Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The information that Trump leaked to the Russians visiting the White House was that Israel had hacked ISIS computers.

Hey you wanna hear some of the nuclear codes I memorized?
This is from a New York Times article detailing how hard it is to use cyber weapons against ISIS: 

Even one of the rare successes against the Islamic State belongs at least in part to Israel, which was America’s partner in the attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Top Israeli cyberoperators penetrated a small cell of extremist bombmakers in Syria months ago, the officials said. That was how the United States learned that the terrorist group was working to make explosives that fooled airport X-ray machines and other screening by looking exactly like batteries for laptop computers.

The intelligence was so exquisite that it enabled the United States to understand how the weapons could be detonated, according to two American officials familiar with the operation. The information helped prompt a ban in March on large electronic devices in carry-on luggage on flights from 10 airports in eight Muslim-majority countries to the United States and Britain. 

It was also part of the classified intelligence that President Trump is accused of revealing when he met in the Oval Office last month with the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, and the ambassador to the United States, Sergey I. Kislyak. His disclosure infuriated Israeli officials.

To be clear this incredibly sensitive information was just revealed to two Russian spies simply as a way for Trump to brag about what great classified information to which he had access.

Imagine how that must have made the Israeli intelligence community feel, and how it impacted our allies ability to trust this country with confidential information that if revealed might put their agents in danger or reveal tactics that could help our mutual enemies.

And somebody tell me what information leaked about Donald Trump even comes close to being as damaging to our national security as what he simply volunteered to two Russian operative who should never have been allowed into the White House in he first place.


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." -
    1st President George Washington

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  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Adam Schiff 

    If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller. Don't waste our time.

    4:23 PM - 12 Jun 2017

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      I hope Schiff is right. But I have Zero hope that the repigs would do the right thing and appoint an independent council.

    2. Anonymous9:58 AM

      there are NOT enough votes to set up a special council

    3. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Can you imagine what he has told them that we DON'T know about !!! My guess he has told them everything, probably even the nuclear launch codes - after all he owes them trillions and they have tons of blackmail material on him.

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    It would not surprise me if any day now, there is an attempt to take him out.

    The number of parties with a motive to do it will be "tremendous"

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM

      As dumb as he is, he just might do something to piss off Putin. THEN his days will be numbered, and nobody will ever know what happened!! Wouldn't that be GREAT??

    2. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Just Do It! - Nike

  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Your Fired:
    "she Was asked to give up her role as the emcee for a Sandy Hook benefit June 14 in Washington, D.C. The host did not immediately respond to the request from Sandy Hook Promise, the group sponsoring the “Promise Champions Gala.”


    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Big "star" is getting her comuppence, finally.

    2. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Player?" Kelly fired question after question about interference in the election—questions that Putin easily dodged, chalking it all up to Russophobia. There was nary a follow-up question in sight."
      ". “I couldn’t believe it at first. I knew they had actors there, clearly, but I thought they killed some real kids. And it just shows how bold they are, that they clearly used actors.” In a preview clip released online, Kelly allows Jones to spread his Sandy Hook conspiracies to her millions of viewers."“We have been harassed repeatedly by people who we call hoaxers that think this hasn’t happened. When there is going to be such a widely available interview with attention given to one of the hoaxer ringleaders, it is going to unleash the trolls on us tenfold all over again.”


  5. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Oh great, now we will probably have to give them another 10 billion so they will stay our friends, and pick or politicians for us that will be friendly to them. F em

  6. Anonymous10:16 AM

    WHOA: Russians Hacked Voting Systems In 39 States

    A new report reveals that Putin’s cyberthugs breached voting systems in 39 states — and contrary to the Republican narrative, they did attempt to change or delete voter data in attacks that so concerned the Obama administration that they complained directly to Russia about it.

    According to Bloomberg, the Obama administration was concerned that the Russian hackers were preparing to delete voter registration information or otherwise disrupt the vote. In fact, they did attempt to alter and delete voter data in Illinois.


  7. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Russia is poised to steal 2018 election — and Trump is rewarding their attack

    Donald Trump asked Russians to hack our election, and they did — in 39 states.

    ...It is indisputable that Russia tried to influence the outcome in favor of Trump, through fake news and social media. But what is more alarming is the revelation that it also tried to influence the vote itself. That endangers the very foundation of our democracy.


  8. Anonymous10:21 AM

    The head of the Republican National Committee (RNC) has been making the rounds on television news shows calling for “an end” to all of the investigations into Donald Trump’s possible collusion with the Russian government.

    During her latest appearance, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel went so far to claim that the entire concern should be wiped from Americans’ minds.

    On CNN, McDaniel argued both that the “Russia cloud” was interfering with Trump’s ability to implement his agenda, and that it was not interfering, but that people needed to talk about other things.

    McDaniel then went on to make the astonishing suggestion that concerns over Trump’s ties with Russia need “to be removed from the American people’s mind”:

    ...At a time when more and more evidence is coming to light about ties between Trump, his campaign, and his administration and the Russian government, the leader of the Republican National Committee is calling for a complete shut down of all of the investigations.


    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Thi$ Agenda? HUMAN$-ARM$-OIL>DEAL$=PORT$


  9. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Growing scandals skyrocket Trump’s disapproval to record 60 percent


  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    THE YEAR IS 2011

    Donald J. Trump 

    @BarackObama played golf yesterday. Now he heads to a 10 day vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Nice work ethic.

    10:36 AM - 15 Aug 2011

  11. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Rick Wilson Unleashes A Fire And Brimstone Tweetstorm Against His Authoritarian Republican Party.


