Monday, June 26, 2017

Experts warn that Trumpcare could destabilize insurance markets, as Senate Republicans express doubts there are enough votes for it to pass.

Courtesy of The Hill:

One of the primary arguments from Republicans for repealing ObamaCare is that the healthcare law is “collapsing.” But experts warn that the GOP’s legislation might destabilize insurance markets even more over time. 

The Senate’s ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill, released Thursday, would abolish ObamaCare’s mandate for people to have insurance, but it would still bar insurers from denying people coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

Experts warn that arrangement would allow people to wait until they get sick to buy insurance coverage, likely driving up premiums.

On top of that, the GOP bill cuts back on ObamaCare’s tax credits, providing less financial assistance to help people afford a plan. So in addition to the lack of an enforcement “stick” to get healthy people to enroll, there would also be less of a “carrot,” in the form of financial assistance. 

This combination could lead to more insurers pulling out of the market or hiking premiums, experts say, exactly the problems under ObamaCare that Republicans have talked about solving. 

“A combination of repealing the individual mandate and diminishing premium subsidies would tend to destabilize the market,” said Larry Levitt, a healthcare expert at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Like I said before, the Republicans are not working to replace Obamacare with something better, they are just taking the worst parts of the law and amplifying them.

And that has not been lost on some key Republican Senators who fear the passage of this bill will be their downfall.

Courtesy of Politico: 

Senate Republicans are casting doubt on their leaders’ plans to vote this week on repealing Obamacare, with lawmakers from all wings of the party so far withholding support from the massive reshaping of the health care law that they campaigned on for seven years. 

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky faces problems from seemingly every corner of his conference, and — from wary moderates to conservatives and even leadership allies — few Republicans were willing Sunday to predict the Senate repeal bill could pass this week, before lawmakers leave Washington for a weeklong July 4 recess.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) outlined “very serious concerns” about GOP leaders’ bill on ABC’s “This Week,” saying that “it's certainly going to be very difficult” for McConnell to win the 50 votes he needs to pass it on such a tight time frame.

I really doubt that more time will make much difference as the Republicans at their core really don't want to pass a health care plan. 

But their inability to pass this crappy bill really does not do much to help those who need health insurance.

The Republicans have already done much to undermine the success of Obamacare, and if they do not work to make it better it will get steadily worse.

That may be something they think works for them politically, but in reality it literally means a substantial loss of life and Americans suffering needlessly from health care problems that could be solved with one or more visits to a doctor. 


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM


    This not about Healthcare

    This is about the Republicans and rich people overturning everything President Obama did.

    Instead of making changes to the Affordable Care Act that will benefit society, that orange man in the White House and the white Republicans especially Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan could not wait to start getting rid of what President Obama accomplished and his legacy.

    Soon enough the anti-Obama people will wake up and say what did we do and it will be too late?

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      They won't say "what did we do" until it hits them smack dab in their wallet IF then. They are NEVER wrong, and it's all the left's fault. Always.

      Like their queen, $arah, pointing that finger with three pointed back at them. Remember when she blamed Obama for Track beating the crap out of women?

    2. No. They won't.

      They will continue to vote Republican and this will continue to blame the Democrats.

      They aren't interested in facts or reality.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Hurry hurry Republicans, Trump needs to pass legislation, any legislation ASAP. He's tired of not accomplishing anything.

    The passing of Trumpcare is to show his base he did something.

    1. Exactly.

      This isn't a health bill. It's a tax cut for the wealthy. It is the beginning of their "tax reform" which is basically tax cuts for the 1% and screwing everyone else.

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    JUN. 26, 2017 AT 3:24 PM
    Neil Gorsuch Is Paying Off For Trump So Far

    ....Beyond the cases themselves, the decisions shed further light on Gorsuch, the court’s newest justice, whom Trump nominated in January and who took the bench in April. Gorsuch wanted the court to go even further in allowing all of the travel ban to go into effect. In this and his other decisions, Gorsuch has paid dividends for Trump more than perhaps any other move the president has made....

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    tiny djt & his loopy thumb fe'T'ish...Watch for it...CONstantly

    'that is MY girth, NO problem there'..

  5. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Trump quietly plots to take money from disabled veterans

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    2. Anonymous1:42 PM

      I hope those vets effected go after Trump and provide what is coming to him! He is not supporting Americans - only himself and his family to become even richer.

