Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Donald Trump brings Republican Senators together for lunch, threatens the reelection of one, and then lies to the public about what is in the Senate Health Care bill.

Courtesy of Slate:

President Donald Trump invited the Republican Senate caucus to lunch to talk about health care on Wednesday. The goal of the lunch was kind of a mystery, considering that enough Republican Senators have already come forward to torpedo both Trump’s signature effort to repeal and replace Obamacare with a program that would cost tens of millions of people their insurance, as well as his back up plan of just repealing it outright in a way that would cost more than 30 million people their insurance. 

It turned out that Trump had brought them to the White House to try to browbeat and harangue recalcitrant Senators into changing their mind. The most emphatic example of this attempted bullying came with Trump's treatment of Nevada Sen. Dean Heller. The seating arrangements conveniently placed Heller, one of the earliest Senators to come out publicly and vociferously against the initial Senate health care bill, next to the president. This offered the insult comic in chief the opportunity to come up with a singularly awkward gibe. 

As it turns out Heller's seat is especially vulnerable, so Trump putting a target on his back should be especially troubling to Mitch McConnell and the GOP.

Besides Heller was not one of the Republican Senators who actually torpedoed the health care plan:

What's especially fun about this is that Heller wasn't even one of the Senators to come out and kill the revised version of the bill, nor did he kill the backup plan of repealing Obamacare without a replacement. That was Sens. Susan Collins, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Jerry Moran in the first instance, and Sens. Collins, Shelley Moore Capito, and Lisa Murkowski in the latter. 

Murkowski, by the way, was sitting several seats over on Trump's left, looking decidedly uncomfortable and completely unconvinced by his pathetic sales pitch.

And what a pitch it was. When Trump was not threatening or shaming the Republican Senators he was outright lying to the American people.

Trump listed off a number of bald faced lies about a bill that it is clear he has never read, including that it will cover more Americans, bring insurance costs down, and still cover all preexisting conditions.

The bill will do none of that, however it will will gut $772 billion in Medicaid funding over the next ten years which will imperil health care for millions of Americans including 5 million special needs children. And it will also kick tens of millions off of their health care plans.

 Perhaps Donald Trump should try selling THAT to the American people?


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Senate 'repeal only' bill would leave 32 million more uninsured, CBO says

    07/19/2017 05:23 PM EDT
    Updated 07/19/2017 05:31 PM EDT

    A revived bill that would dismantle large parts of Obamacare without an immediate replacement would leave 32 million more people uninsured and double premiums over a decade, the Congressional Budget Office said in a report Wednesday.

    The legislation — an updated version of the repeal measure nearly all GOP senators voted for in 2015 — is on track to reach the Senate floor early next week, where it would likely fail.

    Republican leaders pledged to put the bill to a vote after their initial effort to repeal and replace Obamacare fell apart in stunning fashion, though a number of holdout lawmakers are meeting later tonight to try to salvage the effort.

    If that fails, CBO’s analysis offers a stark look at the GOP’s remaining option for following through on their seven-year vow to eliminate Obamacare.

    The nonpartisan scorekeeper’s report projects that 17 million people would lose insurance in the first year after a partial repeal that includes ending Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and repealing most of the taxes tied to the law. Premiums would jump 25 percent over that same period, as insurers grapple with the effective elimination of Obamacare’s requirement that everyone purchase coverage.

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Murkowski, who should not be reelected to Congress, was only two seats down from tRump this go around! She is an embarrassment to Alaskans and talks one way always and votes another! I've been watching her for far too long and have zero regard for her!

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Unfortunately she is always the lesser of many evils regarding who would be most electable for her seat.

      This last election if we didn't vote Murkowski in the primary we could have had Joe Miller, and as terrible as she is, she's certainly not Joe Miller terrible.

  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Donald trump should try disappearing forever!!!
    The soon the better.

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    32 million more uninsured, thanks to Republicans and their loser lying leader, What else is new?

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    What the fuck?

    WATCH: NRA TV hosts warn ‘white families’ will be ‘tortured and killed’ if Black Lives Matter succeeds

  7. Anonymous1:57 PM

    So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you, Trumpkins?

    1. He told you he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “beautiful.” You bought it. But he didn’t repeal and he didn’t replace. (Just as well: His plan would have knocked at least 22 million off health insurance, including many of you.)

    2. He told you he’d cut your taxes. You bought it. But tax “reform” is stalled. And if it ever moves, the only ones whose taxes will be cut are the wealthy.

    3. He told you he’d invest $1 billion in our nation’ crumbling infrastructure. You bought it. But his infrastructure plan, which was really a giveaway to rich investors, is also stalled.

