Saturday, June 24, 2017

And yet they call themselves "Christians."

Over the years I have been asked more than once where do I get my morality since I don't believe in God?

I don't think I necessarily "got" my morality from anyplace actually, I am just connected to my own humanity, and it hurts when I see other human beings suffer.

And I simply do not understand why others only feel obligated to respond to that suffering if they are threatened with Hell or bribed with Heaven.


  1. Anonymous2:08 AM

    These so-called Christians behave in the exact OPPOSITE of what their "Savior" has commanded them to do. They are just as evil as ISIL.

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Pu$$y Pu$$y Pu$$y
      "the title took on a dual meaning, defining Fracassus as a weak and insecure figure."
      {Golden $hower$ PeePeeonME}
      " the new-money class and the reckless capitalism in which people build casinos and high rises for play." {$eXxx, BULLying, MonEy}
      "It’s clearly Trump on the book’s cover and throughout the book—an animated man-baby, running in a diaper while holding a scantily-clad female doll."
      "era of the unlikely,”.
      In the Era of the Unlikely, people don’t seek to discover the truth as much as they want to believe what they’re told."
      “Words hold the key to imagination and the ability to describe the world around us. Words get you out of your worst thoughts, take away bigotry, and when needed, provide an escape route.” “Every writer sees in Trump the antithesis to himself: zero language, zero words, and zero books, which limits thought." quote from H.L. Mencken: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

  2. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Yes, but there's a war on Christmas, doncha know.

  3. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Look at the ones who make the biggest fuss about being "more Christian than thou"--the fundagelicals. They're the most immoral, lying, cheating folks around. Look at the Duggars--good Godly people who knew their son was sexually assaulting his younger sisters and his babysitter and chose to look away.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      My Mormon sister tried to steal my cut of the estate. She had her lawyer writing me nasty letter,I was shunned by mormon family when I brought in a sharp lawyer. In the end,I won. She's got the crud now from diet coke. Auto immune disease. I told her it was all the bad karma she's put out. Whether reminders of heaven and hell,or karma,or just plain knowing all along she was doing wrong,she stopped being a bitch at that point. I've seen her twice in ten yrs. We live in the same town. We communicate but never face to face.

    2. Reminder: The second "m" is silent.

    3. Anonymous11:31 AM

      5:57 am; soda cannot cause autoimmune disorders.

    4. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Ah oh,teacher's here...

    5. Anonymous1:40 PM

      11:31. You're wrong.It pays not to talk out your ass. Look up the main ingredients and get informed before exposing your lack of knowledge.

    6. Anonymous4:16 AM

      11:49 and 1:40--autoimmune diseases are not caused by soda. Do your own research--not just the crazy-ass tinfoil hat sites. Are you the same person who claimed soda caused cherry hemangiomas (which you call 'red dots') and were so embarassed to be proved wrong?

  4. Leland3:55 AM

    I must take exception here. Not ALL "christians" are like that. It is only those who brag about their faith, like "Born Again Christians. Or those who feel they are perfect because their church is huge and on TV. Or those who believe the bible is perfect and they won't accept anything different.

    Or those who CLAIM belief, but do NOT understand the teachings of their "savior". In other words, the salad bar christians.

    Basically - at least it seems that way to me - literally everybody on the extreme right of religious belief. The Fundies and the Evangelicals.

    I watch in awe as the smaller churches, the ones that look as though their place of worship could use a new roof or new windows, try to feed the poor and shelter them and clothe them. THOSE are the real christians.

    Unfortunately, there are very few of them. Then again, I may be wrong because they don't scream and holler and bitch about the lazy people who want to suck at the public trough, so who can tell?

    Maybe if they DID, they could help those of us trying to work against the haters make some progress. If they would simply say out loud the others are not following the word of Jesus, we might make some further head way.

    And THIS coming from a complete non-believer!

    1. Anonymous4:46 AM

      Sorriest bunch of humans on the planet, period.

      I never knew ONE of them who was actually KIND at heart. NOT ONE. Merely, some christians weren't 'as bad' as the others, and that IS the very best thing I can say about them as a whole. And I was foricibly raised in the church of christ, gag.
      You can't throw a rock in this county without hitting a damn church. And many of these look like the falling in sheds you describe, Leland. They're the same people who voted Trump into office, and who hate LGBTQ persons. They'd rather see a living child die for lack of medical care or food, if that kid has a gay or dark-skinned parent. Oh, Brother, but save that zygote! NO 'BORSHUNS!!

      If everydamnMuslim must answer for everyotherdamnMuslim's actions, then why not the same policy for the kreeeshchuns? Sauce for the goose...

    2. Leland10:37 AM

      4:46. I doubt seriously that the ones I am describing voted for Humpty Trumpty. Most of the ones I speak of are tiny things in the country and are black congregations.

