Wednesday, June 21, 2017

So how do we know that the Russians did not change vote tallies in the 2016 election? We don't.

The Actind DHS Undersecretary also had this to add:

Acting DHS Undersecretary Jeanette Manfra confirmed in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing what has been previously reported: that Russian operatives tried to interfere with the U.S. electoral infrastructure itself. 

“We have evidence of election-related systems in 21 states that were targeted,” Manfra testified, declining to disclose which specific states were targeted. 

Manfra also said she would not share which states had data “exfiltrated” from their voting systems in an open hearing.

 You know we keep learning that the Russian cyber attacks were more widespread and consequential than previously reported almost every week.

I keep waiting for the day that it is finally reported that "Yes, the Russians stole the election and made Donald Trump the president."

However perhaps the reason we have not yet heard that statement is because DHS has not bothered to really look into it.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:  

Despite assurances from the U.S. intelligence community that Russian hacking only influenced the 2016 U.S. election—and didn’t change vote tallies—there was never actually a formal federal audit of those systems, the Department of Homeland Security said. 

And while DHS offered free security scans to any state that wanted them, many states—even ones that took up the DHS offer, like Michigan and Maine—either use audit procedures that are considered inadequate or don’t audit their election results at all. 

“I think there’s a presumption amongst both the general public and lawmakers that DHS did some sort of investigation,” said Susan Greenhalgh, who serves as Elections Specialist at Verified Voting, a nonprofit devoted to U.S. election integrity. 

“It didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean that something happened, but it also means it wasn’t investigated.”

The article goes on to say that not only has DHS not done an intensive audit to determine if any election tallies were tampered with, it may not even be able to do that.

So again, WHY exactly are we so convinced that the Russians did not change the vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected?


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Personally. I strongly suspect vote tallies were tampered with to be in Trump's favor. He projects constantly and he was whining nonstop that the vote was "rigged". Additionally, the GOP itself had reason to manipulate the vote count and I don't trust those snakes any more than Russian spies.

    1. I agree with you.

    2. I agree, too. No reason to keep going on about this for all this time if he didn't know it wasn't legit.

  2. You can be sure if the DHS hasn't looked into this they won't get a chance to now that wingnuts are in control of the cover up.

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Gee, america can enprison Martha and Madoff. Why can't america enprison the trumpugly famn damily!
    Sick of the idiots!

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      I think that Trump and Madoff should get to share their prison lunch hours together. Two narcissists who've caused great damage. I can just imagine how they would commiserate.

    2. Anonymous3:16 PM

      They shouldn't commiserate cause THEY did nothing wrong -- they were victims. Same old, same old. Either being a bully or a victim. Sick to the back teeth of the lot of them.

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Well if germany or uk or other places provide best house location at a low price i guess i could work. Genius here will walk out of the us until no more white ugly fat men in the wh.

    1. Anonymous1:56 PM

      I'm with you. I do 't want to live under an authoritarian dictator (intentional)
      I don't want my kids or grandkids educated in corporate keep 'em stupid charter pseudo schools. I do 't want my daughter and granddaughter raised to be handmaidens.

      I don't want to be a citizen of a country that let's it's elderly die in the streets while fat oligarchs screw their porny wives and do their daughters on the side and buy another yacht while stepping over the corpses.

  5. ibwilliamsi1:18 PM

    I hate voting by computer. They SAY that there's a tape with my vote on it in the machine that can be tallied if there's ever any question, but how do I know what that tape says? It's BS.

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Time for the entire voting system to go back to paper ballots that can be recounted. And doing away with gerrymandering goes without saying...
      until then, no election in those states is democratic.

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    “So again, WHY exactly are we so convinced that the Russians did not change the vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected?”
    We’re NOT and little donnie has spent an awful lot of time trying to convince us he won, too much time, in fact, it is very suspicious.

    The election was rigged, the only truth that has been spoken by trump !!!

    It is a know fact that the number of people that obtained ballots at polling places and the number of ballots that were counted in Wayne County MI, did not match. There were few votes tallied on the machines. So don’t tell me something fishy didn’t happen!!!

    Little donnie only won Michigan by 10,000 votes ( .1%) and Wayne County would have made a big difference. They started a recount and I believe it was the governor, a republican that stopped it before they finished.

  7. Randall1:28 PM

    More disconcerting: WHY isn't President Trump more upset - pissed OFF - about it?
    It makes him look guilty, guilty, guilty of collusion (at least) with the Russians.

    1. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Because he is stupid and really could care less about anything -- anything -- that isn't about him. He also can't keep his lies straight, has never been told he couldn't do something and needs constant affirmation -- so, if one ploy in the morning doesn't get him the right attention, he'll change his tune for the afternoon.
      Now that the question has been brought up, he'll say he is and only HE can fix it!

  8. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I think the solution is to go back to paper ballots. Who cares if the networks cannot announce a winner by 11 pm at night? Remember the mess that computer voting caused in 2000 and probably also in 2004. And then there were all those voting machines that weren't working in Detroit last November. With paper ballots, the votes are counted by real people, with representatives of both or all sides participating. If one side questions the result, votes are recounted on the spot. My mother worked on election days and one of her jobs was to watch the counting carefully and she did that very well and sometimes caught mistakes. This was back in the late 1940s and 1950s, back when people were more patient and did not need instant gratification for everything. I, for one, would like to be sure of the outcome so I'd welcome paper ballots.

    Also, as an absentee voter, I'd like to be sure that my vote is counted each election. At present, I think there are some times and places where absentee ballots are not counted if the outcome seems sure with the machine tallies.

  9. Anonymous1:48 PM

    It sure would go along way to explain how a country considered reasonably sane would elect a reality TV star to the Presidency.

  10. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Trump to Host Re-Election Fundraiser at Trump Hotel in D.C.


  11. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Trump, Russia and a Shadowy Business Partnership

    Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump tied to Russian mafia and money laundering

  12. Anonymous2:43 AM

    There is enough time to have a new presidential election in 2018. Abbreviated campaign, new candidates. The money being spent needs to be limited. It is FUCKING RIDICULOUS that 50 million was spent in GA. Voting is a right but also a privilige, like driving. Before voting we should have to show proof of at least cursory knowledge of a candidate. but get rid of the waste of money. Think what could be done with this money to help all of us. The waste makes me sick.

  13. Anonymous1:09 PM

    There is this photo with Putin,Flynn, and that woman who ran for president, forgot her name already, all sitting around a table. Then they are somehow connected to the election and trump? Hmmm. Something smells rotten.


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