Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sarah Palin's ghostwriter congratulates Bristol's ghostwriter for awesome ghostwriting.

So that was Palin's tweet today which linked back to her crappy websites to overladen with advertising that you can barely locate the content. (And then once you do you wish you had stopped at the advertisement for "Thinner Thighs in Ten Days.")

However if you visit Bristol's ghostwritten blog (A place I visit so rarely these days I had to follow a trail of dried up breadcrumbs to locate it again.) you will find a cobbled together post attacking Kathy Griffin for her Donald Trump's severed head imagery, with several shots at Levi Johnston just for shits and giggles.

It reads like the Facebook post of a woman who has waited years to finally get back at the woman who stole her boyfriend and made her feel worthless and alone.
(Actually the weren't ever really dating, it was all for show, though apparently Levi never clued Bristol in on the ruse.)

At the end of this rant Bristol's ghostwriter adds this:  

Her jokes have never been funny to me.. probably because the only ones I’ve ever heard – have been directed at me or my family. (Well of course, the Palins rarely care about anything that does not effect them directly.)

I’m with the rest of the world on her recent photo school, and can’t believe a grown woman would pose like she did – she really does look like the photos you see of Isis Terrorists – and now she’s trying to play some role of a victim? Blaming white men?? I don’t get how you can even try to turn the tables on this one. Our president didn’t break you; you broke yourself, and you’re continuing to break any sort of “comedic career” by blaming everyone else. 

Kathy Griffin ain’t nooooo freaking victim in my eyes. 

I actually understand this ghostwriter's phony sentiment since it echoes my very real sentiment concerning the constant victim playing of the Palin clan.

For the entire nine years I have been covering them they have constantly whined about stalkers, liberals, ex-boyfriends, the "lamesteam media," comedians, talk show hosts, book authors, bloggers, etc., etc., etc..

So for the Palin clan (And their ghostwriters.) to call out a comedian for playing the victim is laugh out loud funny.

As is the idea that Sarah Palin's ghostwriter just authored a post, congratulating Bristol Palin's ghostwriter, for ghostwriting an attack on one of their many, many enemies.

It is almost as bizarre as congratulating a woman for giving birth to a child that she simply adopted.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Actually, many people do offer congratulations to adoptive parents.

    1. Yes but you don't congratulate them for actually giving birth.

    2. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Unless you're $arah.

    3. point zero zero something away from graduating with Honors7:06 PM

      No one ever claimed The Stool was Honor Roll Material.

      The Stool just thinks people are as easy to fool as a Palin.

      Also too you can substitute ghostwriter for The Stool.

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Blah Blah Bristol.

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Who are these Palin people of whom you speak?? Were they on teevee once a long time ago? Didn't one of the get herself knocked up twice by two different men? Didn't their son knock up two different women and get himself arrested for beating the living shit out of one of them? Didn't the whole family show up shit-faced, knee-walking drunk, crash a party, and get their collective asses kicked in a street brawl?

    THAT bunch of Palins?

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Aren't you the guy that spends all day keeping tabs on Bristol's instagram page?

    2. Anonymous2:45 AM

      8:41 No "guy" keeps tabs on her, except maybe her husband (?) Duh. He has to, since she has a habit of sleeping with any random guy who happens by. Most of the followers are paid trolls, dwindling as their funds dry up. Poor $carah, desperate for any attention.

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Why are these stupid Klan members even a thing!
    The Palin's and you Mr.dokada. are totally a dim bulb.
    You are in completion with too many other imbeciles!
    Why should we give you the time of day?
    You are boring and so totally disgusting!
    Go away. Yes you also Sarah the skank!!!!

    1. Anonymous4:33 AM

      Palins will do anything to stay in the Bad news,no news, news about desperate loser families trying to be noticed. Well,I guess networks have slow days and that's where palins come in. Personally I have no problem with kathy. I could think of a couple more heads to be holding it these people hadn't already imploded and spend their days having ghost writing their phoney blogs and attacking anyone they can think of to attract attention.i guess if honey boo boo is still newsworthy the palins still think they rate some attention too and also. Theyre nothing but a bunch of uneducated ,unemployed grifting bums .

