Monday, May 01, 2017

Nancy Pelosi apologizes after accidentally referring to Donald Trump as President Bush.

Courtesy of The Hill:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during an interview early Sunday accidentally referred to President Trump as former President George W. Bush. 

After the mistake on ABC’s “This Week,” Pelosi quickly corrected herself. 

“I’m so sorry, President Bush,” Pelosi said. “I never thought I would pray for the day that you were president again.” Pelosi was discussing Democrats working with the White House when she mentioned Bush.

I totally get what Pelosi is feeling, because I feel it all of the time as well.

I started this blog to oppose George W. Bush, and I have no intention of engaging in revisionist history or minimizing my strong anger and frustration at his administration. 

However at the time I thought he was the worst president this country would EVER see.

And then November 2016 arrived and I had a whole new definition of "worst."

It is not even like comparing apples to oranges.

It is more like comparing the measles to leprosy.

George W. Bush was terrible, with a capital "T."

But Donald Trump is goddamn catastrophic.

And like that lady in the post below is saying, we have NEVER seen anything that him before, and I hope to never see anything like him again. 


  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Makes you wonder just how low we can sink, huh, if we even survive this nightmare. I thought I'd seen it all.....boy, was I ever wrong!

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM



    Trump invited a man criticized for alleged human rights abuses, such as extrajudicial killings


    Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to the White House

    By Susannah Cullinane, CNN 

    Updated 8:21 AM EDT, Mon May 01, 2017

    (CNN)President Donald Trump invited his polarizing Philippines counterpart to the White House during a phone call in which the two leaders discussed North Korea....

    The statement did not provide details on when or if Duterte would visit Washington, but it said Trump is looking forward to his Philippines trip in November...

    The invitation spurred questions about whether the White House should extend a visit to a leader who has been much criticized for alleged human rights abuses, such as extrajudicial killings in Duterte's war on drugs...


    What's this? Could this be the reason why Donald is nice to the Phillipine henchman?

    What is White House assistant to the president (Ivanka) hawking now?

    Ivanka Trump hawks family’s new development in Philippines as dad invites strongman to White House

    President Donald Trump’s seeminglyoff-the-cuff White House invitationto Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has raised a lot of eyebrows.

    Officials with both the State Department and National Security Council were reportedly caught by surprise by Trump’s invitation, which he made during a “warm” and “very friendly” phone conversation with Duterte — who has overseen a vigilante “war on drugs” that has killed thousands.

    While the invitation surprised many, the real reason for the U.S. president’s friendliness toward the Philippine strongman might be looming over Manila — where a new Trump-branded residential developments is set to open soon...

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      We already figured out weeks ago that little donnie would have “warm and friendly” conversations with the leaders of the countries where he has business interests, except for Mexico.

      So far, he must not have businesses in Canada and Australia.

    2. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Trump Hotel Vancouver.

    3. Anonymous9:10 AM

      @8:46 Buty this in Toronto>
      "Investors said they were led to believe the residential units, which were to be rented out as part of the hotel, would generate returns ranging from 7.74 per cent to 20.9 per cent, but instead they lost money."

    4. Don't forget. Duterte endorsed Trump.

  3. Anonymous8:10 AM

    "The misrepresentations and outright LIES Republicans tell about the bill haven’t changed much either.

    Many of them are coming directly from Trump."

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

  4. Anonymous9:19 AM

    If you've never seen anything that him before raise your hand.

