Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More evidence that the Russian hack was more invasive than previously reported.

Courtesy of Bloomberg: 

Russia’s cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system before Donald Trump’s election was far more widespread than has been publicly revealed, including incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported. 

In Illinois, investigators found evidence that cyber intruders tried to delete or alter voter data. The hackers accessed software designed to be used by poll workers on Election Day, and in at least one state accessed a campaign finance database. Details of the wave of attacks, in the summer and fall of 2016, were provided by three people with direct knowledge of the U.S. investigation into the matter. In all, the Russian hackers hit systems in a total of 39 states, one of them said.

The new details, buttressed by a classified National Security Agency document recently disclosed by the Intercept, show the scope of alleged hacking that federal investigators are scrutinizing as they look into whether Trump campaign officials may have colluded in the efforts. But they also paint a worrisome picture for future elections: The newest portrayal of potentially deep vulnerabilities in the U.S.’s patchwork of voting technologies comes less than a week after former FBI Director James Comey warned Congress that Moscow isn’t done meddling. 

“They’re coming after America,” Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the election. “They will be back.”

Thirty nine states is significantly more than we were told about before.

Which makes me concerned that there is still more to be uncovered about these hacks and how deeply they actually reached into out election system.

Check how deeply they were able to penetrate in to Illinois' voting systems:

Illinois, which was among the states that gave the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security almost full access to investigate its systems, provides a window into the hackers’ successes and failures. 

In early July 2016, a contractor who works two or three days a week at the state board of elections detected unauthorized data leaving the network, according to Ken Menzel, general counsel for the Illinois board of elections. The hackers had gained access to the state’s voter database, which contained information such as names, dates of birth, genders, driver’s licenses and partial Social Security numbers on 15 million people, half of whom were active voters. As many as 90,000 records were ultimately compromised. 

But even if the entire database had been deleted, it might not have affected the election, according to Menzel. Counties upload records to the state, not the other way around, and no data moves from the database back to the counties, which run the elections. 

The hackers had no way of knowing that when they attacked the state database, Menzel said. The state does, however, process online voter registration applications that are sent to the counties for approval, Menzel said. When voters are added to the county rolls, that information is then sent back to the state and added to the central database. This process, which is common across states, does present an opportunity for attackers to manipulate records at their inception.

This could have allowed the hackers to change the voter registration to be affiliated with another party, or changed their home address so that they were shown to no longer living in their voting district. 

It only takes a few manipulations to invalidate a person's vote, or frustrate them into giving up the attempt. 

The only thing I can take away from such a huge and determined operation is that Putin REALLY did not want Hillary Clinton to win the election, or else he REALLY wanted Trump to emerge victorious, or perhaps a combination of the two.

This is simply not like any other attempts that we have heard of in the past.


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Yes it was more invasive. University Professors were targeted. Those that donated to act blue. County payroll around the country was hacked. Attorneys were targeted. Voting machines hacked in certain counties. Small internet companies purchased and customers hacked. Those that donated to organization's such as national parks, blm, greenpeace and others were hacked. Some people were set up and crimes committed against them by criminals and operatives related to trump. There is clear real evidence of these hackers and their crimes over the last couple years. We will not stop exposing them until they are in prison for life.

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    It goes back further ....... start with the tea bag darlings in 2010 or later and sara palin smacking her botox lips and her big rack and gulp. The evil and corruption within the republican party is clear and we have identified who they are and will send them to prison for their evil crimes. There will be no excuse or mercy for them.

    1. Anonymous7:01 AM

      To This End.....

    2. Anonymous11:49 AM

      It really started in 1917.
      President Wilson was stupid.
      Now the USA pays for it...

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Along with the hacking crime are citizen united billionaires buying up land around the usa for their survival after the whole shit house goes up in flames. They want to survive, they want to live. But sadly they will not. I guess when you have money you believe that you have the power to live. It does not work that way.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      They will likely be the first ones to go!

  4. Anonymous6:52 AM

    It concerns me that Trump says nothing about the hacking nor interference by Russia. His supporters and others seem to not care or believe there is anything wrong about what happened or that the POTUS does not care either.

    In fact Trump was delighted during his campaign that this happened and doubled down the investigations are sour grapes, blame for Clinton losing and a witch hunt. Alas the whole world knows the leader of the free world is contemptible and a fraud.

  5. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The federal government is setting up to protect the elite from a nuclear attack — while letting the rest of us die

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      And this will fail. There are more of us than them. When the shit comes down, WE THE PEOPLE will survive and make sure those involved in this attack will not.

    2. Anonymous7:46 AM

      " in recent years as the veil of complete secrecy has lifted, family members of Raven Rock personnel are allowed to visit it for specific ceremonies. So at the very least, family members today can picture where their relatives will spend Doomsday, even as they’re barred outside.”
      "traces its roots all the way back to FDR, when the first bunker was built to protect against a surprise Nazi attack. Later, Truman expanded it and the facility has been updated again in recent years since 9/11 when the attacks showed how limited the communications systems were. For instance, Vice/{THEREAL} President Cheney couldn’t listen to both CNN and to the government’s videoconference at the same time on 9/11,” says Graff."


