Thursday, May 18, 2017

People Magazine reveals what former President Barack Obama really thinks of Donald Trump.

Courtesy of People Magazine: 

“He’s nothing but a bullsh–ter,” Obama told two friends early last November, describing an election night phone call with Trump, in which the businessman suddenly professed his “respect” and “admiration” for Obama—after years of hectoring. 

Speaking to PEOPLE for its new cover story on Obama and his wife Michelle adjusting to life outside the White House, the two friends quoted Obama’s blunt assessment of President-elect Trump. And how has Obama’s opinion changed since Trump been in office? “Well,” said one of the sources, “it hasn’t gotten any better.”

A third source close to Obama tells PEOPLE: “He’s deeply concerned with what he’s seen. But he’s also optimistic and heartened that citizens aren’t just watching it happen but engaging with neighbors and elected representatives at town halls.”

I can't imagine that anybody would find this surprising.

After all everything that Trump has done since taking office is to undermine Obama's policies, and destroy the American people's confidence in the office, and the reputation of the country around the world.

In my opinion Obama was being much too kind.

If I were Obama and somebody asked me about Donald Trump my response would be just one long primal scream at the top of my lungs followed by a quick punch in the throat for asking me such a stupid question.


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Oh fatty in the wh, cry me a river, it is all by your own doing.

    Mr Obama had all kinds of blocks just due to the others race mind. Mr Obama didn't even cry.
    You know who did cry, God! Due to Mr O bad experiences.

    Pos dump in the wh.

  2. You see - that's the reason millions and millions of Americans as well as others across the world loved President Obama and his beautiful, sophisticated First Lady. They have so much class - they have warm, engaging and loving hearts. I'm sure Michelle made her thoughts known in private - and rightly so!

    I miss them so darn much! The difference is like a royal couple versus a redneck, fat, junkyard dog with a bad temper and missing teeth.

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    N that's why he's cool and you're not.

    1. Oh you are so right there.

    2. Anonymous6:15 PM

      In all honesty I never personally found Obama to be "cool". He seemed rather geeky and uncomfortable in his own skin at times.

      He was a rather good POTUS, especially considering what came before and after him, but "cool", not really unless you just think that his part blackness somehow makes him "cool" in a jazzy sort of way.

      Some might think the photos of him doing blow and smoking pot make him "cool" but hey, who among us didn't do all those things when we were in college and not all of us were cool because of blow and pot.

      He was just a bi-racial guy who has big ears and a goofy grin and did a decent job as POTUS amongst all of the obstruction thrown his way. History will be kind to him, but it won't find him to be "cool".

    3. Anonymous7:25 PM

      Obama is cool.
      In the way he looks at his wife.
      In the way he sets aside fear and sings a hymn solo in front of the whole world.
      In the way he parents his daughters.
      In his courtesy to all people.
      In his baby-wrangling.
      In his body language.

      And now that he's out of office... in the way the man dresses.

      In all honesty, you are a troll.

    4. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Sorry 615, you're wrong.

      Obama is cool and beloved.

      By contrast, for example, Drumpf is repulsive and reviled.

      See the difference?

    5. Anonymous9:13 AM

      If you don't think President Obama is cool, great at timing, engaging, and a lot of other positive adjectives then you are missing something that so many of us appreciate and enjoy.

      Michelle is a very high mark to subscribe to as well. Not sure any FLOTUS has ever reached the audience the way she does.

      Above all they care about our country and those around the world. So proud of what they represented and did for our country in the 8 years with all the ugliness racists and ignorant citizens sent their way. Classy and cool through it all, and they left those hateful people alone who spewed phony "xtian" crap at the POTUS.

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    It must really make him sad that America is now on the international list of "failing states". We went from growing stronger and better to now being on the same footing as Venezuela and Brazil as a fragile or failing states.

