Saturday, July 15, 2017


Ungrateful POS is actually more descriptive.

President  Obama is the man who put the Medal of Honor around Dakota Meyer's unworthy neck, and this is how he thanks him.

George W. Bush was the man who started these unnecessary wars and sent thousands of American soldiers to their deaths based on a lie and an overreaction.

President Obama on the other hand worked tirelessly to bring these wars to an end and bring American fighting men and women back home to their families. The only reason he was not more successful is because the Republicans, who Meyer seems to identify with, sabotaged his efforts.

Fuck this guy!


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    What a c@unt!

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Return it, you traitorous piece of shit.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      He feels guilty because as hard as he tries to pretend, he knows deep inside he didn't earn it. This is all a facade made to recruit more young men into Bush's war effort. Who gave DUH those fake teeth? Had his hair highlighted?

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Yeah, if he disliked Pres Obama so much, he could have refused the medal.

    3. Anonymous3:27 AM

      Has MOH had a chin implant also, too?

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    The piece of scum certainly matches the Palins...married into the correct family, didn't he!

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      Yes, they are a good fit.

      Bristol was proud of her favorite men.

      After that photo Track did his drunk AK47 deathly anger breakdown. Bristol pretty much ostracized her brother from her'happy' family staged photo scenes.

      Now she can't be protected by the Marine? Why did Marine and Bristol with kids high tail it out of Wasilla? That whole thing is questionable, it's the way they act and deal with things. When did they move and why? Not the phony story explanations?

      I missed the photos of their move? Where are those?

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      The move was depicted in short, temporary Instagram videos.

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Bush and Duh, are they about to kiss or are they finishing?

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Are you all not enjoying the karma? Had Dumbfuck Dakota not gotten that medal he would not have gotten Palin's attention. Thanks to Obama this POS is going to be in a living Hell the rest of his days with that fugly chin. I don't mind paying part of Dumbasses MOH benefits as much knowing I get monthly entertainment from these assholes.

    1. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Duh is about halfway gone already. Sure he plays with the older girl child for the camera, for his image as a scammer. There is not and has never been any level of care for Sailor on Dakota's part. She is a prop.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      How do you know this, 6:55?

    3. Anonymous8:13 AM

      655 knows since it is pretty much a given. People can smell him and he has a reputation. It's to be kept a secret, it's one of those secrets that everyone knows.

      He can keep it covered up better in Texas. Especially if he hangs with the bros a lot. What do bros do?

      They are going to stick together and have his back. If he goes to the gym for photos to post, no one is saying he smells or when he drinks.

      One of these days he may not look so fat and bloat. When he looks cut that will be clear. Posed to look cut is not the same as the real. When the real cut look happens, then we can trust his work out scenes as real time.

  6. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Whatever Bush is doing in that picture, does that guy in the wrinkled suit get a free toaster?

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Bush: Don't worry son, maybe you'll find a job to support your family. Sniff sniff is that box wine I smell?

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      President Obama: "Get an education."
      Is it any wonder that he hates him?
      Not when he can sit on his fat @ss and do nothing!

  8. Anonymous4:50 PM

    #Repect? Cretin

  9. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Greasy trailer trash. Hey Bristol, your husband is going to look just like his daddy in a few years. Hahahahaha!!!! So fat he won't be able to wipe his own ass. Have fun with that. You deserve it.

  10. Anonymous4:54 PM

    At one time that medal President Obama gave that POS used to fit around meathead's neck.

  11. Anonymous5:01 PM

    When Bush put that recycled medal around that bum's neck, that bum should have washed and cut his greasy hair.

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      This never happened, it's Dumbkota's fantasy.

      Yep, between getting rat-face drunk and fucking Bristol Palin he still has time for fantasies involving rich powerful men... hmmmm....

    2. Anonymous7:23 AM

      What is sad for America and the legit soldiers is that when a Dakota Meyer is allowed to get by with his lies and all, he demeans the true soldiers, heroes, military and the entire country.

      Now all the good ones (soldiers, veterans) are one with this scum of a lying counterfeit.

      Why respect a military that allows this?

