Wednesday, July 26, 2017

FBI wants Alaskans to be on the lookout for human traffickers. I know just where to start.

Courtesy of the Peninsula Clarion:

“Even though this may be something that you say you don’t have in your community, you do have it in your community,” Special Agent Jolene Goeden of the Federal Beureau of Investigation said to a crowded room of hospital staff, local police officers and emergency medical services personnel on Wednesday at the Central Peninsula Hospital. 

“Traffickers know that they can make a lot of money in Alaska. … Many of the traffickers that we’re working cases on, that we know about, they move around Alaska,” Goeden said. “They don’t just work in Anchorage. They’re going to send girls down here to the Kenai area.” 

And it’s not just traffickers from Alaska. Goeden said that during busier seasons, traffickers from the Lower 48 move to Alaska.

“We have a number of traffickers that bring girls up for the weekends or weeks in order to work during periods of times that they know it’s more lucrative … during PFD times or the summer months when they know there are more tourists here,” Goeden said. “Big supply and demand.”

Well I don't have any personal knowledge of any current human trafficking for the purposes of sex, but I certainly know in which direction I would direct the FBI.

Might want to start somewhere around here.

I've heard some stories.


  1. I hope Piper and Trig are OK. I'm sure Willow would fight back.

    1. You think the Palins might be potential victims?

      Oh that is adorable.

    2. Anonymous6:02 AM

      They're victims of a lot of libel and that is a fact.

    3. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Darlene, that is a strange comment. There isn't a more loving home.

    4. Anonymous6:23 AM

      6:02am, why aren't they suing? Idiot.

    5. Anonymous6:28 AM

      Loving home? That's a laugh. Loving parents don't kick the baby and her car seat across the room. Loving parents don't forget to feed their kids.

    6. Anonymous6:54 AM

      Track Palin exposed the love in that family. They love him so much they would never allow any treatment. They love so much they have to lie.

    7. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Bristol was at the height of her love and happy time. Happy memories

      However, there was a problem. In February 2015, Bristol posted two photos to her Instagram page. One photo showed Bristol, father Todd, mother Sarah, BFF Marina Lupas, and several other people in the lobby of an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas. Accompanying that photo was a selfie of Bristol and Marina taken in a ladies’ restroom in Vegas. They were dressed to party — very short black dresses, with the front cut down to there.

    8. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Is that a Russian design there Sarah? What about that lake house in Willow? Gosh so much time, so many crimes...
      Question is can you do the time? How's those sanctions against Russia working out?

    9. Anonymous11:19 AM

      @6:02 AM You have never been there, or you would violate the COURT RESTRAINING ORDER against you, Palin ass kisser. Have you lost any weight yet? Are you still mooching off of your elderly parents?

    10. Anonymous11:49 AM

      You mean Karen in L0s Anchorage? Shes autistic.
      Sarah Inkkk took advantage of her. Again. What's New?

    11. Anonymous12:22 PM

      907, Well gosh, who from DC is reading ol Gryphens blog?

    12. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Married to the mob and adoptions. Trig was not born to Sarah Palin. The McCains would know that. Where did Trig come from?

  2. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Let's see. That's either the Palin compound or a polygamist Mormon sect.

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      you know, there are Mormons who aren't polygamist. somehow, everyone still thinks we are. warren jeffs is almost a big of an asshat than trump-another creep who rapes little girls.

    2. NB: The second "m" is always silent.

  3. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Speaking of . . . What is Bristol's BFF -- The Russian Bombshell, The Exotic Russian -- doing these days?

    1. Anonymous6:09 AM

      ORN----she posts on Bristol's IG as "stack or starve exotix llc".

    2. Anonymous6:35 AM

      The Russian Mafia in Alaska keeps their business quiet. It is as if they don't exist. It may not be the old style Mafia like people would think. They morph into the environment where they function.

      Bristol's BFF and her family are well established in the state. BFF has been working her business long before she publically hooked up with Bristol and they did their social media promotions for Bristol to appear she was employed with a doctor.

      Did the authorities ever solve the murder of the girl they claimed was may be suicide? Amber or Autumn?