  6. Anonymous7:01 AM

    It is an honor to oppose this catastrophe of a POTUS who betrays his country to Russians for a business loan.

    But the brainwashing now runs deep. Pence is content to be shadow-potus while POTUS is serves as a ceremonial money hook.

    Meanwhile POTUS desperate to be campaigning again, being adored by thousands of loyal fans. Complains “I shouldn't have to deal with this.”

  7. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Trump Stews, Staff Steps In, and Mueller Is Safe for Now

    ...But people close to Mr. Trump say he is so volatile they cannot be sure that he will not change his mind about Mr. Mueller if he finds out anything to lead him to believe the investigation has been compromised. And his ability to endure a free-ranging investigation, directed by Mr. Mueller, that could raise questions about the legitimacy of his Electoral College victory, the topic that most provokes his rage, will be a critical test for a president who has continued on Twitter and elsewhere to flout the advice of his staff, friends and legal team.

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      The electoral college was hacked. Those voters were bribed, extorted, threatened and harmed. Trump and his stumps committed unspeakable crimes against the electoral voters which consist of high profile us citizens. some willingly were forced to vote trump some were scared into voting trump and some were victims of crimes committed against them and their family to sway the vote. All must be exposed and those held liable for damages. The election was rigged, trump is a fraud and his enablers must be convicted and charged with crimes committed to sway the vote.

    2. Actually, I don't think the electoral college was hacked.

      I do, however, question the margins by which he "won" the swing states. They were pretty small compared to the number of voters who were disenfranchised and suppressed. I think it is possible that votes in those states may have been flipped.

      It's our own fault. We don't have a national voting standard. Each state makes their own rules and uses their own methods. It's insane to think there isn't some hanky panky going on somewhere. But the Republicans like it because it favors them. They can go one state at a time and pass and enforce voting restrictions designed to suppress poor and non-white voters, who mostly vote Democratic. Having a nationally run, uniform voter registration and method of voting would undermine the Republicans ability to corrupt the vote in their favor.

      Remember voting districts are based on the census. The census is coming up in 2020. And Trump is already underfunding the census BIGLY.

  8. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Russian Hacking in the U.S. Election

    Complete coverage of Russia’s campaign to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.

  9. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Congress Set to Prod Trump, Who Denies Russia Meddled, to Punish Moscow

  10. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Trump is so out of touch with reality that he thinks he can threaten special counsel Robert Mueller into clearing him on the Russia scandal.

  11. Anonymous7:12 AM

    GOP Members Of Congress Experience The Domestic Gun Violence Terror That Haunts America Daily

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      "suck it up, cupcake"

    2. You mean there were no good senators with a gun?

  12. Anonymous7:16 AM

    ot-How she feels."Murkowski says she's unhappy with secrecy surrounding Senate health care bill"The process for this bill — written by leadership staff behind closed doors — isn't the usual route for legislation. A draft may not be circulated before the final version is released. There are no plans for committee hearings to vet the language, take expert testimony or vote on a first round of amendments.""I think that we do better as a body when we respect the process. And the process allows for committee involvement, debate and discussion,"
    {RESPECT? YOU ARE A woman-you get NO RESPECT}
    "Murkowski said she "did bring up that I felt it was important to make sure that we got something right for the country, not compressed into a deadline. In other words — don't move so fast that we don't get it right." RIGHT?RIGHT?""It is certainly my hope that when the time comes to have a measure on the floor, the is ample opportunity for debate and consideration and amendment."HOPEYCHANGY?"she isn't ready to speculate on whether she'll vote for a bill she hasn't seen"
    ""I told him that in Alaska we've just got a different set of facts, a different dynamic, which he recognized when he started the conversation," Murkowski said. "He was talking about how various states had been impacted by increases in premiums and noted the fact that Alaska knocked it out of the park at over 200 percent increase. So I was able to speak a little bit to the Alaska specifics and why flexibility is needed in a place like Alaska where we're such an OUT-LIAR.""Trump began the meeting with compliments for Republicans in the room who are "working very, very hard" on "a bill that's going to be a phenomenal bill to the people of our country: generous, kind, with heart," according to a press pool report."
    " the discussion was broad-ranging in topic."
    My Bet-Word $alad wa$ $erved.

    1. But she'll vote for it anyway, whatever it is.

  13. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Shooting Forces House To Cancel Hearings And Votes

    One hearing was to consider easing restrictions on guns.

    A shooting in Virginia involving several Republican lawmakers brought Congress to a standstill Wednesday, with the House of Representatives canceling a number of hearings, including one scheduled to consider a package of pro-gun legislation.

    1. Anonymous7:33 AM

      RED FalseFlag Event? any co$'T'...

