved by him, according to a former Russian government official and several Russian government and economic experts. The bank later was placed on the U.S. sanctions list after Russia’s intrusion into Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea in 2014. American entities are barred from financial involvement with the bank.

    VEB made headlines when it emerged that its chairman met with Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner in December. A bank spokesperson has said VEB’s leaders met Mr. Kushner and numerous global financial executives as it developed a new strategy for the bank."

    The Orange Anus has some more 'splaining to do!

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Sarah is that you? No cut?
      Did they drop you fast?

  17. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Trump used to be the hunter

    Trump is now the hunted

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Welcome to Hell

  18. Anonymous6:14 PM

    What's that yelling coming from the Oval Office?

    trump how does it feel having your pussy grabbed

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      Haha. Good one!

    2. Anonymous9:17 PM


  19. Mueller has been appointed special counsel, not special prosecutor. There's a difference. According to ProPublica, that means Sessions via Rosenstein can fire Mueller or overrule any decision Mueller makes regarding investigating or prosecuting the case at any time. And they will. They are that brazen. I don't think a lot of people have figured out that we are dealing with actual mobsters in charge of our country right now.

  20. Anonymous6:16 PM

    It's time to face reality.

    Even if an HD video were to surface featuring a broadly grinning Drumpf being serviced rhythmically from the southern hemispheres by ab anonymous balding shirtless Russian autocrat, Drumpf's support would not fall below 30%. And his base would applaud his efforts to sexually satisfy our new Russian allies.

    There is nothing so horrible that Drumpf can do that his base can't write off as fake news falsely spread by his detractors in the fake liberal media.

    Meanwhile President Obama is quoted as saying Drumpf "is nothing but a bulshitter".

    Life in these United States...

  21. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Trump Blindsided As He Had No Idea That A Special Counsel Was Being Appointed To Investigate Him

    The Trump White House was given no advance notice of the special counsel appointment, and it is being reported that Trump was completely blindsided by the announcement.

    ...The White House didn’t have enough warning to try to poison well against the special counsel. There was no tweetstorm or Sean Spicer at the podium denouncing the independent investigation. This is a good sign for the country.

    The Trump White House can barely function and respond to events that they know about and cause. They have no hope of mounting a smear campaign against the investigation without advanced knowledge. If the White House didn’t know about the special counsel, then the odds are that they weren’t in on it.

    The Deputy Attorney General is treating the Trump White House like they are the subjects of a criminal investigation, which they are.

    POTUS shell shocked and angry. Rosenstein a "traitor." Staff trying to show him this could be an advantage b/c it could slow things down.

    Look Comey was fired because he got to close to Trump on Russia and everyone here knows it. We talked about it openly.

    Ivanka has such a smooth public image. But behind the scenes she is not nice. Demanding and mean.

    The President told us to remember one word when we bring him picks for FBI director. "Loyalty".

    1. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Oh trump knew. He tapes all conversations.

  22. I hope you are right. I don't trust anything anymore that comes out of this administration and am suspicious that a deal has been made here. I'm afraid the result is going to be, "move along now, nothing to see" from Mueller.

  23. Anonymous6:23 PM

    "Exit Stage Left"
    - Snagglepuss

    Normally when someone is deemed incompetent, they are told in so many words "Exit Stage left"

    In Donald Trump's case, we do not want him to take the easy way out, Exit Stage Left and quit.

    We want Trump to stroke out worrying what is coming down Pennsylvania Ave for him while he is in office.

    We want to see Trump turn into a vegetable drooling his oatmeal.

  24. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I think you guys are having way too much fun going after fat boy.

    Reminds me of the times spent turning that babbling word salad Retawd from Wasilla and her dysfunctional family into a national joke.

    By the way, anybody know what is going on with Curt Menard Jr's boy? Have any court appearances? Are there any boots on the ground?

    1. Anonymous6:57 PM

      I don't know about "Curt Menard Jr's boy" but Courtview shows Track has 'em all closed as of the moment.

      When is Granny Pee's latest grandchild due to drop?

    2. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Stalking as usual. Eye roll.

      Get a real job lazy boy!

    3. Anonymous8:55 PM

      Since you all mentioned Track I thought I'd see if he still owned his home, and he does, but get this, he is exempt from property taxes on $218,000 of the value of his land/home due to his "disabled veteran" status.

      With our current mill rate, were his home and land fully valued, he'd pay around $2800 in tax, but with his exemption he pays roughly $680.