      That doctor has all the signs of a shady front. The family had money, got in bad financial times and came back with more money.

      The authorities give that doctor and his business a pass. They will not be investigated no matter how obvious they are.

    3. Anonymous8:56 AM

      If you can read the reviews about the doctor's operation you can get the drift on what goes on there. Plus Bristol and Marina did a lot of documenting of what the so-called job is.

      In most states that business would be questioned and investigated for their incompetency.

      Alaska's State Medical Examiner's Office is iffy.

      Sean Parnell promoted Dr. Gary Zientek to head the state office responsible for determining the cause of death in homicide investigations and fatal incidents statewide. He lost his license in Virginia, due to drug and alcohol abuse. He sounds like someone that could easily be manipulated.
      Autumn Marie Browning 39, tragically passed on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014. "alleged suicide" or murder?

      Funny that no one is interested in solving her mystery death. Later Bristol staged a birthday celebration of Dr. Cusack and posted photos of the happy memories on the wall. For some reason Bristol cut Autumn out of a group photo with the doctor.

    4. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Being a Russo Pyscho. Shrug.

    5. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Mostly she takes pictures of her face lift and lip injections. She has several IG accounts but doesn't appear to have a job in any of them. She spends a lot of time marketing herself as not a slut.

    6. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Before Russie exotic used Bristol, she had this guy she would say the same kind of things like she went on to say about Bristol. Like Bristol was a replacement.

      The guy had some kind of business relationship with her. He was gone after Bristol came into the picture. Bristol had to be good for her business, one or more of her businesses. There are/were several. She was on internet in Asia, Russia and wherever.

      I always found her saying she was loyal to be overkill. Who says that? Crooked used car salesman. Who is like that about friends on social media? She sounds like she was mob influenced.

      Obviously she has had backers for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Dr. Cusack is the greatest boss. She has been able to call herself assistant and do jobs she is not medically licensed to do. He and his daughter run that operation. They also have no problem if she goes out of town for business every week. It doesn't seem to interfere with the hard work she does at the office.

    7. Anonymous9:40 PM

      Dr. Cusack loves his children.

    8. Anonymous10:04 PM

      We only live once,

      You're now in slide show mode

      Also sells shoes

    9. Anonymous5:51 AM

      Dakota Meyer Las Vegas with Dr. Cusack crew February

      Dakota Meyer, messy shirt Las Vegas

      engaged March 15th, 2015, 12:10 am

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Why be envious of good people?

    Gryphen's jealous because there's a great man at that residence who is the most selfless and would help anyone.

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      Oh, man, I love your sarcasm.

    2. Anonymous6:24 AM

      Yes, Gryphen is positively pea green over the great Todd Palin. Fucking moron.

    3. Anonymous7:29 AM

      I always did think Sarah was trans. I wouldn't call her a "great" man, but a man nonetheless.

    4. Anonymous9:17 AM

      729, She must be devastated that she can't join the Army now. Yet if Todd has sex with men, he would be able to serve his country.

    5. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Sarah is a man trapped in a woman's body. How is Darrin?
      What happened to his neck?

  5. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I respect the fact that I've seen most of the Palin's say the only reason they love overnight fame is because it brought charity opportunities to help people. Bristol said that was the only reason she did dwts when her and mark (?) were doing some habitat project. She always talked about people she enjoyed helping. Fact. And always thanks those she's inspired though she is a little confused as to why people find her inspirational. She doesn't consider herself famous. Most girls date an untrustworthy liar like her and maybe her remaining perpetually happy despite that is inspirational.

    1. Isn't it hard to type on a keyboard while strapped into a straitjacket?

    2. The crazy is up early today.

    3. Anonymous6:26 AM

      Get better heroes, you delusional twat.

    4. Anonymous6:30 AM

      "an untrustworthy liar like her"
      That's about the only thing you said that makes sense.

    5. Anonymous6:31 AM

      Gryph, unfortunately there is voice recognition software these days. *sigh*

  6. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Ask Shailey Tripp where you know who operates his business from.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      This picture cracks me up! The visual! It's not Shailey. Somehow it looks like Todd hard at work, business as usual. ha!

