Monday, July 10, 2017

Russian company celebrates their leader's dominance over America's commander-in-chief by selling an incredibly expensive case for a phone nobody uses anymore.

Courtesy of The Verge: 

A Russian phone-customization company debuted its latest creation this week: a new Nokia 3310 with embedded, gold-plated portraits of US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin on the back. The phone is meant to commemorate the two world leaders meeting at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg. 

The middle button on the device features the G-20 Summit logo, while the phone body is made of tempered titanium. The data and location of the summit is also emblazoned across the back. This device is real and costs 149,000 rubles, or $2,500. 

Caviar writes on its website that it purposely chose to display the presidents’ side profiles. They’re looking in the same direction, too, to symbolize “the common desire for progress in US-Russian relations.” Such harmonious phone vibes.

Let's get real, they're facing the same way because Putin has Trump by the pussy and he is making him face the same way.

This story took me by complete surprise, as I did not even know that Nokia was still in business.

Who in the hell has a Nokia phone nowadays?

And if you are too broke to afford an I-Phone than how in the hell does this company expect you to be able to afford a $2,500 case?

This product is just like the Trump presidency, stuck in the past, completely impractical for our purposes, and too expensive for the consumers.


  1. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Donnie will get his lawyers right on the case of someone else profiting from his presidency.

  2. You wake up every day now, especially at the start of a new week, wondering what outrage(s) he'll foster, but you can rely that by the end of this week, the G20 facepalms will be difficult to list given what he'll tally between now and Friday.

    What wonder that we have an opioid crisis? Who the hell doesn't long to escape this reality?

    And did you all read that his most pressing priority, once back on home soil, was to get to a golf course?

  3. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Buyer Beware: Nokia 3310 has a hidden unsecured connection with the Kremlin

  4. Randall5:47 AM

    There's a pressure-button on the side that turns on the recorders at the KGB.

  5. Anonymous5:51 AM

    And trump tweets "it is illegal to leak classified information" Hey if anyone knows about illegal it is Donald john trump. Him and his cast of lousy actors know first hand about leaky lies and classified information. The new Russian cyber non security unit picked it up. ACME bob onit... Trumputin Spy School enrollment ad... How to spy and rig a major usa election and not blow it.

  6. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Does that gold plated portrait of Putin and Trump symbolize what is going on between Putin and Trump?

    I see Putin spooning with Trump or Putin doing the nasty to Trump.

    Either way, the gold plated portrait of Putin and Trump shows Trump is Putin's bitch.

  7. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Odd has this company ever commemorated putin meeting other presidents?

    More likely to commemorate the russian take over of the USA.

  8. Chenagrrl8:33 AM

    They're looking left. What does that symbolize?

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Coming from the right... Also, too: Pootin (sic) is superimposed over tRump...


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