Saturday, June 10, 2017

Just a reminder that the big scandal facing President Obama eight years ago at this time was that he used the wrong mustard on his hamburger.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

In news from eight years ago that appears to be from some alternate reality, Obama left the White House and went out for a local bite to eat with vice president and BFF Joe Biden in May. The two politicians ordered hamburgers, MSNBC journalist Andrea Mitchell reported at the time, with the sitting president requesting mustard on his red meat.

The story was featured on Sean Hannity's show, Hannity's America, as a screen showed a photoshopped image of Obama surrounded by bottles of mustard with the words "PRESIDENT POUPON" plastered on a red and white banner.

Yep that was all the conservative media had to work with back then, and let's face it from "Fast and Furious," to Benghazi, and to the poorly functioning website during the launch of Obamacare, they really never had any real factual scandals to work with.

Now compare that to today when we have Russian interference in our elections to benefit the current president, numerous folks in the administration and campaign being fired, and multiple serious investigations directed at the current occupant of the White House and his associates.

Yeah, I bet the Trump folks WISH that the only scandal they were facing was that Donald Trump used a snooty brand of mustard.


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Dijon is not a brand of mustard, snooty or otherwise. It's French, it's nice, it's milder than American mustard and is not bilious yellow- and President Obama had one of the last dollops of Dijon mustard made in Dijon, because they stopped making it there in July of that year.

    1. That's a shame. Dijon should have shot for DOP status like they have in Italy.

  2. Anonymous6:07 AM

    I can't wait for the real Obama story to come out. Because the people who manipulate the media for him are masters of disguise.

    1. Anonymous6:34 AM

      And just what would that "real" story be, pray tell? Dumb@ss.

    2. Anonymous7:09 AM

      6:06am; Dumbfuck says what?

    3. Anonymous10:21 AM

      If it hasn't happened yet anon 6:07 it's never going to happen. You know why? Because there is no there, there.

      And you might want to take a critical look at who owns the media and that will give you a clear idea who exactly has the power to manipulate.

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Wouldn't it be great to go back a few years? While President Obama was in office, I was never fearful that the White House inhabitant had said, written, or tweeted something outrageous during the night. I felt confident that an adult was in charge of the country and the free world. Now the country and the free world are hurtling along in a senseless path to disaster with no rational, sensible person in charge. What a difference a few months have made.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Hang in there! Trump will get his eventually. I see it coming!

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Can you image where we would be if little donnie had been elected when the economy was crashing!!!

      We would all be out on the street selling pencils and apples.

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    ot? Homegrown Mustard Gaslighting Terrorist? "there was no clear and convincing evidence “the defendant represents a threat to any person or community.”Police were tipped off by another fuck bud>"who was taken into custody after allegedly killing two of his roommates who were white nationalists. According to Arthurs he killed his roommates because he had converted to Islam and they mocked his faith."

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      “You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism. You hear me? Die.” A study conducted in 2016 showed a spike of 6 percent in hate crimes all over the country with a rise of 89.2 percent in hate crimes directed towards Muslims and 42.2 percent rise in crimes due to sexual orientation and gender based crimes." FBI:>
      "A criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin."George Soros had announced to donate a total of $10 million to fight hate crimes which he calls "dark forces that have been awakened." NYC>
      ""I have no scientific evidence as to why," O’Neill explained. "But you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in the country over the last year or so and the rhetoric has increased, and I think that might have something to do with it."

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Trump (and his) are leading it!!!

  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    kkkCuntway: Mu$tardYellowPeeonME>
    "A new Twitter account named “Kellyanneleaks”"

  6. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Because the "white man's" mustard is mayonnaise and as bland as they come.

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Great marketing that made the uneducated dropout Hannity/Palins of the world feel inferior. It's just a freaking mustard! LOL

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Hannity's physical appearance has changed as much as that of Trump. Think having the national pressure dislike of each of them is physically and mentally getting to each!

      Hannity is no longer physically attractive. He's got the fat face now - which Trump does too! Unattractive dudes - as to their inter and external physicality.

    3. "Hannity is no longer physically attractive."
      IMO, he never was attractive. He has always had that pursed purty mouth and his stupid hair part. To each their own, I guess.

    4. Anonymous2:16 PM

      He was 'before' he was splitting his hair down the middle. In fact, think I only saw him a couple of times appearing like that!!! Not a good physical appearance either!

    5. Anonymous2:58 PM

      ick, not attractive in any way and he proves the old saying that people with very low foreheads are unintelligent. Plus he isn't very nice and has terrible judgment. There is nothing cute about that, some people need to lift their standards or take a good long look at themselves.

  7. Anonymous9:20 AM

    House Minority Leader>
    "Nancy Pelosi will not tolerate being interrupted on the House floor" 'Standing HER ground' for USa.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      She is one Democrat that absolutely has spunk - even at her older age. I have a LOT of respect for her...she has an outstanding record/history in government and has spent many years providing her service to all of us.

      She IS speaking out against Trump, but do wish she'd be more force full. But, I have to remember that she knows the laws far better than I! She seems to feel that Trump will get his eventually and properly! Think she'll be a big assistant in that endeavor too.

      IMPEACH The Donald!

  8. Anonymous9:40 AM

    ot?"The case — Juliana v. United States — pits a group of youth climate plaintiffs against the federal government and the fossil fuel industry. The plaintiffs allege that the federal government, through its actions and coordination with the fossil fuel industry, have violated their constitutional right to a livable climate. "In February, after President Donald Trump was sworn in, the youth plaintiffs filed notice with the court that they would be replacing Obama with Trump." they will seek to prove that the United States government has taken action to harm their right to a livable climate. They will also argue that the government has failed to protect commonly held elements, like the atmosphere, in good condition for future generations — a legal doctrine known as the public trust. The plaintiffs will then ask for science-based climate action by the federal government."Alex Loznak, a 20-year old youth plaintiff from Oregon, said in a statement. “It’s no wonder the Trump administration wants to avoid the trial by seeking an unwarranted, premature appeal. Today’s ruling brings us one step closer to trial and to winning our lawsuit.”

  9. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I still want to see Trump hung from the rafters for treason! He's proven himself to be as deplorable as they come in D.C.

    Many of the white guys (in the Republican party) currently serving in Congress need not be reelected IF they actually run again.

    Pay attention Americans! Help get the voters out in the next election cycle because you can be sure Republicans will 'obstruct' the vote in every manner they can. We need to work against that horrible party (on the national, state and local levels) as many of them are racist pigs!

  10. Anonymous1:19 PM

    And in the aftermath, by all means, let's get down on President Obama in his "retired" status for taking a long, deserved vacation around the world and checking in with leaders he calls friends.

    Also, too, let's criticize him for buying a mansion in DC when what he deserves is a cardboard box on your local freeway off ramp.

    Am I close?? :)

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Oh they loved him buying an expensive house, as though he doesn't have to provide a good environment for the Secret Service as well as his family. I think it's cool that they were able to try it out first. And I think it's doubly cool that the Obamas will stay in DC.

      But I don't want Obama focused on tomorrow's leaders, I want Obama focused on today's disenfranchisement.


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