      I'm all for truly disabled veterans receiving these sorts of bennies but according to all reports and his actual military separation paperwork Track was never in combat, thus was never physically injured and well, how do you get PTSD if you are not a combat vet?

      Moochers, the entire family are moochers; always gaming the system. They used the PTSD excuse to keep him out of jail and now they use it to get him a reduction in property tax.

      Wonder what Dakota thought of his "faker" brother-in-law?

    4. Anonymous9:37 PM

      That's probably why he left. First, poor Dough boy believes them. Does dirty deeds. Then, finds out there has NEVER been a threat at all. So he packed up and left. Probably told Scarecrow it goes both ways with "dirt". The end of Doughboy.

  25. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Hey now!

    This kinda stinks like a$$!

    "Flynn stopped military plan Turkey opposed – after being paid as its agent

    By Vera Bergengruen

    One of the Trump administration’s first decisions about the fight against the Islamic State was made by Michael Flynn weeks before he was fired – and it conformed to the wishes of Turkey, whose interests, unbeknownst to anyone in Washington, he’d been paid more than $500,000 to represent."

    The decision came 10 days before Donald Trump had been sworn in as president, in a conversation with President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, who had explained the Pentagon’s plan to retake the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa with Syrian Kurdish forces whom the Pentagon considered the U.S.’s most effective military partners. Obama’s national security team had decided to ask for Trump’s sign-off, since the plan would all but certainly be executed after Trump had become president.

    Flynn didn’t hesitate. According to timelines distributed by members of Congress in the weeks since, Flynn told Rice to hold off, a move that would delay the military operation for months."

    Wait wait don't tell me!

    The same guy whose security were bustin heads here in the US?

    Fuck YEAH - nothing at all to see!

  26. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Sarah Palin Gives Trump Advice on Quitting

    To:  The Don

    From: The Quitter-in-Chief

    Re: Save Yourself!

    Dear Donald,

    Look, I know it’s bin a ruff few weaks.  The Holy Spirit whispered in my eer  and sed that you needed sum help!  He sed that if I helped you, you’d help me get a job doing a reality show.  My idea for a name fer hour knew show is the “Vice-Presidential Apprentice”.  At the end of every show one of the contestants would say, “I Quit.”  I would bee the moderator and you could be my first guest.  It’d be a Yuge success.  More people would watch than at any time in history.  Hears the plot for the first epesode.  You’d be the President of thu USA and under investigation by the IRS for tax fraud.  The mainstream media wouldn’t leeve you alone.  You had taken a deduction for all of Melania’s living expenses at Trump Tower since you’ve had to pay for out of yer own pocket, and especially fer mother’s day.  Cents Melania’s living expenses would have bin paid by the taxpayers if she were living in the White House, you should at least get a deduction for them if she stays in New York, and you have to pay ‘em.
    I could get my friends at Duck Dynasty to take you shootin, and my frend Ted Nugent could play the theme song for the show.  Willow would do your hare.  It couldn’t be worse than it is now.  For your costumes, you already have the blue suit and red tie, and I already have my tableshirt, so we won’t have hi overhede.  Todd would make sure your sexual needs are met without you ever havin to grab another pussy yourself.  Bristol knows what to do with any offspring, and Track will beat up any woman who complains about your little fingers.  At the end of every show I will make blueberry pie and you can have two scups of ice cream on yours....

  27. Anonymous7:01 PM

    😆 Trump said. "Look at the way I've been treated lately, especially by the media. No politician in history - and I say this with great surety - has been treated worse or more unfairly."

    😂 The president's siege mentality was on display

    🤣 Other mid-level aides have started reaching out to consultants, shopping their resumes

    😄 This Republican added that any savvy White House staffer should be keeping a diary.

    Chicago Tribune
    Trump frustrated with White House staff – and for some, the feeling is mutual

    As Donald Trump has grown increasingly angry and frustrated with his White House staff, the beleaguered targets of his ire have a quietly roiling gripe of their own - their boss, the president himself...

    Some White House staffers have turned to impeachment gallows humor. Other mid-level aides have started reaching out to consultants, shopping their resumes. And at least one senior staffer has begun privately talking to friends about what a post-White House job would look like, according to two people close the staffer....

    The president's siege mentality was on display Wednesday when he delivered commencement remarks at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, offering graduates a warning that life is "not always fair."

    "You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted," Trump said. "Look at the way I've been treated lately, especially by the media. No politician in history - and I say this with great surety - has been treated worse or more unfairly."