      If they do these scams with the like of Dakota Meyer and the Palin son, who else have they given fake lives and rewards?

      Every soldier becomes questionable. Too bad the military can't, won't do something about their bad reputation of having so many maimed and killed for the likes of the losers they use for propaganda.

      No wonder Trump, the fraud, likes the military so much. The military can pull off scams worse than a Trump can scam.

    3. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Wasn't Bush AWOL with his service?

      He posed like he was some kind of special military leader when he did that Mission Impossible and wore that huge cock piece.

      Bush went along with the WMD crap and sent people to die in vain, others to just suffer with their injuries and mental damages. Now they rewrite history to say it wasn't in vain, don't want the soldiers and families to think that it came to no purpose. It just killed, maimed and cost a lot of money.

      Bush might admire Meyer for his scam is more successful in some ways. More people are on to Bush, but they are forgetting.

  12. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Dakotex, next time you get the chance to meet a president, at least show some respect and look presentable like you did for President Obama.

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    My Dad was a Marine WWII/Korea and would have been mortified by his behavior/comments on his Instagram.

    $arah can take her "proud of our military" comments and shove 'em up her ass. Best that she could do to get Bristol married off? What a DICK.

  14. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Isn't that guy's mother-in-law Sarah Palin? Should had hit her up for some of that buried SarahPac money to get his wrinkled suit dry cleaned and pressed.

  15. Anonymous5:23 PM

    For $1.01 cash, you too can go to a K-Mart photo center and put a pretend ribbon around Bristol Palin-Johnston-Barber-Poletti-Junker-Meyer husband's neck. Why an odd number? $1.00 goes directly to the photographer. Sorry if I skipped any trial husbands.

    1. Anonymous7:23 PM

      You forgot Trig's Dad, Dylan something or other, wish I could remember his last name, but it should be placed before Johnston in Dakota's whore's list of dude's she's pooped out babies for. Also too, people say the DWTS baby belonged to one of the Massey brothers, so that should probably be in there too.

      What a whore, that chick has fucked so many guys and had so many kids and she's what, 25?

      Her lady parts must be basically unusable at this point unless she got a rejuvenation after this last one. DumKotex will be lucky if he doesn't just fall into that chasm one night never to be seen again :-)

    2. Anonymous9:51 PM

      7:23 is a sexist asshole, certainly no progressive. Women are not used up from having lots of sex or sex with many men. Did you learn this trash in church?

    3. Anonymous4:35 AM

      When they throw the box around for anybody with a wine cooler or that fuck anybody that has a hard on, yes they are used up. Abstinence spokeswoman, HAHA.

    4. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Dylan Kolvig.

  16. Anonymous5:27 PM

    He is only showing his true colors. He's no hero and never will be.

    Those stories about how he lied about his heroism are probably true. Obama should have told the liar to go fuck himself but all he said was, "You're stupid and you should fix that."

    But Duh was really very smart and looked for a way to prove it. So he fucked Bristol Palin. That'll show Obama.

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Color him stupid POS!

  17. Anonymous5:28 PM

    What a dick. And as dumb as a rock.

  18. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I wish he had too. He did not deserve the honor of receiving it from President Obama.


  19. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Does this fuckwit genuinely believe that Bush wouldn't be ashamed of him?

    Even Dubya would tell the un-American jerk to take a hike.

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      After 14 years, Bush's Iraq war has cost us $1 trillion and 4,500 lives.

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Anon 5:31 PM
      We need to ask Bush about this.

    3. Anonymous1:01 PM

      9.21 Bush wouldn't tolerate it any more than Obama would tolerate the reverse. They both know what being president is all about.

  20. Anonymous5:31 PM

    go to the page and read the comments- funny

  21. Mr Barstool Palin. What could one expect from trash. He is a disgrace to the uniform he wore and to his Country and The Honorable and Respected Barack Obama.

  22. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Gryphen, we should never let this turd forget his very close connection to Jeremy Morlock. He married into that crowd, now he has to wear it. Prick took a shot at Kathy Griffin for pretending when Palin family buddy Morlock is rotting in prison for the grisly killing and hacking up of civilians in real life.

