Thursday, July 27, 2017

Boy Scouts apologize for inappropriate speech by Donald Trump.

Courtesy of CNN: 

An official with the Boy Scouts of America apologized to the scouting community on Thursday for the political content of President Donald Trump's speech at the National Scout Jamboree. "I want to extend my sincere apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree," said Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh. "That was never our intent." 

Speaking Monday before about 40,0000 scouts, Trump delivered a speech that would not have been out of place on his campaign or in his tweets.

He slammed the "fake news" media, promoted the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, boasted about his electoral night victory and called out the Washington "cesspool." 

"Who the Hell wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts," he said, continuing to speak about politics.

In his letter, Surbaugh said Trump's speech had "overshadowed" the rest of the jamboree and its focus on scouting. 

"These character-building experiences have not diminished in recent days at the jamboree -- Scouts have continued to trade patches, climb rock walls, and share stories about the day's adventures," he said. "But for our Scouting family at home not able to see these real moments of Scouting, we know the past few days have been overshadowed by the remarks offered by the President of the United States."

I have pretty much given up on the Boy Scouts since it started focusing more on evangelizing to a captive audience and less on identifying animal footprints and learning how to tie cool knots.

When I was a Scout in the early seventies my big complaint was that it was too militaristic for this budding peacenik,  but now we have to worry about kids being indoctrinated into a weird religious cult of being exposed to serial sexual deviant.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Most Boy Scouts are just future Republicans in training. Fuck 'em!

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Not exactly true. My son and his partner were both boy scouts and Eagle Scouts. Both are very liberal. In fact, out of my sons pack, all 8 are liberals. I made sure my sons Boy Scout experience was all about the outdoors, animals, and service to his community. I volunteered as the leader for years. Scouting can be a great basis for future Young Democrats. Who knows, maybe they'll be a future community organizer like Barack Obama ;)

    2. Anonymous2:34 AM

      I don't believe that. I believe most leaders and scouts are good people. Only the predators and molesters identified are republicans.

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM


    CBS News:
    Trump Organization employees must agree to keep info about Trump family secret

    JUL 27, 2017 7:20 PM EDT 

    ....CBS News has obtained a new confidentiality agreement rolled out after the election. The Trump Organization is requiring employees at all levels to sign it, or else they will lose their jobs.

    Employees must agree to keep secret any information they learn about anyone in the "Trump family" and extended family, including their "present, former and future spouses, children, parents, in-laws."

    "I have reviewed confidentiality agreements in international, family-run hospitality organizations and... I have never seen a loyalty code to a family like this," said Debra Soltis, who has specialized in employment law for more than 25 years....

    Specifically off limits: "all political, legal, social, religious, health-related affairs, activities, views and/or opinions of any member of the Trump family... all photographs, movies, sketches, videos, sound or image recordings or likenesses of any member of the Trump family."

    The agreement lasts forever and is retroactive...

    1. No job is worth that.

    2. Anonymous2:39 AM

      And the pay sucks. How about benefits? Unless you are extremely desperate for work, why would anyone sign a disclosure for trump?

    3. Anonymous3:07 AM

      That's not a confidentiality agreement. That's kissing the ring of a mob godfather.

    4. Anonymous3:39 AM

      Is that kind of "agreement" legally binding?

  3. Too late.

    This should have been released on MONDAY, not Thursday.

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    These kids have heard worst at home. They now have an honest president. Get over it.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Dishonest President. There, fixed it for you, you're welcome.

    2. I see Sarah is back.

    3. Anonymous7:31 PM

      @5:04 PM - It is uninformed, obviously ignorant individuals like you who have brought this filthy minded, imbecile to the Oval Office.

      I hope those of us with morals and brains that engage in productive thought can spare you what you have attempted to assault us, our families and yourself with by helping promote this sewage administration and its hate-filled leader.

    4. Anonymous3:38 AM

      My son never heard that kind of talk at home and I'm sure that his children have never heard it either. Scaramucci is in way over his head - even for a hedge fund crook.

    5. They have a dishonest pig for a president. Also a filthy pervert with no concept of suitable stories for adolescents. My kids certainly never heard "worst" at home. I guess you raised your kids in a classless, trashy, boorish, uncivilized home. Oh, yeah, and he's a cowardly pig too.