    4. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses, along with former lobbyists, lawyers and consultants who are crafting new policies for the same industries they recently worked for.

    5. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. But he created the most chaotic, dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, in which no one is in charge.

    6. He said he’d close “special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors but unfair to American workers.“ You bought it. But he picked a Wall Street financier Stephen Schwarzman to run his strategic and policy forum, who compares closing those loopholes to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

    7. He told you he’d “bring down drug prices” by making deals with drug companies. You bought it. But now the White House says that promise is “inoperative.”

    8. He said that on Day One he’d label China a “currency manipulator.” You bought it. But then he met with China’s president and declared “China is not a currency manipulator.”

    9. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. But then he bombed Syria.

    10. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. But in his first 6 months he has spent more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama did in the first 3 years of his presidency. Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business.

    11. He said he’d force companies to keep jobs in America. You believed him. But despite their promises, Carrier, Ford, GM, and the rest are shipping jobs to Mexico and China.

    12. He said he’d create coal jobs. You believe him. He hasn’t. But here’s what he has done: Since 1965 a federal program called the Appalachian Regional Commission has spent $23 billion helping communities in coal states fund job retraining, reclaim land, and provide desperately needed social services. A.R.C. helped cut poverty rates almost in half, double the percentage of high-school graduates, and reduce infant mortality by two-thirds. Trump’s first proposed budget eliminates A.R.C.

  8. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Junior and Manafort to testify at open hearing. Jared has special needs and will testify behind closed doors.

  9. Anonymous2:33 PM

    follow the gorilla is gone

  10. Anonymous2:45 PM

    CBO Devastates Trump By Finding His Repeal Only Plan Would Kill Healthcare For 32 Million

    ...Those are some devastating numbers. 17 million people would lose their insurance immediately. Twenty million Americans would lose their coverage by the time that Trump runs for reelection in 2020. Health insurance premiums would double by 2026, and at the same time, three-quarters of the US population would have no insurers participating in the insurance market.

    If moderate Republicans couldn’t stomach taking health care coverage away from 22 million Americans, they aren’t going to support taking coverage away from 32 million Americans. If this bill passed, it would harm more than 30 million Americans while wrecking the health care system in the United States, and Trump doesn’t care.

  11. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Trump’s Russia Disaster Worsens As Paul Manafort And Donald Trump Jr. To Testify Next Week

    ...The Senate Judiciary Committee is chaired by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and the Republicans on that committee are desperately trying to stop the FBI investigation into Trump and Russia. Trump Jr. and Manafort aren’t testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation the Trump/Russia scandal.

    The hearing title gives a pretty big hint about what Republicans are going to be up to. By referencing previous administrations, the Judiciary Republicans are going to do their best to deflect blame from Trump and place it on Obama.

    The bad news for Donald Trump is that the appearance of his son and former campaign manager before a Senate committee is guaranteed to keep the Russia scandal at the front of the news, and there is bound to be some interesting revelations coming out of that hearing as the dark Russia cloud that is following Trump is growing more ominous by the day.

    1. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Trump And Russia Are Even Using the Same Words to Attack the Media Over Secret Putin Meeting

  12. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Anyone that does not think that Trump learned his tactics at the knee of the Russian and American mafias is naive at best.

    This guy is gangland thug, and is running our government like he's the "godfather-in-chief".

  13. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I hope - fervently and sincerely - that a majority of Americans have now WOKE UP from a brain dead slumber, and have realized the awful truth; this man is the head of a crime syndicate. And he's not a very competent one at that. Because why would he need the help of an authoritarian head of a state that's been the enemy of our nation for going on 70 some-odd years now? For financial reasons, and to gain the office of President?

  14. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Heller should have immediately got up from his chair, walked out and grabbed the first on air reporter he saw and publicly removed himself from the Republican Party and went Independent. Then he should have ripped Trump a new one.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      There may have been a shock factor to be threatened in front of peers. I am considering it is risky for republican senators and congressman to guess how to respect their ideology yet take a stand about our dysfunctional president who acts as if he is a king of a country.

      I am enjoying imagining trump's rage about all the news that broke yesterday and reality justice is being served including the money trails! This is incredible that Trump spoke of Sessions as he did and Mueller. Trump can't bully everyone like he has had a lifetime getting away with. I need to have faith there are enough principled people in government and agencies to save us from Trump ruin while he and his family line their pockets with money.