    Poor Tripp, imagine having a useless role model that can teach you zip and only hold you back.

  23. Anonymous5:42 PM

    That may be the the worst, the lowest, that unworthy fake loser has gone yet. It is definitely in his top 5 scummy brain farts.

  24. Anonymous5:51 PM

    "I like to say I received the MoH from Bush. It's bullshit but I still like to say it. Lying comes easy to me and I make coin doing it. Keeps my wife and mil all happy and lovey to me."

  25. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Look at the top picture. What an odd couple that Dakota and Bristol.

    Bristol has a giant lightbulb for a forehead.

    Dakota has a ski slope for a nose.

    Bristol has a duck billed platypus snout for a chin / ball rest.

  26. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Pimp Pimp, how many events have you worn that shark skin suit at? Time to go to Goodwill. They have a 2 for 1 Summer 4th Hand Suit Sale.

  27. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Dakota Meyer earns all the crap talk directed his way. And Bristol does too. Such pointless people.

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      Bristol is special needs with a lack of impulse control and an inability to practice proper birth control.

      Dakota is very low IQ as well and his choices in life were few; join the armed forces or work at Burger King.

      They so belong together and bless those low IQ babies they've suffered to live.

    2. Anonymous3:29 AM

      No self control, either. Certainly no shame! One illegitimate baby after another, with no consideration for these kids. Wait until they are teenagers, and want to know their heritage. "Oh, I have no idea who your father is. I slept with SO many guys" Maybe we will see them as adults bringing random guys on "The Maury Show" for DNA tests, looking for their REAL fathers. What a burden to put on a child. EVERY child deserves to know who their parents are.

  28. Anonymous6:28 PM

    What is going on? Forrest Meyer takes the medal President Obama put around his neck and asks anybody and everybody can I get a picture of you putting my medal around my neck?

    Here's some advice, RUN FORREST RUN, lose some weight

  29. Anonymous6:30 PM

    McCain sick.
    So sad too bad lol
    Sorry if old mees

    1. Anonymous3:30 AM

      Hope he can afford the medical bills. Under the new gop plan, he would not be covered, pre-existing condition and all that. Too bad.

    2. Anonymous6:03 AM

      He is a senator with great medical coverage.

      His wife can also afford the best for him. They probably rather have the government medical care for senators pay for everything.

      Also the 'tax cut' for the Republican care plan will make sure the rich like McCain's wife, will be able pay less tax money. They want to cut for the middle class and get rid of poverty by killing off the poor.

  30. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Former President Bush: Dakoter, what have you learned up there in the last frontier?

    Dakota: There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger...

    1. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Do they have shrimp and grits in Wasilly?

    2. Anonymous9:14 PM

      The only shrimp that Dakota knows is the tiny, curled little pink one in his trousers.

    3. Anonymous3:32 AM

      I doubt that Bristles is familiar with THAT one. She likes VARIETY, from the local bars. That is why they moved to TexASS, she had already sampled most available guys in Alaaaska.

  31. Anonymous6:40 PM

    fuck that guy is right!

  32. Anonymous6:58 PM

    There is no defense to this; none whatsoever.
    "He was a low down, cheap little punk!"
    -- "Eddie" Rocky Horror Picture Show

    1. Anonymous5:14 AM

      The narrator in RHPS, Charles White, said that ABOUT Eddie, Eddie didn't say that.

  33. Anonymous7:02 PM

    It wasn't a diss. He admires him. He doesn't dislike Obama. There isn't a better more selfless man than him.

    1. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Fuck you Alicia

    2. Anonymous3:07 AM

      SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

    3. Anonymous3:34 AM

      The BRAVEST think Duh has done is getting mixed up with the PayMe clan. Maybe he had no options, she was the only available person who would actually sleep with him? Charming couple, selling kids' photos for a living.

    4. Anonymous6:14 AM

      You weren't calling him a great man during the custody battle. And he has been nothing but disrespectful to President Obama.

    5. Anonymous7:27 AM

      @7:02, when did you last talk to your good friend Dakota Meyer? Never? Thought so.