    It's rather interesting to be here and be alive during this time when our democracy is failing. For my entire life, up until about a decade ago, America seemed special, eternal and unassailable, but thanks to our failing educational system the stupids finally elected a man who is unprepared to be POTUS in every way imaginable. He is melting the entire ball of wax and has first world powers aghast at our ignorance and chomping at the bit to come on in and do as they wish since it seems that at best, fools and idiots are guarding the gates, and at worst, and most accurately, the gates are wide open.

    It was a nice 240 years.

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      Ah, you are correct.But most of America are mutts and mutts tend to be resilient. We need to teach our kids to be self sufficient. You know what started this?I am so sick of parents not teaching their kids the value of going without. If you never had to why should you care? We have plastic surgery as a norm. Women's lib bit the dust a long time ago. Look at what is pushed on women now we have yoga pushed on us and every day young women are being exposed to Daily Mail judgement of bikini bodies.We live in a shallow society of butt implants, boob implants. What is the new generation been taught. I know women right now who worry constantly about their weight.

      This is not to say that anyone man or woman should let themeselves go but be honest if a man gets fat it's no big deal still. if a woman gains weight it is.Look at so called women's magazines and look at the headlines. "How to lose weight " How to get that beach bod!

      It is a shallow principle that is being old.

    2. Anonymous2:13 AM

      7:34 women's bodies is not the issue By that I mean, women have always had this pressure.
      t is the dumbing down, the complacency, the football/reality TV/ mentality.
      It is an interesting time to be alive. It is also a good time to choose another homeland.

  5. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Eight years. Think of that eight years of the world on your shoulders. We had eight years of dignity in the White House is it any wonder President Obama gets out and goes on vacations? For the first time in eight years he and Michelle can have some sort of normal life but i have a feeling he is hating what he sees now. They have withstood him being called gay and a muslim and not a real American. Michelle Obama has withstood being called a Wookie and worse.

    Barron Trump is set to go to Saint Andrews school in Maryland, go online they have their lunch menus many healthy choices for the rich. You wont see a cheeseburger and fries. There are many options for a vegatarion. It's like a god damn catered affair.And all the rednecks bought into Trump looks out for us.

    Public school is not good enough for Barron it has to be exclusive. Obama sent his daughters to an exclusive school to but at least he tried to raise them with principles.The Obamas were hand on parents Trump ignores Barron.

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      You have to remember that Barron is "special".

    2. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Obama sent his girls to the same Quaker school that Chelsea Clinton went to. It's a good school but more importantly is well-situated to cope with the Secret Service activity and presence that attends any president's school-aged child.

      I'm not surprised that Trump wouldn't send his child there, I'm 100% sure that in comparison with three bright hardworking girls with bright hardworking parents Barron Trump would suffer badly- just look at his father with his illiteracy and behavioral problems.

    3. Anonymous7:29 PM

      What I think is that if there was nothing to hide relating to Barron Trump then he'd have been forced on the world his whole life. We'd have been bombarded with publicity photos for ten years.

      All you need to do is study his public behavior to know that he and his parents (not even his mother) don't have the normal interactions that other parents and children do.

    4. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Barron Trump will turn out to be justas bad if not worse as his three eldest half-siblings. I have NO sympathy for him, his shitty father or his slutty mother. The only possible decent one is Tiffany. Basically, the entire family can go to hell.

    5. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Look at how that kid is raised made to wear suits at his age. No one can tell me Melania Trump is not a bought whore. What kid his age wears suits all the time? He is never allowed to just be a kid.

      Have you ever seen that poor kid in tennis shoes or blue jeans ? Have you ever seen him with other kids? Yes he is isolated because he is "special" his mother seems to be his main contact.Trump will never admit he has an autistic kid it may damage his ego.

    6. Anonymous8:28 PM

      Yeah this is normal.

    7. Anonymous8:54 PM

      Thank dog that school has a uniform code so the poor kid can finally quit wearing a tie!

    8. Anonymous2:17 AM

      The kid is autistic remember. He may like to wear a suit and tie every day. Thee kids have their things that help them cope.
      Don't worry parents of St. Andrews - Trump won't be in office by the next school year. But by all means we will spend money spinning wheels "in case"

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM





    Is this a deliberate effort to obstruct justice?