  5. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Bristol is trying so hard to give the impression that she hit the jackpot with Dakota. Me thinks she doth protest too much. She posts pics of Dakota & calls him a "hottie". Sunny posted a pic of Levi, shirtless, on a beach & the contrast/comparison is stunning! She's a 26 year old with a lump for a husband & 3 kids to care for. Her lovely house in Alaska was decorated in a feminine style to suit her tastes. Now her house includes Dakota's camo covered barca lounger & whiskey barrel kitchen table. I suspect all is not as rosy as she makes it out to be.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      ANd....dumkotah looks gay..nothing against gays about he's pretending to be manly. Look:

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Bar$tool birthed 7 so far...

    3. Anonymous7:25 PM

      Dum always looks sweaty and nasty, and florid and fat. I bet his sweat smells like week old Jack Daniels and from what I can tell from his body type, he has a dick that might even rival the Trumps for smallness.

      But, hey, you go girl, you made this bed and now you're laying in the stinky, whiskey-sweat covered sheets with a man that looks like the average Kentucky pig farmer.

      If that's what she was going for kudos to her, but it seems like a severe case of "settling" due to the inconvenience of getting knocked up twice by this Cletus because since age 15 Bristol has never seemed to correlate random fucking with becoming pregnant.

    4. Anonymous8:48 PM

      In that pick he looks like one of the Village People.

    5. Anonymous9:38 PM

      The truth is that Piper (the free Austin babysitter) will have to go back to school and Bristol will be stuck with the fruit of her loins needing attention 24/7 none of us would trade places with her.

      Bristol, I hope you're taking your birth control pills ... and they're making you even nastier.

  6. Anonymous5:20 PM

    When I first saw this I was disgusted with Bristol and Sarah for, yet again, taking cheap shots at Trip's father. But the more I thought about the more I realized that Bristol is still consumed with envy and rage that Levi moved on with life and found a much better woman. Then I felt sorry for her. Apparently anyone who actually knows them both prefers Sunny. Bristol is set for a very very lonely existence.

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      And even a dozen babies won't fill the hole in what once was her heart.

    2. Anonymous7:21 PM

      I don't

    3. Anonymous7:26 PM

      I know, right? Bristol and her family put so much stock in being "real Alaskans" that it must really chap her ass to have actually not be able to hold on the the only "real Alaska" man that she ever got her claws into.

    4. Anonymous9:30 PM

      I'll never feel sorry for Bristol Palin. Her whole pathetic life her only goal has been to hurt Levi regardless of how much damage she does to that little boy. No judge was ever going to stop her taking Tripp away from his father. He's going to hate her when he understands.

    5. Anonymous7:58 PM

      That seems to a pattern with "those people" 9:30 pm.

  7. Anonymous5:29 PM

    When have they ever NOT called others out on the very things they're guilty of? But that's okay, because they're "christian" and forgiven.


  8. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Poor barstool is green with envy because she got the girly-man hubby and macho-Levi will NEVER be hers. lol

    1. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Maybe Bristol is into motor boating Duh's man boobs.

      Get that man a "manssiere" stat!

  9. Anonymous6:04 PM

    "I'm a victim."
    "You're not a victim. I'm a victim. You don't know what being a victim is. My whole family are victims.
    "Plus, I'm a double victim because you made out with my ex-boyfriend. Years ago, but still!!!! Waaaa!"

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      She learned from the master.
      Poor put upon Palins. Waaaaaaa!

    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Hey Sarah where is that half sister of yours. We know your father raped her mother.
      Crucify those you can't forget? How is Hap these says? Keeping an eye on her for you? Stalking at it's finest! How long has this been going on? Coke rules hu?