  15. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Report: Rupert Murdoch Wanted ‘Anyone But Trump’

  16. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Trump Keeps Failing to Destroy Obama’s Legacy, as Aides Assure Trump All Is Fine

    For all the bluster about rolling back Obama’s agenda, most of it is intact six months into the Trump administration.

    Six months into Donald Trump’s presidency and the legacy of his predecessor that he’d promised to erase is proving stubbornly enduring.

    That’s the reality Trump awoke to Tuesday morning after Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare cratered in the Senate and after his administration formally certified Iran’s compliance with the nuclear accord Tehran negotiated with President Barack Obama and five other nations.

    Whether Trump is absorbing how the Obama agenda has persevered is another question entirely. White House aides and the president’s advisers say they try to keep him happy by routinely conveying to him that his administration has been a smashing legislative and political success—despite ample evidence to the contrary.

    Multiple Trump administration officials detailed to The Daily Beast how senior staffers have a long-standing practice of assuring Trump of the quantity of his major accomplishments (of which he has barely any legislative and some administrative) and of placating him by flagging positive media coverage, typically from right-wing outlets.

    This is, in part, a means to avoid further upsetting a president who is already prone to irrationally taking out his anger and professional frustrations on senior staff and who also has a penchant for yelling at the TV. It’s also one of the reasons President Trump will often boast, on Twitter and in other public fora, of how “no administration has accomplished more in” a comparable amount of time, or how “we’ve signed more bills—and I’m talking about through the legislature—than any president, ever.”

    Many of the president’s advisers are well aware of the scoreboard. “I mean, of course we know that,” one White House official told The Daily Beast. “It’s not… tough to see how little movement there’s been [on major agenda items].” And they’ve begun looking for scapegoats for why major chunks of Obama’s legacy remain intact.

  17. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Thug tactics, veiled threats, blackmail, intimidation. He is utter scum.

  18. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Idea behind floated to use Russia "election hacking" talk as explanation for voter fraud investigation. SHS: "Who are we kidding with that?"

  19. Anonymous3:32 PM

    "A lawsuit filed against the DNC now demands the committee is held responsible for what Sanders supporters say was unethical favoring of one candidate over another, using many of those emails as evidence of wrongdoing."

  20. Anonymous3:32 PM

    According to Fox News, “Approval of the president has mostly held steady among Republicans (down three points) since he first took office, but dropped 11 points among working class whites and nine among men. Meanwhile, voters think Russia interfered in the U.S. election (by a 55-34 percent margin), and five times as many think the Kremlin wanted a President Trump (65 percent) as opposed to a President Hillary Clinton (13 percent).

    Trump has a major problem on health care. By a margin of 59%-32%, respondents disapprove of his performance on health care. Fifty-four percent of respondents said that Trump isn’t on their side, and 51% described that the change that Trump has brought as bad.

  21. Anonymous3:38 PM

    The unfit leader that can't lead. What a mess. Destroying America is not a pretty picture.

  22. Anonymous3:42 PM

  23. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Heller is a good-looking man, without having to resort to hair transplants, comb-overs, orange makeup, and ridiculously long neckties in a misdirected attempt to camouflage a buddha belly.

    Heller is a real man, and I'm sure that gets under Rump's orange-tinted skin.

  24. Anonymous3:51 PM

    When Heller turns to his right to make a light-hearted comment, Trump grabs his arm. Trump can't stand not being obeyed.

  25. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Loyalty to Trump is the new litmus test for the right, and even if it means ignoring assault against women or stripping their health care, those who step out of line are being punished.

    Lawmakers in both parties want to restrict Trump’s war powers. Paul Ryan won’t allow it.

    House Democrats and Republicans broadly agree on eliminating an old military authorization that has given Donald Trump and other presidents a blank check to bomb the Middle East. House Speaker Paul Ryan will not even allow a vote on it.

    Dems launch unprecedented voter protection efforts to fight Trump’s “propaganda factory”

    Denouncing the White House’s newly created voter suppression commission as “a propaganda factory,” Democratic leaders are detailing the multi-pronged attack they’re mounting to beat back the “voter fraud” initiative.

    The Democratic National Committee has “taken the unprecedented action of creating a special DNC commission” to specifically counter and fact check Trump’s commission, announced DNC chair Tom Perez and Karen Carter Peterson, vice chair of Voter Protection for the DNC.

    The group is re-launching its Voting Rights Institute “with lawyers, advisors and experts from every corner of the country — encouraging the establishment of chapters in every state and territory.” State parties will also be aided by voter-protection staff to quickly address issues of suppression.

    Democrats are being joined by an array of progressive, civil rights, and privacy groups that are battling the commission.

