Thursday, June 08, 2017

Breitbart is losing advertisers at an accelerated rate. Gee, what a bummer.

Courtesy of Digiday: 

Six months ago, Breitbart was riding the wave of the election, plotting an international expansion to provide a platform to spread far-right, populist views in Europe. But today, Breitbart is facing traffic declines, advertiser blacklists, campaigns for marketers to steer clear and even a petition within Amazon for it to stop providing ad services. 

There were just 26 brands appearing on Breitbart in May, down from a high of 242 in March, according to MediaRadar, which tracks ads on websites. 

The site’s decline also coincides with boycotts aimed at getting advertisers to stop running ads on the site. One, Sleeping Giants, a Twitter account started in November, has tracked the number of advertisers worldwide that have committed to stop advertising on Breitbart and its ilk. There were 2,200 on the list as of June 5, according to one of the account’s anonymous organizers. Ad tech companies including AppNexus and The Trade Desk have stopped sending ads to Breitbart.

Breitbart rode the wave of Trumpism as far as it would take them, and now they are caught in its suction as it begins to plummet into the icy depths.

I so wish I could feel badly about this. 


  1. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I also recall a 'boycott Rachel" campaign that never got off the ground because truth trumps lies. The rightwing's lies are coming back to haunt it. Trump's tweets are no longer entertaining, but horrifying. His treatment of foreign leaders was very telling, and also horrifying. His lack of common sense and his greed and that of his children is not sitting well with people who were promised help and jobs and a man who would be more concerned for THEM than increasing his wealth. Yes, he duped them, and yes, they are waking up!! RESIST!

    1. Remember Palin's "Fire Letterman" campaign?

      More recently it was "Fire Colbert" and then "Fire Maher" and none of them have any legs.

      I must say it's nice to see corporations having a higher degree of morals than the Republican party. It's the corporate sponsors saying enough and we can't support this when they withdraw from O'Reilly, Hannity or Breitbart. It's how Glenn Beck was taken down.

      It's also why companies are signing on to the Paris Climate Accord on their own, in defiance of Trump and the Republicans. They know where their bottom line is. You can be a responsible citizen of the world and still make a profit.

  2. Anonymous6:57 AM


    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      WW11 SamBee Sting>

  3. Anonymous7:20 AM

    TBN, which claims to be the world’s largest Christian TV network, boasts a roster that includes big names like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, and—coming this fall!—Mike Huckabee. When then-candidate Donald Trump arranged a meeting with pastors at Trump Tower in 2015, Jan Crouch was among the televangelist-heavy group that assembled to pray for him."
    RAPE>" a 30-year-old Trinity Broadcasting Network staffer when she was 13. When she told her grandmother, Jan Crouch, the network’s cofounder, the older woman allegedly blamed her for the incident -an Crouch ONLY lashed out at the girl. “Why would YOU have that man in your room?” she said, according to Carra Crouch’s testimony. “Why would YOU let this happen?”
    "urging parishioners to give “your first $200 seed”"

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      "The share of black women with a college degree has increased by almost 24 percent since the early 2000s, but they graduated with more debt and worse prospects than white students. And black women participate in the workforce at higher rates than other women, yet they're among the most likely to live in poverty, second only to indigenous women."
      Add 'if your Bi and part Native American'
      bottom bottom-yet remain humble.'

      "Black Lives Matter was founded by three black women—Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. The Women’s March on Washington was organized by women of color. "if not for rampant voter suppression: As the report notes, “[o]f the ten states in which Black women compose the largest proportion of the female population, nine states had implemented voter identification laws as of March 2016,”

    2. Anonymous7:41 AM

      " "A person just being who they are causes them to be beaten up? That shouldn't be used in any sense, in any way, as a defense.""

  4. We can feel badly about this. On the count of three-1-2-3 aw, couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of thugs.

    1. Anonymous1:50 PM

      We feel bad, not badly.

      Gryphen makes this same error all the time.

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      As do about 90% of the population who aren't English majors. Now go find a nice train tunnel with lots of graffiti to correct punctuation in. And please wear your headphones.

    3. Anonymous11:20 PM

      Anon @ 4:15:

      Being proud of your ignorance doesn't say anything good about you.

  5. Anonymous8:14 AM


  6. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I'm glad that Breitbart is losing advertisers. Come to think of it, who would have wanted to advertise on Breitbart, the citadel of fake news!

  7. Anonymous12:51 PM

    The next time some know nothing con attempts to spout bs about anything, say I remember when the French Gov. told W Bush to fuck himself in 2003 when he invaded Iraq causing the original snowflakes to demand French Fries be called Freedom Fries. They sure did take it up the ass on that charade.

  8. Anonymous1:49 PM

    "I so wish I could feel badly about this."


    I so wish I could feel bad about this.


    "Bad" is an adjective complement, required after the verb "feel', as well as verbs such as 'be' or 'seem'. To say you "feel badly" is just as grammatically incorrect as to say that you 'are badly' or something 'seems badly'. After all of these verbs, the correct form is an adjective:

    I am bad.
    Something seems bad.
    I feel bad.

    1. "I feel bigly badly."?

      Even Trump's lawyers are language challenged:

      "The statement began with the following line: “I am Marc Kasowitz, Predisent [sic] Trump’s personal lawyer.” It later referred to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats as “Coates.”

      He also wrote, “this leaks should be investigated.”"

      No wonder he is Trump's personal lawyer.


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