Monday, July 24, 2017

Elections have consequences.

Courtesy of Axios: 

From 2015 to 2017, Pew Research tracked global confidence in the U.S. president "to do the right thing" regarding world affairs. While almost all the countries surveyed have lost confidence over the years, Russia's significant increase stands out — jumping from 11% in 2011 under Obama to 53% under Trump. 

Other takeaways from the report: Merkel, Xi or Putin have more positive ratings globally than Trump. Arrogant was the most common word globally associated with Trump's characteristics. There is global disapproval across all of Trump's major policy proposals.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that this only took six months.

Though the data is from 2015 and 2017, I can guarantee that the numbers from 2016 would have lined up almost perfectly with the data from 2015.

That means that in only a six month period of time Donald Trump has completely trashed the reputation of the presidency of the United States.

I cannot even begin to imagine how much worse it will be in another six months.


  1. Anonymous2:20 AM

    People of chaos tend to undo things that others have worked hard to build. Donald is a chaotic soul.
    The last six months have been hard. I was shocked when he won. I couldn't even speak. I think he was shocked too that Russia would come through for him.
    Then after the election everything about our country felt uncertain. It was a rude wake up call that our democracy that people fought and died for, could be taken down overnight. The saddest thing to absorb is that there are no leaders in Washington. They have been bought off by someone. We need to rethink this whole country. And not by Trump's, Putin's, or anyone tyrannical standards. We the people need to come together and work out something that fits us all, and not just the rich. Think this through folks, and let's talk. No tyranny please.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      As you say it has been hard, from the moment the lousy actor mr tv trump came down the elevator on tv was the beginning of getting to know trump and the beginning for most people the research on this rude swamp creature and his friends. It has been gut twisting hard to watch and witness.
      As you say about those immigrants that fought for the freedoms of Americans today and those ancestors that fled dictators, forced from their homeland by kings queens and dictators are our ancestors and they fled 200 yrs ago to this land, America. DNA connects majority of American ancestors to UK and then everywhere else around the globe. Majority of old American families have DNA connections and deep roots in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and yes Russia. The geno map confirms. America must shine that light on Our Ancestors, Freedom and how each of us connect to countries around the globe. America was built by immigrants, We have that in common.

  2. Anonymous2:50 AM

    It sounds like the only thing that will save this country from trump is a second amendment solution.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Seems like the FEC should have known about trump and denied him on the ballot. His history, 100's of lawsuits, bad financial dealings, bad character, dishonesty. It is public and private knowledge. Let us hope that trump does the right thing and resigns, takes his staff with him and deals with his personal family problems in private. America is sick and tired of this drama queen and espionage. Our tax dollars and time must go to our infrastructure security.

  3. Anonymous4:59 AM

    America must ban foreign purchase of American soil. They may lease if qualified. But no ownership.

  4. Anonymous6:07 AM

  5. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Our president sounds beleaguered and frightened this morning. You can sense his fear in every terrified tweet. Justice must be closing in.

  6. Anonymous6:16 AM

    All that’s left is Ivanka.

  7. Anonymous6:18 AM

    WATCH: Scaramucci Cried About How Hard It Is For Wall St. Elites, So President Obama CRUSHED Him – To His Face

  8. Anonymous6:30 AM

    This Is Why Natalia Veselnitskaya Was in New York

    She came to Trump Tower straight from a hearing at an American appeals court, reported on here for the first time—and she was at both of them for the same reason.

    1. Duh and Duh. Adoptions always leads back to the sanctions which leads back to the money laundering.

      Is it any wonder a money launderer was also at the meeting?

      And now there are new sanctions for the election tampering.

      Putin must be furious he can't get his puppet to do anything useful about it.

  9. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Russian Election Hacking Pits U.S. Spy Against Spy

    Angry debate over Russian hacking and the president’s warmth toward the Kremlin is roiling the U.S. national security world.

  10. Anonymous7:37 AM

  11. Anonymous7:42 AM

    "by arguing the network shouldn’t be so critical toward the president because Donald Trump simply doesn’t know any better."doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues"

    1. "Doesn't know any better" is hardly a good argument to defend an inept and incompetent president.

  12. Anonymous10:04 AM


  13. From 100% to 0% in two years.

    Quite impressive. Yet another accomplishment of the Death Party.


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