      He needs to go - much sooner than later!

      He just announced that Ivanka is going to join India on the economic side, which means she's going to sell her goods there too. What a fucking family - amazing to watch! THEY warrant being IMPEACHED!

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    No patient no money. No money no home. Republicans will dissolve the cash. Their hatefulness will eliminate their profits. They built trump and own him.

  7. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Fuck the Republican white guys in Congress - that have ALL created this GD mess we are watching. Donald Trump is even worse and is not a leader - he doesn't even know how to do his job - totally inept!

    I hope each of them meets a horrible death. They are deplorable, easy to despise and hate, not working for the American people and a bunch of jerks!

    1. Anonymous1:58 PM

      I greatly admire your constraint in calling out these evil people.
      I am not that nice .They haved earned much more the just a horrible death .Much extended suffering beforehand would be a start.

  8. Anonymous12:53 PM

    CBO: 22 Million More Uninsured By 2026 Under Senate GOP Health Bill

  9. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Senate Trumpcare Just As Mean As The House As 22 Million To Lose Health Insurance

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    "CBO found that 15 million Americans would lose their health insurance in 2018. When Republicans said that no one would lose their coverage RIGHT away, they were lying."
    My ? Why should they EVER LOSE???

  11. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Death sentence.

  12. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Beware McConnell's potential bait-and-switch on Trumpcare

    ...But that's not the only chicanery McConnell could engage in. It's possible, maybe even probable, that the final vote will be on a secret bill that hasn't been scored by the CBO or seen by most senators.

    1. And the fucking Republicans will still vote for it because that asshole McConnell tells them to.

  13. Anonymous1:12 PM

    1. Anonymous1:49 PM

      Undemocratic Amerika

  14. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Senate Republicans release a tweak in Trumpcare, making it even meaner for uninsured people

  15. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Women's access to mammograms, preventative services is in very real danger under Trumpcare

    AMA opposes Trumpcare because it violates their standard 'First, do no harm on many levels'

  16. Anonymous1:41 PM

    The 13 alt-right senators trying to take health care away, and how much they were paid by insurance companies and Big Pharma:

    Qrrin Hatch: $471,560
    Mitch McConnell: $433,400
    Rob Portman: $382,100
    Patrick Toomey: $354,616
    Lamar Alexander: $228,100
    John Cornyn: $180,050
    Cory Gardner: $151,850
    John Barrasso: $149,750
    Mike Enzi: $146,600
    John Thune: $123,400
    Mike Lee: $66,750
    Ted Cruz: $58,895
    Tom Cotton: $28,941

    1. Orrin Hatch? The Sock Puppet?

      Oh, please watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. You can subscribe for free on YouTube.

      Watch Orrin Hatch get nailed by Claire McCaskill for having no hearings and then fed lines from his aide that he repeats.

    2. Anonymous3:29 PM

      President Orrin HatchMAN#1

      VP. ? Joe LIEberMAN
      NEW>Senator RMonEy

      Koch Dealer bitch mcCONnell #2

      COUP d'etat Complete...

      Ron Portman#3 'T'ie Party & mc$HAME?

  17. Randall2:52 PM

    When asked 'what about the poor, the elderly, the sick?' the Republicans, with the exception of 10, all rose and shouted "FUCK 'em!"

    ...then they laughed and laughed

  18. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Lady Lind$ey But'T'FUCK:

  19. They'll toe the party line and vote for it like good little sheep.

    They'll tell their constituents they were against it because most won't bother to look up the voting record to see if their representative was stabbing them in the back while he was screwing them.

    And the Deplorables will still vote Republican.

    Well, if the Death Bill passes and Trump Care starts killing people, it will be all that much easier to pass a universal single payer plan when the Democrats regain both houses and the Oval Office. *IF* they ever do. Might be 2024. Might be longer.

    Because the Democratic Party is so fucking incompetent. (Please watch Bill Maher's latest show. You can subscribe for free on YouTube.)

  20. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Nobody Is Safe Under Trumpcare As Millions Of Americans Will Lose Employer-Based Coverage

  21. Anonymous4:27 PM

    CBO Confirms That Senate Healthcare Bill Will Be Deathcare For Poorer Americans Age 50-64


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