    The president implored the crowd to "fight, fight, fight," and added, "You can't let them get you down. You can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams."

    But his team is growing increasingly weary. Privately, they say, the problem is not an incompetent communications shop, as the president sometimes gripes, or an ineffectual chief of staff, as friends and outside operatives repeatedly warn, but the man in the Oval Office, whose preferred management style is one of competing factions and organized chaos....

    For many White House staffers, impromptu support groups of friends, confidants and acquaintances have materialized, calling and texting to check in, inquiring about their mental state and urging them to take care of themselves.

    One Republican operative in frequent contact with White House officials described them as "going through the stages of grief." Another said some aides have "moved to angry," frustrated with a president who demands absolute loyalty but in recent days has publicly tarnished the credibility of his team by sending them out with one message, only to personally undercut it later with a contradicting tweet or public comment.

    And a third said that others are now sticking around purely for self-interest, hoping to juice their future earning potential. This Republican added that any savvy White House staffer should be keeping a diary. "The real question is: How long do you put up with it?," this person said. "Every one of those people could get a better paying job and work less hours."...

  28. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and smiled for nearly 1/2 an hour when I heard this.

    The only wet blanket is that Agent Orange can legally decide to fire him...

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Maybe it's time to ask Agent Orange how that Ki$$inger visit seems to be working out for him.

      Seems like Israel was all wee weed up abuot something someone...

      Maybe Ki$$inger could put in a Molotov or something like that for Agent Orange to help oil the waters with them?

  29. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Exclusive: Sources close to the intelligence community report that Director Comey’s FBI computer was illegally accessed immediately after he was dismissed from his post. They further report that ‘removable media’ was used in the commission of this crime. ‘Removable media’ is a category describing physical devices that can be placed into a computer, either to download information or to upload it, such as a memory card, a USB stick, a removable hard drive, a thumb drive or similar items.

    Sources further report that a person or persons allied to Donald Trump passed data accessed from Director Comey’s computer to Russian diplomats. It is not known when or how this took place. A piece of removable media containing all the data in question has been recovered from hostile actors, sources say, and is now in the possession of the Justice Department.

    Director Comey is said to have known in advance that Mr. Trump would dismiss him. He took careful steps, these sources say, to leave not only a paper trail as we have seen in the story of the ‘Comey Memo’ but also a digital one. Director Comey’s own primary work computer, and other computers in and around his former office, were fitted with sophisticated intelligence community software allowing the Justice Department to see precisely how and when they were attacked.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Lol. Louise Mensch. Lol.

    2. Good catch!
      I have been following Louise and Claude on Twitter and many others with great vigor.... and with the U.S. marshalls out collecting tRumper criminal people all over the country right now for the Eastern District Court of Virginia, it will be a special day tomorrow for the people of this magnificent country.
      If the orange monkey in the WH decides to fire Mueller, well get ready to rumble...
      Most decent people will not tolerate blatant treason in our sacred Capitol. Just won't.

    3. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Not sure where I read this, but it seems tRump sent his private security guard, Schiller, to Comey's office with the letter that he was fired - knowing full well that Comey was at that same moment on the other side of the country, and thus his office was empty.
      So, I guess, they also know that more likely than not, it was that guy who took the info out of the computer.
      I just wonder, if Comey actually foresaw this scenario and put some fake info on his computer, setting this guy up...

  30. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Trump has already threatened him too. Today trump responds by piece of paper read by reporter. They will find what we already know, they wont find anything and this will end the investigation soon. Yep you must listen to every word from that liar.
    This investigation began over a year ago. Anyone investigating trump from the moment of the elevator ride down knows that he is a dirty lying trump. More dirt on him than miss piggy. He owes the mob tons of money. He is a crook and liar gone roque on USA taxpayer money. Attempting to cover crimes and influence lawsuit outcomes with his dirty nasty lying staff of bullies.

  31. Anonymous7:44 PM

    That poor whining asshole. "They treat me worst than anyone in history" what a freaken idiot. He should be in prison now. President Obama was insulted for 8 yrs straight from republicans. Bush had shoes thrown at him. The Clinton's were set up by republicans and harassed for 8yrs+. In trumps case? He aint seen nothing yet. Looking forward to the NEW Michael Moore Movie Farenheit 11/9.

