Friday, July 28, 2017

Reince Priebus is toast!

Courtesy of Politico:  

Reince Priebus, is out as White House chief of staff, and President Donald Trump announced on Twitter on Friday that Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly will replace him. 

A senior White House official said Priebus had resigned on Thursday. 

"I am pleased to inform you that I have just named General/Secretary John F Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. He is a Great American and a Great Leader. John has also done a spectacular job at Homeland Security. He has been a true star of my Administration," Trump wrote. 

He added, "I would like to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country. We accomplished a lot together and I am proud of him!" 

Priebus' resignation follows a sustained attack campaign from new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who went on an expletive laden rant against Priebus to the New Yorker earlier this week, calling the chief of staff a “f------ paranoid schizophrenic” and accusing him of trying to “c--- block” him and keep him out of the West Wing. Scaramucci had also accused Priebus of leaking to try to undermine him. 

So I guess the Mooch stays and Priebus gets the bum's rush.

Let's face it Scaramucci is Trump's kind of people.

Brash, loud, vulgar, and completely full of shit.

By the way I seriously doubt that the source of the White House leaks leads to Priebus.

I have a feeling that somebody dodged a bullet and is laughing their ass off behind the scenes.

Let's see, since taking office Trump has fired White House usher Angella Reid, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, US Attorney Preet Bharara, FBI Director James Comey, Chris Christie (According to some), former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was allowed to resign to avoid the shame of being fired, Sean Spicer up and quit, and now Reince Priebus gets the boot.

For somebody who claims he hires "the best people" he certainly goes through them in a hurry.


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    All because they didn't wipe his sorry a.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Couldn't have happened to a sweller prick.Godbye shit bag.

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM


  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I would think Priebus would be the last person to leak. He's the GOP's plant in the Trump house, he was supposed to give the Oval Office the appearance of normalcy, you know, like a regular presidential office where people meet and make decisions... so that anyone not totally certifiable might still vote Republican in 2018.

    Not gonna happen.

    But like someone else pointed out, it's only dictators that have generals as chief of staff. WTF does Kelly know about being the Alpha Office Wife?

    1. Anonymous3:40 AM

      I have ZERO respect for anyone who takes a job in this crazy WH. It is so obvious that the Orange Shitgibbon is insane, why do they demean themselves like this? Everyone is saying how well respected the new guy is, well SOMETHING has to be amiss with him, to pamper Two Scoops. Poor little Rancid, crawled over broken glass for tRump, and now he is cast aside!!

  5. Damn. At this rate Scaramucci will be out before SNL is back in the fall.

    Maybe the divorce will drag on and be in the media. That would be something, I guess.

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM


      He has to sell his millions+++ business and get clearance before he can keep his job.

    2. Ripe time for the wife to divorce him. She'll get some of those millions in the settlement.

      Karma, baby.

  6. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Can't wait for your headline ... "Donald Trump is toast!"

  7. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Sara buckelmyshoe will have full details at next fake press conference.

    1. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Huckleberry Fucklebee Ass kisser to the Orange Occupier.

    2. Anonymous10:52 PM

      Who needs SNL. Your funny.

    3. Anonymous3:43 AM

      Sarah Suckabee Sanders, just like her daddy, ass kisser. These so-called religious types are a hoot, aren't they! Lies like a rug,

    4. Anonymous4:50 AM

      Bet she looks good in that full length collie fur coat.

  8. Anonymous5:13 PM

    REVEALED: Trump once summoned Reince Priebus to his office and ordered him to kill a fly

    “At one point, during a meeting in the Oval Office, a fly began buzzing overhead, distracting the president,” reports The Post. “As the fly continued to circle, Trump summoned his chief of staff and tasked him with killing the insect, according to someone familiar with the incident.”

    The demeaning treatment played a role in Priebus leaving.

