Thursday, June 01, 2017

Vladimir Putin finally admits that "patriotically minded" Russian hackers MIGHT have interfered in US election.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

Shifting away from his previous blanket denials of Russian involvement in cyberattacks last year to help the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia denied any state role on Thursday but said that “patriotically minded” private Russian hackers could have been involved. 

Mr. Putin’s comments, made during a meeting with Russian and foreign news agencies in St. Petersburg, were a departure from the Kremlin’s previous position: that Russia had played no role whatsoever in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and that, after Mr. Trump’s victory, the country had become the victim of anti-Russia hysteria among crestfallen Democrats.

Raising the possibility of attacks by what he portrayed as free-spirited Russian patriots, Mr. Putin said that hackers “are like artists” who choose their targets depending how they feel “when they wake up in the morning.” 

“If they are patriotically minded, they start making their contributions — which are right, from their point of view — to the fight against those who say bad things about Russia,” he added.

Yes they choose their targets "when they wake up in the morning" and receive their orders from the Kremlin.

I think this half-assed admission is because Putin realizes that there is overwhelming proof that the Russians worked to get Trump elected, and is glibly acknowledging what is being confirmed with more evidence virtually every day.

If our government were not being run by Russian puppets we would be demanding that Putin hand over these hackers to stand trial in America, and until that happened establish some very serious sanctions to force their compliance.

You know, instead of allowing them back into the American based spy compounds we kicked them out of when we first learned about their interference.


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    “Russo-phobic hysteria”

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    "President Donald Trump is personally under FBI investigation for an undisclosed meeting that he, Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions had with the Russian ambassador at a campaign event in 2016."

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    "“If they claim executive privilege, politically it gives the appearance that there’s something to hide, which just amplifies all the criticism,” George Mason University professor Mark J. Rozell told The Times."

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    " “But the most important thing is you have to have people who surround the president who are on his agenda.”

    He added: “You know, I’ve been very clear — I want to make sure this president’s agenda gets done,"

  5. Putin is messing with Trump and watching to see if republicans will react. They won't. Graham and McCain will get in front of cameras because---well, cameras.

    In the end Putin will just admit Trump was in league with them during the election and watch the fallout. It will be ugly. The republicans will say Putin is lying. Democrats will say they are telling the truth and Trump supporters won't care.

    This will destroy the country. Win, win Russia.

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      McCain continues to be full of bullshit. Remember, he picked Sarah Palin to run w/him and thank God lost to our wonderful past President Obama!
      McCain and Palin were a ridiculous fiasco? He talks out of both sides of his mouth and always has!

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      McCain fell for the bribe and was set up to select the unqualified liar palin to flash her fake rack of tits and big gulp insults to America. Meahwhile her husbands enjoys human trafficking and prostitution, Sara can see Russia from her back door she says.

  6. Anonymous9:32 AM

    We've got some pretty ugly Americans in our White House and the majority of them need to be run out of D.C. ASAP. Not a damn one of them represents me or the majority of America!

    Fuck every one of them! I most especially include Trump, the VP and Sessions in this statement!

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      You left out the Lenninist Bannon, he's the most anti-American of them all .. hoping he chokes to death on his snot like his predecessor Breitfart sooner rather than later ...

    2. Anonymous11:05 AM

      It appears to me that they have set out to and are in collusion to destroy this country. Every day...hell,every hour something new happens that makes me believe that more and more. Why Congress is sitting on their asses and letting this happen is completely beyond my comprehension. Yes, I realize they are getting ready to have hearings, etc. but that moves too slowly while tremendous damage is being done. Treason is in the White House. Where the hell are the patriots?

    3. Anonymous1:28 PM

      @11:05 " Where the hell are the patriots?"
      At Cheating Practice...

    4. Anonymous1:53 PM

      @11:05 "Treason is in the White House.
      "Where the hell are the patriots?"
      TRAITORS & PATRIOTS>" You own the bomb"

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Of course those hackers are dead now.

    1. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Or meeting with the Boys for a shit show or pee party.

  8. Anonymous11:32 AM

    What are we waiting for?
    Waiting for Trump and his Russian Friendly Trump Cabinet and White House associates to give America away before he is impeached and imprisoned with his Russian sympathizers?

    MSNBC Video-
    Franken breaks news on addt'l reported Sessions-Kislyak meeting

    Sen. Al Franken reacts to reports investigators are looking into another undisclosed meeting between Jeff Sessions and Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak. He reveals lawmakers asked Comey to look into Sessions' contacts, including this meeting, before Comey was fired.

  9. "Might have"? Well, that's pretty much an admission and a certainty. They did it. The only reason he's admitting it is he knows Trump won't do squat about it and the Republicans won't do anything to remove Trump from power.

    So Putin has won. With impunity.

    Keep your eyes on Germany next.

  10. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Everyone knows that trump and the mob are behind this attempted treason and espionage. Only stupid criminals think otherwise. The charges are piling up and trump took everyone down the drain with him. He is a disgusting lying fool.

  11. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Why doesn't Congress offer $10,000,000 tax free for impeachable information against Donald Trump including criminal, treason and espionage evidence that will place Trump and his Anti-American cohorts in Federal Prison for treason and espionage.

    If such person who comes forward happens to have participated in criminal acts associated with President Trump, they may get a reduced sentence.

    Payment will be given after conviction and imprisonment.

  12. Anonymous1:36 PM


    Somebody please end this nightmare before irreparable harm will come to our country


  13. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Uncle Gryph, something for you to look at. Several tweets back and forth involving DT Jr

    Jeopardy!' champion Ken Jennings mocks Barron, Donald Trump Jr. lashes outKen Jennings 


    Barron Trump saw a very long necktie on a heap of expired deli meat in a dumpster. He thought it was his dad & his little heart is breaking

    11:22 AM - 31 May 2017

    1. Anonymous2:00 PM

      TMZ?"alleged Barron was watching television at home when he saw the graphic image on the screen, prompting him to believe the beheading was real"
      john Barron miller

  14. Anonymous8:59 PM

    So putey is coming out of his hideyhole because he thinks dumpster will make it safe for him to do so?

  15. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Does that include the UAF breach?

    Hackers must be getting bored.

    Comparing colleges?

    What's next?

    A hacker commercial?

  16. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Mr. Putin must be “very naive” to believe that patriotic russians didn’t have KGB authorization to hack the Americans.

    Sorry Vlad, the American public is smarter than little donnie and we don’t believe either one of you.


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