  5. At least she didn't refer to him as "President Asshole."

    1. That would have required no apology, unless she felt the need to apologize to Assholes.

    2. Anonymous2:58 PM


  6. People who are not familiar with Philippine politics believe only what the international media write about Pres. Duterte. He is by far the most popular, strongest leader and most loved (by 90%) and most hated (by 10%) . He has accomplished more in 10 months than any other presidents before him in their whole term. He is what he is - foul mouth and all but his heart is in the right place. Outsiders don't understand that Filipinos have been shortchanged by previous government leaders thereby resulting in a culture of corruptions, drug prolification, lawlessness,complacency, and all the illness of society. Desperate Filipino people who want to improve their lives financially seek employment outside the country. You can see us Filipinos all over the world, in any fields of work, any place where there are jobs that pay well. We don't mind hardwork as long as we are treated fairly and accordingly. Drugs have been rampant in Philippines and people were already tired of drug pushers and addicts doing criminal acts against humanity. Govt leaders turned a blind eye to drug problems and instead politicians, elected and govt. officials get millions of pesos in exchange for protection. Duterte couldn't be bought by businessmen, other politicians and by people with vested interest when he run for president so as not to return any favor when elected. He also said that he say what he said in order for people to pay attention to him, otherwise nobody will listen to him because he was just a mayor from a faraway province who was considered uncouth and not elite by the oligarchs standard. Now he is doing something to eliminate drugs and corruption and uplifting the lives of the masses and people are happy for the changes. His critics, mostly the Liberal Party never runout of funds to supply the international media of black propaganda against him and his administration. They cried foul against the killings as if it happened only after Duterte got elected. These critics were quiet when killings were more rampant in previous administration. They didn't supply the international media news about several extra judicial massacre happened in previous administration. My plea to the people outside the Philippines:please open your mind and not allow the international media through the opposition who funded the news media, to smear and destabilize our beloved country. Our country is a sovereign nation and we are better off solving our own problems with out outsiders butting in. Filipinos support our president and it's not bad news to us what he is doing to the country.


  7. I've been an avid fan of this blog ever since Pres. Obama got elected the first time (2008) and Palin was a constant villain in my politically enlightened mind. My attention shifted to Philippine politics since last Phil. election (May 2016) and came to the realization that Pres. Duterte is the right man at the moment to lead the sad state of our country. It doesn't feel good to read Gryphen's and other people's very low opinions of our leader who only do what majority of Filipinos entrusted him to do: to clean the Philippines of drugs, corruptions, and other ills of society that went from bad to worse during the past administrations, who only lined their pockets and neglect the lives of the poor. I can't blame you guys because your information come only from international news supplied by the opposition party. Those authors of the news never set foot in the land to see for themselves the real score. They just publish the news supplied to them and that's what people outside the Phils believe.
    I have just typed my first ever comment about the Philippines about an hour ago. Don't know if it went through. I have to reach out to the readers here to not condemn our president instantly and allow the Filipino people to live their lives according to what's right for them and Duterte is the only one they can trust right now, no other.

    1. I admit I know little to nothing about Duterte and his leadership of the Philippines.

      Thank you for your personal perspective.

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Gryph, bad analogy. Yes, the majority of us survived measles without complications, but complications occur in about 30% and may include diarrhea, blindness, inflammation of the brain, and pneumonia among others.
    About 1 in 1000 people die from measles. There have been 3000 cases in Romania in the last year resulting in 17 deaths.
    Here's a little known complication of measles: Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) also known as Dawson disease, Dawson encephalitis, and measles encephalitis is a rare and chronic form of progressive brain inflammation caused by a persistent infection with measles virus ….
    a 2016 study estimated that the rate for babies who contracted measles was as high as 1 in 609....primary measles infection usually before the age of 2 years, followed by several asymptomatic years (6–15 on average), and then gradual, progressive psychoneurological deterioration, consisting of personality change, seizures, myoclonus, ataxia, photosensitivity, ocular abnormalities, spasticity, and coma.

  9. Anonymous6:41 PM

    You have no rule of law, no due process, no right to a trial of your peers.

    Per wikipedia, On August 26, 2016, the official death total reached 2,000. ....In speeches made after his inauguration on June 30, Duterte urged citizens to kill suspected criminals and drug addicts. He said he would order police to adopt a shoot-to-kill policy, and would offer them a bounty for dead suspects."

    This is Is a tragedy of enormous proportions; there is nothing "right" about it.

    1. You got your info from Wikipedia? Unfortunately your info is not complete, very selective in which to publish. Vital and whole speech are just ignored.


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