  12. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The Hard Truth Keeps Trickling Out, Little by Little

    It increasingly looks like Russian hackers may have affected actual vote totals.

    ...We are creeping ever closer to actual evidence that there was Russian ratfcking of the vote totals in the last election. Not long ago, people wouldn't even suggest that out loud. We were made vulnerable to something like this because of the interference by the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore, by the curious goings-on in Ohio in 2004, by a relentless campaign to convince the country of an imaginary epidemic of voter fraud, and by a decade of voter suppression by any means necessary. The Russians wanted to undermine the confidence Americans had in their elections? We made it pretty damn easy to do that.


  13. Anonymous10:36 AM


  14. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Tv showed Trump and Ivanka boarding Air Force One to go to Wisconsin.

    Whenever Melania and Trump boards Air Force One, Trump treats Melania like a house maid. She walks about 10 yards behind him.

    Trump treats Ivanka like she is his wife. When they walked up the stairs to Air Force One, Ivanka walked ahead of Trump.

    Don't tell me he is being a perv and checking out her ass.

    1. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Anonymous10:39 AM
      hate to be bearer of bad news, he is definitely checking her out.

    2. Anonymous1:21 PM


      "As one of the early architects of the new campus anti-rape movement"normalized by societal attitudes and practices. In the US, rape is tacitly condoned through denial of the rape epidemic, denial of the harms of rape, victim blaming, trivialization of rape, the normalization of female sexual objectification and rape eroticization in popular culture, and not taking rape seriously as a crime." “These myths and the norms they evoke are employed routinely to discredit sexual assault survivors. Rapists’ defense attorneys know they can rely on juries’ susceptibility to these unexamined myths, and more often than not, they are successful.” “They made this case something horrible.” “she’s a liar.” “The upshot of rape myths like those Cosby’s defense relies on is that in order to be believable, a rape victim must embody our culture’s purest version of normative womanhood: white, guardedly chaste, heterosexual, and, most importantly, silent.” The obligatory character assassination of public rape survivors has a chilling effect for all survivors." I increasingly believe in the power of media justice when legal justice is illusive."

  15. At which point Israel then contacted their counterparts in the rest of the free world and warned them not to tell the U.S. anything. They then told their U.S. counterparts they would not release any more sensitive information to them.

    So now the U.S. intelligence communities have a choice. Be blocked out or keep information from Trump. They can't risk passing it up in case it does get passed on to Trump and they are shunned as pariahs in the intelligence community.

    No, I have no proof. But I'd bet money that is exactly what happened.

    We are so totally screwed.

    And *THIS* act alone should have been an impeachable offense.

  16. Anonymous10:58 AM

    THE YEAR IS 2014

    Reince Priebus 

    Obama's golf outings aren't just bad optics, they're foolish. And voters realize that. http://gop.cm/6015WPSf 

    8:15 AM - 22 Aug 2014

  17. Anonymous11:03 AM

    They used to hang traitors in public. They should bring that practice back NOW.

  18. Anonymous11:12 AM

    NBC NEWS- Trump has spent nearly 1/3 of days as president at a Trump property and 1/5 at a Trump golf property

    As lawsuits over the Trump family’s involvement in its hotel and property empire continue to wind their way through the courts, there’s even more reason to keep an eye on how frequently the president visits the properties that bear his name. NBC News and the NBC News White House unit are tracking Trump’s visits, and we’ve calculated that Trump has spent 42 of his 140-plus days in office at a Trump property. Twenty-nine of those included a visit to a Trump golf course. We’ll continue to track his getawayshere.

  19. Anonymous11:13 AM

    HA-"The Look On Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Face Tells You All You Need To Know About Trump’s Insanity"


    1. Anonymous3:20 PM



  20. Anonymous11:34 AM

    THE YEAR IS 2014

    Donald J. Trump 

    Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf.Worse than Carter

    5:03 PM - 13 Oct 2014

  21. Anonymous12:58 PM

    lets get the checkbook ready, Israel is about to blackmail us for more money. Or they will sell some of our technology to our enemies. 10-15 billion sounds good. Some friend they are.

  22. Anonymous1:09 PM

    On what planet do libs live on?

    Keeping secrets from are allies is what can cause unecessary tensions.

    People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along?

    1. The Russians are our allies?

      In what world?

      They hacked our election and have been trying to blackmail our representatives. For YEARS.

      Russian isn't our ally anymore. Not under Putin.

      We won't get along until the Republicans admit to their, to put it politely, mistakes, and get RID of that orange traitor in the White House. While they're at it they can stop destroying this country.

      What's your next pronouncement, Comrade? "Don't worry, be happy"?

  23. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Oh. My. God.

    Is there any info more valuable to the Russians than knowing their friends ISIS were hacked and being able to share that intelligence with them?

    I say 'their friends' because Putin has always lied about bombing ISIS positions, the Russians have only gone after Syrian civilians, particularly the soft civilian targets like hospitals and schools.

    The Russians have never touched any area that ISIS has captured. Donald Trump is one step removed from being friends with ISIS. The pee pond would tell you that's a good thing.

  24. Trump can't fire Mueller. It probably chaps his hide, but he doesn't have that power.

    Acting AG Rosenstein does have the power, but he has said he sees nothing that would merit Mueller's firing.

  25. Anonymous2:20 AM

    OMG, who in the hell is trump working for? Sounds like our enemies!!!

  26. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Donald trump is a national security menace and should be impeached for that reason.

    He made the whole russian hacking our election personal, he doesn't care about our country.


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