  34. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Not sure of the events:

    First, Barstool traps a MOH while in Las Vegas, moves to Kenfucky and throws it in Levi's face that she can too get somebody to marry her.

    Second or Third (not sure which order), 'We don't ever talk about Bristol Palin,' said Meyer's grandfather Dwight when asked about the pregnancy announcement.

    'We don't ever discuss her in this family.'

    Third or Second (not sure), Barstool runs from Kenfucky back to the arms of that Russian cow in Alaska and goes camping.

    Fourth, wuss runs up to Wasilla even though he's not 100% sure he be the pappy and wants a DNA test. Could the pappy be another Las Vegas lounge lizard's baby?

    Fifth, Barstool dumps the friendship with the Russian cow and wuss moves up to Wasilla into the house Gino had been working on during his trial marriage to Barstool. Or did he move into another house?

    Sixth, Too much snickering when Dakota goes into town with Barstool so off to Texas they go so Barstool can have a fresh start in life.

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM

      I'll bet he was flipped a LOT of shit in Wasilla. What did he expect?

    2. Anonymous3:38 AM

      Don't laugh, but didn't they move to start Duh's political career?? Bristles is PROUD of herself,, selling baby photos to make $$$.Pimping out her children beats WORKING for a living. About the Russian, Marina. Was SHE at that meeting with tRump Jr.? They keep adding people, soon it will be announced that it was held in the grand ballroom at tRump Tower.

    3. Anonymous5:33 AM

      I believe it is spelled "Kin"fucky.

    4. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Sarah trapped the MOH. Offered him a job with promises of advancement. Play husband and you, too, can babble on Fox News.

    5. Anonymous9:49 AM

      7:55 AM
      Yes. I remember when they went to a lawyer. Todd and the grandfather were playing manly men looking out for Bristol. That was before the 'marriage' set up with the tents in Kentucky that failed when Bristol bailed. There was a prenup or deal made with a lawyer. Sarah's trap, she had it all set up. Everyone had their role to play.

      Something went wrong for Bristol and she ran off with the Russian. The Russian was there for the birth of the first baby girl.

    6. Anonymous1:09 PM

      I think that whole engagement,wedding on, wedding off, wedding on again was a stunt to sell photos to the tabloids.

      They had to make up something because their lives are so boring, the tabloids aren't going to buy photos of bristol selling poison tea online that's for sure.

  35. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Awwww Mitch McConnell is heartbroken that his fellow Republican colleague is sick and postpones TrumpCare vote until McCain returns.

    Or maybe Mitch McConnell can't afford to lose one Republican vote and postpones the vote.

    Gotta love those Republicans.

    (CNN) With Republican Sen. John McCain ordered to rest for one week following surgery for a blood clot, the vote on the new version of the health care bill won't occur until he returns, two congressional aides told CNN on Saturday night.

    Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted that the Senate will work on other legislative issues and nominations, and "will defer consideration of the Better Care Act" while McCain is recovering.

    1. Anonymous3:41 AM

      The gop has a strange sense of humor. "The Better Care Act?" Better than what - nothing? I hope little lumpy Johnny has time to think while he is recovering about what he would do if he has the shitty coverage he is proposing for the rest of us. He would not be covered, pre-existing conditions and all that.

    2. Anonymous5:37 AM

      You know, we should all use John McCain's illness to point ut the ReTHUG hypocrisy. Compare, "we'll wait for you for a week" (for care at May Clinic, no less) to women working at REAL jobs, who get fired for taking a day off to have a baby, take care of a sick kid,becuase federally, there is no such thing as required sick time. And no beenfits or protections for part time "slave" workers.

  36. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Fat, stupid and perpetually bathed in alcohol-sweat, DumKota should be happy that a moron like him could actually get a job, and that job happened to be putting himself in front of bullets and IEDs in a foreign land, because guess what, morons like him are bred to be gun and shrapnel fodder for our great 'Merikan wars.

    Otherwise he'd be just another fat, inbred southern alcoholic on welfare, instead, he's one of the morons that got to be a "war hero" and even that is based on a lie.

