Friday, May 19, 2017

Measles outbreak in Minnesota linked to anti-vaccination fake news.

Courtesy of Live Science:  

A recent measles outbreak that has thus far sickened dozens of Somali-Americans in Minnesota — nearly all of them children — can be traced to anti-vaccination campaigns that targeted Somali-Americans and suggested that vaccines are linked to autism, health officials said. 

On Friday (May 12), the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced that it had confirmed 54 measles cases, 51 of which were in children age 17 or younger — and the majority of those infected were unvaccinated, according to an MDH report published online.

Just a reminder that misinformation has real world consequences, and can even lead to death.

And just in case you were wondering, yes Donald Trump is also an anti-vaxxer.
Yet another reminder that we need smart, scientifically literate people running our country.


  1. Like troglodytes they deny science and we become a third world country. Who are the Somali community that listen to the science deniers? It's sad that we will be living with diseases we almost eradicated decades ago. The Republicans get their wish and we go back in time. To the good old days?

  2. Anonymous5:29 AM

    It really pains me to say this, but he isn't an actual anti-vaxxer. He has said that he believes the vaccines should be spread out more and given one at a time. I agree. The attack to the immune system is tremendous. However, I don't believe it causes autism. Alternatively, children can be given periodic titer tests to see if they already have immunity.

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Totally agree. They try to space out animal vaccinations, and many vets run titer tests before giving supposedly routine vacs.

      dRUMPf's youngest's condition may not be the result of vaccines, but of old worn out sperm (or worse, of VD).

    2. Anonymous2:53 PM

      You aren't too bright, are you 5:29? as in - nice in theory. In reality, periodic = multiple and each one a new visit to the doc. Doesn't work for low income refugees, does it, especially with the an immigrant community which the orange shitgibbon and the RETHUGlicans don't want on any sort of healthcare aid. Go back to your (likely childless or beyoned child rearing age ) bubble.

  3. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Does trump blame his own kids health conditions on vaccinations? At least on the youngest, he was an old guy which raises the risk of problems.

    1. Anonymous6:27 AM

      Nobody likes to talk about Barron Trump, because 'kids are off limits', but I would agree that Trump's worldview of autism is coloured by Barron's seemingly not-quite-normal reactions and mannerisms. Trump can't bring himself to face up to that fact that he didn't produce a perfect child, so he blames vaccinations instead. I guess he hasn't looked at Uday and Qusay carefully, not to mention that Ivanka has had a LOT of plastic surgery.

      Archie Butt

    2. Anonymous7:02 AM


    3. Anonymous9:50 AM

      You're right, Atchie Butt.

  4. What about that crazy woman from Minnesota Michele Bachmann (and her swishy purse carrier Marcus!)

    Michele Bachmann was an anti vaxxer too! Before she ran for president and then decided to retire from congress (after losing bigly in the presidential primaries and some ugliness and a few criminal convictions of people associated with and connected to her campaign and the Paulistas.)

    "Later, in an interview with Sean Hannity, a Rush Limbaugh wannabe without even Rush’s occasional entertainment value, Bachmann pulls the “I’m not a doctor” gambit coupled with the “I’m just telling you what this woman said” gambit. She then launches straight into the “health freedom” gambit by saying that she wouldn’t want the government to mandate an injection for her child, which makes me wonder whether her children have been vaccinated according to the recommended schedule. Indeed, I wonder: Why hasn’t anyone asked her that question since her debate appearance? It’s an obvious question! Come on, journalists, ask! Here’s the clip:"

    One thing for sure- Michele Bachmann's anti-science and anti-vax whackjobbery and biblical stupidity has a lot more to do with this measles epidemic than something the Orange Anus tweeted in 2012!

    1. Bachmann is still busy trying to avoid corrupt campaign finance publicity, pray away the gay, and generally batshit stuff. Ironic that a lot of Somali's are in her former district.

      She should stick to sucking on corn dogs at state fairs and dancing with the fake shrink fairy she is married to. Unfortunately, there are now a lot of her fellow whack job fundies now in the MN legislature. And we are fighting them every day before they take away the right to protest and start fracking the shit out of everything like WI.

      Growing up in MN we had the TB tests and polio vaccines as a matter of course. There are many people still alive plus offspring that are not in wheelchairs.
      No polio vaccine... said no one ever.