    And then there's this.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      Check out The New Yorker cartoons:

    2. Anonymous7:13 PM

      Uh oh, the money quote from the rawstory article:
      Important reminder: Reince Priebus was among only Trump campaign insiders NOT to sign non-disclosure agreement last year.
      5:47 PM - Jul 28, 2017

    3. Anonymous10:45 PM

      ‘Obama killed his own flies!’: Social media hilariously mocks Trump for summoning Priebus kill White House pests

    4. Anonymous3:45 AM

      Looking at that photo of Rancid, he looks as though he swallowed the fly!

  9. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Can't wait to see her ass shitcanned.

    1. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Useless? Yes, Kellyanne Conjob is. h

      The problem is, Kels, the lies of this president. His claims of being loyal and wanting loyalty, but giving none. Are you next, Kels?

    2. Anonymous10:52 PM

  10. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Ryan-Priebus ally tells me Trump is moving toward "an independent WH" untethered from the Republican Party

    1. Anonymous10:52 PM

      Political insider Scott Dworkin has posted the following in the wake of the firing: “White House Source: GOP loyalists plan “mass exodus” from Trump White House after Reince removed as Chief” (link). This confirms what has long been suspected, which is that as much as Trump always hated Priebus, he was the drop of glue that had been loosely holding Trump’s incompetent staff together.

      So now we’ll see a swift exit of everyone in the White House who has any prior experience and knows what they’re doing. All that will be left is Donald Trump, his clueless sycophants such as Anthony Scaramucci and Kellyanne Conway, his racist monsters like Steve Bannon, and military General John Kelly who has no clue about politics. Trump’s White House was already historically incompetent. It’s about to get a whole lot more incompetent.

  11. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Suffolk County Police Are The 2nd Organization In Two Days To Disavow Insane Trump Statements

    Following on the heels of the Boy Scouts, the Suffolk County Police Department has become the second organization in two days to disavow statements from Trump after the President called for more police brutality during a Friday speech to law enforcement officers.

  12. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I believe President Trump found out he did not pick the shittiest person he could find for chief of staff in the WH, so he got rid of Preibus and replaced him with Gen. Kelly head of Homeland Security as he is a really a super a--hole who should fit the bill. He is probably hoping Sessions will ask for Kelly's job.

    1. Why would Sessions want Kelly's job? That's a step down.

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Sessions would take the job as it would still help to impose the sons of the confederacy, conservative evangelical religious, xenophobic southern agenda, it is similar to Pence's mindset. Maybe you should looking at the bio on these members of Trumps cabinet

  13. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Dayum... Priebus looks like he's crapping a Trump.

    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Looks like a number two that's a little too solid!

  14. Anonymous6:07 PM

    This is what happens to sycophants. They get what they so richly deserve. And this presidency is so obviously a house of cards.


    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      This sycophantic implosion is not going quick enough!
      Get these Imbecile's gone now!

  15. Beachgate Butthurt and the Christies6:35 PM



    The Sarah Palin "I've Got Self Induced BUTTHURT Award" for July 2017 nominees include Chris Christie and his entitled and butthurt brood!

    "Chris Christie says his family was 'hurt' by public blowback over pictures of New Jersey governor lounging on a beach during government shutdown

    Chris Christie says outcry over decision to lounge with his family on public beach during government shutdown 'upset his children more than anything'"


    They were looking like a buncha lazy entitled layabouts to me!

    "Christie was photographed over the Fourth of July weekend by at Island Beach State Park, where the state provides a summer home to the governor.

    The governor had closed down all non-essential state functions - including Island Beach State Park - while the Senate struggled through a budget standoff.

    But that didn't stop him from brazenly using the empty sands of the park, which houses the governor's summer mansion - or flying there in a taxpayer-funded helicopter."

    So fuck you taxpayers also too!

    I bet it must suck to be a Lame Duck Chrispie Creme Christie!

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      His kiddie's feefees are hurt? GOOD! tHE ENTITLED BRATS OF THE HUUUGE brat, might learn a little empathy.Something they definitely aren't learning from him.

  16. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Interesting listen.


