Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fox News drops "Fair and Balanced" slogan. Yeah, like anybody with half a brain cell bought that in the first place.

Courtesy of New York Magazine: 

As Fox News moves further into the post–Roger Ailes era, the network is shedding one of its most iconic elements. According to network executives, Fox News has abandoned the marketing slogan “Fair & Balanced.” The decision was made last August after Ailes’s ouster by Fox News co-president Jack Abernethy, because the phrase had “been mocked,” one insider said. Another executive explained that the tagline was “too closely associated with Roger.” Fox executives have been instructed by management to market the network by its other tagline: “Most Watched. Most Trusted.” 

It is hard to overstate the significance of what shedding “Fair & Balanced” means for Fox News. (It would be like the New York Times giving up “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”) Ailes invented the slogan when he launched the network in 1996, and over the years it became a quasi-religious doctrine among Fox’s anchors and viewers. The effectiveness of Fox News as a vehicle for conservative ideology depended on it. “If you come out and you try to do right-wing news, you’re gonna die. You can’t get away with it,” Ailes once told a reporter. 

Inside Fox, Ailes held “Fair & Balanced” seminars with staff members. “He would call a group of senior producers and make you watch the channel and he’d point out stuff, like a banner that’s slightly liberal,” a senior producer told me. “He would say, ‘The news is like a ship. If you take hands off the wheel, it pulls hard to the left.’” Ailes also used “Fair & Balanced” when making hiring decisions, such as saying a job candidate “wasn’t ‘fair & balanced,’” because the person went to a college he didn’t like.

Well it's about time that Fox stopped pretending they were in anyway fair and balanced, because as this article reports that has NEVER been the case.

Roger Ailes set out to report the conservative side of the news without any regard to he actual facts, and by gum that is EXACTLY what Fox News did.

As for that whole "Most Watched. Most Trusted" slogan, the first is only true because every TV, in every waiting room, in America seems to be tuned to Fox News, and the second is only true among the simplest simpletons in the country.

In fact I really only KNOW something is bullshit once Fox News or Sarah Palin report it as fact.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    When you go into a commercial place and they have FOX on in the waiting room area, ask them to switch the channel. Just go to their counter that you access when entering their place of business.

    I have never been refused, because I've been a good customer for their business! I just tell them I like to watch something besides news and give them a suggestion. Works beautifully!

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      I once refused to wait in a doctors waiting room because Fox News was blaring in it. I told them I would wait outside and they could come get me. I told them exactly why when asked.

    2. I was in a medical office that was not on Fox News but on HGTV. I immediately went to the receptionist and thanked her for the excellent choice on TV. She smiled, and thanked me for the input :)

    3. You know why?

      Fox gave them these TVs for free for the promise that they would be tuned to Fox.

      I always ask for Animal Planet or HGTV.

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    The most honest thing Fox News has ever done: removing "fair and balanced" from its logo.

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Get your popcorn: Senate bringing back James Comey for more testimony in Donald Trump obstruction probe

    If you thought last week’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee was beneficial or enlightening, and you’d like to see a sequel, it looks like your wish is being granted. One day after the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that it’s investigating Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, it’s decided to bring back Comey for another round of testimony.

    --Veep is in too deep: Mike Pence lawyers up in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

    If you’ve been wondering which member of Donald Trump’s White House or administration would be the first to retain outside counsel in response to Donald Trump’s accelerating Russia scandal, it turns out the answer is remarkably far up the chain. In a startling development, Vice President Mike Pence has now lawyered up.

    Mike Pence has hired his own attorney to personally represent him in the Russia scandal, according to a Washington Post report (link).

    --Jeff Sessions caught lying under oath about multiple contacts with Russian lobbyist

    ...Richard Burt, a lobbyist for Russian government-controlled businesses, now says that he had multiple meetings with Jeff Sessions during the course of the campaign (link). In fact Burt says he attended multiple dinners at Sessions’ invitation. Burt was a prominent figure in the Donald Trump campaign, making it all but impossible for Sessions to argue that he somehow didn’t know who Burt was, or what he did for a living. Moreover, it appears McCain may have been knowingly setting a perjury trap for Sessions by asking the lobbyist question.

    --Follow the money: Robert Mueller investigating Russian payouts to Donald Trump associates

    --Donald Trump goes berserk again, blames his scandals on Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton

    ...By the afternoon, Donald Trump had concluded that Hillary Clinton, and not Robert Mueller, was now at fault for the crimes he’s committed. He ranted, “Why is that Hillary Clintons family and Dems dealings with Russia are not looked at, but my non-dealings are?” (he left out the necessary apostrophes), before going full Breitbart with “Crooked H destroyed phones w/ hammer, ‘bleached’ emails, & had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared- & they talk about obstruction?”

    And so there you have it: Donald Trump has no defense when it comes to his obstruction of justice in his Russia scandal, and he knows it.

  4. Fake Noise motto was always Far Right and Biased.

  5. Anonymous3:34 PM


  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Right On:"diplomatic immunity"?"charges have been filed to bring justice for the people who were assaulted while exercising their constitutional right to protest peacefully."


  7. Anonymous3:58 PM

    "next time it should start with Alex Jones and not Sarah Palin." is not that Alex Jones, Zeitgeist or The Tea Party are responsible for Loughner's crimes. The point is that he targeted Giffords for a reason, one rooted in his unhinged interpretation of recognizable conspiracy theories. Right-wing activists and politicians have traded on such theories, giving them far more mainstream exposure and credibility than they ever had before. Experts on political violence have been arguing for months that this is extremely dangerous. People like Loughner are the reason why."
    Butt could it end with sara Kkkalin.?

  8. Anonymous4:02 PM

    OH Please>on dRUMPf
    ."Jake {THE} Flake (R-AZ)
    '“Well, there’s things that he could stop doing, you know, referring to others in the other party as losers, and using language that isn’t becoming,” Flake said."

  9. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Lobbyist for Russian interests says he attended dinners hosted by Sessions

  10. Anonymous4:41 PM

    No-one with even half a brain cell watches any cable news channels.

  11. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Ted Nugent, Who Has Violently Threatened Obama And Clinton, Calls On Liberals To Be ‘Civil’

    ...Nugent, a diehard Donald Trump supporter, has been more famous for his violent rantings than anything else in recent years.

    “Obama, he’s a piece of s—. I told him to suck on my machine gun,” Nugent said a decade ago. “Hey, Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b—-.”

    After Obama was elected, the has-been musician called him “vile” and referred to him as a “subhuman mongrel.” During the 2016 election, Nugent shared an altered video that showed Clinton being shot by Bernie Sanders.

  12. Anonymous5:47 PM

    President Trump now finds himself exactly where he doesn’t want to be: under investigation by a dogged, highly respected prosecutor who owes him no personal or political loyalty. And the president has only himself to blame.

    ...Not for the first time, Trump gives a false impression of what’s really going on. He pretends there has already been a finding that there was no collusion between anyone involved in his presidential campaign and the Russian attempt to meddle in our election. No such conclusion has been reached.

    To the contrary: Thanks to The Post, we now know that collusion is only one of three subject areas that the FBI investigation, now led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, is exploring.

    Another is, indeed, the possibility that Trump may have obstructed justice in his repeated efforts to quash the investigation. How could any prosecutor fail to pursue this line of inquiry?

  13. Randall1:12 AM

    ...and replace it with
    "Fuck It - We're Propaganda and Everyone Knows It"

  14. Anonymous7:24 AM

    "Bullshit for the Gullible"


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