  32. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Does the white house physician travel with trump to Mideast? The USA will smell much better after that ass is out of here. A week without trump. Hooray. Maybe Mideast will just keep him. Or maybe the USA will not let him back into the country. Even Mexico said that they would pay for Impeachment cost.

  33. Anonymous8:35 PM

    OH PLEASE let this be true - if so, the "trap" will hopefully put them all behind bars !

    Multiple reports suggest Donald Trump gave contents of James Comey’s FBI computer to Russia

    It’s now well established that Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey the day before he met with the Russians in the Oval Office and gave them classified information, setting off a firestorm of controversy. But now multiple reports point to Trump also having given the Russians something else during that meeting: the contents of James Comey’s computer.

    That assertion was first pointed to by political pundit Puesto Loco, whose inside sources have a history of being proven correct. It’s well established that Donald Trump sent his own bodyguard Keith Schiller to hand deliver Comey’s termination notice, at a time when Trump knew Comey was out of town in California. Two days ago, Puesto Loco pointed to a scenario of Trump having purposely sent Schiller to Comey’s empty office to copy the contents of Comey’s computer so it could be given to the Russians the next day (link -

    Today a similar report is coming from the opposite side of the political aisle, with political pundit Louise Mensch asserting that according to her own inside sources, a Trump ally did indeed copy the contents of Comey’s computer and gave it to the Russians. But her assertions go further: Comey knew he would eventually get fired, and he set up the data on his computer as a trap, and the evidence is now in the hands of the Department of Justice (link -

    1. Anonymous9:31 PM

      Schiller worked under Petreas. Another sex crazed liar committing treason and espionage.

  34. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Trump Trackdown

  35. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Trump-Russia buzz: Eastern Virginia docket cleared, U.S. Marshals underway, and an imminent bombshell

    ...“Shortly after 12pm in the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) in a closed and secure courtroom colloquially known as a SKIF, a hearing was held. The Government argued before a 3 judge panel for a MOE (Marshall Order of Execution). The MOE was granted. A revised tactical and logistical plan was approved for Multiple Jurisdictions by the Court. This is a highly detailed plan using hundreds of United States Marshal Service targeting an unknown number of Trump associates. The operation commenced shortly after the Court’s approved of the MOE at about 2pm. The MOE filing and number will remain under seal until the indictments are unsealed by the Court.”

    1. Anonymous10:55 PM

      Marshall of Execution.

      Hey Sarah.

      Poetic justice?

  36. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Trump has an entire library of tape recordings. He has used this method his entire life. That is how he bribes, threatens, extorts and controls his victims of abuse. You can plan on being recorded if you come within 10 ft. of that ass. He carrys a kgb spy recorder in his pocket. Small and simple device. Trump is a low class NY mobster. He owes big bucks to bigger mobsters. He is working for them the "forgotten" as he calls them. The man is a billboard of corruption and crime over his entire life. Too bad the FEC did not vet him. Oh that's right trump had a friend in the FEC too. So sick of liars. The damage to our children from this entire nasty shit fest is so terrible.

    1. Anonymous9:42 PM

      How is Alexei doing Donald?
      SNL did a skit about him.
      I recall you sold a place to a "well off Russian".
      Oh poor Humpty Trumpty.
      Say on the DC Wall.
      Now Humpty Trumpty will fall. Shrug.

  37. Anonymous9:27 PM

    And pence knew nothing right? And the little women standing next to them knew nothing right? And this is all just fake news? right? The alt right are clearly nuts.

  38. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Trump’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

    President Trump fired James Comey. He got his mentor, Robert Mueller instead—and years of trouble.

  39. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Yet More Shoes Drop in the Flynn Scandal

    ...The new news here is that Trump knew about the FBI investigation far earlier than anyone has reported before. By the time Sally Yates alerted the White House to Flynn's lying, they had already been warned off Flynn by President Obama and they'd known about the FBI investigation for three weeks. Nonetheless, they did nothing until it all became public.

  40. Anonymous10:17 PM

    How presidents normally greet special investigators vs. how Trump does

  41. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Regarding Trump's business dealings, I found this pretty interesting.

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      It's called
      ZEMBLA - The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians

      and was made by a Dutch video production company.

  42. Anonymous2:09 AM

    It would be sweet if the first thing Mueller does is subpoena Trump's tax returns. I bet the orange moron is shitting bricks now. This is got to be his worst fucking nightmare. This is how Rosenstein got his revenge! I bet Rosenstein was saying to himself, "try to make me your scapegoat mothafucka, take this!" Hahahaha


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