  17. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Uh.. exactly what is it the Nekkid LOSER Emperor has accomplished? Scaring kids about mom and dad being deported, Scaring 20-35 million Americans (especially older, vulnerable Americans) about taking away their health care, scaring the the world about the crazy man in the White House. What is this "lot" he's accomplished again? One more time - tiny handed LOSER.

    1. Anonymous9:35 PM

      Now now Barstool, isn't it time for your humping hour?

  18. Anonymous7:10 PM

    An opposite world of thinking re: Ocare

  19. Anonymous7:20 PM

    NRA spokesperson: Fining gun owners for not securing their weapons is just like ‘shaming rape survivors’

    WTF? This woman is dangerously delusional!

    1. Actually, it's more like punishing a rapist for failing to keep his pants zipped.

  20. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Ex-DOJ officials warn something ‘insidious’ is brewing between Justice Department and Trump’s White House

    ...Matt Miller, former DOJ spokesman during the Obama administration, called out the DOJ on Friday over the department’s statement about Scaramucci.

    “Forget Russia recusal,” he tweeted, as Business Insider reports. ”Sessions is still breaking the WH/DOJ wall in a million ways.”

    “All these little things — inappropriate contacts & press release language, DOJ staff at the WH — add up to one big thing: politicization of DOJ,” he added.

  21. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Conservative WSJ editorial board slams Trump’s transgender military tweet in blistering op-ed

    Trump’s Transgender Tweet
    Apparently he thinks he can run the government by himself.

  22. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Priebus Wasn’t the Problem

    Trump announced late Friday on Twitter—how else?—that he is replacing White House chief of staff Reince Priebus with Homeland Security secretary John Kelly. The decision was probably inevitable given how the President publicly humiliated Mr. Priebus in recent days, but this shuffling of the staff furniture won’t matter unless Mr. Trump accepts that the White House problem isn’t Mr. Priebus. It’s him.

    Presidents get the White House operations they want, and Mr. Trump has a chaotic mess because he seems to like it. He likes pitting faction against faction, as if his advisers are competing casino operators from his Atlantic City days. But a presidential Administration is a larger undertaking than a family business, and the infighting and competing leaks have created a dysfunctional White House.

    Perhaps Mr. Kelly, a retired Marine general, can impose some order on the staff. But then that’s what Anthony Scaramucci was supposed to do for the communications team, only to blow up in adolescent fashion this week by trashing Mr. Priebus and others in public. White House leakers then let it be known that Mr. Trump liked Mr. Scaramucci’s X-rated rant.

    The reason Mr. Priebus wasn’t as effective as he could have been is because Mr. Trump wouldn’t listen to him and wouldn’t let him establish a normal decision-making process. Mr. Trump has a soft spot for military men so perhaps he’ll listen more to Mr. Kelly. He’d better, because on present course his Presidency is careening toward a historic reputation where names like Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon reside.

    1. Anonymous8:13 PM

      Not fair to Jimmy Carter. You may recall another case of "election interference" in 1980. His opponent, Ronald Reagan, negotiated privately with Iran to keep U.S. citizens hostage until AFTER the election.

      In addition, had Reagan not ordered the newly installed solar panels ripped off the White House roof, interest in solar energy would certainly have put us further ahead in funding and research to fight climate change.

      Oh, and besides that President Carter was a Christian who actually lived his faith- unlike the loons in government currently. Habitat for Humanity beats anything Trump could possibly imagine doing.

      Wild Tortoise

    2. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Here’s The Real Reason Anthony Scaramucci Hates Reince Priebus

      ...But Scaramucci’s plans were foiled in early January. That’s when Priebus, according to a confidant of both Scaramucci and the president, told Trump, “He played you.”

      “How’s that?” Trump asked Priebus, according to the same source, who has spoken to several people within the White House about the conversation.

      Priebus then told Trump that he felt Scaramucci had been offered too much for SkyBridge by HNA Group. The deal, he implied, smelled bad — as if the Chinese might expect favors from within the administration for that inflated price. The source also said that Priebus mentioned there was email traffic between Scaramucci and the Chinese proving this.