    2. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Yes and trump sons want concealed weapons, military style weapons and silencers available to all people including the mentally ill. So this is par for the course. The baseball shooter was a bad shot and did not murder but just wounded. The republican must and should get back to work today and vote on the most important item on their agenda. Guns for all and insurance corp scams on innocent americans.

    3. Anonymous8:21 AM

    4. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Suspected Gunman Has Died

    5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    6. Anonymous9:06 AM

      @8:26 {RT}22March2016
      "Ed Schultz@edshow, I would Like to Know why Bernie Topped Tax Code at 52% & $10Mil. I recomm. 70% at $50Mil."


    7. Anonymous11:51 AM

      Collateral damage...
      Shiny objects...

  14. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Sessions Launches Team Trump’s Russia Counteroffensive

    Hard-liners are now in control of a scorched-earth White House war against the Russia probes.

    ...Sessions, who was rewarded with the job of attorney general for his early support, was the logical person to launch Team Trump’s new hard-line strategy of trying to discredit Russia investigations on Capitol Hill and at the Department of Justice.

    To do so, the first order of business was to re-baptize Sessions as a member of Team Trump, and to restore some measure of credibility.

    ...The president has privately derided Sessions as weak for recusing himself from overseeing the Russia probe; he had left himself open to accusations of perjury with his incomplete ― to say the least ― confirmation hearing testimony about his Russian contacts.

    So this would be Sessions’ chance to publicly pledge allegiance, to “correct the record” and to show foes that he was in for the long haul.

    In an afternoon of combative testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sessions ducked, dodged, stonewalled and gave innocent explanations for his own Russia contacts and actions as AG in overseeing the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

    Along the way, he questioned Comey’s judgment, defended his own and, while acknowledging that the Russians had interfered in the election, denied any knowledge of collusion with Trump.

    More important than any single response was Sessions’ overall message: I may be recused on the Russia investigation per se, but I am loyal to the president and will do what I can to protect him.

  15. Anonymous7:23 AM

    The news is now saying - as to the shootings this a.m. - that the shooter abhorred Donald Trump!

    Trump is truly bringing hate, fear, racism, anger, etc. upon our country! He needs so badly to be impeached!

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Trump brings out the worst in everyone. He works for satan. He is the face of evil and lies like satan has ordered him to do.

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      I agree w/7:23 and 8:13. I never used the word 'hate' until Trump came upon the scene. I literally despise him and find him to have 'nothing' as to credibility.

      He is pure evil! He is un-American! He is a fraud and poor businessman! He is disliked throughout our country and the world. No one respects him and I assuredly don't!

      His end cannot come soon enough to America!

    3. Great. The Republicans will now pass legislation that only Republicans can own guns.

  16. Anonymous7:24 AM

    71 'T'oday:

  17. Anonymous8:43 AM


    “They’re coming after America,” Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee...

    Wanna know where the Russians are?


    • Go to Washington DC, the Russian spies are Trump's guests in the White House Oval Office getting briefed on Confidential United States of America Top Secrets Trump can't wait to share what he knows to show how impotent (important) he is.

    • Go to New York, the Russian spies are tenants and workers at the Trump Tower with their listening devices.

    • Go to Florida, the Russian spies are Trump's club members and workers at Mar-A-Lago getting briefed on Confidential United States of America Top Secrets as they walk past Trump's dining tables during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trump can't wait to share what he knows to any Tom, Dick and Harry to show how impotent (important) he is.

    • Go to Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC. The Russian spies are tenants and workers at the Trump International Hotel waiting for Trump to show up and walk past his table as he eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and openly talks about the Confidential Top Secrets he was briefed on at the Presidential Daily Briefings.

    • Wanna know where the Russian spies are? Just go to any bar and grill, any tv store, any place in the world where the Russian spies can get good reception on their smart phones. They are watching Trump as he divulge the quantity and locations where our NUCLEAR SUBS ARE NEAR NORTH KOREA!

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Russia has been here since 1917. Long ol racket 4 sure

  18. They will be back. And Trump will hold the door for them while the Republicans serve as ushers.

  19. Congress is voting to continue many of the Russian sanctions initiated by Obama, plus add some.

    "Defying the Trump administration, the Senate agreed overwhelmingly Wednesday to expand sanctions against Russia for meddling in last year’s presidential election and for myriad other abuses.

    Senators voted 97-2 to add a package of Russian sanctions to a bill that seeks to punish Iran for its recent flurry of ballistic missile tests and human rights violations. The Senate could give final approval to the bill as early as Thursday.

    Democrats and Republicans said the Russian sanctions, the result of extensive bipartisan negotiations, are needed to send a warning to Moscow and anyone else who interferes in U.S. elections will be punished.

    “We will not tolerate attacks on our democracy,” said Sen. John McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee."

    It's bipartisan.

    If that isn't confirmation that Russia hacked us, I don't know what is.


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