    What a piece of shit. Can you just imagine the conversations that special needs Bristol and barely literate and always drunk DumKota engage in?

    Actually they probably just fuck another baby into her instead of attempting conversation because they are basically operating on brainstem impulses rather than reasoning.

    I tell ya, I've looked at amoebas that have more brain power than these two dumbfuck breeders.

    1. Anonymous3:44 AM

      Takes a lot of alcohol for him to forget the circumstances of his medal (lies) and for Bristles to forget how many men she has had sex with in her short life. Charming couple, aren't they? I wonder how his political career is progressing?

  37. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I'm rather intrigued that Todd encouraged DumKota to get his pilot's license.

    Counting down the moments until something tragic happens on one of his flights...

    1. Anonymous8:04 PM

      Todd makes the Baker dude look like a preschooler.
      Sarah won't fly with Todd.
      "Oh nooo" when asked in an interview. No kidding right

    2. Anonymous8:13 PM

      I never thougt of that. Poor brissy widow of a moh recipient, think of the grift trail she could go on.

  38. Anonymous7:35 PM

    The Palin pussy can't find a dry cleaning plant for that wrinkled suit? Did he 'outgrow' his uniform? How does he like taking care of other men's kids?

  39. Dakota, you are a bigoted asshole and a liar. You fit right in with the Palin clan.

  40. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Bruh never fuck the first piece of ass you see on the Vegas strip. They want your seeds, last name or child support. Either way you still lose.

  41. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Ugh, I wish I had never seen this. So stupid and so disgraceful, it actually hurts.

  42. Anonymous8:08 PM

    No tweet from the President yet, sendng John McCain well wishes?

  43. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Or a tweet from running mate Palin, worried about Sen. McCain's health?

    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      May be he won't recover and on his death bed spill the beans on ol' Sarah Inkkk.

  44. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Better say your proxy daddy Sailor or he may shoot you.

    BTW, what fucking stupidity is Bristol trying now exploiting kids. Dumb bitch.

    Are you kidding me?' It better be daddy,' Dakota yells, prompting little Sailor to laugh even harder.

    Sailor seems to take great pleasure in her dad's mock anger. When he asks her the question again, she sounds even more confident when she says 'mommy' is her BFF.

    'I leave her at home with @bsmp for 1 night without me,' he captioned the clip.

    When Dakota was in San Antonio, Texas, for work on Wednesday night, Bristol taught Sailor to say that her 'mommy' is her favorite pal,

    1. Anonymous3:46 AM

      What type of "work" does Duh actually do - tend bar?

    2. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Dakota works to find work for unemployed veterans. That's his thing. He does speeches and works with companies and corporations so vets will have jobs.

      I think he has foundations where you can donate money for their work to find jobs for unemployed vets.

    3. Anonymous10:53 AM

      That's what the unemployment dept is for. Dumfuk Dakota.

    4. Anonymous1:11 PM

      He doesn't work, he makes appearances cashing in on his lucky medal. That is the sum of it. He's trying to get his very own scam off the ground but so far nothing's happening. He is available to read a written speech for twenty grand according to his agent.

  45. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Ever since the SHOT show in Vegas, many of us knew what a POS he is, and beyond stupid to hook up with anything Palin seeking grandeur.

    The #soulsearching prick can live with his choices. I'd be out with boys, too, if I married into that.

    Don't give me your patriotic crap any more, Palin tribe, we know who you are and what "he" is. Even those alongside him said that his MOH story was bullshit, and now we have this.

    1. Anonymous6:45 AM

      Wasn't there also a video that showed Meyer story was bullshit?

      The military can be the worst at creating fraud.

      Look what they did for Sarah's dangerous gun threatening son? There is not one iota of confirmation that he ever made it to Iraq or Afghanistan. If he did get to Iraq/Afghanistan, he could have been in a hospital for alcohol, drugs and violence. Or would they keep him in the brig (a military prison)?

      Wherever he was, there are no photos they can release of all the time he was said to be there.
      Remember the first propaganda was that Track Palin was a combat vet? His entire military deal was a fraud.