      The White House rejected this version of events and declined to make Priebus available for comment.

      Ultimately, Scaramucci was not offered the job.

      ...Finally, Scaramucci went to Keith Schiller, the president’s longtime bodyguard. He asked Schiller to put him on the phone with Trump so that he could lodge his complaints directly. The president listened, according to their mutual friend, and said he would find a position for Scaramucci as soon as he could.

      In June, Scaramucci was appointed to be senior vice president and chief strategy officer of the Export-Import Bank. But the Priebus incident lingered in his mind.

      So, on July 11, when Donald Trump Jr. found himself in trouble for holding a meeting with several people close to the Russian government the previous summer, Scaramucci sensed an opportunity. According to the mutual friend, Scaramucci told everyone he spoke to that day, including the president, that he was sure the person who divulged details of the meeting was Priebus. Scaramucci made the case — not necessarily backed by evidence — that with all the leaks targeting the administration, it was odd that only a few had hit Priebus directly.

      Ten days later, Scaramucci was named the new White House communications director. The announcement noted that he would be reporting directly to the president — an unusual move that leapfrogged over the chief of staff.

      Priebus balked, insisting that Scaramucci report to him. But Trump overrode his chief of staff. Not only was the hedge fund manager who had known Trump for 21 years officially in charge of the press shop, but he was also set to oversee the reorganization of the White House. Scaramucci seemed to have his revenge.

      At least until Thursday evening.

  23. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Anyone that gets near Trump goes into the black hole. EWWW.

  24. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Oh, I should add, that not only is it that anyone who goes near Donald Trump gets sucked into that negative black hole but America is slowing going into that hole with each day. By Christmas, there will be no Christmas. Donald will be the ultimate Grinch. Is that guy every happy?
    I mean I read he was happy when his staff were infighting but I mean what would make Donny truly be filled with joy? I'm guessing as a narcissist, joy will always allude him. And he would hate those who showed happiness.

  25. Anonymous10:34 PM

    What kind of country is this to stand by horrified the newly appointed Communication head of the White House curses, uses coarse language to publicly humiliate anyone and keep his job?
    Who do we call to voice this is inappropriate and unacceptable?
    Also unacceptable that Trump wastes tax payer money to self aggrandize to the Boy Scouts of America?
    This is a nightmare administration!

  26. Anonymous11:03 PM

    #Breaking Doc: Anthony Scaramucci has direct ties to the Russian Direct Investment Fund-a $10 billion dollar Putin piggy bank. #TrumpRussia

  27. Anonymous11:05 PM

    #BREAKING Research: Anthony Scaramucci's selling his company to the Russian $ launderer Deutsche Bank's biggest shareholder #TrumpRussia

  28. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Scott Dworkin‏Verified account @funder

    .@Scaramucci has some explaining to do—Why are most of these Skybridge companies not listed on his financial disclosure? Shell companies?

  29. Anonymous11:19 PM

    How One Man Influenced The Republican Party’s Transformation Into The Grand Old Putin Party

    Part 1 of a 10 part series: the Grand Old Putin Party

    Initially, I saw that Edward Lozansky founded a dissident group in the United States and worked with some politicians to further his goals. But then, I found Lozansky tied to the American Security Council, and involved not just various other conservative movements, but with their leaders, over the span of 40 years.

    We worked tirelessly for 2 months on this story, using a team of citizen researchers from various walks of life.

    I am now convinced more than ever that none of this would be happening if it weren’t for Ed Lozansky.

  30. Anonymous11:20 PM

    A Russian Mobster Built Trump SoHo Into Putin’s Money Laundering Racket

    A blizzard of lawsuits over the failed Trump SoHo condominium-hotel have exposed the President’s deep ties to Russian-based organized crime.

    A former employee says the cash trail goes right to Putin.

