Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hey remember when Ted Nugent wanted everybody to be civil with each other? Yeah, that's over now.

Courtesy of The Kansas City Star: 

Nugent is a notorious provocateur, one who has attracted some infamous attention for his profane insults and bald-face threats to his political enemies. In June, however, after the shootings of Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise and others at a baseball practice in Virginia, Nugent told a radio station that his wife had convinced him to stop with the “harsh terms” and “I encourage my friends/enemies on the left and in the Democrat and liberal world that we have to be civil to each other.” 

He kept his word for most of the show. Much of his carnival-barker-style rhetoric and sloganeering touted freedom, hunting, barbecue and his support for the military. He also assured the crowd several times that like every other show, he was treating this one as “the most important show of my life.” 

However, before the salacious “Wang Dang” song, he took an odd swipe at country music: “I was going to play a country song but I still have a (penis) so I can’t do that.” And before “Dog Eat Dog,” he praised the president and then told members of the military he was sorry they’d had to serve eight years under his predecessor, a commander-in-chief who was an “absolute piece of s***. … And if that offends you, you’re a piece of s***.” So much for civility.

So June 18th to just about the end of July. What is that, just a little over a month?

Way to stick it out there Captain Poopypants.

Let's face it once an attention seeking POS, always an attention seeking POS.

And these three will never stop spreading hate and divisiveness everywhere they go.

In fact that one on the left is working hard right now to overshadow the other two.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Oh lookie, the Three Dumb Asses of The Apocalapse. Crazy, Hazy And Lazy

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    You are known by the company you keep!

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    When I was a kid, my mother use to say if we go to hell that the demons would poke at us constantly and make us miserable.
    Hey, mom, I think we are in hell.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Speak of the demons. 'The demons are real'

      The demons are real #ownthedash #ownit #purpose

      So the wife wants a new car. #ownthedash
      'So I just did a thing....No filter needed for this beautiful Muscle Car I just bought. Happy and humbled that I'm in this incredible machine!' #ownthedash

      3 days ago:
      ' I'm not going to lie. I couldn't be more excited to be sharing this new adventure with everyone soon!!!' #ownthedash #ownit #purpose #changetheworld #changetheworldwithme

    2. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Who gives a shit about that man boob.

    3. Anonymous3:58 AM

      Anon at 12:52 pm. Who is making these statements? I cannot figure it out from the text?

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Dumb, ignorant, and vulgar is how these folks go through life. They are incorrigible. What's worse than that? They have sycophantic adorers who are just like them. It's a terrible truth of the nature of this species.

  5. abbafan12:27 PM

    Pants-shitting draft-dodger nooge is a vile, disgusting piece of shit!

    Bone-spurs deferment trump is a vile, disgusting piece of shit!

    Shit-for-brains palin is a vile, disgusting piece of shit!

    A trifecta of utterly useless, no-brained vile pieces of shit!!

    1. Anonymous12:48 PM

      The inviter from the oval office must be the head disgusting rat feces piece of shit!!

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I'm in MI, and can hardly wait for Kid Rock to lose the primary and be out. He's an idiot, and I really hope the GOP is done holding idiots up on a national platform and bowing down.

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Don't be so sure. So many idiots, he could very well win. I highly doubt that this dinner between them was idle chit chat.

    2. Anonymous3:56 AM

      Even the thought that he might be running against Debbie Stabenow who has been such a superb senator for our state turns my stomach.

  7. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Nugent, like Palin, is a garbage person. Palin has become almost invisible but, like Nugent, is struggling to regain some visibility. What we have here are toddler minds in grown up bodies ... just like Trump.

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    The noodge is awfully concerned about the military for a guy who shit his pants to stay out of the military. Imagine the losers who spend their money to see this POS. And then they complain about about how hard it is for white murricans to get ahead in the USA. Keep on giving it up for Trump, the Noodge, et al ya dopes. They are gonna screw you FIRST.
    PS Does the Noodge have his hand on that old lady's scrawny boob?

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    What kind of coincidence is this? ㋛

    Same nose. ;)

    ( ಠ‿ಠ)

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      Is he Bristol's daddy?

    2. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Todd was always working in the north. Sarah probably went to concerts. I can see her as a groupie. I hear she was not a good mother, she left her kids a lot. Track would have been a toddler and in need of a baby sitter.

    3. Anonymous4:25 AM

      did she pay for that nose, like the fake ass chin.

  10. Anonymous2:02 PM

  11. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I effing hate this low life pos. I wish he would get a deadly disease from one of the thousands of poor animals he has killed and die a terrible death from parasitic infections. Disgusting, vile asshole. Fucker said he would be dead or in jail if President Obama was reelected. Bitch cannot keep a promise either.

  12. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Notice Hilary in the background rising above the fray and being the better person. They look like trash under her feet. Goofball on the left and two slut monkeys on the right.

    1. Anonymous7:46 PM

      $arah will always dress and look like a tramp.
      All she knows.

  13. Anonymous5:54 PM

    chrispy Creamer FAT FUCK little dick BIG shot!

  14. Anonymous6:21 PM

    OT? Scotland>$hitgibbon's $hit $tink$!

  15. Anonymous11:59 PM

    And to think she was the ex governor of a state and on a VP ticket ! Boy has she fallen to be touched / held the way Nugent is in that picture.
    Where is her husband ? Which Christian morals espouse that behavior ?

  16. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I, for one, am so tired of far right agitators and wing nuts complaining about how liberals are such violent people. Yesterday was the last day of the 13th annual Traverse City (MI) Film Festival, founded by Michael Moore. We spent many hours in the last week standing in line before the doors opened at various venues in town - mostly conversing with lovely people who came from all around the area and the country to enjoy great movies.

    It was mostly a liberal crowd and we were among more-or-less like minds but everyone was in good spirits and friendly, even when the our town's lone anti-LGBT agitator walked down the line of people (including my husband and me) waiting to a 1927 Harold Lloyd silent film with live musical accompaniment by the Alloy Band. This guy dominates the local access television station with his diatribes against liberals, science, the LGBT community, and reality, all of which in his warped mind are "fake news." He even has his own "hate group" classification by the Southern Poverty Law Center! No one in the line was rude to him; most people ignored him; those people who spoke to him were polite but they made it clear to him that they did not agree. Then we went in to our movie.

    Liberals are not violent people. We simply want better lives for everyone. How is that possibly irreligious or mean or demented or "fake news"? Maybe Sarah Palin or Kid Rock or, heaven forbid, Ted Nugent should have been in one or two of the movie lines this past week. They would have been among the friendliest, nicest, most accommodating and intelligent people they could ever meet.


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