    2. Anonymous8:04 AM


      Messy Todd, Cusack family and business, Lupas

    3. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Does that include telling folks you had twin boys?

      W O W

    4. Anonymous2:25 PM

      Wow make that triplets

  7. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I don't get it? Sarah Palin is sue happy when anybody says anything about her. Why hasn't Sarah encourage Todd to sue Shailey Tripp for defamation of character?

    Shailey Tripp did not only verbally shared that Todd Palin was her pimp, Shailey Tripp wrote a book for God's sake telling the world Todd Palin was her pimp.

    What does it take to get VP candidate Sarah Palin to sue Todd's alleged prostitute to give honor back to the father of her children?

    Whenever you see any of Sarah's children, it brings back memories that their father was allegedly a pimp and no one challenged the alleged prostitute in court.

    Also brings back memories that Shailey said when Todd had sex with her, Todd would pull out a face cloth, remove his used condom and wrapped the sperm filled condom in the face cloth and take the used condom evidence with him. Where did the face cloths come from? Were they the Palin family's face cloth? Did Todd dispose the used condoms and threw the face cloths in the Palin family clothes hamper?

    Is that a pimp thing to do? They take their DNA with them so there wouldn't be any DNA evidence left behind to incriminate the pimps?

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Todd is an idiot.

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Could it be artificially inserted sperm? How is that red head girl from Alaska home care? Let's get a DNA TEST from that one, shall we?

    3. Anonymous4:21 PM

      What, and expose another Russian money laundering biz?

    4. Anonymous4:46 PM

      4:21 PM Palin, Cusack, Russian gangsters and dignitaries are all safe from being exposed. The Ak FBI will never mess with them.

    5. Anonymous6:13 PM

      And why is that boo @ 446?

      In 1917 They took a little trip.

      Coming into Alaska, but for just a little bit.

      They went over here, and went over there.

      And a spreading that Russian money, every where.

      (And apparently the sperm too.)


      In 2017 I took a little trip.

      Exposed all the Russians teeny tiny dicks.

      Oh the money is here and the money is there.

      And I don't see taxes paid any a where.


      Oh DC got pissed that they weren't allowed in.

      Or just didn't know that they could've been in.

      On the biggest racket known to mankind.

      That will always be told till the end of time.


      Oh they cried and they lied
      and then they threw a fit.

      Then they went to trial, and cried like a little bitch.

      Well the jury found that their just a piece of crap.

      And sent them to Siberia, to be eaten by the rats.


      (And that's all folks!)

    6. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Inside Alaska's world of sex work from someone who lived it

      The new girl

      Confessions of a sex trafficker: how Alaska's homeless youth are exploited
      Alaska has a disproportionate rate of young homeless people being trafficked for sex. For Heidi Ross, it began with running away from home

      ‘Barefoot Mile’ brings focus to human trafficking

      Study shows extent of human trafficking among homeless Anchorage youths . New research released Wednesday shows, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys receiving services from Anchorage's shelter for homeless youths, reported being victims of sex trafficking, quantifying for the first time the prevalence of the problem among an especially vulnerable group in Alaska's biggest city.

      Traffic stop leads to sex trafficking bust, $280K drug seizure

      As U.S. Watches Mexico, Traffickers Slip In From Canada

  8. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Looney tunes is back defending the "wholesome" Palins. Meanwhile, what is pimp daddy Todd up to these days?

    1. Anonymous9:09 PM

      Stalking around. What else?

  9. Anonymous7:26 AM

    'T'weet 'T'weet.

  10. Anonymous7:28 AM

    There is a song about human traffickers.

    You know it's hard out here for a pimp

    When he tryin' to get this money for the rent

    For the Cadillac's and gas money spent

    Because a whole lot of bitches talkin' shit

    Will have a whole lot of bitches talkin' shit

  11. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Indicators of Human Trafficking: A person is being held in debt bondage meaning he/she owes a third party money for expenses such as documentation, food, shelter, clothing, etc. and must work until this debt is paid off.