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Wait. They both voted for the pussy grabber right?

    And they're both kinda stupid?

    Why give them any space on your blog?

    1. Anonymous7:31 PM

      It is true, there are no winners in this situation, but Bristol seems to still be hung up on her conservative, Trump voting Alaska ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy, all the while trying to convince everyone that she's in love with her Kentucky, conservative, Trump voting baby daddy.

      All in all it's just a bunch of redneck drama and all parties involved are indicative of what is wrong with this country and our educational system. But for now, the system supports people like this with WIC, EBT and Denali Kid Care (welfare) here in AK so why do they have any reason to try harder?

      All these conservative kids with too many kids and not enough jobs are going to find out soon enough that Trump is not their friend, and then they'll have some thinking to do about the choices they've made and how to support themselves without our tax dollars.

      I agree it's high time for this to happen.

  11. Is it just me or does she not know how to spell he daughter's name?

    1. Anonymous9:15 PM

      I dunt no if he nows how to spell he daughters nam.

    2. Anonymous5:07 AM

      Good catch! Granny Palin ought to be addressing her daughter as Bristol Meyer. But she didn't.

    3. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Are they really married for real?

    4. Anonymous5:13 PM

      You mean their only daughter? What was it Atlas or something they came up with over several 5ths of whiskey. The Junker kid looks nothing like her half sister.

  12. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Yes, what Kathy Griffin did was horrible. However, Bristol and Sarah and their ghost writers have got to be the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Why did no one in that clan denounce Bristol for shooting the book with Levi's face on the cover when she had her lame TV show? Didn't she do that in front of his/her young son at the time? And didn't she giggle about that? Bristol and Sarah truly disgust me. They are nothing but attention-seeking low-lifes.

    1. Anonymous3:56 AM

      OMG so true! I hope Kathy GRiffin talks about that in a presser! Roll the tape!
      Bristol you are so fucking

  13. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Ya sure she's not buried in a box in Mexico? I mean locked in a rubber room. Sneek'n over the border. Haha. Oh where is Sarah?

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Transporting cocaine from what I have heard.

  14. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Donald Trump’s gun control comment on London attack didn’t work as planned

  15. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Meh. Does anyone care about what Kathy Griffin, or Sarah Palin, or Bristol Palin has to say? Or Hillary Clinton for that matter? It is long past time to start looking forward you want to enact changes for the future. This is all useless.

  16. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Bristol has always had terrible taste in men and she'll never change.

    1. Anonymous9:18 PM

      It's not that she has terrible taste in men, it's that that's ALL she can get. She lost the only one who was a keeper, but then he was still a boy who didn't know any better.
      Now the only one who will take that smelly used up hooha is dumkota.

    2. Anonymous9:23 PM

      Bristol has great taste in men but she had to settle because she has nothing to offer.

  17. Anonymous9:19 PM


    1. Anonymous3:57 AM

      This is great, too!
      Keep the pressure on their hypocrisy. I'm trying to find video of Barstool shooting Levis book picture.

  18. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Steve Bannon’s Security Council Rival Dies in Darkness
    It was supposed to be a new White House power node. Turns out ‘no one [else] wanted to fund a Bannon vanity project that was going nowhere fast,’ an official tells The Daily Beast.

  19. Anonymous9:53 PM

    "With all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S..."

  20. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Fragile Donald Trump can’t handle London backlash, begins blocking people on Twitter again

  21. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Bristol is transparent. This isn't just about Kathy, if it was then she wouldn't have used a picture that had levi Johnston in it. Just another stab at the man she really loves. Everything that family spews venum about, they have already done to others at one point and time. Anyone who paid attention knows that Kathy and Levi were just friends joking around. Of course quite a few at their expense but well deserved. Bristol, next time you feel the need to open your mouth to the public why don't you just leave your (wish you had) ex out of it. Enjoy your MOH.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      Spurned woman. Levi is in love with his wife. Its time to move on,Barstool. You reek of jealosy. ;)

    2. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Sarah never had Curtis.
      Bristol never had Levi.
      They both used them for BABY.
      Chuck SR. Taught them well.

