Monday, June 05, 2017

Democratic challenger to Iowa Congressman Steve King drops out in the face of death threats.

Courtesy of The Des Moines Register:  

Kim Weaver is ending her campaign for Iowa's 4th Congressional District. 

In a Facebook post Saturday, Weaver, a Democrat, cited threats to her safety, financial security and her mother's ongoing health problems as reasons for her withdrawal. 

"Beginning during my 2016 campaign, I have received very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats," Weaver said in the Facebook post. "While some may say enduring threats are just a part of running for office, my personal safety has increasingly become a concern." 

In an interview with the Des Moines Register on Saturday, Weaver added to that rationale, alleging that the state of Iowa's Office of Long-Term Care Ombudsman, where she is an employee, saw its budget cut this year as "punishment" for her political candidacy. 

The office received a $164,000 cut this year — a 12 percent reduction from the previous year. 

"I'm feeling guilty that we lost this funding because I'm running for office," Weaver said, adding that she was prepared to take a "voluntary layoff" if the cut requires a staff reduction.

Death threats and dirty political tactics, just a further reminder that the Republicans will do ANYTHING to stay in power.

Weaver was challenging staunch conservative, and strident climate change denier, Steve King whose ardent support for Donald Trump may have put his reelection in jeopardy.

Perhaps that is why they took no chances, and worked to remove the threat early on before his Democratic challenger could attract significant support to take away his seat.

The ends justify the means, and for the Republicans the meaner the means, the better.


  1. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Because if you can't win fair and square, CHEAT.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      'Patriots'! not.

  2. Anonymous5:41 AM

    You left out the part about her being an internet psychic.

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    FACT:" “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens” where several students were found to be posting memes that made jokes about “sexual assault, the Holocaust, and the deaths of children.” Some students also “joked” about being sexually aroused by seeing children get abused, while others posted memes about hanging Mexicans."

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    THIS>RT Ed Shultz<Bernie Sanders and some progressives have bought into this myth and have been pushing Democrats to appeal more to working class voters. The problem is that Democrats haven’t lost working class voters. Clinton lost for a variety of reasons, some of which do center around her own campaign but most are related to the challenge of being the FIRST FEMALE presidential nominee in history, but the election data shows why it is dangerous to make broad general assumptions about a close result.

    Trump isn’t being powered by the working class. His base is wealthier Americans, and anyone who believes that Trump is a president because of working-class voters has bought a Republican lie."<TRUTH!

    1. Anonymous7:54 AM

      "Joan C. Williams argues that much of the analysis of this class has been misguided and condescending."
      "examples are the “White Trash Bash” fraternity parties. But these insults are all over in terms of “flyover states,” “rednecks,” “plumber’s butt.” They’re also in popular culture. I was just reading a study of sitcoms over the past 40 years, and the image that we see of the white working class in sitcoms is overweight, flabby, dumb, maybe racist and sexist. Very consistently. So I think when you insult people, they get insulted."
      "think that Trump is brilliant at channeling the anti-elitist theory of the white working class, and I think the reason he’s so good at that is because HE FELT condescended to HIS whole life. "Donald Trump is from Queens. Queens is not a fashionable borough. Trump’s casinos basically would be looked down upon as the epitome of garish bad taste."
      "Trump, like Bernie Sanders, was attractive to people just because he was so transgressive within his own party. And he was felt to be a way for the white working class to kind of stick that thumb in the eye at the elites and let them have it."The glass ceiling is a very ineffective message. Not only for the men, but also for the women, because what does glass ceiling mean? It means women like me, born with a silver spoon in my mouth, get to have jobs like the jobs my husband and father had. Why should working-class people care? You know, newsflash, they don’t care."He definitely approached a whole group of voters and brought out their worst selves."
      " That’s for sure."

  5. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Senator Al Franken>President!?

  6. King is my congressweasel, I did not/have not and will not ever vote for a wingnut above the lowest county position.

    King is an embarrassment to all of America, not just iowans. He was tied for goofiest congresscritter ever with Michele 'one L' Bachmann and Louie Gohmert of Texas. I live in a sea of embarrassing red citizens-many of which are nice friendly people and neighbors.

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  8. Anonymous8:20 AM

    “They said the president made his decision and there wasn’t any changing that.”


  9. Anonymous8:34 AM

    THIS:" Trump, the world is made up of only two sorts of people, or nations: strong WINners whom others respect and fear, and weak LOSErs whom others exploit and laugh at.
    "There is no other alternative." FACT$
    djt“We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore. And they won’t be. They won’t be.“
    "Cooperation is a sham."
    "Billionaires can be trusted because they’ve already made their money – presumably by OUT-exploiting others."

  10. And I'll bet they're cheering and patting themselves on the back over this "win." They really have no clue that this is just another step towards FASCISM and an attack on our country and the Constitution.

    Well, yet another check in the "they own it" column. So when things go south BIGLY, they know who to blame. Well, they'll blame the Democrats for who knows what, but those with two brain cells to rub together will know this is all on the Republicans.

  11. Anonymous5:51 PM


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