    One summer there was a couple that worked on my house. She was in her fifties, who would think slave/sex laborer? The couple lived with a wealthy widow in an illegal building on her estate. The couple were to both be working, as a team. After I saw them at my place I noticed the fifty year old did most of the work including hard labor. A lot of her job was making sure he did whatever he was to do (or she did it for him).

    There were other laborers and confrontations and fights. Those things happened at the widow's estate. She used the Hispanic workers of the area, the ones I knew were born here, they were treated like illegal laborers and worse. Cheated out of pay and she would have her foreman beat them up or some nasty treatment.

    It's all too much to go into but I couldn't stomach watching the abuse of the fifty year old woman and they had to go. Before that I found out her living situation on the estate was depending on her work and sex. She wanted the sex, she thought she was in love, it was pathetic. From the beginning he made it a point to let me know she wasn't his type and he had the hots for typical beach blonds. She and other workers that worked for the widow, the man that worked at my house was her special foreman that was to do everything for her and boss the hired workers. The fifty year old woman was not paid and she didn't pay rent, it was all bartered. She really worked hard and she ended up them owing them.
    This wasn't exactly human trafficking, the fifty year old was a lifelong resident of the area. This is a wealthy area and where they lived was the wealthiest with a sweet little old lady who lived here a long time. Who would think that kind of thing was going on? Just saying it goes on under our noses more than we can imagine.

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Bristol owed Sarah plenty. Sarah paid for her school and gave her celebrity that she would have never had after getting knocked up so young and so habitually. Also Bristol owes her for finding and getting a husband for the unmarried mother of many.

  12. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I found this book about Todd Palin and Shailey Tripp

    Synopsis: BOYS WILL BE BOYS: Media, Morality and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal is the true story of how Shailey Tripp, a young single mother of two special needs children became sexually involved with Todd Palin, husband of former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP Vice-Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

    This book explains the many factors that culminated in Shailey becoming not only the mistress of “ Alaska’s First Dude” but also a prostitute working for him which ultimately resulted in Shailey being arrested in March of 2010.

    However, the story doesn’t end there. After they received an anonymous email, The National Enquirer contacted Shailey regarding her relationship with Todd Palin and even ran a couple of stories about her liaison with him with several follow-up interviews scheduled.

    All that changed, when at the behest of the Palin’s lawyers, the Anchorage Police Department issued a press release which stated that they had found no evidence of Todd’s involvement with Shailey.

    From that point on, Shailey was unable to get any media, with the exception of some internet bloggers, to tell her side of things despite the fact that she had proof of her truthfulness and had passed polygraph examinations. Boys Will Be Boys tells the whole story from Shailey’s viewpoint and includes the evidence.

    A true expose of how the media and even law enforcement agencies kowtow to the wealthy, politically powerful people, Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality and the Cover-up of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal is a must read.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      It seems Shailey also worked for Todd and someone named West, was it Jim West? Didn't they send her out of town? Sex trafficking.

      People with clout didn't want Shailey to tell her story.

      The prostitution incident in South America with the SS agent that Shailey recognized, David Cheney. That was to be investigated. That never happened.

      One of the jobs that John McCain has in Washington is to shut down investigations his people do not want investigated.

      People say McCain does nothing but as I understand he did work real hard to get rid of investigations he would not like.

      Remember what he did when Cindy was caught stealing drugs from unfortunate kids. One of her humanitarian gigs. He influenced the DEA and disparaged the man that tried to do the right thing. He worked for Cindy's foundation and he saw the abuse and theft. Well, he had to be trashed/ And you think McCain does not work hard?

    2. Anonymous9:12 PM

      John boy doesn't have to try.
      He has always been an ass. Shrug.

  13. Anonymous9:14 AM

    A true expose of how the media and even law enforcement agencies kowtow to the wealthy, politically powerful people

    BOY That's the truth. If the powers that be weren't having media and law keeping secrets and being silenced, we would know more of what goes on.