    2. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Yeah, I left the part out where many of the Somalis were actually in Crazy Chelly's former district.

      In MN Batchit Bachmann has become the model of loonacy.

    3. Does Bachmann even *have* children?

      If so, who's the Father?

    4. Anonymous2:55 PM

      They were foster kids and she did it for the $$. Mandated - she didn't have a choice (nor should she have.)

  5. Anonymous6:45 AM


  6. his big mouth is his worst enemy6:48 AM

    off topic

    Trump hoist on own retard! AGAIN!!!

    Donald Trump's big mouth is used against him once again.

    Sixteen state Attorneys General are intervening in a suit to stop cuts to insurance subsidies attached to the Affordable Care Act.

  7. Anonymous6:52 AM

    " Elementary school children lack a fully developed ability to solve problems on their own, making it difficult for them to separate other people’s worries (especially adults’) from their own frightening fantasies."Conflicts unambiguously feature “good guys” and “bad guys.” the significant impact parents have on their children’s mental health and well-being may, in turn, be crucial to maintaining a rational society. "

  8. Anonymous7:07 AM

    OT: Will plead guilty.

  9. Anonymous7:20 AM

    "Sixteen state Attorneys General are intervening in a suit to stop cuts to insurance subsidies attached to the Affordable Care Act."Democratic attorneys general have emerged as a key group resisting President Donald Trump's agenda, particularly around immigration. Their intervention in the Obamacare subsidies lawsuit represents a major expansion of that effort."

  10. Anonymous8:17 AM

    "Jeffrey Jensen Arnett and Lene Arnett Jensen argued that comparing Trump to children is insulting to children:
    "Trump’s repeated claim that the murder rate is at a 45-year high. The murder rate is, in FACT, near historic lows, as a quick glance at the FBI statistics shows."
    "A typical child wouldn’t behave like this. They would be told that they are LYing, and that LYing is wrong, and then they would correct their behavior. Trump, however, just seems to do whatever HE thinks is best for HIMself-, “Stop insulting children and adolescents by comparing HIM to them, and hold HIM accountable for HIS own offenses.” 70......

  11. Anonymous10:28 AM

    off topic

    According to Billo the Clown Fox News Pimp Daddy Roger Ailes died sad!

    Billo the Loofah King O'Reilly is a few millions sad also!!!

    "Roger was convicted of bad behavior in the court of public opinion, and it was painful for many of us to watch. He, himself, was stunned and never really recovered," O’Reilly wrote in his eulogy, published in USA Today.

    Describing Ailes as the force behind the success of former Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, O’Reilly blamed hatred of the outspoken conservative for his death.

    “Ailes gave them all blunt advice that led them to success. And it was that bluntness that made his life difficult, as enemies accumulated — some armed with a brutal hatred,” O’Reilly wrote. “Roger Ailes experienced that hatred and it killed him.”

    Masterfully spoken like every Loofah Daddy wishes he could speak to his subordinates and lessers! 'Cause there aren't many conservative Loofah Queens except in gay bars!

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Frankly, good. Ailes should have suffered for what he did to this country. I didn't do anything more then post my resistance to his viciousness in comments on public media. If he read one and it made him "sad" and that lead to his death - good! Though I doubt that as his health problems (lifelong) obvious bad lifestyle, are much more what killed him. ANd I really don't think AIles had the compassion, heart or self-awareness to feel "sad" about outsiders comments.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Pro tip- die before the victims suing you can win a final judgement. Your heirs will laugh all the way to the bank.

      This is called the "Ken Lay Picked A Good Time To Die After Fucking Enron Shareholders and Creditors Loophole."

  12. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Should't these immigrants have been required to have been vaccinated prior to being allowed refuge in the US? Hopefully this will be lesson for us in making sure that any refugees or legal immigrants are vaccinated prior to being allowed here. I can't believe it wasn't already required, what the hell?

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      The majority of unvaxxed are US citizens. The form to get out of school requirements is "beliefs" usually religious. COMPLETE bs.
      Note: I have no issue with a MEDICAL reason for not vaxxing. THe rest is bs.

  13. Randall2:22 PM

    One word for anti-vaxxers: POLIO


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