    Trump’s golf tournament draws record-low ratings, embarrassingly small crowds

    Donald Trump spent the weekend promoting this year’s women’s U.S. Open golf championship as it unfolded at the Trump-owned National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

    On Twitter, he crowed about what a huge success it was shaping up to be.

    But the event, broadcast by Fox News, actually proved to be a commercial flop, posting its worst television ratings in nearly 40 years. Reports also surfaced that the tournament was sparsely attended.

    So much for Trump being a world-class business man.

    Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to ever attend the women’s championship, and there was hope within the sport that his presence would boost the event’s profile. But the deeply unpopular president appears to have done the opposite, tarnishing the championship.

    For one, the television ratings were a disaster. Sunday’s final round garnered just a 0.6 rating, for a total of only 790,000 viewers. That marked a huge 40 percent decrease from the previous year’s final round. Overall, the 0.6 rating was “the lowest on record for the U.S. Women’s Open (dating back to 1988),” according to Sports Media Watch.

    The decision by the LPGA to host its annual championship at a club owned by Trump sparked criticism, given Trump’s clear history of misogyny. Trump was caught on tape last year bragging about sexually assaulting women, and he used to walk into beauty pageant dressing rooms while young women were changing.

  26. Anonymous3:55 PM

    In the last month, when Trump wasn’t leaving the country, pretty much the only reason he left the White House was to go play golf or to watch golf, which he did on June 24, 25, and 30, as well as July 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 14, 15, and 16. Outside of playing golf or promoting his own business properties, however, Trump is clearly in hiding.

    To be fair, Trump isn’t completely MIA. He did a photo op in a firetruck (just like a big boy) on Monday and he’s spent a lot of time on his golf course.

  27. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Here Are 12 Tweets Trump DEFINITELY Regrets Sending

  28. Anonymous4:11 PM

    The way of the bully is to invite you into his lair and then pounce. Those other Republicans know this. They hate it and probably just want to strangle his orange highness.
    But I wonder why people put up with Trump. These people are powerful. They can toss Trump's fat ass out of the White House if they really put their mind to it. Notice how they are all focused on undoing Obama policies while the fat one does his master's bidding from Russia.
    No one in Washington has the courage send this man packing because shit got too deep, and they all in it.
    Don't know how the hell we get out of mess.
    And the more Donald loses, shit could get worst. Big baby don't like to lose.
    Those fucking Trump supporters depend on half of the shit that he's trying to take away from him, and the Democrats are busy trying to save these assholes.
    I say let it happen, and watch the Trumpsters change their minds.

  29. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Desperate GOP Calls Emergency Meeting To Revive Trumpcare And Kick Millions Off Insurance

    After the latest version of Trumpcare was killed in the Senate, Republicans in the Senate House are holding yet another meeting on Wednesday to revive the unpopular legislation.

    The GOP, led by Donald Trump, simply can’t accept the fact that the American people aren’t in favor of health care legislation that would kick millions off their insurance, make massive cuts to Medicaid, and take away Obamacare-guaranteed essential health benefits.

  30. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Know what IMers? As one who is living cancer, I'm kinda rooting for it at this point. I just cannot abide these fools. No lectures please; this is not my country any more.

    1. Anonymous4:57 PM

      I understand and appreciate your sentiment. I'm sorry that this country has brought you/me to this mindset.
      I hope you are pain free.
      Don't go toward the light - it's a trick. You'll get recycled back to this hellhole. Hang around calmly and you'll get to the next lelvel of the game.

  31. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Maybe NOW he'll tell the truth.

    John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been diagnosed with brain cancer, CNN reports.

    The news comes after the senator underwent surgery for a blood clot above his left eye. The Arizona Republic’s Dan Nowicki reports a tissue pathology revealed “a primary brain tumor known as a glioblastoma.”

    The McCains are reportedly “reviewing further treatment options,” including “a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.”

    Read the full statement on McCain’s condition below, via the Mayo Clinic:

    Trump is gonna hate all the attention ol''Crusty', 'loser because he got captured' Johnny is about to get.

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      I almost fell off my chair listening to Trump say McCain is "crusty" etc. Trump is deplorable.

  32. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Trump Throws Embarrassing Tantrum Over Jeff Sessions Not Being His Russia Puppet

    Trump told the newspaper that “Sessions should have never recused himself” from the Russia inquiry and that he would have never chosen him to be the attorney general had he known that would happen.