  14. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I bought and read Shailey's book too. Todd Palin was her pimp and his sweet (term used in jest!) little wife, Sarah, was aware of it. Plus, Shailey stated the Sarah was NOT pregnant when she said she was! The book was spellbinding and had proof sources galore (shown in the book) as to her connections w/Todd Palin!

    Todd was her pimp and this was during the days when McCain was running for potus (thank god he lost!). Shailey provided sex to politicians, FBI agents and cops during that time - all brought to her by Todd Palin.

    If the book is still available, I suggest folks get a hold of it and read it. Their eyes will be opened wide about the Palins. It's truly no wonder they are so disliked throughout the State of Alaska.

    1. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Married to the mob

    2. Anonymous5:16 AM

      How many wives?

    3. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Did small town Cassie stop using her married name? When? She never got around to clearing up why there were no divorce papers. The marriage was documented. That much we know as fact.

      The rest of it is not verified.

      "Trust, but verify" is a translation of a Russian proverb, which became well known when used by President Ronald Reagan

  15. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The FBI in Alaska may know what goes on but that doesn't mean they will do anything about it when it involves certain people.
    Unfortunate that the press and media isn't able to keep the public informed about vice and rackets in the state. Mobsters have too much muscle and influence. If they don't want stories on certain people or certain business, trafficking, you won't see or hear much.

    An interesting factual story of keeping silence and taking out those trying to get to the truth is that of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles. He was too close to exposing people that didn't want exposure for their life outside of the law. Bolles car bombing murder has not been solved after 40 years


    PHOENIX (KSAZ) - It's considered one of the most notorious murders in Arizona history.

    During the summer of 1976 journalist, Don Bolles was killed when a bomb exploded inside his car outside the Clarendon Hotel. Bolles was set to meet with an informant that day, regarding a story involving corruption between politicians and the mob, but that meeting never took place. Before he died, Bolles blamed the bombing on the mob.
    Three men, all with mob ties, would later be implicated in that bombing.
    But his death would expose an underworld of corruption that many never knew existed in Phoenix at that time. Now an Arizona filmmaker says he is ready to turn Bolles' story and legacy into a feature film.

    "Kemper Marley, a wealthy Phoenix rancher and liquor wholesaler, was Dunlap's mentor and was rumored for years to have been the person who actually ordered the hit on Don Bolles"

    Hopefully, the undeniable circumstance in San Antonio, Texas will bring attention to these rackets and make the public more aware. How these smugglers operate under the radar? Who are the rich investors?

    'Ruthless human smugglers' blamed for deaths

    There are many humanitarian foundations and charity that invest large amounts of money saying they are helping the problem and saving the victims.

    In spite of famous and celebrity names, it is controversial that these non-profits have made any advancements or much to help anyone other than lobbyists and administrators of charities.
    Mexico gets all the attention, but both drugs and human trafficking are everywhere. They are prosperous thriving business.

    Fueled by drugs, sex trafficking reaches 'crisis' on Native American reservation

    Alaska is 'too far away' and not much is thought of the vice in the state until there is crime that the media covers.

    Where Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling Meet Today

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Wasn't John McCain once a lobbyists?

  16. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Mobs from Brighton Beach to Anchorage smuggle drugs and humans and anything profitable. I don't believe the McCains were fooled by the Palins. The McCains have been at these games much longer than the Palins.

    McCain's political career was hoisted by mob money. Mafia Princess Cindy was trained early to work the charity angle.

    Interesting NYT article about Hensley/McCain finances
    McCains, a Public Path but Private Wealth

    Protecting Interests at Home

    -- The booming Hensley business financed John McCain’s entry into politics: after marrying Cindy, he retired from the Navy in 1981 and planned a run for Congress the next year. To that end, he took a public-relations job at Hensley and set about introducing himself to voters. His father-in-law’s wealth — Mrs. McCain was given $639,000 by a Hensley affiliate in 1982 — also enabled Mr. McCain to lend his campaign $167,000.
    Today, Hensley & Company is a major donor to Arizona politicians, and has fought increases in the state excise tax, now about 1.5 cents a beer. The tax has risen only three times since the repeal of Prohibition, last in 1984, and remains 16 percent below the national median.
    Its contributions have occasionally drawn bad publicity. In 1991, an Anheuser-Busch lobbyist accused Jim Hensley of passing him cash to give to lawmakers. But the lobbyist recanted, and no charges were filed. Hensley workers also told a local columnist in 1989 that they had been pressured to donate to specific political committees and to canvass for Mr. McCain’s first Congressional race in 1982. The company denied it. But workers say Doug Yonko, an executive and nephew of Jim Hensley, still buttonholes colleagues for donations. Mr. Yonko said all gifts were voluntary.