      I grant you there are blacks who voted for what we're stuck with for now - scum like Carson, for one - but I would be willing to bet they wouldn't be caught DEAD in a tiny country church.

      Oh, and BTW, the Church of Christ is one of the WORST in their beliefs and their abuse - both physical and psychological like you went through. And they are NOT a small group such as I spoke of!

      My condolences for your hellish childhood. I, too, got the bad treatment. I was beaten for merely asking a question - constantly. In fact, it was my father who beat the belief OUT of me! I'm surprised I survived. But I got out and while I don't hate religious people, I do pity them and cut them off short when they try to "convince" me they are right. Since my grandfather was an Episcopalian Bishop, I have forgotten more about the bible than most of THEM know, so I am quite capable of tearing their arguments all to hell and back. They do NOT like that!

    3. If all Muslims can be painted with the same brush for the transgressions of a few radicals then all Christians can also be tarred for the transgressions of their radicals. Tit tat. Pot kettle. Goose gander.

      It's a simple concept. And yet it still doesn't stop the haters from committing the same generalized sin. So let them be the target for once. They keep whining about there being a "war on Christians" so we'll fulfill their wish and give them one.

    4. Anonymous8:43 AM

      LOVE YOU, mlaiuppa!

  5. Grey One talks sass4:28 AM

    I call the fake Christians, the ones who call attention to their prayers, who are doing their best to turn the USA into a theocracy Dominionist. My mom is a Christian. Louie Gohmert is a Dominionist.

    1. ...and still the lowest IQ in Congress.

  6. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Yes indeed, How can a human look at another human suffering and not feel compassion? Most of us feel compassion, sympathy and most of us help in someway. And I almost feel sorry for the trump and organization, I don't know how they continue to lie cheat and steal from American's. I don't know how they look at their grandchildren and children. As it is said "money" is the root of all evil.

    1. Anonymous5:06 AM

      Greed and cruelty,not just the domain of GOP/dRumpf:

      Democratic Speaker of the California State Assembly Anthony Rendon has effectively killed the D-introduced single-payer bill SB 562. As California does, so goes the rest of the country eventually.

      This bill was written by a couple of Dem's who don't seem to be very mad about one of their own killing it. They are, rather, "disappointed". As for me, I"M MAD, and I didn't even write/sponsor the bill. Those assholes get good health care on MY taxdollar. The money is there for every American to have single-payer health care. NObody every asks where the money will come from to fund the next war, do they? CUZ THE $$ IS THERE.

      Anthony Rendon, Ricardo Lara, and Toni Atkins, all Dems. All beholden to their corporate donor owners.
      With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?

    2. Anonymous7:45 AM

      4:33 AM - Money isn't the root of all evil. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil!

    3. Religion has that beat by a country mile, IMO.

    4. Leland10:39 AM

      7:45, you beat me to it. Thanks.

  7. WA Skeptic5:10 AM

    Most religions (especially the Xtians) depend upon scaring the peasants in order to get money to support the church hierarchy and politicians.

    I hope more people realize that education will set them free from this intellectual slavery. No more church-based education, thank you.

    1. Leland10:40 AM

      "I hope more people realize that education will set them free from this intellectual slavery."

      WA Skeptic, why do you think they are trying to destroy good public education?

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Fear of heaven and hell keeps them in line.

  8. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I have a sister who believes the RW crap and calls herself "Christian" although they never attend church and don't do charity giving (kind of like the Trumps with far less money!) My mom passed along a Stephen Hawkings article on climate change, and her response was, "I don't believe anything coming from a man who doesn't think there's a God." Yet, dear sister, you think Donald Trump is wonderful. My really can't fix stupid.

  9. Anonymous6:48 AM


  10. Anonymous7:16 AM

    The Southern Poverty Law Center

  11. Anonymous8:16 AM

    DIE $UCKER$: 27,700 more death...

  12. "I was hungry and you cut the budgets of Meals on Wheels and Snap."

    Most of these so-called Xians would say "I didn't do it, that was congress." But when you press them, they'll still blame the Democrats and vote straight Republican. Even when it is the Republicans taking it away from them personally. They'll go hungry, poison themselves, do the old "go back where you came from" beat down and blame Obama when they lose their healthcare. They will never recognize that they are voting against their own best interests.

    Universal Healthcare is really what Trump has been describing. It was pointed out when he admired Australia's healthcare system.

    But when Mitch McConnell rams through his secret "Death bill" and the House rubber stamps it, Trump will sign it and grin like a two year old that just made potty in the gold toilet. He'll be clueless as to what is in it but it will be "great, the best ever" until it hits the fan, then blame Ryan and McConnell.

    So predictable.

    And they Deplorables will STILL vote for every fucking Republican that screwed them over.


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