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Clearly, Trump's new communications director has taken the lead from his boss in a tirade that is truly shocking. You have to go really far to be shocking after the filth that the campaign and administration has spewed out over the past year, but Scaramucci manages to do so in an angry phone call to New Yorker magazine's Ryan Lizza.

    “Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac.”

    “What I want to do is I want to fucking kill all the leakers and I want to get the President’s agenda on track so we can succeed for the American people.”

    “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.”

    But Trump has "all the best people."

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Ooooh that Zinke. A grown man in a Boy Scout uniform. Yowza!

  7. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I'm wondering if tRump talks like this to his son, Barron, 11. Or actually does he ever talk to Barron? There is no chemistry between tRump and Melanie, I doubt seriously that he has anything to do with Barron.

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      He has his children brought to him or they meet up for scheduled reasons. That is while they are growing up. Except for the one by the American woman he resented for getting knocked up to trap him.

      If the mother is busy, they have nannies and what they need to care for the kids. Ivana had parents, Slovakian wife may do the same type parenting. It can be a good thing. Hopefully kids don't have to see what he is like when not scheduled to engage with family and children.

    2. Anonymous3:36 AM

      Anon at 8:32 pm. I don't think that the Trump style of parenting has worked out so well with his three oldest children. They are all too rich and spoiled rotten. None of them has ever done anything to contribute to society (and I'm not talking about token contributions to charitable organizations). We don't know much about the second wife's daughter and the third wife's son is still a child. I actually feel sorry right now for Barron who has to reside in the same building as his crazy father. That must make for an extremely stressful household.

  8. Anonymous5:43 PM

    what a crappy thing to do to kids. i'm sure Obama gave them a speech about how great boy scouting is, how it gives you skills, it's lots of fun,ect. and my church-Mormon-has it's own scouts so we don't preach at kids who parents don't want them to hear that. we're not THAT pushy. i just can't belief that trump would do that. better that he hadn't gone. little kids. Christ. will someone do SOME THING ABOUT THE PRESIDENT FROM HELL????

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Obama never addressed a jamboree although unlike Trump he WAS a boy scout.

      I told the head of BSA that he didn't need to apologize for Trump, the whole world knows there's something bigly wrong with him.... but he needed to apologize for the behavior of that crowd, for the young men and the adults leading them. He'll never do that.

      But it's probably a good thing that Trump has stunk all over Boy Scouts of America and exposed them to the world. At least now parents can make other plans for their boys.

      Other countries don't have those issues. Scouting lives on as it always has and was always meant to be where religious fundamentalists can't fuck everything up for everyone no matter how hard they try.

    2. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Obama addressed the jamboree in 2010, dumbass.

    3. Anonymous7:59 PM

      dumbass yourself, Barack Obama never attended a jamboree as POTUS or as a boy scout.

    4. He didn't attend, but he did address them. Miracles of modern technology, dumbass.

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM

    No apologies...
    "Pierce was disgusted by the attempt to duck blame for his actions.

    “What are you, five?” “You call up a reporter and you unburden yourself and you don’t tell him it’s off the record and you don’t think the guy’s going to print it? My lord, I mean, come on, here.”

    1. It doesn't show the White House is floundering.

      It shows the White House is operating as it always has. Amateur hour, playground bullies, mafia family, inmates running the asylum. The White House has been dysfunctional from day one and nothing has changed. Scaramucci may be late to the party but he fits right in.

    2. Anonymous3:31 AM

      In my m ind, Scaramucci is a gangster. He's been in the job about a week now and he's already sounding like an insane person who has absolutely no control of his head or mouth. In fact, he sounds a lot like Trump himself. Maybe what Trump has is contagious. Their ignorance of how government works, their absolute disdain of our country's history and of the Constitution show in their words and deeds. Somehow, this all has to end. When will the Republicans in Congress grow up and act on behalf of the American people and the Constitution/

  10. Anonymous6:27 PM

    They could have cut his mic.

  11. The Scouts are headed down the same rabbit hole as the NRA.

    Once upon the time, the president of the NRA drove a 5-year-old Chevrolet and traveled around the county promoting gun safety, hunting, conservation, and responsible citizenship.

    Now, the NRA is Ted Nugent, private jets, multi-million $$$ salaries and radical rightwing politics.