  31. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Gallup reported a seismic shift in Republican opinion towards Vladimir Putin in February 2017. They wrote:

    A major reason for the overall rise in Putin’s favorable rating this year is Republicans’ more positive views of the Russian leader, from 12% in 2015 to 32% today. This comes at a time when President Donald Trump wants to improve relations with Russia, after somewhat frosty relations between the two countries during Barack Obama’s presidency. Independents’ opinions of Putin also have grown more positive in the last two years, but to a lesser extent than Republicans’. Democrats’ views have become slightly less positive, with just 10% viewing Putin favorably today.

    1. That was February.

      How do they feel now?

  32. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Donald Trump's Vietnam Draft Documents Are Going Viral In Light Of His Transgender Military Ban

  33. Anonymous11:38 PM

    NEW: Scaramucci's selling his company to largest shareholder of bank behind Russian $ laundering/one of Trump & Kushner's largest lenders.

    1. And I'm sure his divorce is going to take a nice bite out of that.

  34. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Powerful testimony on exactly what Vladimir Putin wanted from Trump and why


    Browder: Vladimir Putin, I believe him to be the richest person in the world, I believe him to be worth 200 billion dollars. That money is held in banks all over the world, in America and all over. The purpose of Putin’s regime has been to commit terrible crimes to get that money, and he doesn’t want to lose that money by having it frozen. So he personally is at risk of the Magnitsky Act. It’s a very personal, venal issue which is why, the first reason, he’s so upset.

    The second reason is that in order to get that $200 billion, he has had to instruct people working for him—let’s say ten thousand people working for him—to do terrible things: to arrest, kidnap, torture, and kill to take people's property away. And as a result, the only way to get people to do such terrible things, is to say, if you do them, there will be no consequence. You will enjoy absolute impunity.

    As a result of the Magnitsky Act, he can no longer guarantee absolute impunity, because all-of-a-sudden, we have created consequences in the West. I would not understate the value of the Magnitsky Act in terms of the consequences, because not only does it freeze the assets that are held in America, but the moment you get put on the Magnitsky List, you get put on the OFAC Sanctions List—which is a Treasury sanctions list. No bank in the world wants to be in violation of Treasury actions. And therefore, any bank, even if it is in South Korea or Dubai, if they see somebody on the Treasury sanctions list, [they] will close their account that day. And as a result, you basically become a financial pariah, and so it’s a real consequence.

  35. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Perhaps the most repulsive reaction to the GOP's aborted repeal came from Jesse Watters, co-host of The Five. In a post-vote rant Watters had the audacity to advocate for a Trump tyranny:

    "A lot of people wish President Trump was a dictator, maybe we could repeal Obamacare. It would be a lot easier that way."

    He's right. A lot of people do wish that Trump was a dictator. Starting with Donald Trump. Then add most of the people on Fox News, Trump's most stalwart fans among the white supremacist community, and the dimwits who still support him after his treasonous betrayal of the country to Russia's dictator, Vladimir Putin. Fascist minds think alike.

  36. This is what happens to sycophants. They get what they so richly deserve. And this presidency is so obviously a house of cards.

  37. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Pribus is probably doing the happy dance. Outta there. Republicans today are known as wacko sneaky slobs and Pribus is known to be a little weasel back stabber over the years. Don had him there for the republican vote. But Don is now solo. No boy scouts, No police, No military, No republicans. No democrats, No independents. Only outcast lousy actors.

    1. Priebus will now be known as a victim of the Trump administration rather than a facilitator. He can go back to the RNC. He won't want for a job.

  38. Anonymous8:53 AM

    FYI-This guy too>"In a major development in Pakistani politics, Pakistan Muslim League leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has been made new PM of Pakistan. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will be the interim PM of Pakistan, CNN-News18 and ANI confirmed. Nawaz Sharif on Friday had resigned as Pakistan Prime Minister after the Supreme Court disqualified him from holding public office."
    "The Pakistan SC also ruled that graft cases be filed against the beleaguered leader and his children over the Panama Papers scandal."


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