    Daily Beast

    Donald Trump Talked Michael Flynn Into White House Job—and Wants Him Back in the Administration

    President Donald Trump pressured a “reluctant” Michael Flynn into accepting a job as the White House’s top national security official even after Flynn warned the president that he was under investigation over undisclosed lobbying on behalf of a foreign government, The Daily Beast has learned.

    The president’s continued loyalty to his ousted former aide is so strong, in fact, that the two have remained in touch despite the potential that their communication could be portrayed as White House interference in a federal investigation.

    Now both men could pay a huge price for it....

    Trump’s pressuring of Flynn to take the job came even though Flynn had informed the Trump transition team that he was under active FBI investigation over undisclosed lobbying on behalf of a Dutch company—lobbying that, Flynn now admits, may have advanced the interests of the Turkish government.

    Trump’s affinity for Flynn apparently led the president to urge former FBI director James Comey, before his firing last week, to drop or ease a federal investigation of Flynn, according to Comey’s written account of a meeting with the president.

    Trump Wants Flynn Back

    But Trump doesn’t just hope that Flynn will beat the rap. Several sources close to Flynn and to the administration tell The Daily Beast that Trump has expressed his hopes that a resolution of the FBI’s investigation in Flynn’s favor might allow Flynn to rejoin the White House in some capacity—a scenario some of Trump’s closest advisers in and outside the West Wing have assured him absolutely should not happen.

    Those sources said Trump didn’t believe Flynn should be under investigation in the first place....

  7. =============================
    He’s nothing but a bullsh–ter

    "Pat, I want to solve the puzzle!"

    "Ok, Beldar Conehead from... France, go ahead!"



    "That's right, Beldar! Emperor Drumpf is nothing but a bullshitter. Vanna, show Beldar what he's won!"

    "Beldar's won TWO front row tickets to the big IMPEACHMENT show in Washington DC!! Plus airfare, 2 meals and accommodations at the cheesy DRUMPF MOTOR INN AND PET CREMATORIUM JUST MILES FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!!! The value of this prize package is.. SEVENTY EIGHT DOLLARS AND FORTY ONE CENTS!!! But, yeah, the impeachment is priceless..."

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM

      It's all due to their joint ties to Putin and Russia!!!!

      Trump needs to be impeached and Flynn needs to be arrested, put on trial and go to jail. Both these guys have committed treason!

  8. Anonymous8:58 PM

    O/T What the F*ck is this Country coming to when Foreigners are allowed to attack peaceful protesters and nothing is said from the Commander in Chief WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  9. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Obama, if you were republican, people would've destroyed you over your bomb happy presidency.

  10. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Trump is beyond a "bullshitter" He is a dangerous "LIAR". The ass is still the lying 12 yr old that his parents could not handle. So glad he will be impeached. It cannot happen quick enough.

  11. Anonymous8:48 AM

    The majority of us so miss President Obama and First Lady Michelle!

    Donald is the poorest excuse of a human now occupying the White House (all by himself) and he and his wife don't even profess to have a 'marriage'!

    Love and miss The Obamas and proud that I voted for him both times. They did an excellent job in leading and representing us throughout our country and nation!

  12. Anonymous1:57 PM

    His friends were being diplomatic, only Michelle really knows what Barack thinks of little donnie, as it should be.

    I know they have too much class to do this but it would be great to see Obama and Hillary attend the impeachment hearings.

  13. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Just seeing this post now. I write a blog where I post the cover of People magazine every week, because I think it's an interesting window into pop culture. The week after the election the main cover story was D Trump, with a picture of him standing alone. Since that time, to my surprise, there have been exactly zero mentions of the Trumps on any People cover. No Melania, no Ivanka, no "Eric's wife is pregnant," no little side stories about Barron or Tiffany. Nothing.

    On the other hand, this is the second cover featuring the Obamas since the election. Very intriguing to me.


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