    3. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Chuck SR. Raped Maria in '65.
      Then. Sits and waits. In 89' it seems the "obstacle" died.
      Money is spent like water.
      Time passes. In 98' baby moves back to Alaska. Chuck SR. Freaks out. Sends wife.
      Ten years of domestic terrorism later Sarah Palin reigns. Vehicular tampering.
      Russia exhumed graves in 15'.
      Current investigations in DC.
      May be they should all MOVE!

  22. OT:

    "Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has declined a request to host an event to mark Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, two U.S. officials said, apparently breaking with a bipartisan tradition in place with few exceptions for nearly 20 years.

    Since 1999, Republican and Democratic secretaries of state have nearly always hosted either an iftar dinner to break the day’s fast during Ramadan or a reception marking the Eid al-Fitr holiday at the end of the month, at the State Department.

    Tillerson turned down a request from the State Department’s Office of Religion and Global Affairs to host an Eid al-Fitr reception as part of Ramadan celebrations, said two U.S. officials who declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

    According to an April 6 memo seen by Reuters, the office - which typically initiates such events - recommended that Tillerson hold an Eid al-Fitr reception."

    Meanwhile in the civilized world.

    "Prince Harry honored the victims of this weekend’s terrorist attack in London during a visit to Singapore.

    Harry broke the Ramadan fast with members of local Muslim-welfare organization Jamiyah Singapore on Sunday. Ahead of the meal, the group offered its prayers for those affected by Saturday’s attack, multiple British outlets reported.

    “Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims of the London terror attack last night,” said Muhammad Rafiuddin Ismail, the secretary general of Jamiyah Singapore, before the iftar meal, according to The Telegraph. “Let peace and harmony prevail in communities all over the world.” "

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      In keeping with our country's founding principal of a "separation of church and state" I feel that it is inappropriate for government officials to recognize any religious event in an official manner.

      This includes the national xmas tree, easter egg roll, and those ridiculous "prayer breakfasts" that our POTUSs always engage in. While we're at it, why, as a secular nation, do we use the placing of a hand on a christian bible in our courts of law and during our inaugurations?

      Separation of church and state seems to be but word service and not truly recognized, sadly.

  23. Anonymous4:01 AM

    I gotta go to work now, but if anyone has time or inclination to post at Barstools blog, here is link of her shooting Levi's picture on the cover of hid book. Ask her if she thinks that is ok? Or better yet, have her ask Tripp if HE thinks it is ok.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      There is no way of knowing if Barron saw the photo of Kathy holding a mask. There is video proof of Tripp witnessing his mother shooting an image of his father. Tripp was very young at the time.

    2. Anonymous9:51 AM

      8:20 is spot on. How dare SP and Dull criticize anyone for their actions when they've proven themselves to be true deplorables. It is SO obvious that Dull is jealous of Sunny and continues to carry a torch for Levi.

    3. SHooting pitcehers of the haterz?!

      Fuck yeah thats ok!

    4. Anonymous12:46 PM

      Stool, you may have succeeded in alienating Tripp from his own father but the day will come when he grows up and realizes exactly what you did. Dakota will not be there just like all Tripp's other trial daddies who came and went.

    5. Anonymous5:34 AM

      I gave Barstool 5 or 6 clicks on her stupid blog for the first and last time ever. All that whining. Anyway, the thin-skinned 'stool does not have a section for comments over there.

  24. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Bristol could care less about Kathy, she just wanted to use the occasion to say something nasty about Levi.

    1. Anonymous6:40 AM

      She wanted a lumbersexual and ended up with a pudge bucket girly man.

      In her instagram pic, #traded up??? That speaks volumes. LOL

  25. Anonymous7:49 AM

    The Nauseating Hypocrisy Surrounding The Kathy Griffin Criticism


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