    “Jeff Sessions takes the job, gets into the job, recuses himself, which frankly I think is very unfair to the president,” Trump said. “How do you take a job and then recuse yourself? If he would have recused himself before the job, I would have said, ‘Thanks, Jeff, but I’m not going to take you.’ It’s extremely unfair — and that’s a mild word — to the president.”

    Trump’s tantrum wasn’t over yet, though.

  33. Anonymous6:59 PM

    52 minutes ago - Trump with his KGB methods

    Heller sized it up this way: “That’s just President Trump being President Trump.”


    Washington Post
    Trump threatens electoral consequences for senators who oppose health bill

    By Sean Sullivan, Kelsey Snell, David Nakamura

    July 19, 2017 at 7:54 PM

    At the lunch, the president also threatened electoral consequences for senators who oppose him, suggesting that Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) could lose his reelection bid next year if he does not back the effort. The president also invited conservative opposition against anyone else who stands in the way....

    “Look, he wants to remain a senator, doesn’t he?” Trump asked, Heller smiling at his side. “Okay, and I think the people of your state, which I know very well, I think they’re going to appreciate what you hopefully will do.”

    After he returned to the Capitol, Heller sized it up this way: “That’s just President Trump being President Trump.”

    Tensions have been evident for a while. After Heller came out against an earlier version of the Senate bill, a conservative organization aligned with Trump vowed to launch an expensive ad campaign against him, angering and shocking many mainstream GOP allies of the senator. Later, the group backed off....

  34. Death Party still trying to kill Americans.

    CBO says new proposal would mean 32 million would lose their healthcare.

    I wonder if Ted Cruz is happy yet?

    "Thirty-two million fewer people would have health coverage, health insurance premiums would double and the insurance market would destabilize over the next 10 years under legislation the Senate may take up next week, according to a report the Congressional Budget Office published Wednesday.

    This isn’t the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the measure to repeal and “replace” the Affordable Care Act that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) shelved Monday because it lacked enough support to pass ― and that President Donald Trump and some Republican senators are trying to revive.

    Instead, McConnell said he plans to bring up legislation bluntly entitled the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act, which is based on a bill Congress passed in 2015 and that President Barack Obama vetoed last year.

    Both the House-passed American Health Care Act and the Better Care Reconciliation Act sought to erect new health insurance systems and new, less generous forms of financial assistance as well as eliminate many of the Affordable Care Act’s regulations and consumer protections.

    The Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act, by contrast, would merely eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s tax credits for private insurance, funding for its Medicaid expansion, the individual mandate that most Americans obtain health coverage or face tax penalties, the mandate that large employers offer health benefits to workers, and the taxes on wealthy people and health care corporations."

  35. Uh oh. What did Jeff Sessions do to piss off Donald Trump?

    "President Trump said on Wednesday that he never would have appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions had he known Mr. Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation that has dogged his presidency, calling the decision “very unfair to the president.”

    In a remarkable public break with one of his earliest political supporters, Mr. Trump complained that Mr. Sessions’s decision ultimately led to the appointment of a special counsel that should not have happened. “Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else,” Mr. Trump said.

    In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times, the president also accused James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director he fired in May, of trying to leverage a dossier of compromising material to keep his job. Mr. Trump criticized both the acting F.B.I. director who has been filling in since Mr. Comey’s dismissal and the deputy attorney general who recommended it. And he took on Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel now leading the investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election."

    Not content with Comey and Mueller, he's now after Sessions too.

    Oh, DOG, the HYPOCRISY!

    "Mr. Trump said Mr. Mueller was running an office rife with conflicts of interest and warned investigators against delving into matters too far afield from Russia. "

    Trump is accusing Mueller of conflict of interest? Really?

    Too far afield from Russia? What is Trump afraid that Mueller will find?

  36. They're not going to be able to pass tax reform either. Same reason. Their budget can reconcile the conservatives and the moderates.

    "Republicans in Congress unveiled a fiscal 2018 budget plan as a first step to major U.S. tax reform on Tuesday, only to face the same divisions between conservatives and moderates that helped killed their efforts to replace Obamacare.

    The $4 trillion spending blueprint, released by the House of Representatives budget committee, could become a new flashpoint for Republican in-fighting because it links future tax cuts for businesses and individuals with $203 billion in mandatory spending cuts that would reduce benefits for the poor.

    The Republican push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare, collapsed in the Senate late on Monday after a tug-of-war between party moderates who wanted to preserve healthcare benefits for lower-income Americans and conservatives who wanted to scale them back.

    On Tuesday, House Republicans disagreed over the budget proposal in terms that could foreshadow a replay of the Senate healthcare debacle when lawmakers turn to tax reform."


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