    -- Still, industry critics acknowledge that Mr. McCain has consistently recused himself from alcohol-specific issues. Yet he has received more contributions from the industry than nearly any other senator.

    The reason, beer executives say, is that Mr. McCain is sympathetic to business owners and shares their views on taxes and other economic issues.

    McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      McCain had problems with those meetings. He lived to regret meeting with the regulators.

      I wonder how Jr. will feel about his meeting?

  17. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Look at the way those Palins built that second house to steal the sunshine from their neighbors. When 99% of the access is not from the lake side and the rear is a hangar for a float plane, anyone else would have the sense and thoughtfulness to put the hangar by the lake and leave some light for their neighbors.

    But not the Palins. How deservedly hated they must be in Wasilla.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I think they own the other house. It's possibly where they stash contraband.

    2. Anonymous8:03 PM

      That may be where Trig was born. Sarah and Todd had to leave Texas and fly back to Mat-Su for the birth ruse. The grandparents posed in the lobby with a newborn. Trig may have a birth certificate from the Dr.
      that helped Sarah with a letter and the whole Trig saga.

      His birth mother could be a victim of trafficking or an adoption scam. If Bristol pooped him out, that house could be the location.

  18. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Official Spokesman
    Be the first to see all he does for a problem he will do anything to conquer. His passion runs deep since becoming a father to Bristol Palin's daughters. Those precious gifts will not live in a world where children fear being abducted or their friends are hauled off to work for bad people. #ownthedash

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      So interesting how that was phrased: "since becoming a father to Bristol Palin's daughters." Father to Bristol Palin's daughters. Hmm, wonder who the daddies are for "Bristol Palin's daughters".

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Wouldn't it be father to Their daughters??? Makes it sound like Pillsbury is just another "trial daddy" to 2 more babies dropped by the town bicycle.The Vegas and Mugshot babies.Before that there's the she partied too much and along came Trig. Canvas tent Trip. DWS baby. Haiti baby??

    3. Anonymous12:10 PM

      9:22 AM Without verification Meyer is only said to be a blood father. He has no verification that he is married either. He is a father, like taking on the children of a girlfriend or business associate. He was adopted and he is a father like in an adoption.

      He doesn't have to verify, it just changes how the public perceives him. And the public can choose to go along with his unverified status and believe what they want.

      If you consider future historians, they are going to need verification or they can only write a fantasy history. Historians will want to find the truth one day about Senator McCain and that will include his time with the Palin family. Bristol was a main attraction with her situation along with her mother and Trig and that pregnancy and baby.

      Dakota decided to insert himself into all this. So what can be verified about him also matters. He does have a MOH, but it is now known he lied. About the reason he has the medal and he hid a wife that only verified a marriage certificate for historians and those that want clarity about what these people are about.

      They do continue to carry on whatever they are selling to the public. Do you want to buy from liars? A family of liars? Most of us say no.

    4. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Not to mention facts tend to surface after a person passes even quicker. McCain isn't long for this world. We'll get the true story once he's out of the pic and people start talking. Sarah thinks she got away with fooling the American public.Truth,like dead bodies,always comes to the surface.

  19. Anonymous9:31 PM

    They're rilly having to reeeaaacch to find a cause for Derpkota to champion. Better yet,how about head idiot of the fellow idiot league?? Simple minds think alike,or not.

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Dakota Meyer

  20. Anonymous9:09 AM

    What a family
    How Cindy Hensley invented John McCain.

    Jim Hensley

    John and Cindy McCain's mob ties to Kemper Marley


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