  12. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Yeah, the boy scouts are future Republicans. Why were they cheering Cheeto Hitler on? I thought it was the Hitler Youth boys all over again.
    There was no mistaking that they were following Trump's cue with zeal. I almost expected them to raise their hands to salute him Hitler style. It was that close.
    I don't believe that the boy scout org. is contrite or they would have not allowed that predator near those boys. Nothing was innocent on Donald's part, nor the boys. They were against Obama, and for everything Donald was saying.
    I guess this apology is because someone higher up in the boys' scout admin. realized funding was going to be cut. It's always about the money. That's where Donald will be exposed, eventually.
    And if someone informed me that Donald was going to speak in front of my kids, I'd fricken hide them in a cellar.

  13. That "Skinny" Trumpcare bill just failed in the Senate.

    John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voted against it.

    1. Well, not entirely.

      "McConnell pulled the bill and returned it to the Senate calendar, which enables him to bring it back up at a later date if he chooses."

      Perhaps he is going to wait for McCain to die, then hope for more success with his replacement.

      Because Bitch McConnell is just that ghoulish.

    2. Anonymous11:02 PM

      What was that one quote. Insanity is when you keep trying the same method and expecting different results?

  14. Trumpcare IS DEAD!

    Collins, Murkowski and McCain voted with the Dems and the bill failed 51-49

    "The final vote for the Health Care Freedom Act, designed to eliminate core components of the Affordable Care Act, went down on a 49-51 vote, with Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joining with all 46 of the chamber’s Democrats and both of its independents to defeat the measure.

    Just before the vote, it became apparent that Republicans did not have the support they needed, as McCain came to the floor and told GOP leaders he planned to vote no. Collins and Murkowski had looked apt to vote no all week after opposing the motion to proceed to the initial legislation.

    For nearly an hour, Republicans ― including Vice President Mike Pence, who was on-hand to break a tie ― tried to persuade McCain and Murkowski to no avail. They had made up their minds."

    Maybe that brush with death and knowing his own is closer and closer had a sobering effect on him.

    Or maybe it was his last chance to stick it to Trump for all of the insults and disrespect. Perhaps that trans tweet pushed McCain over the edge.

    I really don't care.

    Thank doG it's dead.

  15. Anonymous3:04 AM

    That false apology means nothing. As does the Boy Scouts to me anymore. I don't have boys, but if I did, I would *never* enroll them in what I know now to be is a hair's-breadth-away-from-a-Hitler-Youth-Group.

    I was volunteering at my white-bread community for three days straight to help get our high school marching band uniforms ready for the season; I love my fellow band moms, but sitting silently at work mending and altering, I got to overhear just how popular Boy Scouts is in this area (I shouldn't be surprised; I privately for a long time have called it Trumpistan).

    During campaign season, Trump signs sprung up all over yards like Chrysanthemums in the fall, and Hillary Clinton had been yet again excoriated in talent shows in the schools. The local paper ripped her apart and lauded him; yet now they are waking up now and are writing that they are mad that their 'healthcare is being ripped away from them', etc. Too late to see they've been duped, just like all marks. And these poor boys were the most impressionable ones of all. Their parents are complicit, and should be ashamed, but are probably proud, talking this moment up to their friends and relatives.

  16. Corporate hoes always be working it hard6:33 AM

    How many MORmON Boy Scouts were licking the Orange Anus?

    Because there are a LOT of MORmON Boy Scouts as many the libs and non haters bail out over the years.

    Also many non hating churches have stopped sponsoring troops and supporting the Scouts.

    The MORmON Church has stepped into the void.

    Kind of like a big shit stopping up the pipes and preventing the flush water from draining.

    Also, maybe this is ONE of the reasons why tRUMP got the B.S. reach around invite?

    Some people see a tRUMP supporter and some people think they are licking that Orange for a reason!

    >>>The BSA said it was “wholly non-partisan” in a statement this morning, and that the invitation for the president to visit was a long-standing tradition, not an endorsement. However, parents and ex-scouts want an apology from the BSA for letting the jamboree become politicized.

    But to issue such an apology might put Stephenson in a tough spot. In his other role, he has been trying to court Trump and the administration as AT&T shepherds its $85 billion deal for Time Warner though the Department of Justice (DOJ). The department is currently conducting an antitrust review, which evaluates how the deal would affect competition in the industry. The process is supposed to be private and apolitical, but there are concerns in Congress that president Trump is trying to influence it.<<<

  17. Anonymous9:00 AM

    OT Who Knows?


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