      Meyer does fit in with that family. Sarah used him at first with Track Palin.

      Now if you google Dakota Meyer, Track Palin images they have shuttered most of those pictures.
      All you get are the staged photos of Dakota with the faked family pictures.

      They don't follow the story of the two military brothers. What happened? They were so close. Dakota was all about getting vets like Track jobs. He just abandoned the Track part of his Palin story.

      What happened with Meyer's passion and all he was going to do for Sex and Labor Human Slave trafficking? Did he abandon that also?

      All that he maintains are the phony 'family' photo shoots.

      Who is going to believe chronic liars? Both Meyer and Palin fit into that category. Don't trust any of them when there is no verification. We also know the military has little verification as well since they can be such frauds for those they need to use for recruits or to promote the war killing they want.

    2. Anonymous8:25 AM

      One of his lies were exposed when it came out that he was married. Her name was Cassandra Wain. Dakota lied to the man that wrote his book, Bing West. He left out that he was married. Not divorced. He was only documented as married.

      If you tell a lie like that, how much more is a lie?

      Why lie about a wife? That was before he met any Palin.

      One good thing about his Palin fiasco was that that lie was exposed and more about his book and story was known to be lies.

  46. This would be the same departing Bush so unpopular he was reduced to a brief Jumbotron appearance for the McCain-Palin convention, not solicited at all for Romney-Ryan, and who himself couldn't suppress his gag reflex enough to find any positive spin for Trump-Pence?

    He's all yours, Meyers.

  47. OT:

    "Junior is about to have a series of incredibly unpleasant conversations with some very serious people, whereupon he may come to learn -- perhaps for the first time in his life -- the meaning of the word "consequences." Messrs. Kushner and Manafort, who were actual campaign employees when that fateful meeting took place, and are therefore subject to a whole raft of other laws, can expect the same. The legal fate of the other meeting attendees remains to be determined.

    And as for the Tweeter in Chief? On Thursday, he blamed the whole thing on Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration for allowing Natalia Veselnitskaya to enter the country in the first place. This is the growling of a cornered animal."

    Trump Is A Cornered Animal, and He's Dangerous - William Rivers Pitt

  48. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Yes in fake news land it WOULD be appropriate for Dakota and bush to be standing there giddy about a fake war and saving life. It is dreadful and shameful that so many usa citizens are willing players in a communist attempt to gain operatives and lousy actors in America. Shameful treason behavior.

  49. Anonymous4:04 AM

    When will Dakota and Bristol be ask to testify in congress in the Russian meddling?

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Never - as all Palin's and Meyer are inconsequential twits - the Trailer Trash (without cash) side show from Alaaaska. That's all -$arah has ever been to the ReTHUGS in Washington.

    2. Anonymous7:53 AM

      Sarah and Dumkota have been using Russia for jokes for years. WTF? Brissy had to dump her Russian co-worker friend. Why? The exotic one was there for Sailor's birth when Dumkota wasn't.

      Alaska keeps secrets but Russian Mafia is big in the state. Anchorage and around. There are some of the oligarch type gangsters but they can blend in with the elites. Brissy's exotic mother worker friend probably had to go for the baby scenes after Sarah realized she wasn't the right class in the gangster world.

  50. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Annnnnndddddd... since it's now OK per Trumpian example to comment on other people's bodies and intellect:
    Hey Dumbkota, you look like you're gonna bust the buttons on that uniform you disgrace. I beleive "fat fuck" is the appropriate description your fellow ReTHUGs would give you. What a clueless, low IQ tool you are.

  51. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Dakota Meyer (born Dakota Louis Meyer in Columbia, Kentucky on June 26, 1988) is a United States veteran of the Marine Corps and the War in Afghanistan. Dakota deployed to Iraq in 2007 as a scout sniper with the Marines. He gained national attention for his heroic actions after his second deployment.

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Who cares? NO one sent him there. He signed up for that. Just doing his job.

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM

      He wasn't born Meyer. Everyone knows that's his adoptive name.

  52. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Misrepresenting the highest military award in the land is grounds for removal of the award. This needs to be forwarded to the MOH committee.

  53. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Does Bristol find this attractive or does Sarah force these fugly images into her Instagram advertisements for that tea?

    I can imagine Grandma would think this is sexy patriotic man candy. It is hard to believe anyone under 50 could stomach that idiot looking so repugnant. He looks stinky drunk and advertising his disrespect. Who mocks America like that? Not someone that cares or respects. It all goes back to his own self respect, he just doesn't have any.

  54. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Yes, but in the end he's still married to barstool.

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Married but not licensed. Big difference.

      It appears to merely be part of another fraud. I think he is promoting and selling guns. He needs to have the fake marriage and children for his sales and promotions. Yet not look like it is more about the weapons and war life. He can't really move on, but he has to look as if he can.

      He is PTSD but does not do anything healing. That means he is stuck in war mode. Since he is not in an actual war zone, he fashions his being and life as if he is on a battlefield. His boozing and drugs keep the lines of fantasy/reality blurred. At least that is what these commercial advertisements on social media look like.

  55. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Just an ignorant bigot.

  56. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. _ Mao Zedong

    So cute!!

  57. Paul in Minnesota10:16 AM

    POS who married into the world's worst white family ... the Palins. Not into a family with better genes, like Michael Palin's family. Michael Palin who's a comic genius, is highly successful, intelligent and a great role model for the world. Though I know nothing of his family nor if his only daughter is of marriage age, is already married, etc. Though someone such as Dakota isn't very appealing, bright in any way or useful. So there is that factor also to consider. Why dump him on Michael Palin or family.

    Dakota might have been better married off to an obscure, unknown, in the middle of somewhere else but sane other female Palin. Yet why cause hardship and pain to someone normal and hard working!

    Anyway, Dakota and Bristol will probably think POS will be 'Piece of Star' going back to their glory days ... her as a washed up reality star ... him being in the military. They're sad.

  58. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Dakota, you married into the perfect fucking family for you, you doss c--t.

  59. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Someone who knows how please forward this to the dod

  60. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Enlarge the photo. It appears that Dumbkota is starting a combover similar to Trump's. Damn, that boy isn't pretty with hair. Can't imagine him bald!

  61. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Just the thought of that disgusting pig crawling on top of me thwarts any appetite I have. I may lose these ten pounds yet!

  62. Anonymous1:01 PM

    That moron would be on welfare if he hadn’t gotten the MOH. I don’t hear of other winners exploiting their metal for profit like this scumbag. Besides most folks outside the military could careless about his metal.

    If he doesn’t like who awarded it, then why doesn’t he protest, return it and get a real job.

  63. Anonymous1:15 PM

    That moron would be on welfare if he hadn’t gotten the MOH. I don’t hear of other winners exploiting their metal for profit like this scumbag.

    If he doesn’t like who awarded it, then why doesn’t he protest, return it and get a real job.

  64. Anonymous1:28 PM

    It goes both ways buddy, I am sure President Obama wasn’t thrilled to waste his time with a drunken, racist, lying, disrespectful hillbilly either.

  65. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Will the Bush library whitewash Hurricane Katrina?

    Why is he so proud of Bush? Was it for going to war because of Fakenews and lies?

    Did you see the second picture above of Bush and Meyer?

    Where were they?

    Why would Bush do that?

    After Bush had all those maimed people on his conscience he did pose with the injured to collect money for their causes.

    Is that why he would hang out and pose with a fraud like Meyer? They seem to like to live the same lies and they want to make money off of it.

    Let me cripple you, then we can dance.

    Bush therapy

  66. Anonymous3:30 PM

    This explains why Dakota wants Bush to award him a medal? He felt left out. Bill Cosby was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom 9 July, 2002 by then President George W. Bush.

    $100,000 speeches

    Bush knew how to get out.
    A portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin which is part of the exhibit "The Art of Leadership: A President's Diplomacy," are on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas

  67. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Whatever, dude's a retard stuck with a whore for a wife and two funny looking kids, who look nothing alike...hmmm.

    Looks like Karma is real :-)


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